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The Green Jacket Volume 1, Issue 5 November 26, 2013 This Weekend: THANKGIVING BREAK!

It’s that time of season! As we all prepare for our journey home to see loving family and to eat and drink to our heart’s content, the Ambassador club held its Christ Giving party for us to spend some family time together. Needless to say, the succulent turkey, Deb’s mashed potatoes and all the other delicious treats sent our taste buds on a wild ride. The atmosphere was one of joy and laughter as everyone ate and socialized. Ambassadors, safe travels to you wherever you go and for those of you who cannot travel we hope you enjoyed the time spent together at Christ Giving! On behalf of us here at the Green Jacket and E-Board, be sure to eat and drink plenty and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Mercyhurst University Ambassadors

News you can use!

The Green Jacket Senior Spotlight: Jessica Braymiller By: Jenna Foglio

Kappa Delta Pi By: Jocelyn Stein

Many of you may know Jessica Braymiller as the Ambassador headlining the Mercyhurst web page for her successes as a Psychology research assistant. She plans to attend graduate school to continue her research with intention of expanding her fieldwork. She is a bright individual who proves that size does reflect might when it comes to her success. Being my roommate for the last three years, Jess has taught me many valuable life lessons. For example, remembering to fully rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, that roommate advice is necessary before any major life decisions, and most importantly-she has taught me how to be myself without the care of others judgment. Ultimately, Jess is a wonderful Ambassador that sets an example for all of her pledges. Jess will surely be missed by the Ambassador Club and especially missed as a roommate. But it is certain that Jess will always be an Ambassador at heart no matter where life may take her, and always a best friend.

Kappa Delta Pi, an International Honor Society in Education, holds a biannual convocation. This year, out of the 320 chapters that applied, our campus’s Kappa Delta Pi was one of those chosen to give a presentation. Heather Mills and I represented our university and travelled to Dallas, Texas to present. Our topic was the Mercyhurst University Education Department’s Carpe Diem Academy and how members of our honor society helped contribute to the program.

Yamato Drummers of Japan By: Orane Wallen

Senior Bar Crawl By: Jenna Foglio

As expected the internationally renowned ‘Yamato drummers of japan’ concert was well attended by many individuals from all around Erie as well Mercyhurst students like myself. Once inside the venue (Mercyhurst Performing Arts Center)I could feel the tension in the air as everyone anticipated the first beat of the drum. We all talked amongst ourselves about what we heard about these groups of drummers as we sat and waited excitedly. Once the show began we all were moved with the level of skills and energy that these drummers displayed. After each part was performed, I could feel the audience wanting more as they could not get enough. It was an experience like no other because the audience got to be a part of it. At the end of the show we all felt energized as if we were filled with a rhythmic bliss that permeated the air.

The Annual Senior Barcrawl for the Class of 2014 will be held on December 6th of 2013. The theme is “Tis The Season, Drink For a Reason.” Seniors are asked to sport an ugly Christmas sweater while tackling the following bars: The Stone, Sluggers, Plymouth, Docksiders, and Cellblock, respectively. There will be a means of transportation provided for those partaking. The fun will be begin at 7:00 pm, so if you are of age, remember to buy the santa hat and wrist band necessary for specials and free cover. All the senior ambassadors are especially asked to participate!

At the convocation, we did a poster presentation describing how members of Kappa Delta Pi read to the students at Carpe Diem Academy, guided them through activities and gave them time to write their own stories. The students added to their stories over the next few days and when they were finished, Kappa Delta Pi members collected them and bound them into books for the students to take home. In addition, students were given brand new notebooks, crayons, and books that were donated to our chapter. Having been able to share what our chapter of Kappa Delta Pi did to help students in our community was a great opportunity. I was happy to travel to Dallas, Texas to promote both our chapter and our entire Education Department by sharing what we have done in Erie schools.

Green Jacket Volume 1 Issue 5  
Green Jacket Volume 1 Issue 5