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Canada 2012 - Update

Institute courses


attending AlKauthar

Over 3000 gifts distributed by Meet the Neighbors campaign

spanning 4 Canadian

encouraging Dawah


through action in local communities

Over 50 people given seed capital through Charity Challenge to



Over 4000 students

identify a genuine need within its community and launch successful sustainability initiatives



New Muslim Care

The launch of a

program launched to

unique initiative

provide an essential

Being ME

service to those

Conference – Largest

entering the fold of

ever womens only


conference in Canada with over 2000 sisters attending

Women’s Resource Centre launched to provide

Launch of Mercy


as a hub for local community programs

support and an



Mission Madinah

avenue for our Muslim sisters to achieve excellence

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Message From the National Manager Our Vision AlKauthar Instititue New Muslim Care Women’s Resource Centre Little Explorers Being ME Our Financials How You Can Help What Others Are Saying 2012 Mercy Mission Canada Goals

“Mercy Mission in Canada our focus has been Excellence in Knowledge and Action. We have this as our moto because of the importance of combining the learning with actual implementation of that knowledge.�

message from the national manager


Assalamualikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, Mercy Mission has been founded on a vision, which takes direct inspiration from our Final Messenger Sallallahu Allaihi Wassallam: “A world where every Muslim is able to live faithfully to their belief, building an exemplary community that benefits humanity”. We have a duty to Allah and His messenger to support His religion and uplift their mention. With the blessing of Allah, the Mercy Mission Canada team has been working earnestly towards this great vision every day since our launch in 2009 in Toronto, Canada. From the initial stages of Mercy Mission Canada, our focus has been Excellence in Knowledge and Action. We have internalized this as our motto because we understand the importance of combining learning with actual implementation of that knowledge. Many programs have been successfully unveiled by Mercy Mission Canada within just the past few years, and these programs have made a definite grassroots impact within our community. Mercy Mission Canada blossomed with the launch of AlKauthar Institute, which now spans across four Canadian cities, namely Toronto, Waterloo, Ottawa and Vancouver, and continuously serves as the foundation for developing our community and brining about great change, Alhamdulillah. The knowledge that is disseminated through AlKauthar is implemented through the many programs that have since been generated. In 2011, Mercy Mission Canada launched its first infrastructure project known as Mercy Mission Madinah. The Madinah is now the hub for all of our dedicated teams as we develop and bring to life some of the most instrumental projects our community has seen. To name a few, we have launched: New Muslim Care – An Education, Mentorship and Empowerment program that is providing the critical support our convert brothers and sisters need when they embrace Islam; Women’s Resource Centre – Empowering, Supporting and Achieving Excellence, is a program that aims to enable women to be successful in all facets of their lives by providing Counseling services, a helpline, and regular seminars on a variety of topics pertinent to our sisters; and the Being ME Conference, the largest sisters-only conference ever held, is an annual conference that provides a platform for our sisters to learn, teach, and share, and ultimately inspire them to be leaders across the globe. Brothers and Sisters, we have certainly been blessed by Allah to be able to establish our team, build the system, and develop programs that continue to make a lasting impact in our community, and indeed we are humbled to be used in the cause of Allah. Alhamdulillah, we feel that Allah has given us many great successes in our work, however this is just the beginning, and with your continuous help and support, together we will translate our vision into a reality. I hope you will read through these pages and discover the work we have been doing throughout the past year. JazzakumAllahu Khairun for your continuous Du’aas and unwavering support. Mahmood Qasim National Manager Mercy Mission Canada


Mahmood Qasim, National Manager Fareheen Chowdhury, Human Resources Manager Hassan Newaz, AlKauthar Institute Manager Junaid Qadri, Finance Manager Maria Arshad, Information Technology Manager Naila Kibria, Being ME Manager Nazaneen Johri, Marketing Manager Sabah Kazmi, Women’s Resource Centre Manager Sayeem Kibria, Project Management Officer Tehmina Butt, Admin & Communications Manager Zubair Qasim, New Muslim Care Manager

our vision

Our Management Team:

Mercy Mission is working tirelessly to earn the eternal pleasure of Allah All-Mighty by striving to pursue the ultimate vision of the final Messenger, Sallallahu Allaihi Wassallam, through Excellence in Knowledge and Action. For the individual, the pursuit of this vision is often hurdled by a lack of meaningful and organized avenues. Mercy Mission Canada, through its many programs, provides the alternative – “A world where every Muslim is able to live faithfully to their belief, building an exemplary Islamic community that benefits humanity.” In 2009, AlKauthar Institute, a program under the Education portfolio of Mercy Mission, launched for the very first time in Toronto, Canada. This program galvanized leading scholars and students of knowledge to teach the fundamentals of our religion to Muslims in a language, style, and manner they respect and understood. Soon after, Mercy Mission launched a number of programs in Canada which directed students to apply the knowledge they have learnt in a variety of ways, all of which were inspired by our Final Messenger, Sallallahu Allaihi Wassallam. In 2010, Mercy Mission launched many successful campaigns inspired by the Sunnah and carried forward by Muslims of all ages. These programs included: Charity Challenge in which teams compete with each other to raise money for local causes/ charities; MeetTheNeighbours, a Da’wah initiative to be the best Muslim neighbour; and JustGoDoIt, an advocacy campaign for the establishment of Salah. With a phenomenal response from both young and old, the Mercy Mission team decided 2012 would be a year to give back to our community. The next step was to: 1) identify areas in which our local community needed assistance, and 2) to ensure a concise plan of execution would be put into place. What followed were three critical programs under the Family & Community portfolio of Mercy Mission: Mercy Mission Madinah, New Muslim Care, and Women’s Resource Centre. In 2012, Mercy Mission will also be reviving the Being ME, an annual sisters-only conference, in addition to the launch of Little Explorers as not just a children’s program at the Madinah but also a widely subscribed magazine. All of this would not be possible without the help of Allah, and the hard work and dedication of our senior directors and management officers, including: Board of Directors Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury Sheikh Abdurraheem Green Sheikh Alaa ElSayed Sheikh Sajid Umar

Executive Shurah Kashif Shabir, Chief Operations Officer Iqbal Nasim, Chief Financial Officer Azim Kidwai, Chief Business Development Officer

Enriching Lives Through Knowledge now in 9 Countries and 22 Cities Worldwide

alkauthar institute


AlKauthar Institute is the jewel in the crown of Mercy Mission. Founded upon the principle of ‘Enriching Lives Through Knowledge’, AlKauthar has galvanized experienced Islamic teachers and students of knowledge to impart the fundamentals of our religion to fellow Muslims. Islamic knowledge is imparted in the language, style and manner of the local students so that they are able to truly understand and appreciate it. Aqeedah, Fiqh and Usool are now the nourishment of the students of AlKauthar as they quench their thirst for knowledge while becoming hungrier for paradise. Since the launch of the AlKauthar five years ago, the fusion of quality instructors, fine venues and the best learning materials has led the institute to grow at an unprecedented rate. On average, the institute opens up in one new country every year. This enables thousands of aspiring students of knowledge to develop their understanding in a range of Islamic sciences, and at the same time, be provided with the opportunity to mature their own character in accordance with Islamic teachings – thus ultimately demonstrating the true beauty of Islam to humanity. AlKauthar Institute has been designed to provide busy professional Muslims an opportunity to acquire knowledge through university-level single weekend seminars. The focus is to empower students to tread the journey of knowledge in a manner which suits their lifestyle and knowledge requirements as contemporary Muslims. The weekend seminars - which are designed to be accessible to a diverse socioeconomic Muslim populous - are supported by a scholarship program, Alhamdulillah. For students that show enhanced dedication and abilities, AlKauthar Institute has developed a structured and comprehensive program titled ‘The Students Guild’ that aims to produce students that are not only firm with the classical foundations of Islam, but also flourishing preachers that can deliver effectively to a wider audience. Through weekly classes, seminars, and exams, ‘The Students Guild’ opens up great opportunities for dedicated students to pursue Islamic education in an intensive and consistent manner. In addition to the aforementioned programs, the quest for providing the finest possible learning opportunities has led AlKauthar to also develop ‘Knowledge Hive’. This program serves as a spiritual retreat and brings together focused students, within a residential environment, to explore classical texts at the hands of experienced teachers of the highest calibre. Eating, sleeping, and working only with those that seek the pleasure of Allah makes for a unique and cherished experience.

Educating Mentoring Empowering

new muslim care


‘And who is better in speech than one who invites to Allah and does righteousness and says, “Indeed, I am of the Muslims.”’ [Quran, 41:33] New Muslim Care is an engaging program led by a team of dedicated Muslims who seek to make a positive impact in the lives of those who have accepted Islam. The goal is to nurture our new Muslim brothers and sisters, and ensure retention by providing them with the necessary support and resources to make the journey into Islam easier. Other outcomes include integration of new Muslims into local Muslim communities, empowerment of new Muslims through seminars and education, as well as awareness campaigns of the struggles new Muslims face within the existing Muslim community. If a person was to carefully study the contributions of the Ansaar, one would find that their biggest and greatest contribution was opening up their arms to their brethren and aiding them to settle into their new homes by sharing their wealth, family, and livelihoods. Ultimately, the Ansaar provided the Muhajiroon with an opportunity to practice Islam freely and openly. They made Madinah a fertile ground for the new Muslims/migrants to live Islam. They embraced them into their families, and became their brothers and sisters – bonds stronger than blood relations. New Muslim Care takes inspiration from that successful model, that model created by our Prophet, Sallallahu Allaihi Wassallam. The mentors in New Muslim Care are encouraged to embody the spirit of the Ansaar as they work towards making the journey of their fellow (new) Muslims one of ease and comfort. Our mentors work scrupulously to help create a safe-haven for our convert brothers and sisters and vow to grow with them in this journey to Jannah. The program is divided into various domains, the first of which is a comprehensive internet-based learning system which the new Muslim learns at a pace that suits his or her own schedule. These online modules are specifically geared towards the new Muslim, keeping in mind the challenges of the Arabic language and the vast spheres of knowledge which they may find confusing. They are structured as short but meaningful videos incorporating both spiritual and practical advices on matters pertaining to the fundamentals of Islam. Through the Mentorship Certification program, our mentors are taught the A - Z of new Muslim concerns. This mentorship training service equips fellow Muslims with the necessary tools to effectively reach out to their new brothers and sisters. Regular and consistent interaction between new Muslims and our certified mentors is a key focus of this program. Often new Muslims may have specific questions relating to Islamic matters, or simply require more one-on-one interaction with experienced Muslims. New Muslim Care creates a geographical match between a mentor and a new Muslim to ensure that they are able to meet regularly. In addition to enabling the new Muslims to more readily utilize the educational aspects of the program, interactions in this manner further allow the mentors to act as the new Muslim’s confidants as well as link them to the greater Muslim community. Whether its Eid or Jummah, our Mentors strive hard to ensure no new Muslim is left behind.

On the authority of Anas bin Malik, the servant of the messenger of Allah, Sallallahu Allaihi Wassallam, that the Prophet said: “None of you [truly] believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.� [Bukhari]

new muslim care


Any valued contributions will directly help in supporting the projects below: Educational Modules The Educational Modules and interactive PowerPoint presentations serve as an effective and structured step-by-step tool to aid in learning the basics of Islam. These resources will be made available online via our website so that they can be utilized globally for the benefit of all, including new and not-so-new Muslims alike. Mentorship - One on One Oftentimes videos and PowerPoint presentations may not convey the complete message of Islam, and new Muslims may have many questions that remain unanswered. Through the mentorship program, the convert brothers and sisters will be provided with individual attention so that any of their lingering concerns can be addressed. These brothers and sisters will be able to obtain the support they need in order to become fully integrated into the Muslim community. Lastly, the mentors will also be trained to provide counselling services to the new Muslims to help deal with the hardships they may face after their conversion. Mentorship Certification Many Muslims involved in Da’wah are not always aware of the range of issues that a new Muslim may face upon conversion. In fact, after taking the Shahadah, many new Muslims may feel that they have been left alone in the dark with any support or guidance. Through the mentorship certification process, Muslims will be trained to serve as mentors to their new Muslim brothers and sisters. The mentorship certification process will be conducted through a curriculum provided in a structured classroom fashion, thus resulting in mentors that are knowledgeable about the educational, emotional, psychological, physical, and/or financial assistance that convert brothers and sisters may require. New Muslim Care Kit New Muslim Care offers a free kit designed especially for brothers and sisters that have recently accepted Islam. This kit contains materials including copies of: the Holy Qu’ran, The Fortress of the Muslim, Purification: All About Wudhu, My Prayer Guide & DVD, as well as A Guide For The New Muslim by Jamal ad-Din Zarabozo. Conver(t)sations These events are designed to cater to new Muslims and help foster stronger ties of Islamic brotherhood and sisterhood between them and the Muslim community at large. They will be scheduled around important Muslim holidays, such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, so that the new Muslims do not feel isolated while the Muslim community is celebrating. Providing effective avenues to socialize will be the key focus of these events.

Empowering Supporting Achieving Excellence

women’s resource centre


The Women’s Resource Centre focuses on empowering Muslim sisters to be successful in all facets of their lives. By facilitating knowledge, awareness and acquisition of necessary skills, the Women’s Resource Centre enables Muslim women to take control of their personal growth and success. The health and vitality of a society is greatly influenced by the condition of its women. Vital to the Women’s Resource Centre is the protection of women through empowerment and support for them and their families. It is an inclusive program aimed toward inspiring women to be proactive in their lives and conquer any hardships that may have arisen. Providing a safe and respectful space for Muslim women to be able to gather and speak about mutual interests and concerns is one of the objectives of the Women’s Resource Centre. Ultimately, the Women’s Resource Centre will function to ensure a cohesive and united community of Muslim sisters. Whether a recent immigrant, a new graduate from university, or an expecting mother, the Women’s Resource Centre will offer beneficial services for Muslim women of all ages from all walks of life. The Women’s Resource Centre will allocate a significant portion of its resources towards our counselling services. Our team members will be equipped with the necessary tools, techniques and professional training to be able to effectively deal with potential issues that may hinder a Muslim woman’s success. Thus, we will work tirelessly to ensure that whenever a Muslim sister is in a difficult situation, such as undergoing domestic abuse or emotional trauma, the Women’s Resource Centre is able to respond to the situation by providing the necessary counselling based on an Islamic framework. In addition to the counselling services, our program will offer a range of regular workshops. Through these workshops, Muslim women will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to cultivate excellence in various facets of their lives, and thus eliminate the root causes of stress and conflict, and adapt a healthy and productive lifestyle. Integral to the mission of the Women’s Resource Centre is the protection of our Muslim sisters. Through a mass campaign targeting violence against women, the Women’s Resource Centre will act as a leading Muslim organization calling for an eradication of this in all of its forms - physical, psychological and emotional. We believe it is up to us, as flag bearers of Islam, to promote the correct and authentic teachings of the Final Messenger, Sallallahu Allaihi Wassallam, with regards to the treatment of women to both Muslim and non-Muslim audiences.

The Prophet, Sallallahu Allaihi Wassallam, said: “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should not hurt (trouble) his neighbour. And I advise you to take care of the women, for they are created from a rib and the most crooked portion of the rib is its upper part; if you try to straighten it, it will break, and if you leave it, it will remain crooked, so I urge you to take care of the women.” [Bukhari]

women’s resource centre


Any valued contributions will help directly in supporting the projects below: Empowerment Seminars Women’s Resource Centre will provide monthly Empowerment Seminars at Mercy Mission Madinah. The aim of this service to provide Muslim sisters of all backgrounds a place to learn about Empowerment in everyday life as well as find inspiration from past and present Muslimahs. Past seminars include: Green Living, Roles of a Muslimah, Birthing Trends in North America, and Easy Discipline for 2 - 12. HelpLine Through the HelpLine, Muslim women will have access to trained volunteers that will provide free, confidential, and anonymous support over the phone. The support available may be in the form of crisis counselling, emotional support, and advocacy. Though the Helpline will be noninterventionist, if needed, information and referrals will be made available to our callers regarding local legal and health related resources, as well as shelters. Anyone will be able to call to discuss a problem they may be facing. The HelpLine will act as a frontline service for all those sisters that are victims of difficult circumstances, emotional and/or physical abuse. Counselling, Advocacy and Mediation [CAM] The Women’s Resource Centre will also provide private in-person counselling services with a trained counsellor to sisters and their families needing serious support due to life changes, relationship problems, depression, grief and bereavement, abuse, and guilt or helplessness. Violence Against Women A large scale awareness campaign about violence against women will be launched by the Women’s Resource Centre targeting both the Muslim community as well as the greater community at large. This campaign will be spearheaded by Muslim men, and will promote the protection of our sisters by raising awareness about this important issue. Social Activities Ensuring that the community of Muslim sisters is united, cohesive, and ingrained with strong bonds of Islamic sisterhood is one of the objectives of the Women’s Resource Centre. In order to promote this, our team will organize social events such as various halaqaat (circles of learning), a book club, parties and other social gatherings throughout the year.

Muslimah Empowered

being being ME me


A muslimah, a daughter, a daaiyah, a sister, a career woman, a wife, an ‘alimah, a mother, a leader – all of these have one common denominator... ME. The Ummahatul Mu’mineen (the wives of the Prophet, Sallallahu Allaihi Wassallam) were the greatest role models Allah ever blessed our Muslim sisters with. Numerous great female scholars have been essential to the spread of our beloved deen. Many Muslim women from across the globe continue to act as channels for promoting positive growth and improvement within their communities. The reality is that our ummah has been blessed with innumerable female role models. However, these inspirational leaders are seldom admired in our personal lives as we do not hear of them within the Islamic and Non-Islamic media, nor in the educational and social sectors of our society. Why don’t we hear about them? Why don’t they make the front pages of the newspaper? Why is our youth unaware of these leaders? Who are the role models for our daughters, sisters and mothers? Help us to shed light on the great female leaders that our ummah has been blessed with. Help us to utilize these women as sources of inspiration for the Muslim women of today. Help us to prove that the leadership and zeal to please Allah and benefit mankind is evident within our sisters as it is our brothers. In a world where Muslimahs are wrongly perceived as oppressed and insignificant members of the most misunderstood faith, our mission is to provide Muslimahs with an outlet to express the reality of their lifestyles, share their accomplishments that benefit humanity, and inspire other sisters to do the same. Exploring the roles of Muslimahs’, discussing the struggles of the changing environment as they relate to our roles, as well as addressing our daily challenges became primary focal points in our efforts towards engaging our communities. Many services are available to combat the challenges faced by women, however many of them are missing much needed guidelines specific to Muslim women and families. One of the main elements is the foundation of unity built on sisterhood. Being ME – Muslimah Empowered is a strong women’s support network that includes: professionals from various industries, university students, educators, volunteers of various backgrounds, respected mothers, grandmothers and more. In October 2012, the Being ME conference will return to highlight the successes and achievements of Muslim women from around the world. It will be a night to belong, share, explore, and inspire many towards activism.

A New Generation for Learning

little explorers


“Each one of you is shepherd. And each one of you will be asked about your flock. A ruler also is a shepherd and he will be asked about his flock. And every man is a shepherd to his family. And a woman is the custodian of her husband’s house and his children. Thus each one of you is shepherd, and each one will be asked about his flock.” [Bukhari and Muslim] Young minds are naturally inquisitive. It is also the age in which learning about Islam becomes compulsory. Little Explorers teaches your child about Islam in a fun and interactive way, by testing their knowledge and helping them to learn the basics of Islam. The ethos of Little Explorers is simple: teach children the beauty of Islam by exploring the world around them, and helping them learn the cornerstones of our religion in the process. Little Explorers uses three avenues to accomplish this: the magazine, various events, and classes. The magazine is especially useful as a teaching aid, and is beautifully designed with bright high-quality graphics and layouts so that each and every issue is fresh and appealing to the eyes. Interactive games strategically placed throughout the magazine means that children see learning as easy and fun – not dull or boring! Little Explorers breaks down difficult topics into manageable, bite-sized chunks so children are able to interact with the knowledge making it easier for them to understand. Facts are presented in an entertaining way which further encourages children to learn. Each parent wants the best for their child, and what better gift could one give their child than the gift of knowledge - both Islamic and academic. Little Explorers is designed to run with both current events as well as Islamic events, such as Hajj and Ramadan. Each issue has its own unique feature, and we ensure that the topics chosen are of high interest to our young readers. Instead of telling children what they should and should not do, Little Explorers shows them what to do and how to do it. From doing wudu, to performing salah, and everything that is needed to be a good Muslim, Little Explorers focuses, teaches and then tests children on their newly found knowledge to ensure that they have understood what they have learnt. The emphasis is always that learning should be fun. Children learn best when they are enjoying themselves, and our growing subscriber base is a testament to this fact. Currently, Little Explorers runs an after-school class designed to stimulate the mind through arts and crafts, and a Mom and Tots class to enhance development through playtime, stories and songs. Past events have included: a Reptile Show, Movie Night, and Mother & Daughter Tea Party.


2012 Financial Projections The financial projection for the year 2012 is presented below. Items

2012 Cost

Startup Cost


Research Reports











$50,000 $370,000

Financial Breakdown

our financials

Startup Cost Being ME 2012


New Muslim Care


Women’s Resource Centre


Mercy Mission Madinah


Women’s Resource Centre


New Muslim Care


Research Reports


Women’s Resource Centre Training


New Muslim Care Mentor Training


Mercy Mission Volunteer Training




Print Media


TV Marketing


Online Marketing


Content Production


Radio Marketing


Studio Costs


Admin Staff [2 Fulltime, 1 Parttime]


New Muslim Care [1 Fulltime, 1 Parttime]


Women’s Resource Centre



[1 Fulltime,

1 Parttime]


Mercy Mission Madinah Rent






how you can help


On the authority of Abu Saeed Al-Khudri, may Allah be pleased with him, who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah, Sallallahu Allaihi Wassallam, say: “Whoever of you sees an evil must then change it with his hand. If he is not able to do so, then (he must change it) with his tongue. And if he is not able to do so, then (he must change it) with his heart. And that is the slightest (effect of ) faith.” [Muslim] Mercy Mission doesn’t just educate others about the vision of the Final Messenger, Sallallahu Allaihi Wassallam, but provides ways in which one can act upon their knowledge. We help to promote an environment where Muslims are able to live faithfully to their belief and build exemplary societies. This is the mandate of Mercy Mission as a community empowerment movement. Our focus is to inspire Muslims to become phenomenal role models, ensure that the message of Islam is manifest on the limbs of those people who testify to it, and that those who are not yet Muslim have the opportunity to see the glory of Islam. The work that we do spans across numerous spheres of society: targeting new Muslims, women and children, and Muslim professionals alike. Despite this diversity, our work is united by our vision – to continue to strive to deliver the vision of the Messenger of Allah, Sallallahu Allaihi Wassallam, and showcase the beauty of this religion with his example, and as he did, to tirelessly work to facilitate others’ path to Paradise. In order to ensure that Mercy Mission Canada is able to continue its efforts and actualize our vision, we need to shift from a purely volunteer model to one with hired staff so that our pilot projects can move towards completion. Please donate generously. JazakumAllahu Khairan.

what others are saying


“Events such as Roles of a Muslimah and Green Living have really helped me, and I’m sure other Muslimah’s as well, and have had a positive impact on my life. I now feel motivated to make positive healthy changes in my lives as well as my families.”

“After not having attended any Islamic talks, events, courses for several years, I was extremely impressed with today’s session. MashaAllah all those involved have done a splendid job and the whole experience was well worth the money!!”

“After attending my first program with my kids, I had a new outlook on life not just for my children. I could do so much: for myself, my creator and my community. Going to a baby(ies) friendly event was such a relief, and meeting new people and learning new things was really an eye opening experience.”

“Being a mentor makes me feel so good alhamdullilah. It makes me feel like I am actually changing not only a new muslims life but my own life as well. I have become friends with the new muslim I help and he draws inspiration from me and I get a boost of emaan from him but he doesnt know it. I am blessed to be part of New Muslim Care program and I pray that this program expands throughout the world and helps many people inshAllah.”


32,000+ HOURS of
















Bei ng Women’s Resource Centre





2012... Ottawa














New Muslim Care



rers xplo le E Litt



AlK auth ar Institute


Mercy Mad Missio inah n







2012 goals



2012 Mercy Mission Canada Goals It’s going to be an exciting year for Mercy Mission. 2012 promises to build on the foundations of striving for Excellence in Knowledge and Action. The following are our goals for the year: AlKauthar Institute 1,000+ CONFERENCE ATTENDEES 2,300+ NEW FACES 1 NEW ALKAUTHAR CITY 10,000+ STUDENT ENROLMENTS New Muslim Care 2,000+ NEW KITS DISTRIBUTED 52,000+HOURS NEW MUSLIM MENTORSHIP 500+ EMPOWERED NEW MUSLIMS Women’s Resource Centre 1,000+HOURS HELPLINE EMPOWERMENT 5,000+HOURS BENEFICIAL SEMINARS & WORKSHIPS 500+ INSPIRED MUSLIMAHS Being ME 5,000+ EMPOWERED WOMEN ATTENDEES 32,000+HOURS OF BENEFIT Little Explorers 400+ LITTLE EXPLORERS 1,500+HOURS INTERACTIVE EDUCATION Mercy Mission Madinah 500+ DRIVEN LEADERS 100+ MADINAH ENTHUSIASTS 10+ ISLAMIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS 7,000+HOURS KNOWLEDGE PACKED CLASSES Mercy Mission Media [M3] 100+HOURS GROUNDBREAKING VIDEOS

For further information, please reach us at: P: +1 (905) 608 0004 E: W: Mercy Mission Madinah Unit #47, 3176 Ridgeway Drive Missisauga ON L5L 5M6

MM Canada 2012  

MM Canada 2012 Programs

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