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Athletic Training Bachelor of Science Program Director:

Suzanne M. Gushie, M.A., L.A.T., A.T.C.; FACULTY Assistant Professors: Suzanne M. Gushie, M.A., L.A.T., A.T.C.; Timothy Harvey, M.S., A.T.C. Bradley R. Jacobson, M.A., L.A.T., A.T.C. Lecturer: Bradley Sage, M.S.Ed, L.A.T., A.T.C., Clinical Coordinator Adjunct: Gregory Coppola, D.O., Medical Education Coordinator Mary Ann Love, M.A., L.A.T., A.T.C., Peter Grimaldi, PT, L.A.T., A.T.C. Kathy Williams. M.A., L.A.T., A.T.C. Allison Brooks, M.A., L.A.T., A.T.C.

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Evidence Based Practice Prevention and Health Promotion Clinical Examination and Diagnosis Acute Care of Injury and Illness Therapeutic Interventions Psychosocial Strategies and Referral Health Care Administration Professional Development and Responsibility

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION (EC) Students will develop effective communication skills and convey ideas and information. • Verbal • Written RESEARCH AND INFORMATION LITERACY (RIL) Students will access/analyze information that facilitates learning/critical inquiry; to adhere to standards of academic honesty and evidence based practice. • Access print/digital/electronic information • Analyze the quality and accuracy of information: Research Skills • Practice evidence based clinical skills ETHICAL AWARENESS (EA) Students will develop informed awareness/understanding of ethical conduct, social responsibility, academic, and professional integrity. • Understand role in society and medical field • Respect and awareness of diversity • Appreciation for the athletic training profession

ATHLETIC TRAINING or documented proof from the accredited transferring institution.


Traditional students in the athletic training major must apply for formal acceptance into the major in Spring of the freshman year while those in the other areas of Sportsmedicine must apply in Spring of the sophomore year. Failure to do so results in an automatic change of status to “pre-major.”


Athletic Training majors must achieve and maintain an overall GPA of 2.65 or higher. In order to complete the AT major with either a dual major or minor within four years, students will be required to overload semesters and/or take summer courses.


The review board consists of three members from the discipline appropriately related to the athletic training major. Deliberations of the board will take place in the spring semester of the student’s freshman year and at other times when department chair deems necessary.


The prospective athletic training student will have the opportunity to obtain a maximum of 300 points for the ACCREDITATION review board process. The 300 points consist of 120 The athletic training program at Mercyhurst University points for the interview process, 60 points for the is accredited by the Commission of Accreditation of application, and 120 points for the letters of Athletic Training (CaATE) through 2019-2020. Further recommendation. The candidate must obtain a information regarding CaATE requirements is located at EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING minimum of 240 points and have a GPA of 2.65 in Students will demonstrate effective skills as it relates to specific course work for acceptance into the athletic clinical education. training education program. Probationary status may MISSION • Communication skills be awarded if a score of 240 points or better is achieved, The mission of the Athletic Training Education Program • Evidence based practice and the candidate’s overall GPA is between 2.55 and at Mercyhurst University is to provide the student with • Clinical skill proficiency and mastery 2.65. If the student meets probationary criteria, he or she the necessary didactic and psychomotor competencies, • Differential diagnosis based on critical thinking skills may be conditionally accepted into the major. The clinical proficiencies, and experiences required to sit for • Proper disposition of patient probationary student must achieve a minimum overall the BOC examination. In the spirit of the core values of 2.65 GPA within the time designated by the program Mercyhurst University, athletic training students shall ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS director or he/she will be dismissed from the program. achieve this by becoming well-rounded, educated, Freshmen students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in While on probationary status the athletic training professional, and ethical athletic trainers prepared to high school plus successful completion of each of the student will complete all clinical and academic enter the allied health field. following six subjects: algebra, geometry, trigonometry, requirements of the program. It is necessary that all biology, chemistry and physics, or general science. Prior accepted athletic training students have a completed MERCYHURST UNIVERSITY ATHLETIC TRAINING to entering their freshman year, it is recommended that health physical, proof of up to date immunizations, and EDUCATION PROGRAM GOALS athletic training majors complete the American Red a TB test. The physical and TB test will be provided by the • Produce competent, professional and ethical Cross or American Heart Association CPR for health university at no charge to the student. Also, accepted athletic trainers. professionals certification, proof of which is a signed students must become members of the NATA ($80 • Produce well-rounded responsible, merciful certification card. approximate cost per year) and possess a current individuals. American Red Cross Professional Rescuer certification • Provide a wide variety of clinical experiences. TRANSFER / UNDECLARED STUDENTS ($15 approximate cost per year). If at any time if a • Provide a learning environment that fosters Students transferring into the athletic training major student falls below a 2.65 GPA, the student will be intellectual creativity. must have completed or will complete the specified placed on probation. A GPA of 2.65 must be achieved • Maintain 1st time passing rate of the BOC exam courses for the review board process within one within the time designated by the program director or above 70%. academic year after transferring into the athletic training the student will be dismissed. • Incorporate evidenced based practice into didactic major. Transfer students must also appear before the and clinical education. Review Board at the end of that first year and be All freshmen and transfer students entering the Athletic • 100% placement rate of athletic training graduates. officially accepted into the major prior to enrolling in Training major must show proof of passing the upper level courses offered by the Sportsmedicine American Red Cross Professional Rescuer class prior to MERCYHURST UNIVERSITY ATHLETIC TRAINING department. All athletic training transfer students must starting classes. Accepted proof will be a signed course MAJOR STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES complete the required didactic competencies and roster or certification card from the American Red Cross. CRITICAL THINKING (CT) Students will demonstrate clinical proficiencies developed by the NATA offered by content knowledge and critical thinking skills in required Mercyhurst that compose the athletic training program athletic training education areas.

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