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COFFEE ROASTS Located in SEATTLE, WA, the NEXT Medical Office is driven by the concept of coffee roasts. Inspired by the vast coffee roasting industry in the city, the space equates light, medium, & dark roast profiles to the different zones within the office through transition, refinery, and diversity. The users will feel a sense of balance in the space, and color theory + materials will bring a warm, coffee-shop feel to make the users comfortable. Since this is a health clinic, with many wellness aspects, I wanted to bring that in as well. Coffee has multiple health benefits, and Seattle is home to Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, and many more roasters. Coffee is not only used for planning but also a symbol of health. Light Roast consists of a light body, and balanced liveliness. This is equated to the public spaces, which are more lively and energetic. Medium roast is rich and smooth, and more complex than light roast. This is equated to the “balanced spaces” - or work spaces, which are energetic and serious. Dark roast is intense and heavy, so this is equated to the clinical spaces. The green, unroasted coffee bean is equated to reception, as the end user is new, and hasn’t transitioned through the space yet. Transitions tie the four together, with circulation being clearly denoted throughout the spaces, through materials and boundaries. The NEXT medical office feels less like a clinic and more like a coffee shop. A color palette of blues, greens, and browns bring out the industrial feel of a coffee shop, and represent the coffee beans, both roasted and unroasted. The diversity within the colors and types of materials is a representation of the diversity within coffee beans + roasts.



FLOOR 4 PLAN 1/16” = 1’ - 0”

FLOOR 4 RCP 1/16” = 1’ - 0”


The reception desk follows the angles of the building to flow seamlessly. It is directly adjacent to a coffee bar, offers ADA height, and is closed off to follow HIPAA regulations. The space is clearly denoted through the use of flooring and ceiling heights.


The open office is broken into two spaces, one on either side of the building. This is to take advantage of the natural light from the windows, but also to balance the space with benching, and small individual work areas or collaborative areas. The open office on the right is conveniently located next to the conference rooms, which are near reception, if needed to meet with patients. It is also adjacent to the resource room and medical supply room. It is then directly adjacent to the staff education and lifestyle zone, so current events are always within reach. The other open office area has direct access to the exam rooms, massage, and acupuncture rooms, as well as phone rooms, for private calls.

The workcafe kitchen makes use of Universal Design. Features include: - ADA dishwasher - Refrigerator + Freezer combo with lower drawer - Oven at accessible height - Cabinets with glass for visibility - Under-cabinet lighting - Sink with two levers - Cabinets with pullout storage

TYPICAL EXAM ROOM AXON NTS Within the space are 10 exam rooms with similar layouts. Half of the rooms have exam chairs, and half have exam tables, for exibility within the clinic. Massage and acupuncture rooms are also similar layouts, but with massage tables. The rooms feature bright blues and warm woods, to create a warm space.


The workcafe is located centrally in the northeast corner of the NEXT space. It features a spacious kitchen, capable of demonstrations, and ample amounts of seating, to promote the clinicians eating in the cafe, and not at their desk. Theres small group and large group seating, with the small group seating being modular, and capable of being reconďŹ gured. The workcafe is also located conveniently between the two education + lifestyle zones.


The public education and lifestyle zone is conveniently located next to the workcafe. When there are community events, there can easily be educational sessions in either the education zone, with ample seating and technology, or cooking demonstrations in the workcafe. When not in use, it can be used as breakout spaces for clinicians - conveniently located between the two open oďŹƒce areas.


This space is used to promote health and wellness for the sta. It is used for current trends in the healthcare profession and general education. The space is very residential to be a comfortable space that draws people in, and to mimic the feel of a coee shop.



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Medical office in Seattle, WA. Steelcase NEXT Competition. Senior Studio - Professor Lisa Tucker. Fall 2017.

NEXT: Medical Office  

Medical office in Seattle, WA. Steelcase NEXT Competition. Senior Studio - Professor Lisa Tucker. Fall 2017.