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MILITARY SCIENCE ROTC 203. Leadership and Teamwork Focuses on self-development guided by knowledge of self and group processes. Challenges current beliefs, knowledge and skills. 2 credits. ROTC 205. Leadership Training Course This is a 5-week summer training course at Fort Knox sponsored by Cadet Command. This course is designed for students who have not taken the required ROTC courses during their Freshman and Sophomores years and who wish to contract with the ROTC program at the start of their junior year. The course focuses on basic soldier skills and includes an obstacle course, water survival, M-16 rifle marksmanship, squad tactics and leadership evaluations. Students attending this course must be academically aligned as a junior at the beginning of the fall term after camp. Students are encouraged to visit the ROTC department prior to signing up for this course. 6 credits. ROTC 301. Leadership and Problem Solving Examines basic skills that underlie effective problem solving. Analyzes the role officers played in the transition of the Army. Review the features and elections of leader development program. Analyze military missions and plan military actions. Execute squad battle drills. 2 credits. ROTC 302. Leadership and Problem Solving II The student further develops the technical expertise, management tools and leadership skills necessary to lead individuals and groups in varied situations and environments. Using classroom instruction, leadership laboratories, and field training exercises the student will plan, prepare, and execute orders and operations. The student will be prepared to complete any and all assigned tasks or missions. 2 credits. ROTC 303. Military Leadership and Ethics Develop cadet leadership competencies. Prepare for success at the National Advance Leadership Camp. Recognize leader responsibility to accommodate subordinate spiritual needs. 2 credits. ROTC 401. Leadership and Management I The discussion and examination of military and corporate training, the preparation of training, and the historical foundations of conducting training. The course will address leadership ethics and develop effective counseling techniques. Studies will additionally emphasize the development of oral and written communication. Prequisite: ROTC 303. 2 credits. ROTC 403. Officership Capstone course designed to explore topics relevant to second lieutenants entering the Army. 2 credits.

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