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Buy a House and Fix it... with ONE Closing! Now You Can With Our New FHA Loans

When home buying on a budget, do you ever find yourself choosing between a home too small for your needs and a fixer –upper? Fortunately, the U.S. Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has a mortgage insurance program specially tailored for this situation. Features of TACU’s FHA home loan program are: 

Low Down Payment. 3.5% down is all that is needed.

More flexible credit requirements. Lack of credit or past

problems may not prevent you from acquiring an FHA loan. Finance Repairs. The FHA 203k loan allows you to finance the cost of repairs right into the loan.  You can finance practically anything: appliances, carpeting, landscaping, paint, and much more!

TACU is the ONLY mortgage lender in Tomah to provide this unique lending opportunity. Stop by to see Eric for questions on this exclusive loan program or call him at 608-372-4736.

E-Bill Pay Saves Time & Money Have you ever found a bill that you thought you'd paid earlier in the month? Now it's late. TACU's electronic bill payment service can eliminate this worry. 

What is it? Direct payment is the electronic transfer of an authorized payment from a member's checking or savings account into the account of a biller, financing or investment company, or nonprofit organization. It's ideal for recurring payments such as household bill payments, insurance premiums, automatic investment and savings plans, mortgage

payments, auto loan payments, and charitable donations. It works while you are away. You can schedule payments in advance so bills get paid even when you're away on

vacation or away on business. It’s proven. Electronic bill payment studies show that consumers using automated bill payment generally become more responsible with funds and generally have higher account balances. Over a 31-month period of using automated billing services checking account balances increased by

38%. It saves money. Members who use E-Bill Pay are eligible for discounts on TACU loans. Plus…

think of all the money you will save on stamps! It’s easy to use. E-bill pay is accessible through your online banking account. If you have questions about using bill pay or signing up for online banking, ask a TACU representative for assistance.

JUNE EMPLOYEE ANNIVERSARY Meredith Marketing Director 1 year at TACU



TACU will be closed on Monday, July 4th for Independence Day.

Almost 1/3 of all identity theft victims discovered the crime by seeing unfamiliar charges on their account statements.

940 North Superior Avenue  PO Box 940 Tomah, WI 54660 Phone: 608.372.4736 Fax: 608.372.4394


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Vacations: Save Before you Set Sail Vacation season is here and budgets are tight, but with some disciplined planning and money-saving tricks, that dream vacation can become a reality. Be careful with plastic. Don't finance your entire vacation on your credit card. That doesn't mean it's off limits, but relying solely on plastic will only lead to stress and heavy interest charges down the road. Save, save, save. Try to set aside some of every paycheck in a TACU vacation club

account. Decide how much you want to have on hand to start your trip. Divide that total by the number of paychecks until vacation, then save that amount in your vacation account. If you are not able to save this much, take a look at your spending habits. Are there places you can make cuts? Plan ahead. Booking airfare, hotels, and rental cars in advance could save you a bundle. Consider using public transportation to save cash on a rental car or taxis. And travel midweek for the best deals. Hotel deals. You may be able to pick the price you pay for your hotel room. When renting a room or condo, some web sites, such as or, let customers bid for the lowest price. On sites like eBay, time-share owners sometimes sell unreserved rentals at discounted prices. Do some searching before booking a full-price room. If your savings come up short, see us for low-interest loan options.

Traveling and Need Cash? Find Fee Free ATMs Nationwide Using your TACU debit card is a convenient and safe way to get cash when your credit union is miles away. If you do your research, you can use your debit card at ATM machines throughout the country without paying unnecessary fees. Our ATM is not the only machine you can use without a surcharge. TACU belongs to a network of ATMs throughout the country. 

Members may use ATMs marked “Fee Free” without surcharges. These ATMs

are often found in gas stations. Go to and use the ATM locator find out which ATMs you can use without a surcharge.

Avoid Overdrafts the Easy Way Record all Transactions. Millions of consumers now enjoy the convenience of debit cards instead of checks. But when you use your debit card, save your sales slips and record all transactions in your share draft/ checking account register as soon as possible. That way you'll avoid overspending and costly overdraft fees. Be careful of your daily limits. You have a limit of $400 per day when selecting debit at the check out and $1,500 when selecting credit. But as always, make sure you have enough money in your account.

Federally Insured by NCUA up to $250,000 Equal Housing Lender

TACU Newsletter, May 2011  

MAy 2011 Newsletter for Tomah Area Credit Union

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