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BA Anthropology/Archaeology, BA/BS Archaeology Concentration: ANTH 224/225 Archaeological Field Methods and Lab 4 credits ANTH 226 Summer Archaeological Field Training 6 credits ANTH 236/237 Analytical Lab Methods Prehistoric and Lab 4 credits or ANTH 238/239 Analytical Lab Methods Historic and Lab 4 credits ANTH 338 Introduction to Archaeological Theory (BA/BS Archaeology Concentration) 3 credits Prehistoric Area Study ANTH 200, 201, 206, 207, 208, 209, 213, 214) (BA/BS Archaeology Concentration) 3 credits 2 additional Anthropology/Archaeology courses numbered above 200 BS Bioarchaeology Concentration: ANTH 224/225 Archaeological Field Methods and Lab ANTH 226 Summer Archaeological Field Training ANTH 250/251 Zooarchaeology/ and Lab ANTH 326/327 Human Osteology/ and Lab ANTH 333/334 Human Skeletal Biology and Lab ANTH xxx Bioarchaeology ANTH 240 Human Adaptation ANTH 575 Human Variation

4 credits 6 credits 4 credits 4 credits 4 credits 3 credits 3 credits 3 credits

BA Sociocultural Concentration: ANTH 227 Ethnographic Field Methods 3 credits ANTH xxx Ethnographic Field Methods II 3 credits ANTH/SOCxxx Social Theory 3 credits ANTH 352 Ethnographic Perspectives 3 credits 1 Ethnographic Course (ANTH 202, 203, 216, 220, 300) 3 credits 2 Thematic Courses (ANTH 344, 345, 346, 348, 349) 6 credits 3 additional Anthropology/Archaeology courses numbering above 200


MATH 139 Statistics for Sciences 3 credits Foreign Language 9 credits GEOL 100/102 Physical Geology and Lab OR GEOL 110/111 Historic Geology and Lab (BA; BA/BS Archaeology Concentration-Physical only) 4 credits BIO 120/121 Human Biology/Lab (BS Bioarchaeology Concentration) 4 credits GEO 245/246 Sedimentation and Stratigraphy and Lab (BS Archaeology Concentration) 4 credits

GEOL 215/216 Geomorphology and Lab (BS Archaeology Concentration) 4 credits ANTH/GEOL 430/431 Geoarchaeology and Lab (BS Archaeology Concentration) 4 credits ADDITIONAL AVAILABLE ELECTIVES (not named above): ANTH 200 Prehistory of Eastern North America 3 credits ANTH 201 Prehistory of Western North America 3 credits ANTH 202 Indians of Eastern North America 3 credits ANTH 203 Indians of Western North America 3 credits ANTH 204 Cultures in Contact 3 credits ANTH 205 Historic Archaeology 3 credits ANTH 206 South American Prehistory 3 credits ANTH 207 Mesoamerican Prehistory 3 credits ANTH 208 Early European Prehistory 3 credits ANTH 209 Later European Prehistory 3 credits ANTH 212 Biblical Archaeology 3 credits ANTH 213 Prehistory of the Near East 3 credits ANTH 214 Far Eastern Prehistory 3 credits ANTH 215 Iroquoian Prehistory 3 credits ANTH 216 Plants and People 3 credits ANTH 300 Hunters and Gatherers 3 credits ANTH 301 Origins of Food Production 3 credits ANTH 302 Rise of Civilization 3 credits ANTH 311 Perspectives on the Pleistocene 3 credits ANTH 332 Perishables Analysis 3 credits ANTH 324 Instrumentation Field Methods 3 credits ANTH 328 Primitive Technology 3 credits ANTH 340 Principles of Evolution 3 credits ANTH 342 Funerary Archaeology 3 credits ANTH 344 Anthropology of Ritual 3 credits ANTH 345 Anthropology of Religion 3 credits ANTH 346 Anthropology of Gender 3 credits ANTH 348 Urban Anthropology 3 credits ANTH 349 Anthropology of the Family 3 credits ANTH 360 Archaeological Report Preparation 3 credits ANTH 362 Archaeological Management 3 credits ANTHROPOLOGY/ARCHAEOLOGY MINOR: ANTH 107 Language and Culture 3 credits ANTH 112 World Cultures 3 credits ANTH 120/ 121 Physical Anthropology and Lab 4 credits ANTH 130/ 131 Archaeology and Lab 4 credits Four additional Anthropology/Archaeology courses numbered above 200.

ANTHROPOLOGY/ARCHAEOLOGY INTERDISCIPLINARY GENDER STUDIES MINOR Housed in the Departments of Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology, this minor provides students with the opportunity to learn about the subject of gender through a multidisciplinary encounter which complements the BA or BS degree in Anthropology/Archaeology. Interested students should contact Dr. Mary Ann Owoc for further information.


Introduction to Gender Studies Psychology of Gender

3 credits 3 credits

Students must also complete 5 approved elective courses from across the Mercyhurst University Curriculum.


ANTH 107. Language and Culture: Introduction to Anthropological Linguistics This course is designed to introduce students to the complex study of language and its role in culture and society. We will begin by examining what constitutes language. Although not a major portion of the class, language structure, including morphology and syntax will be covered. We will examine how language is used in different cultures to construct and maintain social values and relationships, worldviews, and personal identities. Some questions addressed throughout the semester include: How do children acquire linguistic competence in their language? How is language used by people of different genders, ethnicities, socioeconomic classes, and geographical placement? This class is primarily lecture-based format, but students will have an opportunity to engage in some anthropological linguistic fieldwork. Prerequisite: ANTH 112. 3 credits. ANTH 109. World Geography Geography is the branch of knowledge that examines spatial patterns in the physical and human environments on the earth. Three geographic themes will be explored through an exploration of the world at different scales from the global to the regional: Physical/Spatial (physical processes and ecosystems), Human Systems (relationship of human populations to the landscape and to each other), and Places (regional and local patterns). Students will explore current issues in world geography through individual research projects. 3 credits. ANTH 112. World Cultures In this course, the student is exposed to the basic subject matter and methods of modern socio-cultural anthropology. The great diversity of contemporary and recently extinct human culture is examined from a comparative and evolutionary perspective with an emphasis on the differences and similarities between so-called modern state level societies and their less complex antecedents. 3 credits.

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