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Devil – Theatrical Campaign

Devil Theatrical Campaign Overview •Primary Objectives: • Engage Devil’s expected core • Identify, attract and engage fringe “opportunity” audiences • Craft an innovative, cost-friendly, measurable and adaptive campaign strategy •Develop a content strategy that creates buzz around the film • Piggyback on related subjects to tie back to film property / site •(Devil, El Diablo, The Devil’s Meeting, folklore, devil amongst us, Supernatural, etc.) • Build awareness and education around subject matter of film • Generate traffic to the movie’s official and supplemental web presence

Development of Content Strategy and Web Presence

Driving Traffic and Content Integration

Adaptive Campaign via Social Listening and Analytics

Continuing Momentum Post Release (Chase)

Campaign Value

Expected Audience

Audience Targets •

• • • •

M. Night  Shyamalan Fans

Sci Fi Fans



The Skeptics Religious Followers

Men (M 35+) • • •

The Genre (Thriller & Suspense) Fans The Sci Fi Fans The Impressionable Internet Users M. Night Shyamalan Fans

Women (F 30+) • •

Thriller /  Suspense Fans

Youth (M & F under 25)



The Conspiracy Theorists The History Buffs The Investigators

Hispanic (13 – 40)

Religious Followers

Impressionable Internet Users

History Buffs Conspiracy  Theorists

Opportunity Audience

Campaign Overview Adaptive Campaign Strategy – EMG Tactics •

Niche “Blog/Community” Website: • • • • •

Facebook and Twitter • • • • •

Aggregates content relevant to Devil’s themes Syndicate/create engaging, theoretical, fun and interesting content across Devil web presences • i.e. Devil sites (EPK, Facebook and Twitter) will reference the site Community feature will promote UGC submission and sharing Monitoring and Analytics will inform content—adaptive Search Engine Optimized to maximize pre-qualified interest Content strategy to ensure fans are engaged and active Engagement and monitoring UGC integrated promotions/features Possible community dashboard that unlocks content/alternative storylines? Cross-promote featured content from the Niche website

Social Listening, Seeding and Engagement • •

General listening across the internet to continually optimize by observing what gains traction Engagement within forums and websites with influencers and interested audiences

Campaign Overview Adaptive Campaign Strategy •

Utilize marketing intelligence to make smart and reaction-based decisions •

Users will drive campaign strategy through their own voice •

• •

EMG-driven viral and content activity will adapt to community trends…immediately! Users will decide what is and is not important/interesting

The audience will tell us about themselves Leverage observations to drive adaptive marketing campaign • • • •

Messaging Content Position Tactics

Campaign Channel Schema

Campaign Timeline


Niche and Community Site

Niche & Community Website Details • • • • • •

A “silent” backbone to the campaign Site aggregates content related to the film Referenced via “official” sites (Facebook, EPK, Twitter) The site will be an “all things devil” site (work with the filmmakers to further develop the site’s persona) Include an interactive Community “confession” section where people share experiences Subject matter determined by research and social listening • •

Ongoing monitoring enables us to be highly adaptive as opening weekend approaches Popular themes and topics can be both informed and supported by marketing

CONTENT OVERVIEW Supernatural • Devil as a  monster

Religion • Hell (Hell on  earth) • Prayer • Different  across  religions

Conspiracy Theories • Devil’s  involvement  in politics,  war, etc

Folklore • El Diablo • The Devil’s  Meeting • Hispanic  Content

Pop Culture • Pop Culture  figures  associated  with the devil

Community UGC • Confessions • Comments

CONFESS IT: Community/Sharing Engagement Feature An important theme of the movie is confession/fate therefore: • Capitalize on the success of sites that encourage people to things that they’ve done or seen • i.e., and • Visitors can rate the “sinful” nature of the post • (“Going to Hell” or “Don’t Insult The Devil”) similar to “Liking” but with a devil’s twist* • Will incorporate Twitter hashtags for tracking and themes (such as #devilsin) • Will provide entertainment to encourage sharing (all posts will be easily sharable) • Dashboard may unlock hidden content / alternative storylines, etc.

*Final rating terminology TBD

Sample Content •

Historical / Folklore • El Diablo, Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Iblis, Mara, Antichrist • Demonology • Devil Meetings / Walks amongst us

Pop Culture & Features • Satanic Cults: Geraldo Rivera’s TV Special • Movie, music featuring the devil • Public figures related to the devil (bands, politicians, cult leaders)

Sample Content •

Religious and Spiritual Content • “Bad Things Happen for a Reason” • Prayers against the devil / selling your soul “crossroads” • Possession & Exorcism • Does Satan walk amongst us, influence us? • Heaven and hell (hell on earth, and specifically in an elevator) • Book of Enoch, Hoodoo

Crime & Evidence • The Devil made me do it • Serial killers / Murders / blaming Satan • Unsolved crimes / disappearances • Photos and video

Supernatural Content • Encounters with “Him” • Sites to pull from: ,

Sample Content to Explore/Feature •

Conspiracy Theories • • • • •

Bill Gates is the Devil and other everyday strangers Devil’s Face in 9/11 Smoke and other everyday places/photos Bermuda Triangle is the Devil’s Triangle New World Order & iIluminati Related sites: • • • • • •‐

Seeding and Integration

Seeding Strategy Grassroots promotion among genre (alternative topic sites) and movie websites utilizing existing personas • •

Syndicate content from campaign Community engagement and participation (discussing conspiracies, devil stories and referencing back to site)

Above Top Secret • Predominantly male • 30% 18-34 yr old, skews older (28% 35-44) • 350k monthly uniques

Unexplained Mysteries (Spirituality/Beliefs; Urban Legends) • Skews slightly male • 35% 18-34 yr old, skews older (28% 35-44) • 71k monthly uniques

Godlike Productions • Predominantly male • 26% 18-34 yr old skews older (32% 35-44) • 350k monthly uniques

Seeding Strategy •Utilize offbeat, humor media sites with shareable UGC content •Concepts: • Post humorous captions using movie stills • Post humorous images related to the devil

I Can Has Internets • Predominantly male • 67% 18-34 yr old • 170k monthly uniques College Humor • Predominantly male • 56% 18-34 yr old • 1.1M monthly uniques Wildammo Images • Predominantly male • 70% 18-34 yr old • 110k monthly uniques

Seeding Strategy •Additional Seeding Examples

?? ?



Elevator Scenes / Phobias


Real Devils



Seeding / Buzz Building Strategy •Content will build buzz around the movie and the devil •Facebook content will cross-reference content site and general buzz topics •Search Engine Marketing campaigns • •

Promoting all subject matter and destinations to help build “top of mind” and drive traffic to official film site and content website Searching for anything devil, fate, el diablo, etc-related will point to Devil content

•Social Listening & Community Management •

To gain intelligence for adaptive campaign strategy & respond

Integration Execution Integration & Buzz Generation •Reference and link to site via EPK, Facebook, Twitter and Social Seeding • Utilize 3rd party sites to run promotions •Continue to Integrate and weave together all content • EMG personas engaging in content across multiple sites and domains to promote content and inspire conversation • Content from website features

Release Chase Campaign • This phase is all based on opening weekend, social listening and user trends • Gives us the ability to leverage the people that have seen the film • Continued social listening & adaptive campaign strategy to help identify sentiment of film and subject matter •Inception is the goal– post release chatter which EMG will feed

Development, Execution & Reporting

Campaign Execution Content Website <domain name TBD> - Overview •

Strategy Overview • •

This site will be a key part of the ongoing campaign initiatives around subject matter The Devil site will be a destination portal for “all things devil” • Primarily interesting documentation of the devil in 5 particular areas: Folklore/History, Supernatural Events, Religion, Popular Culture •Engage and provoke the community to create content with a “community” section • This site will be objective and informational rather than shape beliefs •The site will be extremely sharable and be integrated with Facebook social plugins

Creative • •

Content • • • •

Aggregation of existing content Interspersed with some original content that relates to the movie Community for sharing stories and experiences; backend administration available for regulation Will follow marketing of the movie and focus on themes existent (“Bad Things Happen For a Reason”—The devil’s work)

Technology • • • • •

Clean and blog-like with some design but “off the shelf.” Not a back-woods website but also not super expensivelooking. Example:

Blog functionality & technical requirements and specs Hosting agreements Domain registration & name server transfers The site will be “mobile compatible” and sharable Example: for sharability

Use & promotion of this site •

Will be live, almost as a stand-alone website with a “non-professional” SEM campaign

Campaign Execution Facebook •

Strategy Overview • • • •

Utilize the Facebook page to spark interest, generate commentary and encourage participation and engagement Disperse content (Universal materials as well as related content) • Repurpose some content from the blog site to increase buzz and search activity for related topics EMG will also utilize existing Facebook personas to infiltrate comments and shape/augment conversation Social Listening will inform strategy as popular themes will be expanded upon

Content • • • • •

Pre-approved by Universal and filmmakers Schedule of posts Some posts will be done as “notes” to avoid needing to link off the page Content will align with campaign themes Posts will increase as opening weekend nears

Campaign Execution Facebook •

Additional Content Ideas • • • • •

Which one in the elevator is the devil? Which of your friends would want to put in the elevator? Creepiest devils or demons in cinematic history? Do you believe in the devil? Do you believe one can sell their soul to the devil?

Targeted ads to drive traffic to the page can be content themselves •

Ads focused on numbers and creepy imagery performed well for The Fourth Kind (in order of CTR). Devil ads can feature 666.





Which Devil Are You? Quiz. Use famous cinematic devils, or characters from the movie

Campaign Execution Twitter • • • •

Create a custom Twitter handle for the movie @devilmovie Design background of the page to match Devil branding Tweet campaign content • Short bursts about content that has been aggregated Tweet provoking questions to inspire confessions • Ex. “Did you know that some people think that Bill Gates is the Devil (William Henry Gates III)?” • Ex. “Did the devil make you do it? Tell us what IT is” Share promotions

Campaign Execution Search Engine Marketing •

Organic Search • Create content to support non-branded terms (mid to high volume of searches, but little active content/conversation) • Image indexing/alt tags to maximize search results Sample tags for the site, bolstered by related content: • 666 and the mark of The Beast • Masonic conspiracy • 9/11 devil face • Selling their souls: Bob Dylan, Politicians • Satanic worshippers: Bill Gates, JayZ and Beyonce, Lady Gaga • Scary/Horror stories (UGC?) • Scariest urban legends • Confessions • El Diablo and Dia de los Muertos

Campaign Execution Reporting: Social Listening, Engagement and Analytics ƒ

Weekly reporting will encompass the following: ƒ Social Listening ƒ Gain sentiment around subject matter and film ƒ Locate key influencers ƒ Identify community trends ƒ ƒ ƒ

What topics engage users? What videos have appeal? What has proved to be controversial? Why are users engaged?

ƒ Seeding & Engagement ƒ


Screenshots and analysis from infiltrating forums, blogs, and comment sections to shape sentiment, conversation and drive traffic

Web Analytics ƒ Where are users coming from? ƒ What is their level of engagement on the site? ƒ ƒ ƒ

Posts most read Referring traffic source (i.e. forum, search engine, Facebook) Social engagement and UGC

ƒ EMG will also report anything that requires immediate attention to Universal ASAP ƒ Data will be leveraged to develop adaptive campaign strategy


Optional EMG Services

Campaign Overview Adaptive Campaign Strategy – EMG Tactics •

Partner Opportunities •

Maximize audience with 3rd party site partnerships with related content and themes

Search Engine Marketing • •

Spend will target existing volume for “Devil” related searches and themes in the campaign Organic search will be optimized

Partner Opportunities A.V. Club •Onion’s Arts & Entertainment section

• Predominantly male • 50% 18-34 yr old • 350k monthly uniques

Concept: Article on devil  folklore in modern movies

Partner Opportunities •Onion’s Arts & Entertainment section • Skews slightly male • 47% 18-34 yr old • 100k monthly uniques

Concept: Confessions Creepstakes • Confess your evil deeds and for a chance to win • Live feed of submissions display/tie in with twitter feed. • Prize TBD • Can be applied to multiple sites

Partner Opportunities •Online competition and contest site (peers) • User generated and sponsored competitions • Skews slightly female • 54% 18-34 yr old • 70k monthly uniques

Concepts (sponsored):  •Best caption for Devil (movie still) •Devil yourself (movie still) •Best Devil character (or image) •Best confession •Can also be repurposed for Devil blogger site


Campaign Execution Search Engine Marketing •

Paid Search • Text ads, possible video ads • Keyword lists will expand beyond movie terms and devil-only terms to capture genre audiences • Sample keywords: Movie‐related • Devil movie • Quarantine • M. Night Shyamalan

Devil/death folklore • Devil folklore • Devil myths • Demon myths • Lucifer • Dia De Los Muertos • The Devil’s Meeting

Alternative topics • Scary stories • Halloween stories • Confessions • Paranormal/mystery

Campaign Execution Search Engine Marketing • •

Expanding the keywords increases the reach of the campaign, especially due to seasonality (Halloween nearing) Below is an example of keyword targeting and estimated search volume based on devil-related themes and comparatively 666, horror stories and confession themes: Keyword Themes

Estimated U.S. Monthly  Search Volume

Keyword Themes

Estimated U.S. Monthly  Search Volume

Seeing the Devil


Horror stories


Meeting the devil


Short scary stories


Devil dreams


True scary stories


911 devil cloud


Scary ghost stories


Dealing with the devil


Halloween stories


Devil (broad)


Confession of sins


Religion‐related (the truth about jesus christ)


Ghost stories


Devil stories 


Fear of the devil


666 devil


Prayer of confession


Devil and demon myths


666 mark of the beast


Thank you!

Prepared by: Meredith Bunche Senior Account Manager 310-558-7322

Devil Proposal  

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