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NEWS - two of the best

With the news that Wacko-Jacko, the King of Pop has passed-on the world went into meltdown. After watching the 4th exclusive special on his life in two days, we, at Total Hits, have decided to not cover the event. We do add that we, like most music artists, shed a tear or two and acknowledge the influence, the style and fascination that Michael has brought to all our lives. Rest In Peace.

Digital Radio - it’s finally here

This new edition of the total hits magazine is way-overdue and for that I offer total blame on to someone else. Hey, why take the credit for bad things when you have employees to do that for you. In all seriousness, or as close to as we get, we will endeavour to put out editions regularly. Peace out: Eddie Tor

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Digital radio has been launched is Sydney with the other major capital cities following over the next few months. Much like digital TV revolutionised TV, the same is set for radio (who would have figured that one out). Retailers are rubbing their hands with glee as they can start selling digital radios. At $250 upwards it’s still expensive, but a must-have for the music enthusiast.

Sound Summit A scholarship will be available for up to six artists (musicians) and managers to attend the Sound Summit which is held as part of the This is Not Art conference in Newcastle from 1-5 October 2009. For more information and to download an application form, visit the Sound Summit website: http://www.musicnsw. com/soundsummit/ Applications close Friday 17 July 2009.

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Music is the heart and soul of New Orleans

The Spotted Cat is the embodiment of a New Orleans jazz bar. Its pokey, candle-specked appearance belies the quality of talent playing on its well-worn stage. Tonight’s offering, Vavavoom, is a fourpiece gypsy-jazz band whose raw talent and enthusiasm makes it very hard not to tap your toes, snap your fingers or alight the very tiny dance floor. A random spectator walks to the vacant piano and with a nod from the band, effortlessly dances his fingers across the ivory keys, adding another rich layer to the musical tapestry being woven before us. Welcome to New Orleans. Not even Hurricane Katrina could stop the music, the food, the laughter, nor the endless Mardi Gras that shape this city. However, New Orleans strongly relies on tourists for its continued survival. It offers travellers a savvy mix of music, food, culture and diversity. The music is still pumping, the food is as delicious as ever and the locals are some of the friendliest folk you’ll ever meet. So what are ya’ll waiting for? WOMAD stands for the World of Music, Arts & Dance. Over three days, WOMADelaide runs six outdoor stages featuring performances and intimate workshops by around 35 groups from over 20 countries. It also presents a KidZone, visual arts and street theatre programs, and an amazing Global Village of 100 arts, crafts, international cuisine and educational display stalls and three bars. The magical ambience of WOMADelaide is indescribably lush; thousands of people of all ages bliss out as they enjoy the sounds of the planet while catching up with friends in the sunshine, lazing under the trees, shopping, eating, drinking and having fun with their family (kids under 12 are admitted free). Come for a night, all day and night, or for the whole three days - it’s up to you!

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Frankie Z has been described as having a voice made of silk. Frankie Z has the type of voice that turns the ladies into mush. His silky-smooth voice has a melodic richness that goes beyond his years. Discovered busking, Frankie’s voice has seen him collaborate with some of the largest names in the industry and it will be interesting to see how he stands when his debut album, self-titled Frankie Z, goes on sale later this year. What makes Frankie Z’s tale so interesting is that until one year ago, he had never sang for anyone other than himself. Frankie was working at a burger join and was singing to himself when one of his colleges heard his voice and hassled him until he tried out for a local talent show, which he won. He started busking form here before being discovered and the rest, is nothing but pure magic. Frankie Z’s album is due to be released late September and should see him rocket up the charts. So remember, you heard about the the man of silk here first, at Total Hits.


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Yum Cha

Already an enormous hit in the UK, where it debuted at #2 on the British album charts this week, Love & War has been called “one of the debuts of the, well, century” with “the potential to be a genre-crossing monster” by the UK’s Daily Mirror and “an orgasm for your ears” by no less a harbinger of big things to come than Perez Hilton. Love & War is also a showcase for Merriweather’s considerable songwriting talents. He wrote nearly every song on the album with various musician friends, and then presented his compositions to Ronson (who produced the album) and his backing band, The Dap Kings.

Many acts have one or two albums, and then fall into the trap of making what will sell rather than try to push and improve themselves. That makes it even more remarkable the Hilltop Hoods are at record number five and still trying to improve their sound as much as possible.

Middleton described the album as “a celebration of hand-picked past, present, and future end-ofthe-night anthems.” Within the context of that quote, the opening tune, an acapella of a crowd roaring “One More Tune”, delivers the feeling of the vibe and experience that the listener is about to feel.

They feel like there are fresh improvements over previous efforts in both lyrical and musical arrangement. Gone are the sped up vocals and over-used beats, and real effort has been made to make the songs sound amazing.

The acapella drops into the filtered beeps and airy background synths for his remodel of Last Rhythm’s Last Rhythm, which moves into the 91’ Mix of Tom Middleton’s One More Tune, featuring a really tribal bouncy lead synth and oldskool energy reminiscent of The Prodigy’s One Love. We wouldn’t be suprised if this doesn’t rise up the charts quickly.

Even if you’re not a fan of hip hop, this album is worth having a listen to.

Home recording has never been easier! Steinberg’s Cubase is probably the most popular digital audio recording software available on the market today. Not only can it be seen in many professional recording studio’s across the globe, there are countless home studio’s using this software as well. Cubase is renown for it’s ease of use and world-class tonal quality. It is available in several versions starting from $199 for Cubase Essential.

Universal Audio Moog Multimode Filter This plug-in brings something completely fresh to the UAD platform. Starting with the basics, you get a switchable self-oscillating filter (lowpass, bandpass and highpass) with cutoff and resonance controls, as well as a choice between 2- and 4-pole operation. The spot-on emulations of each mode are rotund, velvety and sparkling. An envelope follower similar to the Moog Moogerfooger MF-101 hardware filter can be adjusted for smooth or fast response. It can also modulate in positive or negative directions. A cool Spacing control, borrowed from the Moog Voyager synth, lets you spread two hard-panned versions of the filter by as many as three octaves, inducing anything from subtle beating as the filters glide slightly out of tune to increasing your stereo image at its widest setting. The lone LFO has five waveshapes and can run freely or tempo-synced at rhythmically derived rates. With highly musical filters and modulation facilities, the Moog Multimode filter is wonderfully “playable.”

Digital Doctor Live 8 This new video training course contains more than three hours of interactive videos that cover all major aspects of audio and MIDI recording, editing, mixing and mastering for the Ableton Live 8 DAW. The Quick Start section presents a grand tour of the functions in Live, as well as a review of the new features in Live 8. The Audio section contains in-depth tutorials on audio setup, recording, mixing and mastering. The MIDI section features tutorials on virtual instruments, hardware synthesizers, MIDI editing, Rewire, and the instrument, effects and drum racks. The Loops & Remix section presents a discussion of using loops and the Audio Warp function. The Live Performance section demonstrates Live’s Session view and several DJ features. Ableton Live 8: Know It All! is presented using Adobe Flash and is available in DVD and digital download formats for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista and Apple Macintosh OS X.

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Save FBI Radio

FBi Radio has been bringing you the best music from Sydney and the world for the past 14 years, and now it needs you to help out. They’re mere months away from being forced to close thanks to the global financial crisis: in fact, they need to find a million dollars in the coming months to keep the transmitter on and the doors open. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways in which you – the lover of music and Sydney culture – can help out. There are a pile of gigs happening around the place raising money for the station. There are over 100 bands donating their talents over a dozen venues, and you’d be insane - and arguably a little bit evil - if you missed out. Gig details or to sign up as a supporter at:

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