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Zeta Report Ohio Northern University Delta Theta Chapter

Spring, 2013

At Quick Glance [2/11]

Start of Pink Week


Greek Awards


Silver Showcase with Toledo Alumni


Zeta Formals


Zeta Day in Columbus


6th Annual Race for the Ribbon


Alumni Transition


Fun Zeta Fact The wife of former Hallmark CEO was a ZTA, and she suggested the five-pointed crown for Hallmark's company symbol.

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Delta Theta

Spring, 2013

6th Annual Race for the Ribbon This year we held our 6th annual Race for the Ribbon 5K. Many months of planning, seeking donations, designing t-shirts, sending out brochures, and advertising went into this event. This year especially, the girls used social media to advertise the cause. The chapter changed their profile picture to the 5K logo and made tweets, encouraging students to participate. We also enjoyed dorm storming, which is handing out advertisements in the dorms throughout campus. At the day of the race, sisters worked the registration tables to check runners in, held arrows to direct runners, sold shirts to participants, and worked water tables throughout the race course. With everyone’s help, the race ran smoothly and we had fun contributing to our cause in any way possible. Fortunately, this year it did not rain, and our sisters endured the cold weather. After all was said and done, we were able to bring in over 250 runners, and are now able to donate $7,408 to the ZTA Foundation!

Activities Every month, our chapter hosts one sisterhood event to strengthen bonds and have fun. This semester, we had a crafting night. All of the women received a wooden letter (their first initial) and a sharpie. We all sat in a circle and passed around the letters so that each sister could write something positive or a fun design on every letter. This way every girl walked away with a craft that every sister had a part in making. The activity was a complete success and everyone

had beautiful, unique letters to take home with them. Our next activity was decorating t-shirts. Each sister received a white t-shirt and duct taped the letters “ZTA� on the front. We then splattered the shirts with paint until the shirt was covered. Once done, the duct tape was removed, and the shirt revealed the white ZTA letters. We also held our second annual death by dessert party during dead

week. In this activity, we all were able to eat some delicious treats. This is a great way to take a study break from stressful finals, and enjoy time with sisters. We hope to continue thinking outside of the box for every activity, and bring fun into the chapter.


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Delta Theta

Spring, 2013

Panhellenic Council

nge Polar Plu

Delta Theta is always striving to maintain strong relations with all Greek chapters on campus. We have demonstrated this by participating in many other Greek events on campus and supporting the other fraternities and sororities.

Theta Twister 3

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Delta Theta

Spring, 2013

“To think in terms of all mankind and our service to the world” Shirley Kreasan Strout

Service Our service chairmen have been especially dedicated to service this past semester. Their originality and flair showed through in all of the events they put together. Of course, we always enjoy participating in Adopt-A-Highway once a semester. Also, we contributed to Crockpot Tuesdays at the Restore in Ada. This involved sisters making and serving food to the community. As a chapter, we also donated canned foods, paper plates, napkins, cups, and utensils to the Restore. Also, the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha enjoyed spending time with the residents of Elmcroft during Valentines Day where they volunteered at the Valentines Day Dance. During the winter months, Zeta Tau Alpha held a clothing drive where blankets, jackets, and other various clothing items were donated

to the Restore Center. Some members of our chapter volunteered at the Women’s Basketball Pink Game during the month of February to help support our philanthropy. Our chapter also co-sponsored an event with Kappa Epsilon called “Girls Night Out.” This event involved bingo, raffles, and great conversation. It was especially fun to see the competitive spirit show through when the bingo cards were passed out. If one thing is for sure, our chapter loves to win! All of the proceeds made from this event went to the Hardin County Mammogram Fund through the local service organization Soroptimists International. We have been very busy with our service events throughout the year, and will continue to be dedicated to service as sisters of ZTA.



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Delta Theta

Spring, 2013

Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values Conference

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Greek Week: Holidays


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Delta Theta

Programming Council

Spring, 2013



Executive Council President: Kiley Moore Vice President: Haley Kurmas New Member Coordinator: Kait Turk Recruitment Chair: Angela Bouch Secretary: Kay Bahrey Treasurer: Chelsea Belcastro Ritual Chair: Katie Elsass Historian: Alyse Fitzpatrick Panhellenic Chair: Shelby Core Scholarship Chair: Renee Chen Risk Management Chair: Tara Bailey

Women who Earned a 4.0 in the spring semester: Emily Brown Lindsay Delbello Kirsten Fultz Gina Jones Christin Miller Kayla Nida Taryn Stromback Kaitlin Taylor


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Delta Theta

Spring, 2013

Alumni Relations This semester, our chapter has been able to unite with Alumni on three different occasions. Our first event with alumni was our Silver Showcase with the Toledo Alumni. This event celebrated our achievement of the Silver Awards won by the Toledo Alumni and Delta Theta. The alumni provided fun games, delicious punch, and scrumptious snacks. It was a great honor to spend the day with so many accomplished Zetas, and we greatly appreciated their recognition. At the Alumni Transition, members from the Toledo and Columbus chapters came together to celebrate the senior sisters transition into Alumni status. We played games and of course, had great food.

We were also happy to be a part of Zeta Day in Columbus. This day was a huge celebration of the successes of all Zeta chapters across Ohio. The theme was Oh My Goddes (OMG), and focused on finding one’s inner goddess. The day started with a shopping spree for many sisters. We all enjoyed getting new Zeta gear to show off on campus. Later we listened to the keynote speaker Dana UllonVucelich, who gave a speech that inspired us to bring out our inner goddess, and love the goddess in our sisters.

We then took time to recognize chapters that won various awards. Delta Theta won the GPA Award of having a chapter GPA of over a 3.0 and the Chapter Total Award for having filled quota. The most exciting award we won this year was the Collegiate/Alumnae Relations Award for our outstanding new alumnae event, the Rosie Bowl, we held this fall. Overall, it was a great day filled with memories and laughs. Our chapter can’t wait to celebrate Zeta Day in Cincinnati next year.



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