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ENGLISH Department Chair

Christina Riley-Brown, Ph.D. FACULTY

Professors: Heidi Hosey, Ph.D.; Brian Reed, Ph.D.; Jeffrey Roessner, Ph.D. Associate Professors: Christina Riley-Brown, Ph.D.; Sr. Lisa M. McCartney,R.S.M, Ph.D.; Christina Rieger, Ph.D.; Kenneth Schiff, Ph.D. Assistant Professors: Brett D. Johnson, Ph.D.; Joanne McGurk, Ph.D.; Marnie Sullivan, Ph.D. Lecturer: Gregory Brown, Ph.D.


students. The courses we offer teach students to think critically and imaginatively about language, culture, and literature and prepare them for graduate work as well as numerous professional careers. As a faculty, we are diverse in our backgrounds, experiences, and intellectual pursuits, but we are united by our desire to produce discerning and creative readers, writers, and thinkers. With that in mind, we expose our majors and minors at Mercyhurst to a variety of challenging texts from American, British and world literature, as well as classes in creative and professional writing and literary theory.

3.) British Literature I (ENG 217) 4.) British Literature II (ENG 218) d.) Two elective courses 1.) 200 or 300 Level ENG/THEA Elective 2.) 200 or 300 Level ENG/THEA Elective e.) Four seminar courses, one from each category 1.) 300 Level 20th/21st Century (ENG 360, 362, 364) 2.) 300 Level Seminar in British Literature (ENG 330, 332, 334, 336, 338) 3.) 300 Level Seminar in American Literature (ENG 351, 353, 355, 356, 357, 358) We encourage our students to develop a personalized 4.) 300 Level Seminar in Multicultural course of study while exploring the depth and breadth Literature (ENG 370, 374, 378) of reading available in our core curriculum, the f.) Three Designed courses as follows: foundation of a liberal arts education and of the 1.) ENG 344 Shakespeare English major. Above all, we are dedicated to helping our 2.) ENG 391 Literary Criticism students develop the skills they need to excel in their 3.) ENG 490 Senior English Project careers and to develop an appreciation of literature and g.) English Majors are highly encouraged to take an culture, and we are enormously proud of our graduates internship. and their successes.


English majors must maintain an overall 2.0 GPA. English majors with a concentration in Secondary Education must maintain an overall 3.0 GPA. and at least a 3.0 GPA in their major courses. An English major also must earn a grade of at least C in any course from the major meant to fulfill a degree requirement. No required course in the INTRODUCTION major may be taken on a Pass/Fail basis. While The English department constitutes a major humanizing encouraged to pursue minors in other disciplines, force within the university. Our courses engage with students who major in English may not declare minors diverse literary and cultural texts, giving our students in the English Department. the opportunity to practice critical reading and effective writing, thus preparing students for a MASTER’S DEGREE IN SECONDARY EDUCATION multiplicity of career options and for advanced study. REQUIREMENTS The skills English majors develop in information literacy In order to receive the Master’s degree and certification and research, aesthetic appreciation, communication, in secondary education, students must meet all of the cultural awareness, reading comprehension, and requirements outlined in the Education department analysis prepare our graduates for the 21st century section of the university catalog. Please refer to all economy. Our graduates also have been very successful standards, policies and admission/retention criteria as in graduate school and law school. specified for all students in the Master’s degree program


In this program, students gain practical experience writing both poetry and fiction in small workshops and seminars. The aim of this coursework is for students to produce publishable work under the close guidance of our experienced faculty. We also strongly encourage students to refine their editing skills by working on the staff of Lumen, our campus-wide arts journal. Additionally, each year the department hosts the Mercyhurst Literary Festival, which gives students a chance to meet and attend workshops with renowned writers from across the country. Ultimately, students graduate from the program ready to pursue careers as writers and editors in the publishing industry or to attend graduate school to further develop their craft.

Required English Major with Creative Writing Concentration (48 Credits) a.) One 100-level courses within the core: 200 Level Literary Studies-Core III-B (ENG 200) b.) An introduction to the major: Intro to the English seeking the degree and certification by the Pennsylvania Major (ENG 204) The English department at Mercyhurst offers a B.A. in Department of Education. c.) Five pre-seminar courses English, as well as the following concentrations: Creative 1.) American Literature I (ENG 215) Writing, Professional Writing, Secondary English DEGREE REQUIREMENTS SECTION 2.) American Literature II (ENG 216) Education, and Pre-Law. The English department also 3.) British Literature I (ENG 217) houses the Theatre Minor, as well as the Film Studies ENGLISH MAJOR 4.) British Literature II (ENG 218) Minor. These programs allow students to personalize Mercyhurst’s Bachelor of Arts degree in English provides 5.) 200 or 300 ENG/THEA Elective their studies while acquiring the breadth of knowledge a foundation in writing, literature, language and d.) Contemporary Literature (ENG 360, 362, 364) and skills found in the traditional English major. communication to prepare students for careers or e.) Two 300 Level Seminar Elective advanced degrees. The curriculum focuses on writing 1.) 300 Level Seminar (ENG 330, 328, 332, The Department also sponsors the Mercyhurst Literary and composition to encourage effective use of language 334, 336, 338, 351, 353,355, 356, 357, Festival, the Theatre Program, and Lumen, the campus for good communication, as well as early and modern 358, 378) arts journal. Mercyhurst is proud to sponsor the Beta literature, which promotes a deeper understanding of 2.) 300 Level Seminar (choose from Upsilon chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, an international the human experience. above list) honor society formed to recognize English majors and f.) Designated courses as follows: minors who achieve high standards of excellence in Required English Major Courses (45 Credits): 1.) ENG 344 Shakespeare their chosen linguistic or literary fields. Finally, we have a.) One 100-level courses within the core: 200 Level 2.) ENG 391 Literary Criticism strong ties with the Writing Center, located in the library, Literary Studies-Core III-B (ENG 200) 3.) ENG 280 Introduction to Creative Writing which provides assistance to all students. b.) An introduction to the major: Intro to the English 4.) ENG 380: Creative Writing: Poetry Major (ENG 204) 5.) ENG 384: Creative Writing: Fiction ENGLISH DEPARTMENT MISSION STATEMENT c.) Four pre-seminar courses g.) ENG 490 Senior English Project As members of the Mercyhurst English Department, 1.) American Literature I (ENG 215) h.) English Majors are highly encouraged to take an we are dedicated to the intellectual growth of our 2.) American Literature II (ENG 216) internship.

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