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DANC 301. Musical Theater Dance Beginning-intermediate dance technique as it relates to Musical Theatre. This course focuses on the development of performance skills specific to musical theatre repertoire by integrating elements from jazz, ballet, modern and tap with an emphasis on executing DANC 194, 294, 394, 494. Company anatomically sound dance technique. Prerequisites: Ensemble Elective DANC 161, DANC 171. 1 credit. A fee based elective alternative to the company ensemble course that provides an introduction to DANC 310. Pedagogy traditional, neoclassical, contemporary and new Ballet based principles of teaching including methods choreographic repertoire set and developed in an and styles. Course work consists of lectures, atmosphere of professional standards with company discussions, fundamentals of music as it pertains to class, rehearsal, lecture demonstrations, performance teaching dance, films, ballet notation including the use and touring venues. This course will not fulfill of French ballet terminology, class observations, requirements toward concentrations or graduation. teaching labs, pedagogical research and guest (Pass/Fail). 0 credits. presentations. Requires practicum experiences. 3 credits. DANC 210. Kinesiology The application of anatomical studies to the analysis of DANC 351. Modern III dance movement, technique, injury prevention and the This course builds on Modern II, offering an treatment and rehabilitation of dance injuries. intermediate/ advanced level of modern dance Prerequisite: Functional Human Biology. 3 credits. technique from an eclectic perspective that expands on partnering and places emphasis on working at a DANC 231, 232, 233. preprofessional level to increase kinetic and anatomical DANC 331, 332, 333. precision, stamina, personal expression, style, artistry DANC 431, 432, 433. Ballet IV and technical virtuosity. Prerequisite: DANC 251. Advanced pre-professional ballet technique with 1 credit. emphasis on the refinement of artistry to a professional performance level. Continued development of greater DANC 380. Choreography II physical strength, stamina and more complex A more extensive exploration into the art of making movement vocabulary. 2 credits. dances. This course further defines all choreographic elements culminating in a performance. Choreographers DANC 251. Modern II will produce work under the guidance of the instructor’s Intermediate level of modern dance techniques from an parameters. Prerequisite: DANC 280. 3 credits. eclectic perspective, expanding on material explored in Modern I with a more intensive course of study focusing DANC 385. Abroad Experience on the mastery of a variety of styles through the study of This course provides the advanced dance major with dynamic clarity, athleticism, performance, anatomically the opportunity to attend department approved correct dance technique, and increased elements of international dance experiences. The student is required improvisation. Prerequisite: DANC 151. 2 credits. to document the experience and present the experience during the semester following his/her return. 3 credits. DANC 261. Jazz II Building on Jazz I this intermediate jazz dance technique DANC 405. Senior Pro-Seminar course includes continued development of isolations, Required of senior dance majors, this course outlines turns, jumps and combinations of jazz movement from baccalaureate opportunities and professional various American jazz dance styles. Prerequisite: DANC development in the dance field including the audition 161. 1 credit. process, development of resumes, audition photos and videos, graduate program research and survival DANC 280. Choreography I techniques unique to the dance field. 3 credits. Introduction, development and refinement in the art of making dances. A study of the fundamental elements DANC 451. Modern IV and structure of dance composition. Class format is This course builds on Modern III, offering an advanced approached through discussion, observation, level of modern dance technique from an eclectic improvisation and choreographic assignments. 3 credits. perspective that expands on partnering and places emphasis on working at a professional level to increase DANC 285. Summer Dance Experience kinetic and anatomical precision, stamina, personal This course provides the advanced dance major with the expression, style, artistry and technical virtuosity. opportunity to attend department approved summer Prerequisite: DANC 251. 1 credit. dance experiences. Students are required to document the experience and present the experience during the DANC 475-01. Pedagogy Internship semester following their return. 3 credits. 3 credits. contemporary and new choreographic repertoire set and developed in an atmosphere of professional standards with company class, rehearsal, lecture demonstrations, performance and touring venues. (Pass/Fail). 1 credit.

DANC 475-02. 3 credits.

DANC 480. Choreography III Advanced dance composition using both concrete and abstract subject matter as references. Use of in-depth theatrical effects and various types of accompaniment will be explored. The final product will culminate in a performance. Prerequisite: DANC 380. 3 credits. DANC 485. Senior Seminar One, two, or three terms of faculty directed research with mentorship that assesses and enhances a student’s knowledge of a specific area of the dance field. Research choices are available in three subject areas: performance, pedagogy and choreography or through proposal with faculty and Department Chair approval. The course culminates in the submission of a four-year portfolio presentation and a senior thesis addressing current ethical questions revolving around this area of research and the process, breadth and results of the research project. An approved research proposal must be on file with the thesis director prior to registration. Final exam for the course will include an overview of learning objectives presented throughout the four years of course work within the department. 3 credits.

Performance Internship

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