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HISTORY provided to student interns. Internships must be approved by the History Department Internship Supervisor. 3Â credits. HIS 480 Senior Seminar in History The capstone seminar experience will focus on intensive scholarly study of a specific topic in history. Topics will vary. In addition to studying a specific topic, students will read and develop an understanding of the historiography and principal interpretations related to the topic. Each student will also research and write a 15- to 20-page paper incorporating both primary and secondary sources. Designed as a capstone experience, it will ask the students to demonstrate a mastery of the historical process, both in terms of assimilating historical ideas as well as writing a paper based on substantive historical research. 3 credits. HIS 485 Senior Project in Public History Students develop and produce an extensive public history project that preserves or interprets some element of local or regional history. Students work with a faculty member in conceiving and carrying out the project, often collaboratively with a regional institution or organization. 3 credits. HIS 490 Senior Thesis Directed research, study and writing on a specific topic that leads to the completion of a scholarly work based upon original sources or a similar work of public history. Topics are often, though not always, chosen from research sources in the region. The thesis experience emphasizes the use of primary sources as well as the arts of organizing and writing history. All thesis projects must be approved and on file with the thesis director prior to registering for Senior Thesis. 3 credits.

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