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History Department Chair Dean - School of Social Sciences

Chris Magoc, Ph.D.

criteria will be invited to join Phi Alpha Theta, a nationally recognized history honor society. History students are encouraged to join the Model United Nations club on campus, which offers the opportunity to participate in intercollegiate historical simulations.



Professors: Allan D. Belovarac, Ph.D.; Randall Howarth, Ph.D.; Chris J. Magoc, Ph.D.

Students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 and a 2.75 GPA in major courses to be certified for graduation as a History major or minor. No major course may be taken on a pass-fail basis. Additionally, students who fail to earn a grade of C or better in a major course may not count it toward the major. Student progress will be monitored in an annual review. Students whose performance is unsatisfactory are placed on probation or are dropped from the major, depending on the outcome of the review.

Associate Professor: John Olszowka, Ph.D. Assistant Professors: Kristin Collins Breyfogle, Ph.D. Instructor: Cindy Nimchuk, Ph.D.

HISTORY MAJOR (42 credit hours) • Minimum 6 credits U.S. History • Minimum 6 credits European History • Minimum 6 credits World History INTRODUCTION • Historical Methods/Historiography (3 credits) The Department of History helps its students develop as • Senior Thesis or Senior Seminar (3 credits) creative problem solvers as well as critical thinkers and • Six additional courses of the student’s choosing evaluators of contemporary life through the study of (18 credits) history. A premium is placed on effective written and oral communication. Research skills, the basic tools of PUBLIC HISTORY CONCENTRATION (42 Credit Hours) many rewarding careers, are the focus of our program’s • Introduction to Public History/Museum Studies senior thesis and senior seminar in history. Majors are (3 credits) prepared upon graduation to assume future challenges • Introduction to Historic Preservation (3 credits) in law, public service, business, and other • Museum Studies II (3 credits) professional fields. • American Material Culture/Built Landscape (3 credits) • Historical Methods and Historiography (3 credits) The department offers a Public History Concentration. It • Public History Internship (3 credits) is designed for students interested in the growing field • Senior Project in Public History (3 credits) of public history, including museums and historic sites, historical societies, heritage preservation and tourism, And one additional course from the following: archival collections, folklore and oral history, business • HIS 394 Special Topics in Public History (3 credits) and labor history, and historic preservation. In addition • ANTH 205 Historical Archaeology (3 credits) to their core history courses and other electives, • ANTH 227 Ethnographic Field Methods (3 credits) students in the program take courses specifically • ART 128 Computer Design for Non-Designers designed to prepare them for either entry level positions OR in public history or graduate training in the field. An • ART 220 Introduction to Graphic Design (3 credits) internship with a museum, historical society or historic site is required, providing the student with initial Students then take a minimum of 6 additional history experience in the field. The required senior project courses (18 credits): at least 2 American, 2 European, and provides students an opportunity to produce a 2 World History. substantive and potentially publishable work of public history scholarship.


Many of our students attain their history degree with a concentration in Social Studies Education. This track results in the student becoming certified to teach history and other social studies subjects at the high school level. When they student teach in the region, Mercyhurst social studies students are universally praised for the high caliber preparation they have received in our classrooms. Following graduation, our Social Studies Education majors have long enjoyed a remarkably high success rate in securing teaching positions. The History Club provides opportunities for extra­curricular trips, film/discussion events and other history-related activities. Students who meet the

Choose eight courses total (24 credit hours), no more than three of which may be at the 100 introductory level. No courses taken as part of the History Minor may be credited on a Pass/Fail basis.


This program enables students to graduate as a History major and to attain their Pennsylvania teacher certification in Social Studies within a 4-year period. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA or better throughout the program as mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, pass the required PRAXIS Exams, and also secure the necessary state and national

HISTORY clearances as outlined in the Education Department section of this catalog. REQUIRED HISTORY CURRICULUM (33 credits) • Minimum 6 credits U.S. History • Minimum 6 credits European History • Minimum 6 credits World History • Historical Methods/Historiography (3 credits) • Four additional courses of the student’s choosing (12 credits) REQUIRED SOCIAL STUDIES CURRICULUM (24 credits)

(a number of these courses also satisfy the student’s requirements in the Mercyhurst University Liberal Arts Core Curriculum) • Introduction to Psychology (3 credits) • Introduction to Sociology (3 credits) • Macroeconomics (3 credits) • General Anthro/World Cultures (3 credits) • World Geography (3 credits) • American Government (3 credits) • Geopolitics/Int’l Relations/World Politics (3 credits) • Mathematics (second required course, 3 credits) REQUIRED EDUCATION CURRICULUM (39 credits)

(several courses will also count for the Liberal Arts Core) • Culturally/Linguistically Diverse Learners (3 credits)

• Comparative Issues in Education (3 credits) • Psychology of Diverse Learners (3 credits) • Inclusive Practices (3 credits) • 21st Century Literacies (3 credits) • Critical Teaching Strategies (3 credits) • Curriculum & Instructional: Social Studies (3 credits) • Directed Urban Field Experience (3 credits) • Capstone Clinical (9 credits)


This program enables students to graduate as a History major while completing their content area requirements for Pennsylvania teacher certification in Social Studies. Along with their history and social studies content courses, students take the PRAXIS I, national Teacher Exam, EDUC 210 Comparative Issues in Education, and WL 101 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners. Following acceptance by the Education Department into the program, in the fifth year (at the Adult reduced tuition rate), students complete their education requirements and their student teaching, and earn both their teacher’s certification in Social Studies as well as a M.S. in Secondary Education.

REQUIREMENTS REQUIRED HISTORY CURRICULUM (42 credits) • Minimum 6 credits U.S. History • Minimum 6 credits European History • Minimum 6 credits World History • Historical Methods/Historiography (3 credits) • Senior Seminar OR Senior Thesis • Six additional courses of the student’s choosing (18 credits)

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