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the proposition M3 is a unique project to empower the Muslim community with a media outlet which responds to their needs, desires and aspirations as Muslims. The starting point for this endeavour is a new TV experience spanning multiple stations and platforms, ensuring two key factors: Distance from evil Proximity to the pure and the good  This move to what we want to watch (from what we think we should watch) will lay the foundations for how future generations access and understand Islam. The decisions we take now will have a monumental impact on the Islam our children see. So let’s start this journey and move our dreams to reality.

Our Vision “A world where every Muslim is able to live faithfully to their belief, building an exemplary Islamic community that benefits humanity” This is our vision, and as a movement we seek to invest our every energy into making it real. So when we imagine a world where every Muslim can live faithfully to their beliefs, what do we actually see? Do we see media that is actually reinforcing our faith, making it stronger and enriching our lives? Or does it continue as it is now, generally demoralising and lacklustre on the whole and at best a purely lecture driven Islamic experience?   As individuals, we can continue to just ‘watch’ or we can step up to the mark and design, develop and deliver the media experience we all crave. Harnessing some of the finest talent from the Ummah, fusing it with the latest technology and working in an unprecedented cooperative structure, we stand here seeking to build a proposition that will secure the media independence the Muslim community craves.

Your Experience At the heart of this is a TV platform that is founded upon supporting the Muslims to live faithfully to their beliefs by providing a high quality television experience, which supports the lifestyle of a Muslim by: Creating a contemporary and viable alternative for Muslims with regards to the kind of programming they are now accustomed to viewing - without compromising their faith. Enriching lives through Islamic knowledge based upon the Quran and authentic Sunnah (a key driver for M3). Pooling together some of the world’s most noble scholars and effective speakers, M3 will host the finest learning opportunities available to the Muslim community. By focusing on the above principles, we aim to create an unprecedented Islamic television experience that Muslims actually want to participate in.

Your Opportunity In the pursuit of making our vision a reality, we have sourced a broad spectrum of high quality television personnel from mainstream broadcasting, and are now seeking to give them the tools required to deliver this mandate that we all await. Brothers and sisters, if you wish to put your hand to a cause to make the word of Allah supreme and have the ability to invest only ÂŁ200 per annum in the future generations of Islam; welcome to the proposition of a lifetime. We stand here at this moment in time, seeking the support of 2500 investors to donate just ÂŁ200 / $325 per annum. Once we reach this target, we will close the stake holding which will only re-open once an investor leaves the partnership. Stakeholders will be given voting rights as to which programming priorities are pursued after options have been agreed by scholars and television professionals. The only question which now remains is...are you willing to stand up and be counted in the effort to revolutionise the Islamic media experience?

What Next? We hope that you are keen to play a key role in fundamentally challenging the status quo in the media by helping to launch M3. To help turn our ambitious vision into a reality, we kindly request that you do three things: Make sincere du’a that Allah makes this venture a success and keeps all those working on it sincere Buy at least one stake in the television platform, starting at £200 / $325 per/annum Tell your friends, family, neighbours, and all those you believe who may have an interest in spreading the word of Allah around this Earth. The launch platform will be WebTV which will be accessible by millions of people across the world. Are you eager enough to respond to their Islamic needs by purchasing just a single stake in the proposition?

If you are, let’s do it!

The Prophet Mohammad, upon whom be peace, said, “When the child of Adam dies his/her actions and deeds are cut off except of three: Ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge, and a righteous child that will supplicate to Allah on his behalf.” narrated by Muslim Ongoing charity: Imagine after your death; your reward will not be cut off because you’ve donated towards ongoing dáwah work and been from amongst those who founded the basis for future generations to learn and protect their religion. Beneficial knowledge: Imagine yourself standing in front of Allah on Judgement Day; you look at your book and see rewards for deeds that you never did but are there because of the beneficial knowledge you enabled to be promoted. And you see all the good deeds of people who were inspired to do them through the knowledge and inspiration that emerged from their experience of M3. Righteous children: Imagine that your children grow up as confident Muslims, understanding their Islamic identity by virtue of accessing programming that reinforced their faith, rather than challenged it? How much will you pay to save your children from TV’s negative influence and peer pressure? Supporting this proposition will ensure, by the permission of Allah, that what you spend in this cause will continue with you until your reckoning as a genuine sadaqah jaariya. You have in front of you a golden opportunity to be part of this noble cause.

Make a choice today, for a better tomorrow…

This brochure was funded by Gift Aid contributions...thanks Mr Prime Minister


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