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ENGLISH THEA 101. Theater Appreciation A basic introduction to theatre, its development, nature, and practice. This course will expose the student to theatre as an artistic, social, and commercial institution. 3 credits. THEA 110. Acting I The basic study and practice of acting is explored through movement, relaxation, concentration, observation, and the body as a means of expression. An introduction to the theories of Stanislavsky and non-verbal communication. 3 credits. THEA 115. Acting II Begin with comic and dramatic monologues moving to a study of the Meisner Acting Technique and finishing with partnered scene work. Emphasis is on the Meisner approach but a study of other great acting teachers and their methods is also explored. Pre-requisite: THEA 110. 3 credits. THEA 210. Introduction to Stage Production An examination of the materials, techniques and conventions of stage production; focusing on the steps involved in bringing a theatrical performance to life on the stage. Students will gain basic knowledge in the sub-disciplines involved inclusive of scenic, lighting, costume and sound design, stage management, production management and technical direction. Additional lab hours are required to provide practical experience in a production setting. 3 credits. THEA 215. Fundamentals of Directing The course promotes imagination, intellectual curiosity, leadership skills and a well-rounded understanding of how the basic elements of stage direction (blocking, composition, picturization, etc.) coalesce in various production situations. Students are required to attend Mercyhurst University and local productions in addition to serving as stage managers for campus productions. 3 credits. THEA/ENG 290. History of Musical Theatre This class is a survey of the development of the American musical, from its antecedents through its Golden Age to present-day issues. By looking at musical theatre from multiple perspectives – historical, cultural, political, social, and aesthetic – students explore the ways in which musicals both reflect and shape the cultures and eras in which they are created. 3 credits.

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