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LA Wardrobe Stylist, Stacey Anne

Fashion Designer Gulsha Chereli

TECHNOLOGY Virtually Possible with Style No. 2806 Fashion Illustrator & Graphic Artist

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On the Cover Designer: Rulli Torres New York Model: Nancy Mariana Pop Photographer: Carmen Carcamo Hair Stylist: Adrian Martin de La Torre Organic Necklace: Martha Flores

From the editor

Hello dolls!

(Right) Editor of Fashion Industry Today, Meredith Corning with client and designer (Left) Sheila Scott


BY Meredith corning Welcome to the premiere issue of Fashion Industry Today. This magazine is dedicated to those working in the fashion industry to utilize as an educational tool. It occurred to me recently that finding information about the industry and those who are paving the way is a very difficult task. I decided to go on a quest to ask the experts and do some case studies to find out what others believe to work in the everevolving industry of fashion.


Each person in this magazine is at various stages of their fashion and beauty careers, from the novice to the very experienced; although, each individual has a unique and powerful message to share with you. The one thing that stands out for me is how

Meredith's Projects

invariably different each person is. Everyone I have interviewed here has followed their own path, marched to the beat of their own drum, and inevitably...did it their way. What does this conclude? There is not one key to success; there are many keys to success! We all should listen to one another, learn from one another, and in the end...respect one another for the choices we make. Stop listening to those who think they know it all because they do not. Guide yourself, follow your dream, and be different. Listen to the thoughtful path of Andrea Plell with Ecologique Fashion

Illustration by Meredith Corning

or the savvy and joyful words from Crosby Noricks with PR Couture. Perhaps you will look for wisdom from Marcela Calvet or reap the excitement from a new product like Heel AdVantage. Whatever your pleasure may be, remember it is yours. xoxo~Meredith

Creative Direction

N’cholé Féroce™

"Fierce Style With an Elegant Edge" For Press Inquires about N’cholé Féroce contact: Meredith Corning


GULSHACHERELI fall/winter 2013


Blazing Trails With Gulsha Chereli E

merging fashion designer, Gulsha Chereli, a native of Istanbul, Turkey, is residing and working in New York City. Her background consists of earning her degree in Industrial Engineering then pursuing her Fashion Design studies at Milan’s most prestigious fashion schoolInstituto Marangoni. She later moved to New York, and GULSHACHERELI was born...a line synonymous with her own life, it would seem. Her pieces are structured, architectural, and brazen in nature, however, still convey a feeling of air and lightness. For her current Spring/Summer 2013 collection, Chereli was inspired by the artist, Antoni Gaudi. The symmetry between Gaudi’s work and GULSHACHERELI‘s collection is apparent in subtle nuances. Guadi observed concepts of structures with limitless space, a feeling of sequence...which is fragmented with holes and partitions; creating a divide without disrupting the feeling of open space from by enclosing it within barriers. GULSHACHERELI speaks of these traits and a designer behind the curtain with a spirit of no barriers for women.

You recently debuted with your first collection for Spring/Summer 2013. What has surprised you the most about the fashion industry since your launch? I was surprised by the lack of platforms for emerging and new designers. I think most of the fashion forward people are looking for new designs and designers. People are bored of “the cult” designs, and they don’t give any credit to those pieces like they used to. Even though people are looking for new designers, there are simply not enough platforms for emerging and new designers to show themselves and their creations. This is why most of the very talented emerging designers vanish only after their first season. I always find it fascinating when a designer has a degree or experience in a highly technical field. You hold a degree in Industrial Engineering. How does this affect your design aesthetic? It affects my choices. Choices of fabrics, trims, and about everything that goes into my designs. I like to create layers and play with textures that I believe comes from my engineering background. 9

GULSHACHERELI fall/winter 2013

What have you found to be the best marketing tool for your brand and why? The best marketing tool is absolutely the social media. And I think it’s not just for my brand, but it’s for any kind of business. Consumers are looking for sincerity and want to affiliate themselves with the brands they use. That’s also the reason why there are a growing number of bloggers lately. Bloggers are people just like us. They want to buy the best product for as little as possible and they use tools like facebook and twitter to inform their audience. Bloggers find new and fresh designs; and they help their audience to meet with these fresh designs. Can you describe a highlight moment for you as a designer that created a feeling of great accomplishment that you have experienced so far? It was the moment I took a bow after my fashion show last September. It 12

was a moment of joy. I was overwhelmed and humbled by the audience. I didn’t invite many friends and any family. So seeing and hearing that kind of enthusiasm and affection for the first time from fashion critics and fashion lovers was definitely a memory of accomplishment for me.

"The best marketing tool is absolutely the social media." What are your future goals for GULSHACHERELI? My future goals for GULSHACHERELI is to grow and expand eventually. I plan to have an accessory and a shoe line in the near future. I also have plans for the overall fashion industry but it’s too soon to tell the details…

GULSHACHERELI fall/winter 2013


Retail Smartypants... Made By Valentino job. Offering stylist services, events, pampering, and truly developing meaningful relationships with her clients has become Bosne’s mode of operation. In Boutique on 57, shoppers will find the best quality and designer garments at competitive prices, but Bosne’s positive energy filling the store is what keeps her clients coming back for more.

Kasia Bosne, Owner, Boutique On 57


n the heart of Manhattan sits a little shop called Boutique on 57 run by a business owner who knows that shopping is not just about buying things - it is about the experience. Kasia Bosne is the epitome of a clever retail business woman who understands that creating a treasure trove of highend inventory is only part of the 14

What were you looking for when you scouted a location for your store, and how has your choice been effective for Boutique on 57’s growth? The world’s most luxurious stores are located on 57th Street and 5th Avenue. I had been searching for vacancy at this perfect and convenient spot within steps from Central Park. I needed a small space, easily accessible by public transportation with plenty of natural light and good energy.

Boutique on 57 in Manhattan, New York When I walked in there for the first time I knew right away that’s where Boutique on 57 was going to be born. I have been very fortunate to be among the most exquisite fashion stores and showrooms around. My clients also love the location and energy of the boutique. Most of them work or spend time in the neighborhood and can easily pop up to shop during their lunch or spare time. You often utilize event marketing for your store. What types of events do you hold and can you give a specific example of when an event increased your sales dramatically?


Special events are a big part of Boutique on 57 and are a great way to extend our appreciation for loyalty to our clients. In today’s economic climate, we want to encourage and build excitement for shopping and brand awareness through strategical event planning. This past Christmas we partnered up with Natura Bisse at Bergdorf Goodman where our shoppers were offered free facials ($350 value) and received Natura Bisse gift bags. This collaboration is mutually beneficial where clients get introduced to products and services and can enjoy free pampering. Clients will look like million dollars, relax during hectic holiday time, and get the best deals and offers we store for the holiday season.

Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs dreaming of opening their own boutique one day and what do you consider to be the first step? Starting your business is a significant event in everyones’s life. It can be full of struggles and challenges. That’s why the first and foremost step is to always follow your passion. Clarify your intentions. Take action. Prepare yourself to work very long intense hours. Timing is everything, and its up to you to make the difference between winning or losing. Stay open, follow your dreams, test your new possibilities for yourself. Use your knowledge and tools that best resonates with you. When you are passionate, you may not be good at what you are doing in the beginning. But if you have to do it to follow your passions - experience will make you amazing at it! What has been the greatest source of marketing for Boutique on 57 and what are some of your future marketing goals? In an industry where everything changes with the speed of a concord, it's essential to create enthusiasm,

and excitement. It's not always about selling. Instead, it should be about sharing, connecting, and inspiring! Having a compelling story and being able to effectively communicate that story - through creative fashion ads, strategies, events, contests - helps us to create rapport and builds a relationship with our potential market . We additionally developed an online-brand identity. It lays out the personality of our company with broad products, news, press, and free shipping offers. We communicate with our prospects through blog posts, Youtube videos, and social media. Thereby, building a meaningful community that actually follows us online and feels incredibly positive. It's like bringing Boutique on 57 to life. We research “influencers” and innovators in the industry, reach out to those people, and partner with them. The marketplace is rapidly changing because of globalization, and we intend to be very involved in all aspects of this incredible industrial metamorphase.


Hosting a

Boutique Event N

ew data from the Event Marketing Institute shows that the reach of events is three times more than the actual attendance. This is because of the ‘word of mouth’ effect. Kim Sullivan, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for the Event Planners Association explains,”Special events create a ‘buzz’ around a product, venue, or service. They serve to develop the vital ‘word of mouth’ component desired in a company’s marketing mix. Personal endorsement of an event typically equates to an endorsement of the product/service being promoted. A special event also creates the opportunity to develop a public relations campaign leading to the often elusive and much sought after media coverage.” Event Marketing Institute reports that, “Those who had an enjoyable 18

experience with a product or brand advocate because of their positive interaction with the company, brand, and/or specific product at an event.” Knowing this data, one can determine that boutique events are a vital component of the business marketing strategy. So, what ideas can a retail shop use to bring in the public, create a buzz, generate a positive experience, and gain some media coverage?

Giveaways Offer a free wardrobe makeover contest and stir up interest in your fashion, style, and designs. This also gives an opportunity for the company’s fashion consultants to prove their knowledge and expertise on their professional styling skills. This shows the winner how to wear their new ensemble, how to accessorize it, and where to wear it.

Special guests Invite an author who has published a book on the subject of style tips, fashion design, or something related to the boutique’s atmosphere for a special book signing. This gives the author an opportunity to promote their book while creating an event catered to a niche group of clients who may or may not have previously been a customer.

Pampering party Kasia Bosne, Owner of Boutique on 57 in the heart of Manhattan explains her experience with pampering parties,”Special events

are a big part of Boutique on 57 and are a great way to extend our appreciation for loyalty to our clients. In today’s economic climate, we want to encourage and build excitement for shopping and brand awareness through strategical event planning. This past Christmas we partnered up with Natura Bisse at Bergdorf Goodman where our shoppers were offered free facials ($350 value) and received Natura Bisse gift bags. This collaboration is mutually beneficial where clients get introduced to products and services and can enjoy free pampering. Clients will look like million dollars, relax during hectic holiday time, and get the best deals and offers we store for the holiday season.” 19


LA Wardrobe Stylist:

Stacey Anne S

tacey Anne is a well known editorial wardrobe and prop stylist based in Los Angeles with Zenobia Agency. She has worked with clients ranging from Playboy magazine to beer label, Kirin, to even more mainstream fashion companies and commercial editorials. Her work’s broad range proves that she is a multifaceted stylist with great knowledge in the industry. Stacey Anne gives us some insight into the inner workings of her profession and her passion for the art of photography styling. What is your background/experience in wardrobe and prop styling? My experience/background with wardrobe and props styling is rather different. Most people now come from a fashion school and have this in there background. For myself, I am a graduate with a photography degree from The Academy of Art in San Francisco. I moved to Los Angeles to be a Photography Assistant intern and after 20

working full time in a photo studio I realized I like working closer to the styling aspect and not being a tech. Then I started working at the time with some of Los Angeles’ top Stylists as their assistant. After three years of that, I worked on my own portfolio, went off to find representation, and then small jobs over the years became big jobs and before I knew it, I had a name for myself. What project are you the most proud of and why? I get asked this question a lot about what projects I am most proud of. To be very honest, I am just proud of all my projects big or small. To be able to be behind the scenes and make drawings and story boards come to life and give people/clients a choice of how they want their concept to be presented makes me proud of myself.

"To be very honest, I am just proud of all my projects big or small."

PLAYBOY SHOOT Photographed by Arny Freytag Hair and Makeup by Sarra Wardrobe by Stacey Anne

Let me give the process of what happens behind the scenes of a Wardrobe Prop Stylist: A client - which may be a production company, photographer or a magazine comes up with a concept, a story, or product to be sold. Along with story boards, drawings, and color schemes, there may also be fabrics or demographics of whom they are targeting…usually all of the above. Then in turn, I go out with my team to several wardrobe houses, prop houses, different designers, and PR firms. I gather all they would want to see in their ad campaign and story. Then once that is all gathered, I put my own presentation together, so they have many, many choices to see how they want it all to unfold before we start the final shooting. How do you gain and maintain your clientele? To maintain and gain clients is always an ongoing project and you can never be lax in this area. Once you are established, you do get projects through word of mouth or, if you have a representative as I do, they get a call and send your work out to see if that is what clients are looking for. The same results are possible by networking in your field and introducing yourself to people who may need your services. Once you work with some people a few 22

times and all goes well and they like your ideas, you usually become their "regular,"and they call you for upcoming projects. But with our business you always have to stay fresh and up-to-date and never, ever get too sure of yourself. The oldest saying in our business is, “You are as good as your last job!” So on every job you must go overboard on what your client wants and think outside of the box to give them more than what they ask for. What advice do you have for aspiring Wardrobe and Prop Stylists? My best advice for an aspiring Wardrobe and Prop Stylist is to be eager, never be shy, and - if someone you call or email says no or is nasty keep trying. Be organized. If you do not know about resources, try and get to know some. Always ask questions and be polite but driven. Never say, "No!"

Stacey Anne: Zenobia Agency

Can you describe your process and a little about what a Wardrobe and Prop Stylist does?

Clothing Ad Campaign Photograph by Ken Pivak, Hair/MUA by Carrie Kerta, Wardrobe by Stacey Anne Try and assist a few different people, so you can gain work experience and different ways of doing things. Everyone has a little something different to teach you. When I started out, I worked for some crazy fashion stylists that were off the wall, but also very serious stylists. I took it all in; and when I was ready to break out on my own, I took a little from all of them. I was fortunate people were always giving and forthcoming to me, and I would want to give back to the next on ther way up! To ask Stacey Anne for a mentorship, email

Photographed by Joel Flora Wardrobe by Stacey Anne



The Wisdom of Marcela Calvet

he Calvet Paris label can be defined by its elegance, sophistication, and style. They may be most recognized for their rich heritage bearing the name, the integrity, and the exclusivity. Recognizable for their vibrant shades of cognac, deep burgundy, and garnet - coupled with superbly-crafted hardware accentuates the skins of this exquisite line of handbags. However, one must not take for granted that Calvet Paris is more than skin deep. In fact, one can take note of a fashion history lesson while learning more about the label. Not only find out how Calvet Paris supports the arts through the Calvet Foundation, but hear it from "the woman behind the handbag"...Marcela Calvet. You are an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Creative Director for Calvet Paris. Can the modern woman have it all, and how do you find balance in your professional and personal life? As women in this century, we are fortunate to get to live our lives in the

manner we choose - following our own paths and making our own decisions. This is something that we can live and enjoy today thanks to the efforts, pain, suffering, and determination of countless women who came before us. I think that is what gives me the desire, strength, and impetus to go forward. Perhaps it is not a matter of “having it all;� but rather, it has to do with that fire within you that makes you follow your passion regardless of what obstacles may come your way. Finding the balance is easy if you know yourself well enough. Acknowledge your limitations and never fear enlisting the help of those around you when it is necessary. Calvet Paris has a rich heritage in the design industry. Was that a great deal of pressure for you to carry on the label, and how did you formulate a plan to keep high standards for the Calvet name? I am so passionate about what I do. Having such a rich heritage behind me provides the roadmap that I need, the insight about how to follow it, and the tools that I need to pay


homage to the legacy of the past. We must always look towards the future while doing so. One thing that I did know from the start was to honor the same high standards that were set forth by the original label “Callot Soeurs� back in 1895. Our growth is measured and controlled precisely to honor the same original values. Our clientele appreciates that. From a marketing perspective, what are the top three ways you have found to be successful in generating sales? Word of mouth is invaluable. The trust our clientele has vested in our brand is demonstrated by their loyalty, and they are always willing to share their

Calvet Paris Margrethe II Handbag

experiences with those in their circle. We also require the incredible support of the press - not in the form of paid advertising, but more significantly through the writing of articles. This is the opportunity you are giving me right now! I appreciate that! It is this kind of exposure that provides us with the platform to make our brand become better known. I view it as a wonderful conversation amongst friends. Last but not least, through our retail outlets, our own boutiques, and our partners. As the Creative Director for Calvet Paris, what are your duties, and why did this job title appeal to you? I am the Chief Designer as well, so my duties involve several areas. I work in

(Left) Calvet Paris Gres Handbag, (Right) Chief Designer/Creative Director, Marcela Calvet

close collaboration with my team of expert artisans who bring my designs to life. But as Creative Director, I am responsible for setting the direction and path we must follow; thus my duties are varied...from overseeing every aspect of production and fulfillment to our on-going marketing efforts. Also, I personally take under

"Never think you know it all because you don’t. "

my wing the level of service we provide and our clients’ satisfaction which to me is paramount. What advice do you have for other Creative Directors just starting their careers? Never think you know it all because you don’t. Be humble and be willing to learn from others. Be hands-on. Treat every person in your team with respect, and lead them by example with a sincere smile and a genuine “can-do” attitude. Be positive, and let your inner fire drive you and let your passion guide you.



A HEART MADE OF SOMETHING ORGANIC W hen you think about the fashion industry and those involved, you may not picture Andrea Plell. Plell is a rare breed with a mission to promote ethical fashion practices and educate the public through her company Ecologique Fashion and REFIX Magazine. Genuine and compassionate about what she does every day - from the way in which she treats others to what she wears - her good nature and intention are what draws people to her. In such a fast-paced industry based on aesthetic, motion, and the sell, it is not often that you meet someone who is more concerned about the impact it is all having on our environment and ultimately each other. You wear many hats in the ethical fashion industry: Ethical PR, Conscious Messaging, and Creative Services. How did you begin your fashion career and what led you to where you are


today? I kind of fell into the fashion industry, really. I was working in sales and marketing and going to college full-time for business and felt a real drought of creativity and “soul” in my life. As I was previously an avid sketcher, painter, and writer, I felt the need for constant expression; and that’s when I found art direction and fashion photography except I wasn’t taking the photos. I started out modeling for local designers and found that I had a knack for artistic concepts, styling, and creating a mood. I soon took a role behind the camera, directing and styling models of my own in order to create artistic scenes for ethical fashion clients who contracted to work with me. Upon graduation from college, I quit my corporate job and moved from Southern California to the Bay Area on a whim to grow my ethical fashion magazine– REFIX. When I arrived in San Francisco, everything

happened so organically. I kept meeting more and more eco-conscious artists and designers who were in need of my skills. I also met several people involved in a project to regionalize garment production in Northern California called Fibershed. I am fortunate to have become one element of this effort towards a fashion microindustry integrating locally-sourced materials and Bay Area designers. You have represented many ecoconscious brands over the years. What are some of the characteristics that you look for in a brand before you get behind them? First of all, I look at intention. If someone wants to work with me just to make clothes that sell and has no interest in bettering the world in one way or another, I have no interest in working with them. I want to work with compassionate people who not only want to sustain their own Andrea Plell directing and styling video set lifestyle through selling their garments, for her client, Myrrhia Fine Knitwear. but to contribute to the lives of others whether that is through using organic, chemical-free fibers, paying fair wages, adopting zero waste processes, recycling textiles, and giving back to their community. I am a big believer in conscious, thoughtful creation- if you’re going to make something, make it well!

"I want to work with compassionate people who not only want to sustain their own lifestyle through selling their garments, but to contribute to the lives of others..."

When you provide public-relation services for a client, is it hard to tell them when they are doing something wrong? What approach do you use to guide a client in the right direction? I appreciate my clients' efforts and know that they are always doing what they feel is best for their company, so for me it is


sometimes difficult to express that they may be doing something wrong. To steer them in the right direction, I usually refer them to case studies or other proofs of success when suggesting alternative actions. I’m actually very fortunate to have wonderful clients that carry much trust in me so I don’t often have this issue. What has been the hardest part about launching your own firm, and what advice do you have for start-ups looking to do the same?

REFIX Magazine believes it is pertinent that we all become more aware of our personal consumption habits and how our actions [and purchases] directly affect the earth and each other. As an eco-conscious advocate, REFIX Magazine is dedicated to offering a publication that fuses fashion and art with philanthropic values. By reporting exclusively on ethical fashion, socio-ecological issues, and sustainable innovations, REFIX bridges the gap between environmental ethics and life in a modern society. REFIX Magazine is a production of Ecologique Fashion.

Despite prolonged efforts in other past ventures, launching my own business really happened organically for me where I was meeting people with similar goals at the right times and finding that they needed me and I needed them. I think the hardest part was realizing- “I have my own business, people depend on me” and not having that freak me out. I love helping people, and I have a lot of pride in my work; so it’s very important to me to make sure my clients are happy. Showing my clients that I am confident in my work and compassionate about their needs gives them genuine value in working with my firm. It is obvious you are an extremely creative person. What is your creative process like? How do you relax and take a breather from it all when you know you need a break? Do your breathers have much to do with your creative process? I have a very peculiar and spontaneous


Andrea at Scott Ian McFarland Event in the midst of producing a fashion premier and press event for Scott Ian McFarland’s Fall 2012 collection. Photo by Melvin Harper creative process. It really comes to me in spurts. Although most of the planning and coordination happens weeks to months in advance, my most successful creation happens on the spot whilst filming, styling, photographing, or editing. When I’m in the “mode,” I can go for hours without a breather- my endorphins start

pumping and my creative energy feeds me, maintaining my focus without the distraction of time. In times when I feel extremely uninspired and have a photoshoot to direct or video to edit...I go to a pile of international fashion magazines in my living room or sites like pinterest for inspiration.



Virtually Possible Can you explain the services Style No. 2806 offers to fashion designers? Pattern-making is an art. It is the talent of balancing beauty, proportion, and motion by creating shapes that compliment the human body. As most patterns are derived from just a few pattern bases, the most difficult part of pattern-making is creating a base that fits well and is comfortable to wear. Doing this properly takes time and talent. Here, at Style No.2806, we’ve already done that for you. We have tested and perfected our pattern bases, and have used them to create a vast library of patterns that you can use as templates for your designs. All you have to do is put your talent to work making your vision unique. Because all our patterns are created employing a combination of CAD/CAM and 3D prototyping technology, revising and refining them is much 32

quicker and costs less than ever before. And you don’t even need to have CAD/CAM technology yourself, as we can provide all our patterns in PDF format. All you need to do is print, cut, and use the pattern the same way you would use your own patterns. What’s more, pattern templates and pattern customizations are just two of the solutions we offer. We can also help you visualize your creations using 3D prototyping – an innovative technique that is ideal for testing different ideas before creating a physical prototype. 3D prototyping can also be used to animate your creations and create presentations for sales and marketing purposes that are guaranteed to impress potential buyers. How can this modern technology help designers in their marketing plans? Our goal is to help designers build their lines more efficiently. We are here to help them visualize their ideas before

Style No. 2806 allows you to visualize without wasting valuable time and resources before you commit to actual samples. Image by Style No. 2806. committing to a physical sample. With this technology they will decide quicker and save more.

- To create a product only in 3D and have customers vote for the one they would want to buy.

Here are just some ideas of how this technology can be used:

- To create low-cost promotional material. Creating fashion show animations and realistic pictures of their ideas cost a fraction of what it costs to do them in a real world.

- As a presentation tool to convince management or potential buyers that their idea is the right one. - To showcase different design options by producing only one physical sample and offering other design options in a virtual format.

In short, designers will be able to market and promote their products and ideas before investing a single dime in a physical sample. Possibilities are endless. Whatever use they choose, they can be certain to impress their audience. 33

Your services include a CAD/CAM system for developing garment patterns. Once a pattern is purchased, what will the designer receive, and how do they proceed if they have never used a system like this before? Those who possess a CAD/CAM system can order their usual file format. For those who still work with cardboard patterns we create simple PDF formats that can be printed in any facility that offers large format printing. All these formats can be chosen during the purchase process. In short, buying our patterns is not much different from paying someone to do patterns for you. In order to meet deadlines, every pattern-maker works from a set of pattern bases and pattern templates that they keep in their libraries. When you go to a pattern-maker with your sketch, what a pattern-maker really

does is he/she takes the closest pattern to your idea and configures it to your specifications. What we have done here is to make our library public so you can do the checking yourself. Since all our patterns are draped as 3D representations, checking should be like going through a closet of design /shape ideas. If what we offer is exactly what you are looking for, just purchase that pattern; and we will send it to you in your chosen format as soon as we receive the payment. If you need to configure it a bit, you can do it yourself; or we can do it for you for a fee. If you want to change some things on the pattern and are not sure what those changes will look like - no problem. Our 3D prototyping service is exactly for that. In any case, when you purchase from us, you will get what you want much faster and much cheaper.

Bring your designs to life and make animations a powerful ally in a world of rising costs and increasingly competitive ideas. Images by Syle No. 2806.


In your view, what is the value added for designers who choose to use your animation or 3D prototyping? -Avoid making "the wrong" samples. If a sample doesn't look good in 3D, replace it before it is too late. -Skip sewing redundant duplicates to show different colors and textures. Produce them only after a commitment from your customer. -Visualise your ideas before creating a physical sample. -Slash design development time by 20%. -Half the number of test cottons and test physical samples. -Eliminate design ambiguities and errors. -Facilitate communication between design and pattern-making. -Create low cost garment-related

promotional material. -Impress an audience with quality 3D renderings and fashion show animations. Your mission is to help designers find solutions that enhance design, reduce costs, and save valuable resources. Do you consider Style No. 2806 a “green” company? Absolutely. The raison d’être of 3D technology is to facilitate the “green” approach to business. With 3D technology we can make sure that we only produce that which is wanted or needed...that we do not produce just to visualize and test. Producing just to visualize is not only costly in terms of resources but requires incredible infrastructure to manage sample inventories. We believe that integrating “green” solutions into business models is what will ultimately determine who will still be doing business in the next decade.


Utillze any pattern from the Style No. 2806 Pattern Store and have it configured to your fit and style requirements. Seen above is a Style No. 2806 jacket pattern and on opposite page blouse pattern configured in different fabrications and viewpoints.

With such cutting-edge technological processes, what does the future hold for Style No. 2806, and are there new advances on the horizon?

Below is a 3D prototype, computer-generated model created from a CAD pattern.

Our motto is to “Never stop improving!” We believe that the technological foundations for a truly “green” product development process have been established. What is coming are improvements in each of these technologies. 3D draping capabilities will improve, animations will get better and easier, measurements will be taken with a simple click of a camera, and personal avatars will be created automatically. Every one of these improvements will get us closer to a zerowaste production. Our hope is to be the loudest voice on this path to sustainability.



Heel Ad-Vantage


raig Atwood is the first person to admit, "I'm just a guy off a boat with a good idea." Humbling and creative, this former ship captain invented and patented a novel idea for fashion enthusiasts and boot afficianados who are looking for a fun way to protect the life span of their boots. "The Captain's" design, affectionately touted Heel AdVantage, serves three main purposes: Appealing to the eye. Protection from wear and tear on the back heels of bootwear. A marketing tool, as the space allows for logos to be displayed on the plated design. Perusing through his marketing plan, one could conclude 'the Captain' has thought of everything from a business perspective. His journey began back in the seventies when he was searching for a product much like Heel Ad-Vantage to protect his boots while he was driving his Camero, a normal wear and tear problem for sports car owners. With nothing on the market, the Captain began to research his idea further.

Almost a year of this grueling work went by when the Captain stopped at the bus station, set down his briefcase full of all the amazing work he had accumulated on Heel AdVantage, put some change in the cola machine...when it happened. A thief grabbed the gold mine of information encased in his briefcase about Heel Ad-Vantage and ran off with it. The Captain comments on the horror story, " The shame of it all. there was not a thing in my briefcase that would have done that person any good." Consequently, he put down Heel AdVantage and decided it was not meant to be. He admits, "I suppose I could have salvaged what I had to make the Heel Ad-Vantage work, but I felt so violated. It just took all the wind out of my sails, and I concluded some things in life weren't meant to be for me at that time.

At the time, Craig Atwood was a barge captain working in and around New York Harbor. Heel Ad-Vantage became a pet project as he began to collect data, study patents, develop a prototype, create a demonstration video, and meet with a high calibre marketing company in New York seeking advice to further his mission during his off time. 39

3-Dimensional Cad Cam Design Fast-forward to today and Craig Atwood has a new lease on life, literally. A few years ago he suffered a heart attack and received triple-bypass surgery. The Captain recalls, "I was lying in the hospital bed wondering how I was going to take care of my son who has a rare gentic disorder and is mentally handicapped - the rest of his life since he lives with me. I remembered the Heel-Ad-Vantage, and how I was almost there if I had not quit. I made up my mind that maybe in the infinite wisdom of the Universe, maybe some things come to you when you really need them, not when you want them. I swore when I was able to get back on my feet again, I would resurrect the Heel-Ad-Vantage. I had proven it was a good ides then, and it is still a good idea today." Equipped with a solid business plan, 3D images, fashion illustrations, sketches, a demonstration video, a host of creative ideas, and a lot of gumption - the Captain is on his 40

way to, in fact, resurrect the Heel AdVanatge. Heel Ad-Vantage is currently seeking manufacturing quotes and licensing opportunities. The Captain plans to visit the best accessory and footwear trade shows in the country over the next year, networking and moving into the next phase of his plan. The Heel AdVantage is at a very exciting stage, and it will be wonderful to watch all the places it goes from here. When asked about his future for Heel Ad-Vantage, he said, "Once I have implemented the Heel-AdVantage on the consumer market and see if - in fact - there is a market there, I plan on setting up a studio and shop for producing my own designs. I see myself having my designs manufactured and going on the road to trade shows. Ultimately, I envision the Heel Ad-Vantage going down the runway at a fashion show in Milan, Italy. So I guess you might say, I plan on developing the Heel Ad-Vantge for the rest of my

life." When asked if he had advice for other aspiring inventors or resources he has found to be helpful, the Captain suggested the following: -Stay away from invention developement companies. Do not trust them; they are not your friend. - There are trustworthy organizations to help assist aspiring inventors. Look for your local inventors' association. - Patent laws have changed. Do not just tell any company about your idea. Document what you do and have a confidentiality agreement written for you. -Invest time and money in a patent attorney you feel comfortable talking to, but remember he is your attorney...not a marketing expert.

-Chances are you will not get rich with your idea. Pursue your idea as a hobby, not as a overwhelming passion. Keep balance in your life, and do not be too greedy. -Everything in the world is systematic. If your idea is truly a good idea, the system will work for you. There are no short cuts. -Know the manufacturing process, make a prototype, and an actual working sample. This will help give a new dimension when discussing the engineering aspects of your idea. -Write your marketing report to aid in your pitch. - It is easier for a marketing company to approach a large manufacturer than an individual. A marketing company has credibility and knows the business.

3-Dimensional Demonstration Video.

MYRRHIA FINE KNITWEAR fall/winter 2013


Myrrhia Fine Knitwear


yrrhia Fine Knitwear was founded in 2010 with a mission to constructively weave the fibers of, not only the environment, but also the lives of the people whom her garments touch. Working only with yarns and fibers grown and spun in the USA and choosing local and organic whenever possible marks this fashion designer a true champion in her fearless charge to progress society. Unabashed by defying the corporate norms, designer and entrepreneur Myrrhia Resneck cares deeply for her employees, customers, and the future of existence, but one should hear it from the organic source. From the business perspective, what are three things that you have learned as a fashion designer that surprised you as your business has grown? This whole business was a surprise to me, actually. It was a hobby and just blossomed really organically. I tested every business move I have made and was gratefully happy to find that

people like what I am doing and support it. What is the main source of marketing your line that has worked best? I walked door-to-door to boutiques with a rolling suitcase full of my sweaters. So far, that has worked the best! Other than that, I participate in Oakland Art Murmur every month by opening the doors of my workshop to the public and showing my products. You have made being socially conscious a focal point in your design process. How does this impact your company in a positive way? In a negative way? In a positive way, it keeps me on track because I don’t get bogged down in the day to day. I have a higher purpose above getting the next order shipped. As for the negative, someone who is used to the prices at a fast fashion chain may not understand my prices. I want to make products that are 43

MYRRHIA FINE KNITWEAR fall/winter 2013

MYRRHIA FINE KNITWEAR fall/winter 2013

accessible, but I refuse to pay my employees less or use cheaper materials. How important is online image when it comes to your sales? Do you consider your online persona as integral as your face to face connection with others?


I consider the content and images on the internet as equally important to my brand as my face to face interactions. My team includes a very talented publicist to keeps me looking great online, and she understands the core ideals of my brand. Branding is important, and my brand values connection whatever the medium.

"I have a higher purpose above getting the next order shipped."

How would you handle a negative review of your line? I take all feedback very seriously. I would follow up with the person to get more information about how I could address the problems or issues that had been identified, and then I would do everything I could to make it right. I am dedicated to improvement at every level, from look, feel, and fit, to customer service and social/environmental impact.

it was defective in any way. Even though there have been a couple of times where someone just plain ordered the wrong thing or didn’t notice something in the picture or when they tried it on, I can refund or exchange. Happy customers make me happy.

I tell my customers that if there is a problem, I want to know about it. I want to fix it if I can, or replace it if

MYRRHIA FINE KNITWEAR fall/winter 2013


Pop Culture Flair S

tarting a company with a sibling may sound like a nightmare for some, but for sisters Dorothy and Danielle Cascerceri it has been a dream come true. Dorothy is the Senior Editor for “In Touch Weekly” and entertainment commentator who has been featured on shows such as Chelsea Lately, E! News, and The Today Show. Danielle is a recent college graduate with an inherent eye for business. Danielle’s youth and vibrance coupled with Dorothy’s keen knowledge of pop culture creates an "awesome twosome" for designing witty sayings and fresh artwork for their t-shirt line. Dorothy, the big sister - dubbed in the family as "big D" - and her younger sister, Danielle - known in the family as "little D" - merged their childhood nicknames to form their fashion line, "bittle D." Recently celebrating their one-year anniversary for their 100% organic t-shirt line, we get an update from Danielle on the business, the 48

brand, and the bonus of doing what you love with someone you love. Taking on an organic t-shirt line is certainly an ethical fashion design choice. Can you describe your manufacturing process for

(Opposite page) Left-Dorothy Cascerceri, Right- Danielle Cascerceri Photo Credit: The Intelligencer (Above) bittle D Wesite Design by Cinnamon Toast News Media bittle D? And what made you decide to choose an ethical fashion route to begin with? We chose to go organic because when researching the manufacturing process, we realized how important it is for the consumer and the environment. The organic cotton material is a lot more cooperative in the washing process and maintains that "super soft" feel for years after first wear. Our customers love that! When it comes to marketing your line, what have you found to be the most successful mode of operation?

Since we are a small company, we’ve seen all different types of marketing work for us. Word-of-mouth seems to be really effective since we do a lot of different events – small and large – all over the place. Social media has proven to be pretty great – Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr – because we have a cool personal story to share and people love that. We’ve also been contacted to do some bigger stuff, like feature stories and flash sale sites, which is exciting as a small company; and it shows that we’re gaining more recognition than we realize. Since we’ve only been open for business for a little over a 49

Sugar Mama Tee, sizes S-XL, Photo Credit: Conor McDonough year, we’re still figuring out which marketing methods work best and which ones we want to pursue more than others. It’s definitely a learning curve! Do you participate in fashion shows or special events? Please describe, and how helpful have events been in the marketing of your line? We love taking advantage of opportunities to market our tees face-to-face with shoppers. We do a lot of small-scale and large-scale events, so it gives us a chance to 50

see what else is out there and how consumers shop in different environments. We also take advantage of selling at events by donating a portion of our proceeds back to non-profit organizations. We love being able to add that philanthropic element to bittle D because we feel that it’s really important to give back.

"...believe in yourself and turn your dreams into reality..."

Before bittle D, what business experience did you both have, or was business an acquired skill? I think a little bit of both. When we started bittle D, I was in college taking business classes and running my business at the same time! That was really helpful, and I absolutely applied things I learned to the decisions we had to make as business owners. That being said, there are also a lot of things that you can’t learn in a classroom about running a business. A lot of times it takes failure to teach success, which we can certainly attest to. It’s all about learning a lesson from failed ideas and decisions. If you don’t learn, you’ll keep failing.

Don’t Judge Me Tee, sizes, Photo Credit: Conor McDonough

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

to believe in yourself and turn your dreams into reality, even if it seems like too big of a job to take on. There are days where your ideas will seem crazy, but what you can get out of starting your own business – even if it fails! – is invaluable. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

I always advise aspiring entrepreneurs

While Baby Lorenzo was being spoiled, bittle D figured Snooki of MTV's Jersey Shore deserved some lovin' too! 100% Organic Cotton Tees by bittle D put together a gift bag of Tees that this Sugar Mama couldn't wait til she got home to open!



Rulli Torres New York


ore and more often, we are seeing the fashion industry utilizing their platforms for philanthropy. In the case of Rulli Torres, this fashion designer is no exception. Torres came up with a creative way to give back this year during PLITZ'S New York City Fashion Week. Torres says of his participation,"I had a really close cousin and favorite uncle pass away from cancer in the last few years, and I've always been interested in contributing to various causes. I'm honored to have been asked to participate in this event. If in some small way it helps one cancer survivor feel beautiful, then I'll be very happy." Torres designed a dress for a cancer survivor affiliated with the non-profit YES!, an organization that was created to provide information, resources, and support for anyone that is affected by cancers of the liver. Torres says of his charitable work, "I’ve always participated or have volunteered for various causes such as ALS, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, and Life Walk. I am currently organizing a fashion show as a fundraiser for Life Walk. This organization helps people who are infected with HIV/AIDS. I am very passionate about fashion, but I’m also passionate about helping others and giving back to my community."

Torres has been on the fashion circuit for several years now, but admits that the biggest move he made was most recently when he launched his brand - Rulli Torres New York. He says, "This move required a lot of hard work and dedication. I had to learn so much in a short period of time. The competition in this industry is fierce, but I have to maintain my focus. I feel I have gained more credibility as a designer since I launched my brand." As a newcomer in the business of fashion, Torres is off to a great start by positioning himself in with the top ranks during New York Fashion Week and staying true to himself as a designer. His aesthetics are tasteful, clean lines, and often inspired by his love of graphic design (as seen on the cover). Torres' model during PLITZ'S New York City Fashion Week, Tami Thennis, is a cervical cancer survivor and Hope Quote Lady for YES!. Together, they are making a difference in the fight against a cancer that is not often discussed. Rulli Torres New York is a definite designer to watch and we all wait with bated breath to see what he does next. 53


Social Soirees to Boost Sales I

t’s not a secret the economy has seen better days. So, what’s a retail store to do when customers just do not have the desire to get out and shop? Convincing the public to loosen the purse strings can be quite an undertaking, especially for a small business. Even the big players in retail, however, are making use of social soirees to encourage shoppers to come through the doors. If a store owner does not have the time to plan such an event, they should not hang up the ‘out of business’ sign yet. Hiring an event planner to help may be just what the doctor ordered. Along with the increased demand for special events, the event planning industry has become much more sophisticated. Long gone are the days of throwing on a table cloth and a centerpiece. A certain quality is expected now for retail social parties. There is not an exception. Here is a list of 54

things to take into consideration for any store planning a special event. Give customers a socially-conscious reason to come to your event. Everybody wants sales, but this should not be the main catalyst to lure people to your store. Create an event for a local charity. Host a "feed our furry friends" event and ask people to bring in a can of pet food that will be delivered to the local animal shelter. Or perhaps ask the girl scouts to come in and sell their cookies. These types of gestures bring the community together and make everyone involved feel good. Utilize your merchandise as a focal point. Who doesn’t love a fashion show? Even a small store can create a catwalk through aisles or even outside on the sidewalk. Having models wearing the merchandise already available in the store is a great advertisement and incentive

Seen here at a charity event held at RK Collections boutique is special guest from Project Runway, Korto Momolu (Third from right).. to buy. Partner with surrounding businesses. Look around. Are there any businesses nearby that may want some extra marketing? Network with your fellow business owners. Ask a restaurant if they would like to hold a wine tasting at your venue? Certainly every town has artists willing to showcase their work. Bring in artists, and ask one of them to speak about the value of owning an original piece of art.

"Are there any businesses nearby that may want some extra marketing? Network with your fellow business 55 owners."

Invite everyone to your event. Extend an invitation to everyone you know. Even if they cannot make it, they will know you care about them, and maybe come in some other time. Hopefully your store keeps a record or customers’ names, addresses, and email addresses. If not, tsk-tsk. Create an original advertising campaign. Your store has its own flavor, so show it. Create flyers for your event using your logo and your own photography, artwork, or design. Think of a catchy name for the event. What colors will you choose for your event? Schedule, schedule, schedule. Certainly the best time to host your event is not going to be the same day as Race for the Cure. Visit your local calendar of events websites and read local publications to

Creating the mood with some live music for this event hosted by Compassion Fashion Events & Design. Photo by Bobby Haws

make sure your event does not conflict with something major going on in your area. It is hard to hold an event when there is absolutely nothing going on, but check around to see what the events are in your area that draw large crowds and stay away from those dates.

Boutique on 57 Shopping Event Credit: Photo provided by Kasia Bosne


Event Planning with a Heart for

Apparel and Beauty Markets Still Saving the World in Stilettos...



THE FASHION PR Couturière In this interview Crosby Noricks gives insight into her career, her method, and her life as the Fashion PR maven known in the industry as a "fashion publicist's best accessory." Photo by Karen Morrison


rosby Noricks is the Founder and CEO of a popular fashion PR hub called PR Couture dedicated to providing guidance and enthusiasm for emerging fashion publicists. Unlike the dark personalities reflected from the "Kelly Cutrone types" of the industry, Noricks is funny, positive, down-to-earth, and a real girl’s girl. She has years-worth of experience in the fashion PR industry along with a Master’s Degree and 58

award-winning journalistic skills, but Noricks does not stop there. Recently launching her second edition of “Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion,” she certainly has a way with words, as an author and speaker committed to teaching others about what it takes to make it in the world of fashion PR. Those interested in learning more from Crosby Noricks should read her books and attend her next workshop she is sponsoring

with Danika Daily Public Relations called Fashion PR Confidential. There is no better way to "soar with the eagles" than by learning from the best. You are a Fashion PR superhero for so many in the industry. You are an author, CEO of your own company, and media advisor for StyleLikeU. How do you handle your time management and stay organized? Since 2004, when I started graduate school and worked thirty hours a week, through 2006 when I started PR Couture, until just last month when I left my position at Red Door to pursue new opportunities, I have always had more than one “job.� I suppose I got used to the pace and just never slowed down. I have learned to be efficient and organized with my time through a mix of never-ending to-do lists, priority inboxes, and calendar reminders. But I have often felt like I was treading water, getting just enough done in order to satisfy the immediate needs and quiet down my own demands. I am absolutely loving this new phase in my life where I have more space - to not only tend to what needs tending - but to allow new inspiration to come in. I also could not have done it without supportive friends and cohorts who have generously donated their time and talents to helping me grow PR Couture. After reading your book, Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide To Breaking Into Fashion, I was inspired by your sassy writing style and impressed by the knowledge you were willing to share to help aspiring fashion publicists. What do you believe is the #1 strength

Ready to Launch is an informationdense, fun-to-read adventure through the fast-paced, everevolving world of public relations in the fashion industry. Written particularly for those just getting started (public relations undergraduates, entry-level practitioners), Ready to Launch is the only career guide tailored specifically for aspiring fashion PR professionals. A definite must-read for anyone considering a career in fashion PR, marketing or a related field, the book charts the course from education to internships and interviews, touching on personal branding, reputation management and setting a long-term career vision for ongoing success.

someone must have to be in this industry? Thank you! I suppose I would say perseverance, that extends both to pitching to the media – coming up with stories and angles that grab their attention – as well as just staying the course. You must show up day after day, ready to learn and produce great work. What motivated you to create PR Couture, and can you explain what readers will find at

Organized into 10 actionable steps, Pitch Perfect is filled with the expert, down-to-earth advice you’ve come to expect from PR Couture, this 56-page PDF has everything you need to start seeing results from pitching fashion media. Includes nine of the most popular expert articles from PR Couture revamped and refreshed and Seven “How to Pitch” Interviews with fashion media & bloggers including the fashion editor of People StyleWatch and a freelance writer for Vogue. “Finally somebody put what I needed to know in easy-tounderstand terms that I can execute immediately!“ - Tyrone Spencer, Icon Image Concepts

I wanted to create a platform for fashion publicists, as well as those interested in fashion PR, to be able to learn more about the profession and connect with like-minded souls. We share relevant information for fashion publicists and designers at various stages of career growth and needs. It has always been important to me to showcase a cross-section of people – from interns to CEOs – and to serve readers with everything from the basics to the emerging trends and tools that will keep even advanced publicists expanding their skill-set. In addition to regular interviews with publicists and brands, we offer media lists, a fashion PR agency directory, and a job board. Anyone who follows PR Couture or reads your books can feel what a fun and down-to-earth person you are. However, you do say in Ready to Launch that this business “is not for the faint of heart.” Can you explain? So glad to hear it – I’m never comfortable with the idea of perpetuating a version of myself that is overly polished

or glamorous. It is important to be me and find places to be vulnerable in my work – I think those are the places where true connection and relationship begins. I suppose what I mean by that is that working in fashion public relations, you will most likely experience a fair amount of rejection, ridiculous expectations, and inflated ego – all of which can make the work exhausting and hard to just shrug off. Of course, there are those who thrive under these circumstances; but if you’re like me, you might take a lot of this stress on, and begin to believe such things are the norm. It won’t feel very good. I think it can be helpful to know that things are going to be tough; people are going to make ridiculous demands upon you; and editors are going to be dismissive and impatient. However, if you know these things are coming, hopefully you can just be like, “oh, this is one of those really hard days,” and let it just sort of run off of you and move on. That said, if you can work alongside supportive, talented people and make that commitment to learn and grow, you will build confidence, and experience some of the greatest career highs out there!

the ability to coach, impact, and nurture others in all sorts of ways that can take place outside the classroom. I can do it through weekly articles on PR Couture, through a workshop like Fashion PR Confidential, or at a seminar, summit, or conference. I used to love to watch my parents teach, it was such a creative outlet, and they made such a difference on so many students by being kind, accessible, and capable of inspiring enthusiasm and community in their classrooms. It’s that part of sharing knowledge that I find rewarding. Can you tell us what is next for Crosby Noricks? I’m taking the next few months to tend to PR Couture as well as myself, and see what new opportunities and ideas catch my fancy!

You offer strategy sessions, speak at events, and have published two books about becoming successful in Fashion PR. What drives you to be such an educator in this field and how has it been rewarding? I grew up in a family of educators, and the one thing I did not want to become when I grew up was a teacher! However, I have since recognized that I am a teacher, I’m just going about it in a different way. I am lucky, in that I have






Darling Illustrator A

nna Bours is a Dutch illustrator living and working in Barcelona, Spain, whose works are nothing short of darling pieces full of fanciful whimsy. Bours has the unique ability to create a scene so captivating, the viewer cannot help but imagine jumping right into the image. With a keen eye to detail, a feminine flare, and a mad scientist of an artful mind, it is no wonder she was chosen one of CUT OUT magazine's top 10 Best Fashion Illustrators in the World. You have a very distinctive aesthetic. How do you describe your artistic style and what do you think makes your work stand out? I've been told that my Illustrations are very chic and girly, yet they have a whimsical quirk and a unique intricacy in the linear detail. I like cute, girly things, but it always has to have some power or rawness in it.

That’s what distinguishes my work from others in my industry. Can you describe your process from idea to final work? I’ll start normally with my closest deadline, using client photos or references I’ve found and collected. I always like to experiment, so the process is never really the same. However, most of the times it’s done in Illustrator and Photoshop. For the rough sketches I use ink and/or pencils. Then I color the illustration digitally, and I shade and illuminate with digital brushes in Illustrator and Photoshop. How long have you been interested in fashion illustration and what sparked your interest in this niche field? Ever since I could hold a pencil, I was doodling and sketching every spare moment I had. Fashion, poses, photography, fabrics, and textures 65

What one piece of advice would you give someone who was interested in becoming a Fashion Illustrator? All artists change in a certain way the "reality" of imagery into their own. In my opinion, every illustrator should be able to convert the inspiration they see around them (images, pictures, illustrations, patterns, clothes) into their own unique style. Who is your favorite artist and why?

always fascinated me. It took me quite some years to figure out that fashion illustration contained all the aspects I aimed for and to take a big decision to really try to make a career out of it. I've been working for many years as a patternmaker/illustrator for clothing labels and as a graphic designer. For the last few years I felt the need to dedicate more time on fashion illustration to improve my I never really had the time - beside my job - to improve my drawing techniques. So last year I decided to take the big step. I quit my job and went on an inspiring four-month trip through Southeast Asia, something I have always wanted to do in my life. With all the sketches and pictures I made in Asia, I started as soon as I came back to convert them into illustrations and started my own company.

I remember when I was young I saw an illustration by Antonio Lopez, and I was immediately in love with his style...the simplicity in his line-work and the elegance in the coloring. This certainly was a big influence for me to choose this career. Who is your favorite designer and why? Anything with a whimsical quirk - a strong, elegant, but dolly look - will catch my eye. I love the designs of Prada, D&G, Gucci, Dior, Marc Jacobs, and Viktor & Rolf. What are your future goals in fashion illustration? I just want to keep doing what I love drawing all day, expanding my audience, working on challenging and fun projects for editorials and fashion labels, collaborating with inspiring artists, having gallery shows, and much more‌



Female Form Artistry






Makeup by L.A. Rose


HOLLYWOOD MAKEUP You have had the dream career for a Makeup Artist, working on stage productions, print, television, and film for over two decades. How did you begin your career and what motivated you to choose this profession? I would not say I have had a dream career by anyone’s standards. I would classify it as interesting, challenging, and diverse. I really didn’t choose to become a makeup artist...the career chose me. I began modeling as a child. My family owned hair salons where they performed hair and makeup services, so I literally grew up in the business. I knew how to apply makeup and cut/style hair for many years before I attended school. As a model, other models and photographers were always enlisting my makeup services because they liked my makeup designs better than the artists they were hiring. When I got my degree in theatre, I liked the behind-the-scenes jobs better than acting; I fell in love with theatre and special-effects makeup. That was what prompted

me to further my career by studying at the Joe Blasco Makeup Institute in Hollywood. What was your big break, and how do you consider this moment a game changer for your professional career? I am still waiting for my really big break. When I get to work for Tim Burton, and win an Academy Award, then I will feel like I have made it. Until then, it is rewarding to watch TV shows or films; see the actors looking good and knowing that I contributed to their performance in some small way. Actors tell me that great makeup adds to their confidence in their character portrayals. For MUA professionals seeking new opportunities, what is the next step after receiving their certification and building a portfolio? This is a difficult question for me to answer briefly; I could write a book on the subject. Receiving quality instruction from a reputable insti75

tution is key. There are so many cosmetology schools that only provide a brief amount of makeup training as part of a hair cutting/styling curriculum. A true makeup artist needs to just study makeup from an institution that specializes in makeup instruction only. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is important. A makeup artist may be very talented at makeup, but lack the sculptural skills required for special effects prosthetics. I would suggest focusing on working in one specific area when you are new, because the field is so broad. Also, if you are serious about the industry, you will need to find a market that is large enough to support all of the talent in the city. A small town will not provide the revenues to succeed as a full-time makeup artist. You have taken so many creative avenues to advance your spectrum of talent, such as becoming an image stylist, working in fashion, and receiving your degree in theatre. How have these additional skills advanced your career? They all compliment one another and work cohesively. Makeup, image enhancement, and fashion styling are so intertwined that it is difficult for me to perform one service without the others. I always end up providing complimentary fashion services to my makeup clients in order to most effectively serve them. Since fashion is my first love, I am always excited to lend assistance in that area. For instance, envision a beautiful bride. She can have a beautiful gown, but if her makeup and 76

hair are a mess, the overall effect of the gown is ruined. She can have stunning makeup and hair, but if her gown is illfitting, out of style, or improperly accessorized...the effect is still ruined. It takes a total image for the effect to be positive: The right perfectly-tailored gown, beautiful shoes that she can actually walk in, tasteful accessories, a poised attitude, flattering hair style, and stunning makeup. It is only when all of the various components are working in perfect harmony that you have created an image of beauty. I have noticed you do not put too much weight into your social media base, yet you are still highly successful and relevant. Do you feel the social media side of business takes too much time away from your artistry and has it affected your business at all? I do feel that my business suffers from my lack of focus on social media sites. I realize the effectiveness and necessity of social media but updating them is too time consuming for me to attend to personally. I keep trying to hire someone to do it for me. I am not a huge fan of the impersonal nature of social media, text messages, or emails. I feel that so much is lost in the interpretation of the abbreviated communications. I would rather talk to or meet with people in person. There is an elegance and a beauty to having a personal interaction with another human being that is not experienced in a brief written message. The emotions, subtle nuances, and inflections in a voice are lost in tweets. And emoticons just are not the same as experiencing

Horror movie production, makeup by L.A. Rose kind eyes or an ear-to-ear grin from another person. What is next for L.A. Rose? This is wedding season, so that keeps me busy. I’m currently providing fashion merchandising services to a new high-end consignment boutique in Bryant, Arkansas, named Evolution and I’m producing a fashion show for them. I am also providing makeover and fashion-styling services to their elite clients. After that, who knows? Anything and everything is possible. I was invited to audition for "Project Runway" and "Face Off," but had to turn down both due to time constraints. I

never say “never” and I never know what interesting opportunity each new day will present. Each time the phone rings or an email comes through it could be anything from a makeover for a drag queen, an image enhancement for a political candidate, a TV shoot, a music video for a singer, or just a husband that wants to buy a gift for his wife. Meeting people is the fun part of the business. Turning fantasies into realities is the rewarding part of the business. Getting home at 3:00 am after an eighteen-hour day on set is the reality of the business. 77

Dear Ly Intuitive Advice Column to Empower Your Life Fashion Lives in the Future...Ly is Here to Help


y de Angeles has been giving advice for over thirty years through her powerful training in secular spiritualism. She is an internationally recognized award-winning author, film maker, screenplay writer, director, sensei, tarot-card practitioner/expert, and most importantly the one who tells you what you need to hear and not necessarily what you want to hear. She has also spent years of her life organizing events and productions, including The Wild and Wise Women's Festival. She admits “it was a blast, except there were no men there.” Known for her outspoken point of view, well-known and admired in her varied fields, she currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. Her current projects include a screenplay called "Witches of Wolverton Sound" with the tag line “Even Good Witches can be Bitches when the Fashion is Bad,” currently on the market for film production: A script described as The Devil Wears Prada meets Charmed and The Craft. Consider her your 78

Ly de Angeles Photo Credit: Arian Lavanael very own Miranda Priestly with a much more enchanting and humorous side.

Dear Ly, I am a creative person with a strong desire to write. A recent significant experience in my life has also become my focal point for creation; I am writing a book of this experience. In the meantime, I have to work a regular job to support myself. Although this job should be "just a job," it is filled with drama that creates issues for me. This creates a distraction in my life, and it is hard for me to stay focused on my personal goals. How can I stay focused and complete my personal goals with all the time and emotions the regular job is sucking out of me? Sincerely, J.O.B. Wearied Writer Dear Writer, Personal power is about the clear choices we make. Love your job. Call it a career instead. Love the people there, laugh a lot, make it a pleasure for others, do not get bitten by the demon Mulengro. The great English author David Herbert Lawrence once wrote, "I never saw a wild thing feel sorry for itself . . .". Write when you can. Whatever is destiny is destiny. You won't avoid it. It's what you do about each thing along the way that differentiates the individual from the rabble.

day and Morgan le Fey is down by the lake. She gestures for you to join her, and you do. She holds an ordinary china cup. "This is the most powerful talisman in existence," she says, awe apparent. "Looks like a tea cup," you answer. "Looks can be deceiving," she replies. She challenges you to take it to the Grail Castle and place it in its rightful niche. If you can do that, all the worlds ills will cease. Of course, you agree! "The only rule here," she warns, "is that you stay on that path there." She points to a clear trail out of the forest. "No matter what you see or what threatens." "How easy can that be?" you reply. Off you go, confident and determined. There are monsters and treasures to the sides of that path in all directions, but, "No, you remember what Morgan said." Then up ahead in the distance, you see a castle. You are almost there. You feel good about yourself. You will save the world. Then the path takes a right angle direction away from your goal. "Oh no! What do I do?" Sadly many people miss the journey of life because of the assumption that it has to be other than how it is. Be careful. There is something in what you have written that is the enemy of creativity. Resentment is a deadly pill. Just write! Ly x Dear Ly,

That being said, let me tell you a story: You walk into a forest one

I find myself in a moral quandary, a battle between my pocketbook and 79

my goals and constitution. I base my self-efficacy, internal value system, and behavior on my goals and constitution. I have recently become an employee of one of the largest organizations in my field in the country. I am working toward my bachelors degree, and I am soon to graduate with honors. Many of the classes I have taken and the studies I have devoted myself to in the past four years focus on psychology and ethics. Mental health is extremely important to me, and I believe that environment and stress factors have a key focus on the way an individual reacts and behaves.

they carry home to their families. My personal stress level is through the roof, and I am experiencing a extremely high level of anxiety. I work anywhere from 10-12 hours a day 6 days a week, yet my work never seems to end. In addition to that the training is minimal and leaves something to be desired, so I am not confident in my work at all. I have been told by management to "just get it done" regardless of the quality of my work. This bothers me, perhaps more than anything.

That being said, I find myself needing to excel in my professional life and establish a good financial support system. The need for this goal is primarily in response to my family's need for stability and security. The position I have recently accepted can and will enable the building blocks to reach this goal. The position provides a higher salary than I have ever made and promises to offer both my family and myself a lifestyle that we have merely dreamt of until now.

Full Wallet, Empty Heart

The problem that I am facing is that I have identified business practices and a organizational culture that I am not entirely comfortable with. My position is extremely stressful. I have productivity goals and expectations that seem impossible to accomplish. The performance-driven issues that many individuals are experiencing in my department are causing them major stress-related problems and pain that 80


Oh, Full Wallet, Empty Heart, You live in such a contrived world! I have the deepest respect for the ideology behind what you have worked towards for so long, for the humanity of your spirit. To come up against the wall of careless bureaucracy that you have is to find yourself facing the zeitgeist of our age. Do not succumb. Keep pure your highest ideals but keep them secret except from those most important to you. In the next few years you will establish yourself as a straight-talkin', suffer-no-fools individual, and others will come seeking you out because you will have refused the dumb paradigm. Then you will make change. You know I'm right. Just now you must play the game. Only remember that that is what it is. Loving who you love, enjoying the mountains and the sea when you can, these are worth living for . . . but I

also know I'm telling you what you already know.

There are huge changes on the horizon. Both to the economic sector and to the stability of earth's ecosystem. What is most important is that you set aside enough time for two things, just for you: (1) Sufficient cardio excercise to get yourself a good dose of endorphins and (2) that you set aside even just 20 minutes for "you" time for meditation and deep breathing - where nothing outside of you matters. Keep a journal of your private thoughts concerning the stupidity of outmoded systems, but please do not become cynical. One of my greatest loves, D. H. Lawrence once said "One could laugh at the world better if it didn't mix tender kindliness with its brutality." Keep your focus, and do not get caught in this madness. Bide your time, and keep healthy. Watch and plan. It may be up to ten years before you get to hold the reins; but if you're clever, you'll ride. Ly Dear Ly, I started a business about two years ago, and things got off to a rocky start. I reevaluated what I was doing and decided to concentrate on more creative pursuits that accommodated my interests and passions despite what others were advising me to do.

Although I lost some partnerships in the process, I am immensely happier in myself and my business. However, I still deal with judgement by others, and hear criticism from time to time due to my decisions. How do I drown out the negativity and nay-sayers; so that I can stay focused on this path that in my heart I know was right for me all along? Sincerely, Concerned Dear Concerned, You are no use to anyone miserable. There is also magic in what you write, and the way you have written to me is laden with a deep anxiety and a tad of false arrogance because yes, what people think and say matters. That's us as a species. If it's your creditors criticising you, well . . . that's a thing to sort out. If it's friends and loved ones? Hold a dinner party. Secretly plan it for a full Moon or when Venus is in Taurus. Write a speech using something like: "I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement, support, and constructive criticism. Each and every one of you enrich my life. I am humbled by those of you concerned regarding my lifestyle change and have taken on board everything you have said. I have had much to consider and I could not have achieved this without you. Life is grand, and you all rock!" There is no self pity in words such as these. It puts you squarely in the clearer position. They show that you trust 81

yourself and that you are worthy of the nay-sayers attention. It also puts the boot up the arses of those who want you to fall down. Personally? It doesn't matter if I end up a heavily tattooed witchy bag lady as long as the Mysteries are pleased with me. I have done what I knew I friends are real...there is love in my heart - laughter and interest, and my ideals are preserved. One would just need to adapt and know the best back alleys to the best restaurants. To not explore every chance to live joyously means you join the queues of others merely existing. And if you get away with it? How spiffing! Live well, Ly

To send Ly de Angeles a question regarding your inner fears, emotions, drama, or anything surrounding your career path, please email with the subject line "Dear Ly Column." Please sign an anonymous name corresponding with how you are feeling- if you do not, one will be appointed for you.


Good Reads by Ly de Angeles Magdalene is a controversial love story and an adventure into consciousness. Includes extensive glossary and bibliography In Tarot Theory and Practice, Ly shares original ideas on the nature of prophecy and using the Tarot to predict the future. The Quickening is about the world today and extraordinary people who don't know they are. Winner of the 2006 COVER Award for Visionary Fiction. The Feast of the Flesh contains poetry and prose by Ly de Angeles as well as conversations with archangels and entities most powerful.

Horoscopes By Kim Falconer


International astrologer and fantasy author Kim Falconer writes novels for a living, and co-directs the online astrology school You can find out more about Kim there, at and on her 11th House Blog. Aries: Project proposals bubble up from the unconscious, dynamic, potent and ready to launch. Best set intentions to grab the mic, talk them up. (As if you need encouragement!) Pitch ideas, and prep for the home to morph into a creative Mecca! Taurus: The key to success this year hinges on fresh ideas. Shift your tendency to cling to the past, open your mind, and imagine thinking new things. With a little nudge here and push-shove there, you’ll see fabulous results! Gemini: Change for the much better in the financial department lightens the load in 2014. Think: renewed enthusiasm, ambition, and panache. Something’s really got you talking. Caution: others are going to want a bite of this apple! Cancer: The mantra for 2014 is go for it, and that means you must fully amp up your inspired actions. Put the shyness aside, for the good of

actions. Put the shyness aside, for the good of the goal. Trust the value of asking others for help. Leo: You are blessed with a powerful inner conviction, and flare for the dramatic. Use it! The feelings of confidence fuel creative change and abundance. Think: trailblazing actions that pave new roads in the wilderness. It’s all about the vision. Virgo: Financial security requires lofty goal setting with one thing in mind, "You must ask what do I really want?" Avoid letting desires turn to shoulds. Carve out some me time and aim sights high. Think: selfdevelopment priorities.

Libra: Boost your natural zest for life by initiating change in the PR and social media sectors. Feng Shui supports, so start by setting clear intentions, and de-cluttering your desk! Could bring promotion, accolades...even standing ovations. Scorpio: Think travel, exploration, and adventure in 2014, but not limited to the physical realm. Be it meditation or jet-setting - get ready to expand horizons as new answers to old issues present. A little timeout brings fabulous results. Sagittarius: 2014 is the year of friendship, goal setting, and collaborations, with a high probability of success! Keep your ears pricked for opportunities to contribute, merge, and launch. Thank goodness for the internet! Far away is no longer so. FTP! Capricorn: Working on your own is an option in 2014, but not the best approach. You might be depriving others of your creative genius! What you think and feel deserves to be shared. How else will they know how to honor you? Aquarius: Change up is your new motto, and that means altering the daily routine. Find little ways to do things differently and usher in fresh new vibes. Opportunities come during the most banal exercise. Trust the results to be magic! 84

Pisces: Your natural artistic flair wants to come out and play. That means taking the time to explore your inner creative well as the pragmatic ones. What is it you’ve been neglecting? Make a commitment now and stick to it.