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EXERCISE SCIENCE Program Director:

Timothy N. Harvey, M.S., A.T.C. FACULTY Assistant Professor: Timothy N Harvey, M.S., A.T.C. Bradley R. Jacobson, M.A., A.T.C. Christine LoBue-Estes, Ph.D., A.T.C Anne Mishler, Ph.D; CES Instructors: Bradley Sage, M.S.Ed, A.T.C. Adjunct: Tyler Travis, M.S., ACSM HFS Kathy Williams, M.S., A.T.C. Kathryn Jacobson, R.N., B.S.N


The mission and general objective of the Bachelor of Exercise Science major at Mercyhurst University is to provide students with the necessary didactic competencies, proficiencies and experiences both academically and clinically in order that they have the necessary requirements and background to sit for National Certification Examinations by either ACSM or NSCA. (The examinations are the NSCA-CSCS and the ACSM-CPT or HFS or CES.) The curriculum in the Exercise Science major is designed to provide each student with opportunities to increase their clinical skill set. The student will have every opportunity to fulfill all university and department requirements toward graduation and in so doing will be exposed to the holistic liberal arts experience. This unique combination of the professional preparation and the holistic liberal arts experience will enable students to easily see the larger community picture and how the individual fits within this community to help create a caring and sustainable society. Students enrolled in any of the Pre-Health Concentrations within the Sportsmedicine major are strongly encouraged to pursue a double major with Exercise Science which is an employable degree. Refer to the Sportsmedicine major for more details.


Freshman students must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 in high school plus a 2.75 in each of the following six subjects: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, or General Science. Prior to entering their freshman year it is recommended that exercise science majors complete the American Red Cross Professional Rescuer CPR/AED certification, proof of which is a signed certification card.


A student transferring to Mercyhurst University can generally become eligible as a candidate for the Exercise Science program after completion of the required academic courses. A transfer student with an Exercise Science related background may have specific Exercise Science courses waived if the outcomes have been previously met as determined by the Exercise Science program director. Additionally, the Director of the Exercise Science program may grant exceptions to specific candidates if the student meets all other Exercise Science program admission requirements. In this case, students may be admitted provisionally into the Exercise Science program. These students will be given one academic year as a provisional admit to meet any remaining courses deficiencies. Provisional students who meet all course requirements after this period will then be given the opportunity to sit for the review board process which is usually undertaken in the spring semester of the sophomore year. If all of the incoming Exercise Science courses are not waived, the student must complete the courses successfully before they may apply to the Exercise Science program. In addition to successful completion of the course requirements, it is strongly recommended that the student have obtained observation hours under qualified Exercise Science professionals in Exercise Science. These hours can count toward the total required of all Exercise Science students at the discretion of the Clinical Coordinator. The transferring student will still be expected to obtain the same number of observation hours as currently accepted Exercise Students. Transfer students must also appear before the Review Board at the end of their first year in the major and be officially accepted into the major prior to enrolling in upper level courses offered by the Sportsmedicine Department. Additionally, transferring students must adhere to all additional transfer student requirements and guidelines.


Students in the Exercise Science major must apply for formal acceptance into the major in Spring of the Sophomore year, or after one academic year of attending classes if a transfer student . Failure to do so results in automatic change of status to “pre-major.” Achievement in the following areas will be necessary for success in the Exercise Science field according to guidelines provided by the American College of Sportsmedicine, CoAES (Committee on Accreditation for the Exercise Sciences).


Applicants will demonstrate the ability to make accurate and reliable decisions in theory and in practical or clinical situations.


Students pursuing Exercise Science will demonstrate proficiency in the acquisition and utilization of clinical skills and designated motor skills pertaining to care of the physically active population. Exercise Science students must complete all lab courses with a grade of “C” or higher. In addition to demonstrating clinical proficiency skills in lab courses students will have additional opportunities to develop and use their clinical skills. These additional opportunities include serving as a strength consultant to the Mercyhurst community in the Junior and Senior years, as well as a required Internship to be completed after the Junior year. The Internship is a minimum 200 hours in length under the direction of a credentialed professional. The Internship is designed to provide the student with an in-depth experience in a clinical setting as closely related to their career choice as possible.


Exercise Science majors must achieve and maintain an overall QPA of 2.65 or higher. An overall QPA of 3.00 or higher is strongly recommended should the student be interested in pursuing an advanced graduate degree.


The review board consists of three members from the discipline, appropriately related to the Exercise Science major. Deliberations of the board will take place in the spring semester of the student’s sophomore year or 1 year after the first academic year for transfer students, and at other times when the program director deems necessary.


The Exercise Science student will have the opportunity to obtain a maximum of 300 points for the review board process. The 300 points consist of 100 points for the GPA, 100 points for the Portfolio (which includes required observation hours), and 100 points for the review board interview. To successfully pass the review board process the candidate must obtain a minimum of 225 points and achieve the minimum 2.65 GPA. If the candidate fails to meet the minimums a one year probationary period may be offered under the following RESPONSIBILITY circumstances: An above average level of achievement in 1.) The candidates GPA is lower than the 2.65, but no responsibilities within the major should be lower than 2.55 combined with a review board score demonstrated. Measurement will be determined by the of no less than 240 points. letters of recommendation, documentation of required 2.) The candidates review board score is less than the shadow observation, and career portfolio. minimum 225 points, but no lower than 200 points combined with a GPA higher than 2.65. COOPERATION 3.) The candidate has the minimum review board An above average level of teamwork with all members points (225), has the minimum GPA of 2.65, of the Exercise Science faculty and with fellow students but has not obtained the minimum number of should be achieved. Determination will be reflected in observation hours (200 hours depending on the the recommendation letters. chosen concentration).

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