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Newsletter Winter 2013 Issue

“Establish the prayer, fulfil the payment of Zakat and bow your heads down with those who bow down.” (Chapter 2, al-Baqarah, Verse 43)

Who We Are The National Zakat Foundation is a ground breaking initiative that utilises Zakat funds and voluntary donations collected in the United Kingdom for the benefit of local, deserving recipients. This group includes some of the most vulnerable members of society, including the homeless, refugees, orphans, single parents and the elderly. By providing a complete Zakat service within the UK, the National Zakat Foundation aims to achieve its vision: a pious, confident, selfless and self-sufficient UK Muslim community, where no individual in need is left abandoned.

Key Highlights 2012 Below is a summary of the key achievements and events in 2012:

Zakat income:


Sadaqah income:


Total funds raised:


Funds distributed:

£313,000 £37,000

Number of beneficiaries:



Initiated regular monthly communication with donor base via email newsletter; established processes and procedures for Zakat distribution; initial steps taken for launch of shelter projects; launch of new logo and website


Fiqh of Zakat courses and seminars; 10-week Summer campaign across Ramadan, signed up 400 volunteers

“ 2

to individual applicants via London shelter

Aug-Oct Homelessness campaign Oct London shelter launch Nov-Dec Fuel poverty campaign Dec Winter Challenge (a five mile sponsored walk from Regents Park Mosque to East London Mosque)


Alhamdulillah I’m really glad we did the NZF Winter Challenge as a family. The kids enjoyed their time, they saw homeless people on the way and we talked about why we should help. It was tough walking in the rain, but I realised how lucky we were that there would be hot food waiting for us afterwards. For most homeless people that is a luxury. Sumaiya, Challenge participant

Newsletter Winter 2013 Issue

The year ahead We have some very exciting targets and plans for 2013. In particular, we aim to distribute approximately £900,000 of Zakat within the UK to individuals applicants as well as through our three shelter projects for homeless Muslim women insha’Allah. In all, we expect to support well over 700 individuals and families this year, versus 259 in 2012. A key part of our work is raising awareness and educating the community about the obligation of paying Zakat, its positive impact on society and the need for Zakat distribution in the UK. We are also keen to get as many people involved in enjoyable and demanding fundraising activities through our quarterly Challenges. Some of the activities for the year ahead are therefore as follows:


Birmingham shelter launch


Launch of Zakat Stories, a series of videos that will convey the impact of our work on the lives of beneficiaries; report on UK poverty and impact of welfare changes


Manchester shelter launch


Zakat Awareness and Education Campaign


Summer Challenge


Ramadan Campaign


Autumn Challenge


Winter Challenge

To stay up to date with upcoming activities, you can sign up to our email newsletter on the homepage of our website


Zakat Fund: the cornerstone of NZF The core service of the National Zakat Foundation is to receive and process an application from anyone in the UK experiencing financial distress. This involves assessing and verifying the details of the application; communicating with the individual in need as well as his/her stated referees; providing intelligent support and advice to help the individual become sustainable; preparing a case report with a recommendation for financial assistance for submission to the decision-making panel; distributing support in a timely and appropriate manner if the application is approved.

Case Study A Turkish brother called Hikmet contacted NZF from just outside Manchester in December not long after he left prison penniless and homeless, with nowhere to turn for support. With the support of local volunteers, we helped him into sustainable accommodation and provided the means for him to acquire some basic essentials, including a toothbrush and toothpaste! This support enabled him to focus on finding a job to look after himself.

Alhamdulillah in 2012, we were able to process 259 applications, distributing ÂŁ313,000 of support as a lifeline to those in need with many of our applicants having faced very difficult circumstances, including homelessness, hunger, domestic violence, isolation and abandonment.

A week later, Hikmet called the team to inform us that he had found a job in a local restaurant and he put in a request for a small amount of additional money for appropriate clothes to wear to work.

To read dozens of real life case studies of the individuals and families we have supported, please visit our blog

This case study is a fantastic example of how just a small, targeted intervention can help a vulnerable individual back on their feet and on the road to leading a better life.


Newsletter Winter 2013 Issue

Shelter projects: Providing housing & support

I don't know what would have happened if the sisters in the London shelter were not here to help me.

The aim of our three shelter projects in London, Birmingham and Manchester for homeless Muslim women is to provide short-stay accommodation as well as all the necessary support and advice to enable a sustainable move-on within three months. The projects are therefore not so much shelters as they are centres of empowerment! Alhamdulillah our 14-bed London shelter launched in October 2012 in partnership with St Mungo’s, reached capacity early this year. It is catering for women from a distinct array of backgrounds and ethnicities with a variety of support needs. The first resident who entered the shelter back in October recently sent us this message:

I always remember you in my prayer times because of helping me to be settled in London. I don't know what would have happened if the sisters in the London shelter were not here to help me. I did not know anything about housing benefit, job centre and even UK. Now alhamdulillah I have settled many things. I am trying to apply for a PhD and insha’Allah one day I will find a good job and will be one of the people who help NZF.

Our 8-bed Birmingham shelter has now been fully refurbished and three staff have been hired! Launch date has been set for early February insha’Allah and we are very pleased that this project is now very much up and running in partnership with Trident Reach. Refurbishment works have now commenced on the property identified for the 15-bed shelter in Manchester and are expected to last between 6-8 weeks. We have also commenced the process of due diligence with our delivery partner, Threshold. The expected launch date for the shelter is April 2013 insha'Allah.

Once all three services are up and running we will have a total of 37 bed spaces available for homeless Muslim women across the country insha’Allah.


Become an NZF Champion NZF Champions is the name given to volunteers who are the voice of NZF in their local community, raising awareness about the importance of Zakat and giving it locally to help causes which affect Muslims here in the UK. Alhamdulillah we already have a number of active Champions doing some amazing work for us and we now wish to strengthen and expand our volunteer base to cover more areas of the country insha’Allah. We aim to establish teams of dedicated Champions in the following locations: • London x 4 (North, East, South, West) • Birmingham • Manchester • Bradford • Glasgow • Leicester • Luton • Cardiff We require your help to set up these teams and are now looking for dedicated individuals to take on the role of NZF Champions Regional Team Leader. There are 11 positions available for this new and exciting role which will see the successful candidate take the lead in establishing and managing a team of local


volunteers to help promote the work of NZF in the community. We are happy to consider other locations too, so if you wish to set up a team in a region not listed here please get in touch with us insha’Allah.

BENEFITS OF BECOMING A CHAMPION: • Help alleviate poverty amongst Muslims in your community • Revive a pillar of Islam • Invest in your Hereafter • Upgrade your CV by gaining new skills and knowledge • Organise exciting activities and events • Meet new people (including other Champions) Full details of the NZF Champions Regional Team Leader role (including a job description) can be found on our website at If you don’t wish to apply for the Regional Team Leader role but would like to volunteer as part of a local team, please contact

Newsletter Winter 2013 Issue

Meet the team! To keep up with our increasing level of activity, we have grown our staff base rapidly over the past year. Below are the names and contact details of our key team members should you need to get in touch. Iqbal Nasim Director London

Ahmed Uddin Head of Distribution London

Asima Iqbal Head of Operations Manchester

Tazkera Sadeq Caseworker London

Shakera Mohammed Head of Marketing London

Arifa Parkar Head of Administration London

Nu’maan Mahmood Regional Director Manchester

Iftikharul Islam Head of Finance London

Our priority for 2013 in terms of staff is to grow our team of caseworkers to deal with the increasing number of applications from those in financial distress. As a minimum we are looking to add at least one caseworker in London and one in Manchester insha’Allah. If you would like to get involved as a volunteer, aka an NZF Champion, please get in touch with

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Please return completed form to: 0203 318 1001 National Zakat Foundation National Zakat Foundation PO Box 438, Sutton, 0203 318 1001 Wembley Point, 6DE Surrey SM1 9LQ1 Harrow Road, or FREEPOST NZF

The National Zakat Foundation is an initiative of Mercy Mission UK, charity number 1122922.

National Zakat Foundation Winter Newsletter 2013  
National Zakat Foundation Winter Newsletter 2013  

February 2013 An update on NZF projects including the London Shelter and our Winter Challenge. Plus a look forward to the rest of the year...