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are considered full-time and reported to the National Student Clearing House as such. Because of the abbreviated 3 week session, Pre-Summer, students have the opportunity to register for an additional 3 credits. Those students who choose to register 6 credits in the Summer session as well as 3 in the Pre- Summer session are considered to be registered for an overload of credits.


THE WRITING CENTER Located in the Hammermill Library, Room 205, the center employs writing tutors to help students at any stage in the writing process, including analyzing and understanding the assignment; revising and editing a rough draft; using correct citation styles: MLA, APA, or Chicago style; and incorporating professors’ suggestions about draft.

HONORS PROGRAM The Mercyhurst University Honors Program is a sophomore through senior year experience. Academically excellent students may be invited to participate in the Honors Preparation Year (HPY) as first-year students and those students participate in Honors Program courses and activities as they prepare to apply for admission to the Honors Program.

Students may bring in any writing project for any class. To meet with a tutor, students sign up on the schedule outside of the Writing Center door, where the usual hours are posted each semester. An appointment is for thirty minutes, and there is a printer to use for clients’ drafts.

The Program seeks to enrich the educational experience of such students by offering a curriculum of unusually challenging courses in which discussion is emphasized and in which a deeper understanding of the course material is the aim. The program is based on variations of the University’s Core Curriculum courses, specially arranged

The Learning Differences Program provides special services for students with diagnosed disabilities. Since the Learning Difference program was established in 1986 many students with disabilities have received the tools and services they need to succeed in college. While the program was initially developed for students with learning disabilities, over the years the program has evolved to SPECIAL STUDENTS provide accommodations to students with any physical or sensory impairment that Non-matriculated students are permitted to attend classes if they have been substantially limits a major life activity. A staff of certified professionals provides approved by the Office for Academic Affairs. The usual policy is to permit a maximum three tiers of services. Level I includes all academic adjustments and auxiliary aids of 12 credits to be taken before a student must make application for admission. The that are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the credits are then transferred to the matriculated status. High school students who wish Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and are free to qualified students. These services include to attend classes under the dual enrollment program must be approved by the Office testing accommodations, assisting technology, and peer tutors. Level II services which of Academic Affairs. Students may take no more than three classes per semester. No are appropriate for students with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder and high school student may take more than 30 credits before matriculating at sensory disabilities include all mandated accommodations listed above as well as a the University. pre-college program for freshmen, priority registration, midterm progress reports, and supplemental class notes. Mercyhurst’s Level II program has been commended by the independent rating services of K and W Guide and Peterson’s Guide as providing SPECIAL ACADEMIC PROGRAMS AND SERVICES exemplary services to individuals with disabilities. OFFICE OF ACADEMIC SUPPORT & RETENTION SERVICES The Office of Academic Support & Retention Services is the “go to” office for students Students in the Learning Differences Program pay a special fee for Level II services. at Mercyhurst University. It is the goal of the Office to foster satisfying experiences that lead not only to student success but also student persistence. The Office understands that successful students are those who are engaged in, are satisfied with, ASPERGER INITIATIVE AT MERCYHURST (AIM) In 2008, Mercyhurst introduced a program to meet the needs of the growing and are integrated into the university community. The Office consists of Academic population of university students who have been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome Counselors who work with students, faculty, and university administrators to ensure a positive experience for all members of our community. Each student is assigned an and High Functioning Autism. Our program focuses on building a foundation for self-advocacy, social skills, and sound academic progress. Recognizing the role that Academic Counselor based on the major. Academic Counselors assist students with parents of students diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome have held in their student’s most issues they may encounter, such as: lives, families are consulted when appropriate in matters of concern. Students interact with a qualified staff of professionals from throughout our campus and receive a full • Addressing academic performance concerns complement of social and educational services. This program also includes access • Explaining academic procedures and policies to all of the accommodations that students qualify for under Section 504 of the • Assisting first-year students (or any student) on navigating the university Rehabilitation Act of 1973. environment • Developing a plan of action for students who need more structure to their The Asperger Initiative at Mercyhurst equally emphasizes academic and social experience competence. AIM students need help in developing campus competencies, knowing • Assisting in finding appropriate student success strategies and resources how to navigate the library, cafeteria and classroom. The goal for students is to • Working with students without a major, in exploring interest areas develop their academic and social niche, demonstrate proficiency in their academic • Explaining the core curriculum core area, and experienced an overall sense of satisfaction with their Mercyhurst • Guiding students with the change-of-major process University experience. Student success is a top priority at Mercyhurst. The Office of Academic Support In addition to the academic accommodations through the Learning Differences oversees academic services for students to achieve that success. Supplemental Program, students in AIM receive social support. Included activities are participation instruction is available to students through the Writing Center and the in Asperger Advisory group, peer mentoring program, priority for single room Tutoring Center. residence hall, social events and participation in Autism Awareness Month activities. A unique residential support program is available to students giving them the option TUTORING CENTER The Tutoring Center offers one-on-one or small group tutoring in most subject areas. of residing in a living learning community in order to practice needed life skills appropriate in the residence hall. Tutors are current students who have demonstrated mastery over the content area. All tutors are recommended or approved by the faculty at Mercyhurst and maintain Students in AIM pay an additional fee for these services. Space is limited. Early a high cumulative grade point average. Students seeking tutoring can request a tutor through the tutoring center’s page on the my.mercyhurst Portal: https://portal. application is suggested. Admission to Mercyhurst University, however, does not guarantee admission to the AIM program. Tutoring/Pages/default.aspx.

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