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and message of Jesus and their significance for the post- studies and emphasizes independent, creative modern world. ~A HELM Course~ 3 credits. scholarship and experiential learning. ~A HELM Course~ 3 credits. RLST 385. Poetry of the Sacred A study of poetry as an expression of and a vehicle for RLST 490. Thesis awakening in the world’s religious and spiritual A student may elect to use three to six credits as “thesis traditions. Exploring notions of the sacred and credits” in place of one or two courses. This entails theological anthropology, this course examines the writing a substantial research paper and can only be context, content, and goals of poetry self-reflexively done if approved by the student’s advisor and located in faith and spiritual traditions. Poetry of Hindu department director. ~A HELM Course~ 3-6 credits. bhakti traditions, Sufism, Zen, and Christian mysticism would be central, thought not exclusive, to this course. CST 200. Exploring Catholicism 3 credits. This course will comb the rich history and tradition of Roman Catholicism from the life of Jesus to the RLST 390. Apocalyptic Literature: Apocalypse contemporary church. It will highlight key social and to Zombie historical developments, major Catholic thinkers, and Literature about “the end” has been employed by fundamental teachings related to Catholic belief, life, various cultures as a means to use language to reflect and discipleship in the twenty-first century. 3 credits. upon, critique, and explain current events. This course compares different visions of the end—ancient and CST 250. Theology of the Church modern, explicitly religious and not—by attending This course is an exploration of the origins, historical closely to the language of these narratives as it development, and contemporary doctrine and theology investigates what meanings they prompt in their of the Christian Church that would evolve into Roman diverse contemporary cultural contexts. 3 credits. Catholicism. Particular emphasis will be placed on the theology of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council (1962-1965) and contemporary ecclesiologies relevant RLST 405. Social Ethics to the church’s structure today as well as examining Social ethics provides an introduction to influential future trends in church anthropology. 3 credits. ethical frameworks in order to move toward personal ethical engagements with a variety of social issues. As a senior capstone course, students engage and apply multidisciplinary perspectives on social realities and ethical arguments for the development of well-reasoned ethical perspectives. 3 credits. RLST 420. Mysticism A study of the significance of mystical experience in the world’s religions. What is the meaning of particularly vivid, intense religious experiences reported by sages, saints, and seers in the faith traditions of the world? This course will examine classic analyses of mysticism, the nature, context, and conditions of mystical experience, the ‘perennial philosophy,’ the scope of ineffability, and the cognitive merit of mystical experience. 3 credits. RLST 440. Peace and Justice In the face of oppression, people of faith and people of good will have argued for a principled world of peace and justice for all. This course examines how it is that oppressed people groups have grounded the pursuit of peace and justice in terms of social and spiritual liberation. This course will explore global and domestic cases of oppression, which may include: imperialism and exile, racism and civil rights, sexism and homophobia. Diverse religious responses to oppression may include: Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu views. 3 credits. RLST 480. Seminar in Religious Studies A seminar that offers in-depth study of significant religious themes and thinkers, determined by the professor. The course is directed to majors and minors as their capstone course and does not otherwise meet general core-curriculum requirements. The course therefore presumes background training in religious

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