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May 2012

AlKauthar France Launch Sciences of Hadith: A Student’s Perspective Alaa ElSayed: Proactive Tips for Marriage

Annual Gala: Success Only Comes From Allah

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A Message from the National Manager Mahmood Qasim Assalamu alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu brothers and sisters,


ruly it is none but Allah that has permitted us, the Mercy Mission Team, to work in His Cause and pursue our vision -- “A world where every Muslim is able to live faithfully to their belief, building an exemplary community that benefits humanity”.

Alhamdulillah, I am honoured to present to you the third issue of the monthly Mercy Mission newsletter, and truly humbled by all that the team has been able to accomplish during the past month. InshaAllah, it is my hope that you find the pieces in this newsletter spiritually uplifting, informative and educational. May Allah ‘azza wa jal purify our intentions, bestow His Barakah in all of our efforts, and accept the little that we do for His sake, ameen!

JazzakumAllahu khairun. Wa alaikum assalam wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuh,

I ask all of you please continue to stay actively involved, support the work that we do, and most of all, remember us in your Dua’s.

Mahmood Qasim National Manager - Mercy Mission Canada


AlKauthar France Launch Alhamdulilah, we have experienced many amazing milestones for Mercy Mission in recent times, including opening in 3 Muslim countries (Malaysia, Bangladesh and Indonesia). This year, we have just passed 50,000 students who have attended AlKauthar courses in one of the 8 countries around the world!


am pleased to announce another ground-breaking milestone Alhamdulillah. For the very first time, AlKauthar Institute will insha’Allah be providing courses in a second language: French. AlKauthar’s 23rd city will insha’Allah be launched in Paris, France. We have worked with our team in France for over a year to find qualified tutors of the AlKauthar Institute standard to provide AlKauthar courses in French. The team started with a conference on May 20th to launch AlKauthar and their first course. Mercy to the Worlds, the first ever course in AlKauthar Paris, will be taking place on June 16-17th 2012 and will be taught by Shaykh Chakil Omarjee, insha’Allah. Please visit for further details. May Allah ‘azza wa jal reward the entire French team and the instructors, ameen! I would like to thank the entire team, tutors, supporters and all of you who have attended an AlKauthar Institute course and helped us grow over the past 6 years. Thank you, jazakumullahu khairun, for your continued support. Wa salamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Shaykh Tawfique Chowdhury Chairman & CEO Mercy Mission


Enriching Lives

Through Knowledge





I start by praising Allah and asking Him to increase us all in beneficial knowledge and righteous actions for His Pleasure and His Face Alone.

he Sciences of Hadith, or also with hadith and respect for the scholars known as Mustalah al-Hadith in who dedicated their entire lives for this Arabic, is a relatively unknown subcause.  In reality, Allah utilized these great ject to many Muslims today. Many scholars for the service of Islam.   are ignorant of the enormous efforts of the   Hadith scholars, who collected, recorded, Mustalah al-Hadith is seldom taught and graded, and classified the ahadthe majority of books and lecith found in the Hadith books.  In the old days, the tures on the subject are primar  ily in Arabic. Fortunately, for the sahabah and tabi’een Mustalah al-Hadith can be community living in the GTA, would travel great defined as the study of hadith there is a class that started in distances to learn just a in terms of principles, rules, simple concept or hear one late 2011, with the objective of and state of the isnaad (chain explaining each of the 42 HadHadith from another person of narration going back to the ith of Imam Nawawi, as comwho heard it directly from piled in his book “Al-Arba’een Prophet) and the matan (text) the Prophet peace be upon An-Nawawiyyah” (40 Hadith of contained in the hadith with him.  Today, we are blessed, Nawawi), but also to introduce respect to its acceptance and but also tested with the rejection. Similar to other the topic of Mustalah al-Hadith widespread availability of to the students. The class subjects and fields of study, such beneficial knowledge is offered at Madina Centre Mustalah al-Hadith has a history and tradition that (Unit 47, 3176 Ridgeway Drive, at our doorsteps. Let us traces back to the time of Mississauga ON L5L 5M6) on avail these opportunities the companions and pious of learning to improve our Sundays 3pm-5pm by a teacher predecessors.  knowledge and righteous who has studied directly with   some of the big scholars of Yeactions.  It is only with knowledge of this men.  subject, that one can begin to appreciate the great efforts that It is hoped that these few words went into gathering even a single hadith can be a means of encouragement to the and evaluating every single person in its reader to seek this knowledge in this parsanad (chain of narrators) in order to enticular field. No student of knowledge can sure its correctness and authenticity. Study call themselves as such without studying of this subject increases one›s connection this important subject.


Learn the ethos of the religion in a single weekly course Learn the ethos of the religion Learn ethos of the religion in athe single weekly course in a single weekly course Ustadh Abdul Majeed Ustadh Abdul Majeed Ustadh Abdul Majeed

Intensive Weekly Course Intensive Weekly Course Intensive Weekly Course

Register by emailing

Location: Mercy Mission Madinah, Unit #47, 3176 Ridgeway Drive, Mississauga. Contact at (905)Madinah, 608 0004 Unit or #47, Location: MercyusMission forMadinah, more information 3176 Mercy Ridgeway Drive, Mississauga. Location: Mission Unit #47, 3176 Contact us at (905) 0004 or Ridgeway Drive,608 Mississauga. for 608 more0004 information Contact us at (905) or




4x4 Factor Alaa ElSayed

So you want to get married eh? Well, before you go crying to your local Imam’s office complaining, please heed to the following proactive approach. However, it does not come for free. What’s the price you ask? Please don’t forget us in your dua’a.


et’s start a brief summary with the first 2 out of the 4 factors in this article, and we will cover the other two factors in part two of this article inshaAllah; keeping in mind that choosing a righteous spouse is the number one right your children have upon you even before they’re born.


For the Sisters Since Islam honors women, let’s start addressing the sisters first. I know you’ve been watching Bollywood movies and you’re still waiting for your knight in shining armor, coming to you on a white horse to sweep you off your feet, with his hair flying in the wind, and the birds hovering over him, as the sun sets in the horizon. Oh well, let’s stick to Qur’an and Sunnah for now; shall we? There are two factors in the Qur’an and two in the Sunnah. The first two are strength and trustworthiness according to what Allah Almighty said

in the Qur’an: “One of the two women said: O my father! Hire him! For the best (man) that thou canst hire is the strong, the trustworthy.”

For the Brothers

(AlQasas, 28: 26)

Strength here according to Imam AlTabarani R.A. is strength in faith. However, according to some contemporary scholars, it’s strength in all aspects of life. Trustworthiness is crucial because you will entrust yourself to him; hence, you must put your hand in someone you can trust. The two factors from the Sunnah of Allah’s Messenger ‘alayhi wa-salatu wa-salam are: “If a man comes [and asks for your daughter’s hand in marriage] who possesses ethical conduct and religious origin, then marry him [to her]. If you do not, it will be a great trial and mischief on the face of the earth.” (al-Tirmidhi, Ibn-Majah and al-Hakim with a sound chain of narrators)

Religious background is vital to your choice, it is sufficient for us to know that there is an opinion to the effect that, if a man does not pray, he is not a Muslim, according to this Hadeeth: “The difference between the man and the state of disbelief and ascribing partners unto Allah is leaving the prayer.” (Muslim)

Note that there are also other ahadeeth that support this one strongly; it is not an isolated text. The moral conduct of a man is equally vital because a woman is full of emotions; if you marry her to a man who does not possess moral conduct, he may not treat her with the sensitivity she deserves.

Oh yes, my brother from another mother, what are you looking for in the sister from another mister? Indeed, I heard you say, my knees are shaken, my heart is aching, it’s true I’m not faking, because she doesn’t eat bacon. Snap, that’s deep my brother. Most of us know the following Hadeeth, but unfortunately only a few heed to the recommendations of Allah’s chosen Habeeb (beloved) salAllahu allaihi wassalam. He ‘alayhi wa-salatu wa-salam said: “A woman is married for four reasons: her wealth, her lineage, her beauty and her deen. So choose the one with [good practice of] the deen, may your hands be rubbed in dust.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

It must not be understood from the above hadeeth that it is not correct to look for beauty during marriage. Imam Ibn-Hajr (rahimahullah) says: “We understand from the [above] hadeeth a recommendation to marry beautiful women except in the case where in there is a beautiful woman who is not religious vs. a religious woman who is not beautiful. Indeed, if they are similar in their deen, then the beautiful one is more worthy of marriage!” (Fathul-Bari 9/134) Until next time to discuss the remaining two factors inshaAllah. Please don’t forget us in your dua’a.


Women’s Resource Centre: Empowering, Supporting & Achieving Excellence

Fact: • Your Muslim sister doesn’t always have the guidance or the support to take care of herself or her family. • Depression and anxiety is commonly faced by women of all backgrounds and religions:  1 in every 5 women can expect to develop clinical depression sometime in her life. • Domestic violence is a reality in our community: In a survey of 241 Muslim women, 14% reported experiencing physical abuse in their current marriage.

Solutions, solutions... Where are the solutions?


here is no direct solution to these complex problems. But, there is definitely much that can be done to address them and perhaps prevent them from becoming worse. The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) is one of these avenues: it is a place for all women to come together in a safe, respectful and empowering environment to learn about effectively managing their personal, social and practical lives.


“And the believers, men and women are friends of one another. They enjoin good and forbid evil and keep up prayer and pay the poor rate, and obey Allah and His Messenger. As for these Allah will have mercy on them, Surely Allah is Mighty, Wise.” At-Tawbah, 9:71

Let’s break it down... What is the WRC all about?

1. Empowerment Education is Empowerment Through our empowerment seminars and information brochures, Muslim women will be equipped with knowledge about topics such as depression, nutrition, health and wellbeing and have a greater understanding about how to keep themselves and those around them healthy and happy mentally, physically and spiritually. 2. Supporting A good community is a supportive community No matter what difficulties our Muslim sisters may be going through, we are here to support them and be there for them. WRC is working to diligently provide services like the Muslim Women’s Helpline (launching in October) so that we can be the listening ear and the helping hand women need. Other programs within the WRC umbrella include: an awareness campaigns targeting Domestic Violence, and a Research Report about starting a Muslim Women’s Shelter.   3. Achieving Excellence Through knowledge and understanding, we can achieve excellence To promote deeper understanding of the deen, the WRC will offer weekly tafseer classes for women at the Madinah center. To promote greater success in the dunya, we also provide seminars for Muslim women on topics of entrepreneurship, relationship building and financial success.

But… What can I do?   1. Support us... • With your time Do you have some time on your hands and are itching to get involved? Send us an email at • With your skills Are you a writer? Do you love making videos? Are you design savy? Whatever your talent, let us know and get involved by shooting us an email at • With your wealth With your support and donations, we can make our services, events and campaign better. Please email us at to give whatever you can. “You will not attain righteousness till you spend in charity of the things you love...” (Surah ‘Ali `Imran, 3:92)

2. Remember us in your duas! 3. Attend our seminars and classes: email us to find out about the upcoming seminars or information about the tafseer classes. 4. Like and join our Facebook page and invite others to do the same!

Sources: • Stats on Depression: • Domestic Violence and Muslim Women: http:// Communities%20EWIC%202011.pdf


For more information call 905 608 0004.

Counselling Muslims in North America

Islamic Social Services Association (ISSA) Winnipeg, Manitoba // April 27-30, 2012 Hawa Akbari Bismillah, Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Alhamdulillah, four of us from Mercy Mission recently had the opportunity to attend a training conference in Counseling Muslims prepared by ISSA, Islamic Social Services Association in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


uring this 4 -day training, an extensive range of topics were discussed including: basics of counselling, marital counselling, domestic abuse, intergenerational family conflicts, addictions counselling, as well as spiritual counselling. The training was based on both Islamic principles and evidence-based practice, and provided by numerous Muslim and non-Muslim professionals in the field. A diverse range of attendees from across Canada and United States, including Social Service Workers, Imams and community activists, all came together under one roof to


learn how to better serve our communities. The structure of the training was lecture and discussion based, and it was definitely very intensive! Throughout the training at ISSA, I was able to gain valuable insight about a variety of issues facing Muslims. It is essential that those providing counselling services to Muslims be cognisant of these issues. As a starting point, I realized how reluctant many Muslims are when it comes to seeking professional help despite going through very difficult and complex problems. Some may consider it shameful to talk about their problems to others; others may not even realize that help is available. Nothing could be further from the truth – in fact, Islam teaches us to give good and sincere advice, to offer guidance and support to others who are in need. “...Help one another in righteousness and piety; and do not help one another in sinning and transgression...” (Surah Al-Ma’idah, 5:2)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help, and we should not have the mind-set upon which we feel ashamed due to the problems we are dealing with. In order to build a stronger community and live in peace and harmony, it is important we as families and as a community work collectively towards bettering our lives today so we can work towards a hopeful tomorrow. In conclusion, my experience of attending the ISSA training was just phenomenal and inspiring. I loved the speakers, the attendees, and all those who put this training together. These individuals helped me to realize the important role we as individuals play in our societies, and how great of a benefit we can be to those around us. Alhamdulillah, all praise and thanks is to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, for the countless blessings He has bestowed upon us. Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.


Mercy Mission Annual Gala Dinner

Success Only Comes From Allah Maria and Bushra Arshad


he Mercy Mission Annual Gala Dinner took place on the evening of April 27th and it was an event filled with entertainment, delicious food, and reminders of our obligations towards our Muslim brothers and sisters. When my sister and I entered, we found the venue packed with attendees! As always, the sisters beautifully organized and decorated the tables around the entrance hallway. After having submitted our tickets at the booth, I entered the hall to find familiar faces. I was gleeful at the thought that for the first time, my sister and four of my close friends – other three had yet to arrive – had decided to join me for the dinner, which meant that Alhumdulilah, my Mercy Mission spiel in the past year had paid off! The emcee began the program by presenting a review of last year’s activities. I couldn’t help but notice the accomplishments we had made Alhumdulilah! As the program progressed, Br. Mahmood presented the coming year’s goals. To drive the importance of taking care of our newly reverted brothers and sisters, Br. Ibrahim,


a revert himself, shared an inspiring story about his friend who did not stay Muslim because he couldn’t handle the tests and trials that come right after converting on his own. He noted that the lack of support and resources from fellow Muslims which lead his friend to revoke his shahadah. As always, Sheikh Alaa was invigorating and reminded us of the status of women in Islam with a quote: “A woman is half of humanity, and she gives birth to the other half. So in fact she makes the whole humanity”. While fundraising for the New Muslim Care and Women’s Resource Centre, he helped us with jokes and timely reminders of what it means to donate. Often we think of our money going away when we donate, but we don’t realize that the only money that benefits us is that which we invest into the akhira. Also, our money is not ours, it belongs to Allah and when we donate we are simply giving it back to Him.

Sheikh Alaa was encouraging for the highest bids, and it was at this time that I wished that I was still with the corporate world, so I could donate more. My friend decided to go for it, and seeing her, my other friend and sister decided to pitch in too. I was completely flabbergasted! Here, I was feeling guilty about myself not being able to donate but Allah had something else in store. Did I mention that these ladies are only in their midtwenties? Masha’Allah, TabarakAllah! I didn’t think they would have ever donated at this level. May Allah reward them immensely, ameen. During dinner time, Sh. Musleh gave his talk about how we as Muslims should always give each other the benefit of the doubt in, especially new Muslims. One of the many stories he shared was about a sister who arrived at a masjid to take her shahadah. Our Masajid are notorious for parking space shortages so she had to park blocking two cars thinking it she would be quick. She didn’t realize how long it can take with all the congratulatory hugs. When she came out, everyone else was already gone, the brother who was blocked off spat in her face even after she apologized and explained her situation. Upon this treatment she wanted to revoke her shahadah! His story helped us realize the importance of programs like New Muslim Care. On the way back, we were able to give a ride home to a young sister ride, and she simply bedazzled us with her sense of direction and the drive to make a difference. Our conversation made me feel blessed to have people on our team that understand the purpose of their life at such young age. I drove home humbled by the event and full of praises and hope in Allah ‘Aza wa jal. Alhamdulillah, the Mercy Mission Annual Gala Dinner was truly a beautiful and memorable evening.


Review: Greatness of Allah in Our Lives Birthing Trends Realizing the

Shahzad Mustafa

To marvel at Allah’s Greatness and then live every moment Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatullah, with the Greatness of Allah in my My nameand is Sabah and I’m the–program heart in Kazmi my actions this is manager for the Women’s Resource Center. the purpose of aCentre Muslim’s life. The Women’s Resource focuses on empowering to be successful all facets Realizingwomen the Greatness ofin Allah of their lives. By facilitating knowledge, awareness thus becomes the believer’s anand acquisition of necessary skills, the Women’s chor. Like ship in a stormy Resource Centreaenables women to harnesssea, the reigns of personal growth, success andand our anchors give us stability empowerment. This past weekend, the Women`s focus thehosted faceone of such life’s changing Resourcein Centre educational event titled: the Birthing Trends. moments.


This event, which was our third empowerment seminar to date, was hose who anchor their held at Mercy Mission Madinah and lives to Allah are those was, Alhumdulillah, a resounding that attain peace, success.

security and guidance, As a program manager, role as in this life and in themy next, was to conduct the seminar and individuals and as nations:

ensure that everything was in order. However, as a mother of a two year It those who believe (in of the oldischild (and a future mother Oneness of God and worship more insha’Allah), I also had the none but Alone)from andtheconpleasure of Him benefitting eventnot by being of the many attendees. fuse theirone belief with Zulm (oppression

i.e. by worshipping others besides Allah), Sister Hira Khan did an absolutely wonderful job! for them (only) there is security and they She was enthusiastic and very informative, and are the guided. (An’aam: 82) provided detailed information to the numerous sisters that attended about the different aspects of labour and various alternative ways and resources thattowards women can use during that difficult Journeying Allah’s Greatness stage.

But why focus on the Greatness of Allah When I was expecting with my own, I thought when thereaas so many other wonderI was making well-informed decision and ful anchors in Islam such as Salat, going with the ‘greener and better’ routeDhikr, when Taqwa, Good Character, choosing to go with midwives.Knowledge, However, even with that approach, thereBecause were many things Sincerity and so on? the GreatIness blindly followed because of the opinions of Allah is foundational. It’s themyes-


sence of rububiyyah. It’s the fundamental aqeedah (belief) that has such a profound impact on the believer. And when the midwives had, which I wasn’t happy Greatness ofsome Allahofno longer hasvery an imwith. During this seminar, I learnt about the many pact and no longer serves as a source of options that I actually had available to me which I our andabout. purpose, then the other didn’tpassion even know anchors lose their impact as well. As AlHafidh Ibn during Rajab the (d. event, 795H)there – rahimahulAt one point were many moments during realized: exactly laah – said: So:which “theIneed of this the isservants what I needed to know before I had my daughter. for this (type of) knowledge is greater Alhamdulillah the other sisters and I were so than every other need; and it is the most blessed to be a part of this gathering, to learn so necessary allresources things for since much about of what arehim, available tothere us is no life foroutside the hearts, nor any delight, of the typical doctor’s office, nor to any tranquility, except with and have access to someone the expertise and thetheir experience through knowing Lord,of birthing explain things to us step-to the only One Who deserves by-step in a very candid and frank be worshipped, their Creator – manner. with His Names, His Attributes and His on Actions, and The icing the cake wasthat at theHe – along thatmany – is sisters more end of thewith eventall when approached Hira andthan I and beloved tosister the person genuinely holding the anythingthanked else. Sousafor person’s event. These are issues that every striving is with regards to women needs to be knowledgeable everything that will draw about, and alhamdulillah therehim nearer to Allah, to the exclusion of the now exists an avenue for them to learn and ask creation.openly So thefrom people Allah questions thosewho in ourknow community who have the excited the best, areappropriate the ones expertise. who bestI’m follow the and eagerly awaiting our next empowerment way to Him; and know best what lies at seminar on Parenting Solutions, which inshaAllah the end of the way.” will be just as beneficial. Please visit the Women’s Resource Center Facebook page to find out more The the Greatness of at our aboutappreciation it, and we lookof forward to seeing you Allah where the journey of the heart future is events!

begins. Shirk ensues when His Greatness is corrupted by assigning undue greatness to others. The signs of His Greatness are all around us, if only we reflect. But in the “busy-ness” of our lives, our families and work, we forget to look into the heavens

and marvel at the expanse of the universe. On a clear starry night look up into the sky. Indeed each and every star and the trillions of stars we cannot see are within the dominion of Allah Subhanu wa Ta’aala. Do you not know that God’s is the dominion over the heavens and the earth, and that besides God you have none to protect you or bring you succor? (Baqara: 107) And just as the universe is so expansive and beautiful, there is within each of us an equally magnificent universe of communities of cells which in turn are composed of organelles and eventually molecules and atoms. And each atom is further subdivided into components. And Allah is the Creator of all that. For, with Him are the keys to the things that are beyond the reach of a created being’s perception: none knows them but He. And He knows all that is on land and in the sea; and not a leaf falls but He knows it; and neither is there a grain in the earth’s deep darkness, nor anything: living or dead,  but is recorded in [His] clear decree.  (An’am, 6: 59) Second Perspective That Allah is indeed great is not the main thrust of this article. The disbelievers of

the past acknowledged Allah’s greatness but that knowledge did not benefit them. Say, “To whom belongs the earth and everyone on it, if you know?” They will say, “To Allah.” Say, “Why then do you not take heed?” Say, “Who is the Lord of the seven heavens; the Lord of the great dominion?” They will say, “Allah.” Say, “Why then do you not turn righteous?” Say, “In whose hand is all sovereignty over all things, and He is the only one who can provide help, but needs no help, if you know?” They will say, “Allah.” Say, “Where did you go wrong?” (Mu’minoon: 84-89) Rather, we become believers when we acknowledge the Greatness of Allah and that awe and love transforms our lives to reflect His Greatness. The real goal of Islam is this second perspective and is the essence of ‘ubudiyyah (worship) and iman (faith). The believer on this trajectory has realized that there can be no life better than serving the One who has created her, has given her intellect, sustenance and guidance, and to Whom she will return for judgment. Such a believer will strive to do actions with upmost dedication and striving knowing that he is serving a Lord that is truly Great and deserves to be worshipped with greatness.


We’re Looking! Alhamdulillah, every month the Mercy Mission team releases a newsletter to the public, and we’re looking for innovative and creative minds to join our team! If you are passionate about writing and are looking for a way platform to share your creativity, please contact I look forward to hearing from you!

Mercy Mission Monthly Newsletter Issue 3: May  

Mercy Mission Monthly Newsletter Issue 3: May

Mercy Mission Monthly Newsletter Issue 3: May  

Mercy Mission Monthly Newsletter Issue 3: May