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Mary Hembrow Snyder, Ph.D. Mission Statement

The Catholic Studies Program at Mercyhurst incarnates the Catholic identity and Mercy heritage of the University. Inspired by the University’s core values, it aims to deepen appreciation of Catholicism, both past and present, through commitment to serious intellectual inquiry and hospitable dialogue in an atmosphere where faith and reason flourish. The program’s primary focus will be interdisciplinary engagement with the Catholic Intellectual Tradition through a variety of scholarly disciplines.

RLST 405 RLST 440


Social Ethics Peace & Justice

3 credits 3 credits


POLI 201 Catholic Social & Political Thought3 credits ENGL 328 Special Topics in Literature: The Catholic Novel 3 credits PSYC___ Stages of Faith Development 3 credits EDUC___ Education for Justice 3 credits PHIL____ Foundations of Catholic Philosophy 3 credits ART____ Art in the Catholic Tradition 3 credits ECON 250 Economics of Poverty 3 credits


with Mary and their place in the tradition of the Church. Special emphasis will be given to the teaching of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council (1962-65) on this topic and contemporary theologies of Mary, both from the Christian and other religious perspectives. 3 credits. ENG 358.

Seminar in American Literature: The American Catholic Novel This seminar explores the distinctively American Catholic outlook in the convergence of literature and religion. Whether in the prejudicial or pre- and post- Vatican eras of the 20thcentury, the sophistication of key “Catholic” novelists overcame narrowness in the Church and suspicions of the culture: Willa Cather, Flannery O’Connor, Walker Percy, Mary Gordon, Ron Hansen, Jon Hassler, and Julia Alvarez. 3 credits.

POLI 201. Catholic Political and Social Thought A study and analysis of significant political, social, and CATHOLIC STUDIES MINOR REQUIREMENTS CST 200. Exploring Catholicism economic ideas that can be classified as Roman Catholic. The Catholic Studies Minor is composed of six, three This course will comb the rich history and tradition of The course covers a range of historical thinkers and credit courses chosen from the following areas: Roman Catholicism from the life of Jesus to the aims to place each thinker’s ideas in their engendering • Catholic Studies: courses specifically designed to context. The course begins with an examination of deepen understanding of the Catholic tradition, both contemporary church. It will highlight key social and historical developments, major Catholic thinkers, and what constitutes Catholic political and social thought past and present. All students seeking the minor must fundamental teachings related to Catholic belief, life, and then examines prominent Catholic and Christian take CS 200, Exploring Catholicism, and one other and discipleship in the twenty-first century. 3 credits. thinkers and ideas such as social justice, St. Augustine, course from this category. Thomas Aquinas, Orestes Brownson, Henri de Lubac, CST 250. Theology of the Church John Courtney Murray, G. K. Chesterton, Flannery • Religious Studies: one, of many courses in Religious This course is an exploration of the origins, historical O’Connor, Walker Percy, and C.S. Lewis. 3 credits. Studies, will be designated as meeting this development, and contemporary doctrine and theology requirement. of the Christian Church that would evolve into Roman Catholicism. Particular emphasis will be placed on the • Interdisciplinary Studies: any one course in this category, designated with the CS prefix, is acceptable. theology of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council (1962-1965) and contemporary ecclesiologies relevant to the church’s structure today as well as examining • Two electives of your choice in any of the above future trends in church anthropology. 3 credits. three categories. CST 300.


Exploring Catholicism Theology of Church Foundations for Youth & Young Adult Ministry Catholic Spirituality Mariology


3 credits 3 credits 3 credits 3 credits 3 credits

RLST 110 Understanding Scripture RLST 200 Contemporary Moral Issues RLST 205 Western Christian Heritage RLST 210 New Testament RLST 245 Christian Spiritual Traditions RLST 255 Religious Perspectives on Human Relationships RLST 260 Catholic Symbols & Sacraments RLST 270 Women & Scripture RLST 275 Liberation, Religion & Society RLST 280 Prophetic Traditions RLST 290 Wisdom Literature RLST 310 Religion, Modernity & Post-Modernity RLST 320 American Religious Thought RLST 375 Religion & the Environment RLST 380 Christology RLST 385 Poetry of the Sacred

3 credits 3 credits 3 credits 3 credits 3 credits 3 credits 3 credits 3 credits 3 credits 3 credits 3 credits 3 credits 3 credits 3 credits 3 credits 3 credits

Foundations for Youth & Young Adult Ministry

This seminar course investigates lay ecclesial ministry and theological reflection using the specific lens of ministry with youth, young adults and emerging adults. Students will confront the complexities of spiritual development through a variety of case studies.  Students will analyze terms such as ministry, evangelization and catechesis while considering the fertile and complex intersection of Church and culture.  3 credits.

CST (Number Pending) Catholic Spirituality From its earliest times the Roman Catholic Tradition has been enriched and diversified through specific spiritualities embodied by individuals and communities. Through lecture, projects and discussion students will explore historic and contemporary monastic movements, saints and mystics while coming to an appreciation of the variety of spiritual expressions in the Church.  Students will analyze and experience spiritual traditions while investigating the dynamic interplay of contemplation and action in the Christian life.  3 credits. CST (Number Pending) Mariology This course will examine the history and development of the cult of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the economy of salvation from the Christian/Catholic perspective while examining closely those doctrines/dogmas associated

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