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Frances Warde Hall

Dedicated September, 2009

Mercyhurst 2009-2010 Donors to Mercyhurst College



Published by the Office of Institutional Advancement • Vol. 15

President Gamble at the site of this summer’s front entrance renovation project

Dear alumni and friends of Mercyhurst, Mercyhurst continues to buck the trends in higher education. While many colleges and universities have seen the number of alumni donations drop, their enrollments shrink and their total fundraising decline, Mercyhurst continues to grow in all these important areas. During the 2010 fiscal year, our number of alumni donors grew by 450, which translates into an increase of 2.5% in alumni participation. This increase pushed Mercyhurst over the 20% participation mark for the first time since 2004. Last year, Mercyhurst set a record when the total enrollment on all campuses surpassed the 4,000 mark. This year we will again enroll more than 4,000 students on our three campuses. Fundraising cash coming into Mercyhurst exceeded $4 million for only the second time in history and total new business in fundraising exceeded $8 million for the first time. During Homecoming Weekend in fall 2009, we announced an ambitious capital campaign, the Engage, Enrich, Envision Campaign, with a $50 million goal broken into three phases. The goal of Phase I is $13 million and, as I write this letter, we already have $12.5 million toward that goal. We had hoped to finish Phase I by September of 2011, but it looks as though we may complete it a year early. This momentum is very exciting as we look to break ground on a new academic building to house our intelligence studies and business programs, as well as the Evelyn Lincoln Institute for Ethics and Society and the yet-to-be-named Center for Applied Politics.

As you will see on the following pages, your gifts this year changed the lives of Mercyhurst students and faculty. We have been able to increase the number of students who are able to do research alongside faculty during the year and throughout the summer. We have been able to upgrade facilities for fashion merchandising, sportsmedicine, nursing and forensics this year thanks to your generosity. We have also been able to expand programming for our Asperger’s students and for our students studying overseas. The entrance to the college is undergoing a major facelift with new walkways and the addition of 70 new trees. None of this would have been possible without your generous support. It is an exciting time to be president of Mercyhurst College. I am proud of all the employees who work diligently every day to provide a world-class education to more than 4,000 students. I want to personally thank you one more time for your belief in Mercyhurst and your ongoing support of our mission to educate women and men in a culture where faith and reason flourish together. Remember, though the gatehouses may look a little different the next time you come to campus, the gates are always open. Sincerely,

The year in review

The 2009-10 fiscal year proved to be another successful fundraising year for Mercyhurst College. At the close of the fiscal year on June 30, cash gifts and pledges from a record-breaking 4,706 donors had reached $8,033,822. Alumni participation rose for the third consecutive year to 20.46% and 647 new alumni donors gave in 2009-10, the best year for new donor participation in the college’s history. Other notable accomplishments in 2009-10 include: • Thanks to the commitment of our athletics department, 19 teams exceeded the general alumni participation rate and athletic alumni participation rose from 13.7% to 24.6%. • Graduates of the last decade significantly increased their participation rate from 6.8% to 12.5%, with all classes from 2000 to 2010 meeting or exceeding their participation goals. • The classes of 1930-1969, the graduates

This Mercyhurst College Donor Report recognizes individuals, businesses and organizations that made gifts from July 1, 2009, through June 30, 2010. Is your name missing? The reason may be:

who founded our institution and began our rich heritage, reached an astounding 46.4% participation.

• You made your gift prior to July 1, 2009, or after June 30, 2010;

Such impressive generosity, service and support

from our alumni and friends ensure that the

You made a pledge instead of a gift. The donor listing includes only gifts received. Please note that if you made a pledge during our 2009-2010 annual fund campaign and elected to begin payment after June 30, 2010, you will be listed in next year’s donor report; or

• Sorry, we made a mistake! Great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this report. We regret any errors or omissions. If your name is missing, misspelled or misplaced, please feel free to call (814) 824-2392 or e-mail We continue to update last name changes as provided; all revisions may not have been made as we go to press.

legacy of Mercyhurst College continues to thrive in the future.

Mercyhurst honors supporters at O’Neil Society celebration Christ the King Chapel and its foyer – built with gifts from some of Mercyhurst College’s earliest benefactors – provided the setting for the inaugural celebration honoring members of the O’Neil Society on Nov. 14, 2009. The society is named for Orva and James O’Neil, whose gifts to the college during the 1930s funded not only Christ the King Chapel, but also the adjoining Queen’s Chapel and the four-story O’Neil Tower in which the foyer is located. Alumni and friends of the college who have arranged planned gifts to Mercyhurst are recognized with O’Neil Society membership. Forty members attended the event, which began with a Liturgy of Thanksgiving celebrated in the chapel against the magnificent mural backdrop depicting both Christ the King and the mission of the Sisters of Mercy. Brunch followed in the Chapel Foyer. Special recognition was provided for alumnae Barbara Chambers ’60, Mary Katherine (Kathy) Murray ’77 and Eileen Zinchiak ’80. They received framed prints of “Springtime at Mercyhurst College,” a painting by Bethany Ann Krowsoski ’07 ’09 that depicts the magnolia tree outside the chapel. President Dr. Thomas J. Gamble expressed gratitude to the women for their consistent and continued support to keep the Mercy spirit, traditions, values and vision alive at Mercyhurst. The list includes friends whose planned giving is known to the college and who have consented to be included; others have chosen to remain anonymous. For information on making a planned gift to Mercyhurst, contact Dave Livingston at (814) 824-2241 or

Barbara Chambers, Tom Gamble, Eileen Zinchiak, Kathy Murray O’NEIL SOCIETY MEMBERS Virginia Adair ‘61 Sandra A. Adams ‘69 Dorothy Bryan Adema ‘34 * Marjorie M. Alge ‘37 * Elizabeth H. Ashton ‘47 * Jane Barr * Loretta Crowley Bauer ‘45 Corrine Braun Beck ‘49 Florence O’Neil Bernard ‘38 * Margene Betts * Mary Rita Brennan ‘38 * Alice Martin Brugger ‘36 * Ruth D. Brugger ‘41 * Gary L. Bukowski ‘73 and Roberta Donley Bukowski ‘78 Noel J. Burgoyne ‘57 Donald and Frances Q. Buseck Del* and Jean Caryl Josephine Ciancaglini ‘56 Dario Cipriani ‘74 Diane Wawrejko Cochran ‘78 H. Patricia Curran ‘52 * Mary Daly '66 Dr. George and Mrs. Mary D’Angelo Mary Ellen Dahlkemper ‘73 David and Beverly Heintz DiCarlo ‘66 Louis and Rose Marie Laskey Disorbo ‘60 Msgr. John Dollinger * Kathryn Barber Durkin * Albert F. * and Mary Duval Patricia J. Fessler ‘50 * Margaret Clark Filson ‘34 * Charles M. Furr, M.D. Collette Stegelske Gabreski ‘40 * William P. Garvey, Ph.D.

Coletta C. Ginnard ‘49 * Catherine Ryan Gray ‘33 * Rev Walter R. Green ‘80 Mary Anne Hayes Greg ‘54 Herbert and Catherine Hafenmaier Adelaide M. Hagar ‘38 * Martha M. Haley ‘43 * Mary M. Hanlin * Margaret Hock Heetman ‘65 Marilyn Heibel ‘61 Homer P. Herman * F. William * and Audrey Sitter Hirt ‘49 * Georgia M. Hitchcock * James and Diana Infantino John F. Jageman * J. Douglas James Rosemary McCabe Kaveney ‘54 Jane Kerstetter ‘78 Martha Kettering Kessler ‘37 Bonita Kinsinger ‘63 H. Vira Kolisch * Ambrose Kronenwetter * Patricia J. Liebel ‘53 Jeanne Q. Lillis ‘76 Margaret Blair MacInnes ‘33 Frances Malaney ‘37 * Margaret McMahon ‘37 Mary Michener ‘74 * Frances Mientkiewicz ‘43 * Marco and Elizabeth Monsalve Adaline B. Morelli ‘37 * Helen Fabian Mullen, Ed.D. ‘47 * Robert B. Munson ‘94 * James* and Elinor Nally Ingeborg Loesch Nelson ‘54 *

Deborah O’Keefe ‘70 Barbara Stone Perry ‘57 Judith Pitney, Ph.D. ‘67 Norman W. Plumb * Roderick Power ‘90 Bruce Raimy Josephine Musi Rakow ‘44 Mary Robaskiewiez Robie ‘29 * William M. and Frances Schuster * Pauline Scott * Mary Jane Walsh Seubert ‘44 * Frank P. Sirotnak ‘76 Martha Ann Soroka ‘70 James B. Spiegel Roy and Rosanna Strausbaugh Gloria Corrado Thompson ‘44 * Arloween Zurn Todd * Louis J. Tullio * Marguerite A. Urban * Lynn Varricchio ‘69 Virginia P. Vieser * Holly A. Villella ‘79 Dorothy Yaple Wagner ‘59 Barrett and Catherine McDonough Walker Mary Daley Wallace ‘33 * Therese Toflinski Walter, Ph.D. ‘63 Judy Wieczorek ‘61 Mary Baldauf Wiedel ‘84 Mary E. Wiesen ‘69 Terry and Marcia Wilson Mary Winston ’41 * Patricia Sontheimer Yahn ‘50 Mary Fisher Yonkers ‘69 Eileen Zinchiak ‘80

Mercyhurst College 2009-2010 Donors TRUSTEES

Phillip J. Belfiore, Ph.D. Charles H. Bracken ~ Terrance Cavanaugh Sr. Joanne Courneen, R.S.M. ‘64 Mary Ellen Dahlkemper ‘73 Vernon D. Dobbs, Ph.D. Rosemary D. Durkin, Esq. ‘77 Sr. Mary Felice Duska, R.S.M. ‘64 Thomas J. Gamble, Ph.D. Elizabeth Meehan Greenleaf ‘52 Myron Jones Charles G. Knight Richard A. Lanzillo, Esq. ‘83 Michael A. Malpiedi ‘81 Dennis R. Marin Robert Mazza Sr. Lisa Mary McCartney, R.S.M. ‘71 Owen J. McCormick Desmond J. McDonald Robert S. Miller Marlene DiTullio Mosco ’68 + Marco A. Monsalve Sr. Maria O’Connor, R.S.M. ‘50 Bruce H. Raimy Kathleen C. Rohm Mary Ellen Hammond Ryan ‘64 Sr. Mary Ann Schimscheiner, R.S.M. William C. Sennett, Esq. Sr. Maura Smith, R.S.M. ‘48 Msgr. L. Thomas Snyderwine Jane Theuerkauf Frank B. Victor ‘87 Patrick J. Weschler, Esq. ‘78 James A. Zurn ~

PRESIDENT’S ASSOCIATES William G. Ball, Esq. ‘85 Cynthia A. Belczyk ‘77 Jeffrey M. Best ‘77 Robert J. Breakstone ‘82 Susan K. Breon Donald C. Buseck, Esq. Dario Cipriani ‘74 Mary Ellen Dahlkemper ‘73 Corrine H. Egan ‘80 Russell H. Franklin ‘75 Daniel R. Franks ‘78 Peter S. Howard Randall K. Kimmel ‘92 John H. Langer ‘95 Brady Louis James D. Mando ‘74 John W. Masterson Marc McAndrew ‘88 + Lawrence L. New Q. Gregory Orlando ‘78 + John C. Riley ‘74 John W. Saxon ‘89 Jay Scalise ‘76 Mary E. Schaaf ‘68 + Gary J. Shapira, Esq. Marlene A. Smith ‘73 Regina Smith ‘81 Ronald Steele Susan N. Sutto ‘68 Patricia S. Yahn ‘50 Maryann C. Yochim ‘71 Barry C. Zembower + David J. Zimmer III

ALUMNI CLASS OF 1935 Participation 25% Total Gifts $200

CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Margaret Clemens Crawford

CLASS OF 1937 Participation 50% Total Gifts $520

CARPE DIEM: ASSOCIATE Margaret McMahon BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Martha Kettering Kessler C. Jane Hurley Martin

CLASS OF 1938 Participation 57% Total Gifts $275

CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Pauline O’Laughlin Hergenrother Ellen Heintz Munson BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Anne Morin Brown Helen Durkin

CLASS OF 1939 Participation 40% Total Gifts $65

BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Bertha Halperin Blau Virginia Dooley O’Connor

CLASS OF 1940 Participation 20% Total Gifts $60


CLASS OF 1941 Participation 40% Total Gifts $20

BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Anne Crowley, Ph.D Jeanne Weir Ramsey

CLASS OF 1942 Participation 38% Total Gifts $1,425

CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Ferne Striffler Erskine * BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Elizabeth Donatelli Lofink Sara McClain Jeanne Maley Pfadt

CLASS OF 1943 Participation 60% Total Gifts $870

CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Gloria Lutz Harriet Milloy Schaper CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Mary Ellen Linney Avery BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Mary Kloecker Featherstone Josephine Cirrito Sciarrino Dorothy Szyplik

CLASS OF 1944 Participation 43% Total Gifts $425

CARPE DIEM: LEADER Sr. Marcia McDonald, R.S.M. CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Mary Taylor Elliott Elizabeth Knapp Anne Klan Matuszak Eileen Walsh Thompson BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Dorothy Kuhn Heidecker

CLASS OF 1945 Participation 53% Total Gifts $1,525

CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Elaine Brown Schuster Rita Rittenhouse Wiesner BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Margaret Savage Darragh Charlotte Rumsey Jackson Alvina McDermott Johnston Rosemary Held Schitea Marie Wolman Seetch

CLASS OF 1946 Participation 25% Total Gifts $325

CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Rebecca Sullivan Chevalier Mary Dobosiewicz Horkowitz, DDS + BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Virginia Walsh Braun Teresa Lennon Quinlan

CLASS OF 1947 Participation 48% Total Gifts $1,325

EGAN SOCIETY Helen Fabian Mullen, Ed.D. * CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Dorothy Donatelli Cibulas Mary Mohr Lamp CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Geraldine Meahl Baron Mary Lou Costanzo Mary Henretty Marcelene Schwabenbauer BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Dolores Ernst Aube Mary Culhane Grant Sally Brigham Miller Janette Fournier Regner Maryellen Knauer Sullivan

CLASS OF 1948 Participation 47% Total Gifts $1,436

CARPE DIEM: LEADER Sr. Rita Brocke, R.S.M. Sr. Maura Smith, R.S.M. CARPE DIEM: ASSOCIATE Anne Nickum Gazda CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Stephanie Melisz Supron CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Margaret Blatty Rachel Brown Daub Elizabeth Rock Kirby Theresa Sabella Palumbo Joan Knapp Spakowski BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Doris Wright Atkinson Shirley Sommerhof Baressi

Rosemary Buehler Martyn Marjorie Dean McLean Eva Patrick Murphy

CLASS OF 1949 Participation 45% Total Gifts $1,400

CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Patricia Vanderveldt Wood + CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Alice Feehley Crotty Virginia Stephens Pompeani Jean O’Neil Rubino Helen McDonough Sennett Dorothy Maloney Stiglmeier BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Margaret Bodenschatz Cannin Lucille Heidt Clark Lucille Heintz De Carlo G. Jane Eckenrode Drew Carolyn Wick Haley Mary Donaher Hanna Mary Plack Healy Jean Brigham Kritzer Rose Ratajczyk Leonette Elaine Forgette Murray Jean Brauch Scott Catherine Munn Williamson

CLASS OF 1950 Participation 55% Total Gifts $3,781

EGAN SOCIETY Joan Riley Dori CARPE DIEM: LEADER Sr. Maria O’Connor, R.S.M. CARPE DIEM: ASSOCIATE Dorothy Zak Markes + Patricia Sontheimer Yahn CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Mary Slater Dowling Miriam Gemperle Audrey Dudenhoeffer Hersch Mary Davis Swanson Cecile Jewell Wolszon BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Marilyn Langmyer Angevine Clarice Jones Barrett Marilyn Fregelette Detzel Jane Kelly McCrone Mary Kenny Phelan Ann Hamilton Rand Charlotte Voss Shultz Ann Hantz Torrell

CLASS OF 1951 Participation 52% Total Gifts $3,712

CARPE DIEM: LEADER Sally Carlow Kohler Jane Breyley Olson CARPE DIEM: ASSOCIATE Joan Oster Harf CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Aileen Yueh Huang CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Margaret Jetter, Ph.D. Kathryn Sterrett Pericak Edith Harris Reichert Dolores Wally Smith Mary Witt Sprowls BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Kathleen Kelly Cassetta Ann Deckop Veronica Nakich Kraus Rosemarie Irrgang Sargent Claire Kraus Weber

CLASS OF 1952 Participation 55% Total Gifts $57,751

PRESIDENTS SOCIETY Elizabeth Meehan Greenleaf EGAN SOCIETY Mary Jo Babowicz Maier + CARPE DIEM: LEADER Sr. Gloria Ruocco, R.S.M. CARPE DIEM: ASSOCIATE Mary Jo Royer Rodgers Marilyn Garden Seach CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Elizabeth Peters Strong CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Lydia Davey Asplund Elizabeth Todd Dyring Jeanne Farrell Finn Janet Sabella Miller Arlene Murphy Nuckton BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Ruth Beck Bean Mary Ann Fahey Boulet Mary McCabe Clark Mary Bougie Gensheimer Patricia Moran O’Dea Therese Strobel Raven Bernadette Metzner Roche

Donor Clubs: President’s Society............................................................$10,000 and up McAuley Society................................................................$5,000 to $9,999 Egan Society........................................................................$2,000 to $4,999 Carpe Diem Society, Leader...........................................$1,000 to $1,999 Carpe Diem Society, Associate.....................................$500 to $999 Carpe Diem Society, Affiliate.........................................$250 to $499 Carpe Diem Society, Inductee......................................$100 to $249 Blue & Green Club.............................................................$1-$99 * Deceased + Denotes those who have helped Mercyhurst secure a matching fund ~ Emeritus Trustee


Longtime donors honored as Friends of Mother Borgia Standing at the gates of Mercyhurst College, it’s hard to imagine that at one time the campus was farmland. In early 1926, Mercyhurst existed only as an idea in the mind of Mother Borgia Egan. With considerable determination and hard work, Mother Borgia and the Sisters of Mercy realized their dream and created a college for women in Erie, Pa. It opened in September 1926 with 19 freshmen and four sophomores. In the 84 years since, gifts from generous alumni and other friends have enabled the college to grow into a significant presence in higher education, while remaining true to the vision of its founders. In honor of the remarkable woman who oversaw the establishment of Mercyhurst College, The Friends of Mother Borgia Egan Society was created this year to recognize a special group of donors who have made annual contributions to the college for 20 consecutive years or more. Mercyhurst is proud to salute this group of more than 160 longstanding donors.

Daniel J. Abel ‘84

Elizabeth A. Guelcher ‘58

Arthur Oligeri III ‘74

Kathleen A. Abel ‘85

Robert T. Guelcher, M.D.

Ruth A. Oligeri ‘76

Constance F. Alexandre ‘60

Carolyn A. Haley ‘49

Priscilla P. Oliver ‘57

Judith A. Allison ‘69

Lisa L. Heckman ‘83

Mary A. Paulitz ‘68

Janet D. Aroh ‘53

Margaret A. Heetmann ‘65

Ellen J. Paulucci ‘70

Lydia A. Asplund ‘52

Susan M. Heltzel ‘89

Carole A. Petrungar ‘68

Doris A. Atkinson ‘48

Christie M. Henry ‘86

Carolyn Phillips ‘79

Dolores A. Aube ‘47

Audrey D. Hersch ‘50

Diane G. Piper ‘69

Mary Ellen Avery ‘43

Elizabeth A. Hilbert ‘58

Michael E. Pizzat ‘82

Barbara C. Ayers ‘56

Martha M. Hilbert ‘59

Marjorie F. Podlogar ‘65

Mary Ann Baldauf ‘85

Sue E. Hollandsworth ‘71

Richard S. Porris ‘79

Delores J. Bargielski ‘64

Genevieve Howen, M.D. ‘42

Rita V. Pyrdek ‘68

Loretta R. Bauer ‘45

Aileen Huang ‘51

Frances L. Quadri ‘59

Mary K. Baumeister ‘65

Charlotte Jackson ‘45

Joan P. Santangelo ‘60

Thomas Becht ‘72

Alvina M. Johnston ‘45

Mary Beth Santucci ‘73

Sandra L. Belfiore ‘66

Betty Jones ‘72

Amy T. Sargent ‘63

Richard K. Bentley ‘88

Peggy A. Jordano ‘81

Rosemarie I. Sargent ‘51

Sheila F. Bianchi ‘57

Roberta E. Kase ‘70

Harriet Schaper ‘43

Angela M. Bishop ‘59

Virginia Katsaromitsos ‘57

Rosemary E. Schitea ‘45

Margaret M. Blatty ‘48

Mary L. Kaufman ‘53

Ann M. Schoeller ‘69

Bertha H. Blau ‘39

Elaine A. Kavanagh ‘69

Susan T. Schuler ‘86

Rosemary Blieszner, Ph.D. ‘70

Elizabeth A. Kirby ‘48

Elaine M. Schwab ‘59

Jean M. Bojalad ‘71

Patricia Kirk ‘60

Katherine M. Scott ‘65

Giovina M. Bradley ‘42

Cynthia M. Kiskaddon ‘83

Marilyn Seach ‘52

Kathleen A. Byrnes ‘68

Maryann Komazec ‘64

Patricia A. Shevchuk ‘61

Gary J. Calabrese ‘79

Dorothy A. Kuzneski ‘63

Mareanne Simmons ‘53

Linda Calabrese ‘82

Patricia E. Lawlor ‘65

Frank P. Sirotnak ‘76

Margaret A. Cannon ‘45

Mary J. Lipani ‘69

Mary A. Smith ‘53

Elizabeth Cano ‘60

Rita I. Lohan ‘61

Mary Anne Springer ‘63

Eleanor A. Cavanaugh ‘59

Mark D. Long ‘77

Mary A. Sprowls ‘51

Barbara A. Chambers, Ed.D. ‘60

Gloria M. Lutz ‘43

Mary R. Stiles ‘66

Linda M. Collin ‘58

Carol A. Lyons, Ph.D. ‘64

Deborah E. Strong ‘85

Mary Lou Costanzo ‘47

Mary Jo Maier ‘52

Elizabeth A. Strong ‘52

Judith Y. Crews ‘64

Dorothy A. Markes ‘50

Mark J. Sutkoff ‘83

Martha J. Cuddy ‘56

Tina McCracken ‘74

Mary G. Teufel ‘82

Susan P. Deet ‘68

Jane A. McCrone ‘50

Jane Theuerkauf

Nancy A. Degenhardt ‘90

Jeannie B. McGinley ‘62

Dorothy A. Thomas ‘56

Virginia R. Degironimo ‘65

Rosemary McGinley ‘59

Eileen R. Thompson ‘44

Rosanna Deniro ‘69

Margaret J. McMahon ‘37

Mary Ree Travers ‘55

Evelyn M. Depalma ‘75

Kathleen A. Meko ‘66

Frances E. Tucker ‘74

Nancy A. Diloreto ‘91

Judith A. Meseck ‘69

George L. Venuto Jr. ‘78

Carole Dyne ‘56

Elaine Migchelbrink ‘65

Lois E. Vosmus ‘59

A. Sondra Eckstein ‘62

Andrew B. Miller ‘79

Barbara L. Walk ‘57

Mary C. Featherstone ‘43

Ann M. Minnium ‘57

Jacqueline M. Walter ‘82

Russell J. Felix ‘74

Veronica A. Mitchell ‘64

Ann C. Ward ‘65

R. Edward Ferraro

Joan P. Moore ‘73

Sabina M. Wells ‘66

Jeanne M. Finn ‘52

M. Katherine Murray ‘77

Rita E. Wiesner ‘45

Diane Friske ‘67

Diane C. Myers ‘70

George E. Willis

Anne L. Gazda ‘48

Dorothy J. Negro ‘54

Diane L. Witherup ‘81

Miriam Gemperle ‘50

Marilyn J. Newsham ‘56

Patricia V. Wood ‘49

Kathy C. Gettis ‘88

Eileen Q. Nill ‘61

Joan L. Goodknight ‘53

Sharyn M. Nutter ‘78

Catherine M. Grunebach ‘85

Helen M. O’Connell ‘53

2009-2010 Donors: CLASS OF 1953 Participation 57% Total Gifts $2,160

CARPE DIEM: LEADER Sr. Bernadette Bell, R.S.M. Sr. Donna Orton, R.S.M. Sr. Rita Panciera, R.S.M. Sr. Helen Sullivan, R.S.M. CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Mary Jachimczyk Bankowski + Joan Davis Goodknight CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Judith Carlow Alstadt Janet Davis Aroh Margaret Green Graves Mary Dwyer Kaufman Patricia Liebel Helen Fogarty O’Connell Mary Sennett Smith BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Camilla Decampli Fellner Mary Anne Rawa Kingsley Rita Shanahan Schiffhauer Mareanne Cole Simmons Norma Schaberl Skrypzak Nancie Sigmond Stowe Marilyn Harkins Tripp

CLASS OF 1954 Participation 57% Total Gifts $845

EGAN SOCIETY Ingeborg Loesch Nelson * CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Rosemary McCabe Kaveney Vija O’Deiko Liepa Dorothy Negro Mary O’Donnell Schultheis + Janet Bremmer Willis BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Donna Byers Cotter Catherine Drouhard Lewis Ann Kennedy McMahon Barbara Klein Perusse Joann Ryan Read Harriet Downing Sala Mary Mullaney Schenk

CLASS OF 1955 Participation 50% Total Gifts $475

CARPE DIEM: LEADER Sr. Michelle Leehan, R.S.M. CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Joanne Harlovich Potlas Margaret Foley Ringwood BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Catherine McCarthy Barren Lorraine Reichel Candela Jane Conrath Csanadi Margaret Kelsey Held Pauline Zilch Kalish Patricia Egan Langmyer Katherine Eichenlaub Nuber Victoria Argana Rosato Mary Ree Theuerkauf Travers Frances Chang Tu

CLASS OF 1956 Participation 59% Total Gifts $3,155


CARPE DIEM: LEADER Sr. Audrey Clauss, R.S.M. Helen Kennedy Holliday CARPE DIEM: ASSOCIATE Mary Pyne Lillis CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Jean Bryson Burney + Margaret Hirsch Whyte CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Josephine Ciancaglini Martha McNulty Cuddy Mary Cooper Hunter Elizabeth Coleman Kraus Marilyn Genck Newsham Dorothy Rudge Thomas BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Barbara Coole Ayers Patricia Murphy Azzarello Patricia McQuillen Drushel Carole Roberson Dyne Mary McCarthy Haney Georgia Lackey Kolcum M. Christine Haughton Loftus Joan Szymanski Mancuso Alyce Weber Piskura

CLASS OF 1957 Participation 49% Total Gifts $2,625

CARPE DIEM: LEADER Marjorie Karaffa Rodenbaugh CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Ann McGinnis Minnium Rita Walter Weiss CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Patricia Klein Burton Jeanette Mancuso Gerace Priscilla Prenatt Oliver Rose Marie Zinni Szadek Barbara Story Walk BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Dolores McGaughey Bensur Sheila Flynn Bianchi Joyce Baker Bowen Dorothea Morell Brown Joan Coyle Clark Virginia Katsaromitsos Donna Nashwinter Kellick Patricia Kuharsky Kreger Marcia Meagher Barbara Stone Perry, Ph.D. Audrey Huggler Roberts Nancy Harter Vebber

CLASS OF 1958 Participation 44% Total Gifts $12,825

PRESIDENTS SOCIETY Elizabeth Schnatter Guelcher CARPE DIEM: LEADER Patricia Murphy Bluemle Sr. Jeannette Denslinger, R.S.M. CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Barbara Jakubowski Costello Elizabeth Wahl Hilbert CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Audrey Havunen Burns Mary Louise Little Burns + Linda Collin Sylvia Haise Colson Catherine Misfeldt Dickey

Joanne Schmalzried English Virginia Flak Erickson Vivetta Petronio, Ph.D. Jean Criswell White BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Helen Clancy Bavisotto Shirley Marinelli Bennetti Ruth Friel Doyle Barbara Sislowski Ester Mary Hayes Schulz Kathleen Kurucz Simonyi Katherine King Tolhurst Marguerite McLaughlin Weibel

CLASS OF 1959 Participation 53% Total Gifts $3,690

EGAN SOCIETY Sr. M. Dominica De Leo, R.S.M. CARPE DIEM: LEADER Emma Newby Mason, Esq. + Sr. Mary Judith Uzzo, R.S.M. Helen Zimmerman Sr. Mary Agnes Zore, R.S.M. CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Barbara Desantis Bates Mary Ellen McGovern Higley, Ph.D. Martha Wurst Hilbert Frances Reynolds Quadri Elaine Schwab BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Angela Moore Bishop Eleanor Cavanaugh Patricia Hooper Connolly Norma Nientimp Desser Barbara Matts Kolstee R. Joan Imhof Lockhart Evelyn Prenatt Madonia Mary Colusi Mahon Rosemary Crawford McGinley Nancy Prenatt Cynthia Ryan Reardon Mildred Manzione Schwarz Eleanor Broscoe Steines Lois Vosmus Frances Balzer Yokajty

CLASS OF 1960 Participation 67% Total Gifts $9,359

EGAN SOCIETY Laurel Lockhart CARPE DIEM: LEADER Sr. Susan Cain, R.S.M. Barbara Chambers, Ed.D. Patricia Green Conner + Sr. M. Aurelia Helmheckel, R.S.M. Sr. Rita Kartavich, R.S.M. Sr. Mary Mark McCarthy, R.S.M. Sr. Phyllis McDonald, R.S.M. CARPE DIEM: ASSOCIATE Patricia Cavanaugh Kirk Gayle Cummings Martin CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Constance Frank Alexandre Joan O’Malley Ciucevich Carolyn Golanka Euliano Mary Bescher Johnson Mary Lou Kelly Mary Stark Miller Joan Kostolansky Santangelo

CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Janet McGough Balonick Marilyn Smith Batra Barbara Donatelli Bentze Joan Manning Connors Theresa Proulx Crowley Joan Bye Dengler Mary Anne Koss Flynn Margaret McGaughey Keough Charlotte Gray Kneidinger Jane Canada McNierney Adele Ontko Marlane Franco Paruso Maureen McManus Smith Wanda Toth Snyder BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Elizabeth Dorsogna Cano Lillian Egnot Cohen Barbara Ayers Frederick Patricia Walsh Hills Karol Clayton Hutton Carolyn Heyl Mraz Mary Anne Schubert Obmann Alexandra David Peeler Virginia Foht Strucker Mary Calafiore Wilson

CLASS OF 1961 Participation 49% Total Gifts $3,650

CARPE DIEM: ASSOCIATE Marilyn Heibel + CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Eileen Quinn Nill + CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Virginia Rossoni Adair Mary Zimmerman Doolin Maria Jalics Rita Hinman Lohan Nancy Killmeyer McNelis Patricia Pepper Shevchuk Carol Sullivan BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Dolores Travaglini Caldwell Mary Cassidy Casey Hermine Stefanski Cech Mary Connell Janet Ladley DeRosa Margaret Tellers Dupre Nancy Baird Hasted Gail Ahlers McDowell Gloria Borczon Palmer Eva Paul Plonsky Virginia Accetta Rathbun Constance Musi Swartzwelder Ann Titus

CLASS OF 1962 Participation 46% Total Gifts $3,970

CARPE DIEM: LEADER Rosemary Asher Marilyn Millard Gunther Sr. Mary Andrew Himes, R.S.M. Sr. Mary Edith Hirsch, R.S.M. CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Mary Bresnan Bukta Julia Ahern Nelson CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Elizabeth Filicky Begalla Michelle Corrigan Hittie

Carolyn Schehrer Kervin Carole Amenta Kingsley Rita Quinn McGowan + Mary Stadter Rinderle Jeanette Borczon Shannon Susan Cutter Snyder Patricia McMullen Triandiflou BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Shirley Banic Susan Bye Cain Margaret Lynch Cammarata Joyce White Caruso A. Sondra Konkoly Eckstein Judith Jones Herber Jeannie Jackson McGinley Patricia Richards Ogilvie Cynthia%i Mary Samuelson

CLASS OF 1963 Participation 39% Total Gifts $4,450

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2009-2010 Donors:


CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Geraldine Walko Allison Barbara Behan, Ph.D. Mary Defonzo Budny Mary Nash Butke Carol Weber Collis Carol Mueller Lyons, Ph.D. Ellen Becker Scharff Louanne Stout Stratton, Ph.D. Marilyn Sullivan-Cosetti BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Beth Campbell Baker Delores Waida Bargielski Deanna Linski Bliss Sandra Barnes Bonito Mary Joyce Demetter Wendy Beezub Devarieux Maryann Bebko Farwell Patricia Gillot Fluckiger Rosemary Patcher Garrity Marilyn Smith Grasso Joan Kreutter Jarzomski Mary Widowski Kananen Maryann Cuneo Komazec Judith Lohse Krasnesky M. Carolyn McCarthy Kress Marion Michaels Markowicz Theresa Donohue Medlock Karen Hergenrother Miles Carol Fuller Palcic Harriet Kantor Raia Laurel-Ann Tarby Skalko Anita Dorsogna Sullivan Nancy Vasil Marilyn Schreiner Wagner

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CARPE DIEM: LEADER Sr. Catherine Delaney, R.S.M. Sr. Rita Hettish, R.S.M. Sr. M. Teresa Okonski, R.S.M. Sr. Natalie Rossi, R.S.M. CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Karen Green Antalek Mary Daly

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BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Monica McElhinny Addison Linda Salem Burtis Jane Carney Ann Comstock Joyce Skotnicki Daniele Susan Donahue Deet Helen Cozma Deneselya Elaine Wilson Dullea Mary Ward Hajduk Christine Keim Iwig Jean Jacob Kamats Sheila Holquist Kenyon Donna Lawton Lea Patricia Nicolette Loncto Louise Curry Mason Kathryn Goetz McKeown Suzanne Metzo Metzo Mary Pacileo Paulitz Carole Kaminski Petrungar Paula Blood Pitts Rita Banic Pyrdek Shirley Miller Schilling + Barbara Kahl Shutes Catherine Considine Stemmler

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EGAN SOCIETY Elaine Kolat Kavanagh CARPE DIEM: LEADER Daniel Burke Sr. M. Stephen Calvin, R.S.M. CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Mary Morton-Bliley Therese Zupsic Reese CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Sandra Adams Christine Syguda Bailey Denise Madden Campedel Marcella Mikulec Galitsky Mary Delaney Jackson

Erie campus entrance getting extreme makeover Dozens of alumni and other friends of the college have already

being planted, bricks laid, benches and lampposts set, and the

jumped on board to help with the renovation of Mercyhurst’s front

landscaping enriched.

entrance that began during summer 2010.

Though the work will be completed by the start of fall term, the full

The East 38th Street entrance to the Erie campus has long been

grandeur won’t be felt for 30 to 40 years when the trees planted this

one of the most impressive and recognizable vistas of Mercyhurst.

summer reach their full maturity, creating a 60- to 70-foot canopy

Though Old Main is still breathtaking, over the years weather and

over Old Main Drive.

wear have taken their toll on Old Main Drive. To restore the front entrance to its original grandeur, the front entry is undergoing a substantial facelift.

Opportunities still remain to be part of the renovation effort by purchasing a personalized brick or sponsoring a tree, lamppost or bench (each marked with a personalized plaque). For details, visit

The gates will not be affected, but the gatehouses and the drive Then be sure to come back for Homecoming

up to Old Main are being restored. Additionally, new trees are

Weekend Sept. 24-26 to check out the results.

Barbara Gutoski Johnson Mary Lipani Irene Ryan Mortko Sylvia D’Aurora Reising Barbara Gloekler Sears Emily Fatica Sertz Catherine Mayersky Sullivan Patricia Sullivan BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Judith Lynch Allison Jeannette Little Barczynski Anita Bernstein Maureen Walsh Brennan Paula Semrau Coats Rita Adams Daub Rosanna Pilarski Deniro Ellen McWilliams Doane Belle Anderson Koncewicz Nancy Regruth Latimer Lynda Underwood Lefaiver Leah Edell Maselli Judith Meseck Patricia Lindeman Mickel Diane Zareski Piper Kathleen Cermak Polito Carolyn Funari Radkowski Ann Brugger Schoeller Rosalie Hodas Tellers M. Pamela Poyer Thompson Lorraine Tucker Wellington Mary Fisher Yonkers

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2009-2010 Donors: CLASS OF 1974 Participation 27% Total Gifts $3,820

Dr. Gamble with Wolves Club scholarship recipients Sarah Benson, Louise Weist, Rebecca Whelpley and Mary Frey.

Wolves’ generosity benefits students The Wolves Club, Den VIII, of Erie provides tens of thousands of dollars annually in scholarships to Erie area students attending local colleges. The service club, now 53 years old, saluted 2009-10 recipients at its annual scholarship dinner on Oct. 23, 2009. Mercyhurst hosted the event in the Walker Great Room of Hammermill Library. President Dr. Thomas Gamble welcomed the students and their parents, as well as Wolves Club members and representatives of the colleges, including Dr. Jeremy Brown, president of Edinboro University; Dr. David Christiansen, associate dean for academic affairs at Penn State Erie-The Behrend College; Dr. Charles Bennett, professor in the Dahlkemper School of Business at Gannon University; and Guy Euliano, president of Tri-State Business Institute.

CARPE DIEM: LEADER John Riley CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Jane Scura CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Lee Pitonyak Belovarac Deborah Humphreys Byars David Collins David Kuhrt James Mando Peter Maynard, Esq. Jon Myrick Arthur Oligeri III Peter Quell Kenneth Sidun William Tokarczyk John Wojdyla BLUE AND GREEN CLUB John Beck Christine Shenk Borden Randy Byrd Carol Carion William Chatenka Dario Cipriani Gary Dudenhoefer Roy Feinberg Russell Felix Pamela Habib Thomas Heberle, Esq. Phyllis Alberia Herbstritt Maureen Hunt Hinkle Mary Hoffman Rosemary Slater Johnson Cecilia Kelly Ladd John Lawson Susan Robinson Livingston Jeffrey McCann Jeffrey McConnell Tina Pastore McCracken Colleen McGraw McLaughlin Margaret Hughes Muckinhaupt Rosemary Pitonyak Nicosia Christine Dodd Pettinelli Robert Pettinelli Georgette Urgo Schriefer Kathleen Thompson Swanson Claudia Karl Tiberi Frances Daniels Tucker Julie Samick Van Volkenburg Marilyn Hirt Welsh Ann Capoccia Zieno


Bill Miller, Wolves Club president, and Dan Perfetto, master of ceremonies, made the award presentations. The club supports two scholarship funds at Mercyhurst, including the Scholarship for the Performing and Visual Arts that has made 49 awards since 1989, and an Endowed Scholarship that has made 35 grants to students in a variety of majors since 1997.

Participation 18% Total Gifts $2,787

CARPE DIEM: ASSOCIATE Kristina Reichenbach Lee CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Geraldine Sica Guyton Rosemary D’Orta Skiver CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Steve Brandon Daniel Bukowski Kathleen Jurkiewicz Bukowski, Ph.D. Virginia Mening Cappara John Daley Evelyn Bogdanski Depalma Joseph Hefferon Mary Klescz


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Debra Michaels Sardini Madalyn Brooks Shatzer Judith Przybyszewski Sipple Christine Dedad Starr Paul Toraldo Dianna Vacco Cynthia Kowalewsky Way Mary Siudzinski Weismiller Lynn Niederlander Weiss

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Langer honored for support of Mercyhurst football program

John Langer ’95 (right) was honored recently with the installation of a Captains Wall in the Mercyhurst football office. Pictured with him at the dedication are (from left) Patrick Kotek ’93, another Laker football captain; Athletic Director Joe Kimball and Head Football Coach Marty Schaetzle.

In recognition of his generous support of Laker football, college

Schaetzle said, “John’s generosity has helped our current student

officials have dedicated a new “John Henry Langer Captains Wall” in

athletes, but also has given us a chance to recognize our former

the Baldwin Hall football office.

student athletes. The John Henry Langer Captains Wall is a tribute

Head football coach Marty Schaetzle and Mercyhurst carpenter Dan Barricklow designed and constructed the oak wall to hold plaques honoring athletes who have contributed to the football program since its inception.

and ’94 seasons and is included on the wall with other former team captains. Also honored are those who have been recognized as Most Valuable Player of the Year, Special Teams Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year and Offensive Player of the Year.

2009-2010 Donors:

CLASS OF 1986 Participation 18% Total Gifts $2,275

CARPE DIEM: LEADER Jo-Ann Israel Lanzillo CARPE DIEM: ASSOCIATE Matthew Whelan

John’s support is the kind that first-class, quality football programs are based upon. He has set an example for others to follow.” Following the dedication on July 22, Langer commented, “The

Langer, a 1995 ‘Hurst graduate, captained the team during the ’93

BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Kathleen Loringer Abel Glen Allen Jr. Kevin Armstrong Anne Wolf Cable Catherine Hewitt Carper Mary Fugo Colclaser Jennifer Eck Nicholas Felice Regina Ryniak Felice Teresa McKelvy Fitzgerald Marianne Schroeck Frederick Michele Duval Georger Gregory Harayda Jack Holland Jr. Daniel Kelly Karen Smart Kirkland Patricia Presutti Leuschen Michael Lowinski Jean Moniewski Malthaner Lisa Nagle Rockwell Kenneth Rohler Jr. Marlene Judge Sekula Beth Scalise Sivak Christine Stark Slattery Martin Stepnoski Joseph Tarasovitch Robin Malinowski Turk Kimberly Torrelli Zacherl

to John, his family and the history of Mercyhurst College football.

wall really hit home with me. Mercyhurst College and its football program were and are a big part of who I am. I see not only my past, but many other football players who put in their time and their work. They, too, are going to be remembered now and in all the seasons to come.”


CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Therese Bertsch Blumenthal + Michael Faycheck Donald Gibbon, D.O. Elizabeth Burkhart Paradiso Marla Spancic Storr BLUE AND GREEN CLUB David Armstrong, Esq. Patrick Callahan Verna Carson Theresa Deffinbaugh Coufal Amy Rowand Dennen Wendy Elmer-Kaiser Kathleen Favo Finke Michael Folga Brett Frederick Christie Smith Henry Kimberly Ries Holland Mark Holland Rebecca Baldauf Kerrigan Patricia Hautzinger Kibbe Edward Kriausky Mary Tripp Laduca Timothy Latimer James Leneghan, USMC Madison Marchwinski Patricia Barrett Mayo Geralynn Hardner Nies Gary Peterson Marie Tarasovitch Peterson Gerri Bruno Piecuch Patrick Reed Susan Trkula Schuler Arthur Sommer Andree Hugar Sporer Janell Harrington Wienczkowski Richard Wienczkowski

Randall Williams Carol Gunter Wilson

CLASS OF 1987 Participation 18% Total Gifts $3,716

CARPE DIEM: LEADER Christina Difonzo CARPE DIEM: ASSOCIATE Frank Victor CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Scott Bensink, CPA Kathleen Schmidt Mariani CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Barbara Sayers Bensink Kathleen Dee Brown Alan Copeland David Hewett, CPA Jodi Abbey Hines Joseph Hines Christine Rayner Elizabeth Shewan Swantek + BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Heidi Beezub Ann O’Connor Bowser Andrew Casper John Deluca Lori Martin Devey Carolyn Witt Dittbrenner Nancy Emmi Loretta Layer Frankovitch Donald Fuhrmann Narda Gatgen-Smigel Christine Young Hess Mary Perillo Kelly Leigh Kennedy Julie Juenemann Leneghan

Lynn Robinson Lewis Jill Gifford MacKintosh Susan Marcy Kathleen McNamee Mary Niethamer Tracy Tridico Passaro Mary Portzer Patricia Miller Sacco Marjorie Gleason Sargent Brian Sheridan Daniel Spizarny Carrie Tompkins Stokes Cynthia Miller Strachan Barbara Bronakoski Wood Robert Zonna

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BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Jean Ruby Balkey Paula Bruno-Umlah Thomas Doyle Donna Gadley Suzanne Denny Gushie Mary Sullivan Hathaway Karen MacKenna Hessel Julie Dauer Larson Jason McChesney, M.D. Scott McClinton Daniel Moran Maureen Mullaney Elizabeth Altilio Nalbach Gregory Noon Eric Opron Randall Rinke Cynthia Carlson Rodgers Tracy Wasson Schrems Michelle Hondal Scurfield Thomas Shearon Gary Smith Julie Jaskolski Tabaj Ronald Tuffs Bernard Valento Amy Ward-Moody Timothy Winbush Gregory Wolf Frank Yaskula

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CARPE DIEM: LEADER Diane Erzen Dominick Christopher Mohr John Saxon

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Amy Pavlik Monteparte Julie Grippi Musbach Timothy Musbach Thomas Pearson Christine Densmore Phelps Cheryl Prescott Thomas Rinke Sheila Carone Rodgers Joseph Rupp Eric Seggi Louise Chirillo Shearon Jodi Staniunas-Hopper Timothy Valento, C.F.P. Amy Monti Vleminckx Patricia White James Whitley Roberta Wittes Cynthia Anthony Zajac

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Patricia Sebald Munz Thomas Nick Kathleen Munch Oros Sean O’Rourke Keith Parry Jill Prichard Rathburn Barbara Reynolds Rebecca Ruprecht Lori Schumacher Jill Schreckengost Sherman Jill Smith Jennifer Langford Stancil Gabrielle Bogdanski Sterner Thomas Stilley Sherry Goedecker Sweny Natalie Thunberg Jeffrey Williams

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Asperger Initiative expands with boost from federal grant An infusion of federal funds is allowing Mercyhurst to expand its array of services and outreach to students with Asperger Syndrome (AS). Congress approved the $100,000 grant for the Asperger Initiative at Mercyhurst (AIM) at the prompting of U.S. Senators Arlen Specter and Bob Casey.

When Mercyhurst launched a pilot Asperger support program with

The Asperger program also received a $5,000 grant this year from

four students in 2008, it was among only 20 programs nationwide

the William H. Albers Foundation to help fund an innovative summer

that specifically addressed the needs of students with AS. By fall 2010,

program for high school students with AS. The Watson Institute of

about 20 students are expected to be enrolled at Mercyhurst.

Pittsburgh, which designed ACCLAIM (Asperger’s/Autism College

“These individuals are very bright, but have challenges in social skills,” said Dianne Rogers, director of the college’s Learning Differences Program. “We need not only to educate them but to work on their

and Community Life Acclimation and Intervention Model) to give students a preview of college life, partnered with Mercyhurst to offer the first residential version of the program.

social and life skills so that they are able to negotiate the college

ACCLAIM students at Mercyhurst lived in a campus residence hall

community – everything from living in a dorm to time management.”

for three weeks, took a college-level course, and experienced the

AIM plans to hire students from Mercyhurst’s graduate program in

independence and social demands of college life.

special education to work with AS students as they acclimate to

For information about the Asperger Initiative at Mercyhurst, contact

college life, offering counseling support, academic services and social

Rogers at (814) 824-2450 or You can

coaching to help them succeed.

read more about Mercyhurst’s many services for diverse learners at

The federal funds will also allow AIM to work with local partners like Kaleidoscope and the Barber National Institute to provide social skills training and job preparation for students. In addition, AIM will expand continuing education about Asperger for its own staff, for college personnel and for the Erie community.

2009-2010 Donors: Amanda Moser Burton Douglas Dailey Joseph Devoy Patrick Doran Sarah Drexler Mark Dukovich Mary Falk Tina Fielding Fryling, Esq. Craig Gehm Mary Schveder Hardy Noreen Herlihy Thomas Heutsche Tracy Doty Heutsche Maria Kelly Lynelle Kress Juliana Calabris Lytle Michael Majersky T. Colm McWilliams Laura Whiteman Miklinski Beth Miller Robert Morrison Karianne Huther O’Connor Antonietta Tripodi Quinn Lori Cooney Sheridan Krista Lewis Westfall

CLASS OF 1993 Participation 12% Total Gifts $1,416

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Beth Hurrianko Murphy Beth Nichols Melissa Weber Parker Nicole Geraci Parker Joel Pentz Susan Perry Kristine Demarinis Petersen Clement Power Nancy Sherwood Louis Viselli Barbara Wenig Robyn Braunroth Williams Katy Colvin Wolfrom

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2009-2010 Donors: Hugh Shiels Veronica Sivak Tina McMahon Spano Walter Szpak Adam Tills Elizabeth Jubeck Triggiani Effie Tucker Paul Watkins Heidi Schnaekel Woodrome

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CLASS OF 2001 Participation 13% Total Gifts $1,469

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Dana McMillin Tammy Bottoni Merriman Michael Miller Caroline Millikin Ted Nagorsen Lori Niskanen Joanna Olmstead Christina Pantoja Julianne Randazzo Annette Kloss Ringer Charles Roae Thomas Roberts Alyse Robertson Joseph Roperti Valerie Sander Ruhlman Zachary Smith Catrina Spano Robert Spitzer Jason Staley Tamra Strohmeyer Vanessa Swickline Tabitha Taber Jeffrey Thiel Albert Veverka Rachel Voorhies Daniel Wagner Ryan Wagner Michael Walsh Jillian Skladanowski Wellington Dale White Matt Zinna

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Dana Fracassi Annette Gardner Debra Gourley Margaret Harold Colleen Jackson Ross Johnson Julie Kruszewski Erin Lenz Lori Letender Marecic Grant Marshman Ashley Masi Hilary McCall Jacob Meinking Amy Natalie Jeffrey Nowling Elizabeth Platz Ramona Ramos Lauren Randall Megan Turi Roperti Brandi Salvatore Daniel Shumate Rikki Smith Jared Snyder Christie St. George Brenda Steib Stefanie Steinmetz Delight Stevens Pamela Swaney Kelli Kightlinger Trenga Lauren Vaccariello Lindsie Weaver Madeline Widen Christopher Williams Jessica Zajac Brandon Zangaro

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Michael Gleason Kimberly Griffin Hillary Gruss Sara Heald Quincey Higgins Brandon Hill Amy Todd Kennerknecht Colleen Lanigan Lynn McBride Joshua McCain Laura McCarthy Jacqueline McCarty Michael Miele Craig Moone Lucille Murphy Ilmari Niklander Meghan O’Hara Aaron Parks Jason Pedra Jessica Provenzano Daniel Schuler Dominique Semeraro Jessica Shane Gary Smith Tammy Steger Adam Stewart David Suscheck Jr. Andrew Tait Jon Tirk Jr. Elizabeth Torrence Matthew Wagner Ryan Wallace Cody Wellman Catrina Wollan Elise Yablonsky Frank Ziegler

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Lauren Hanson Shawn Hitchcock Gina Domenichelli Illingworth Kristie Jennings David Kocher Jerome Krakowski Noelle Lelakus Jeffrey Lewis Thomas McKinnon Jessica McNurlen Kelly Minnich Dylan Morris Megan Nissel George Noble Jr. Daniella Nunnally Jennifer Oblock Kelly Oldach Phillip Palmer Amy Perfett Amanda Placek Daniel Reilly Dane Renwick Cole Salo Alicia Santoliquido Christine Somera Anthony Spencer Marissa Starin Julie Stenstrom Nicholas Testa Michael Thomas Cory Tubo Sandra Watro Zachary Wild Gary Williams Jr. Kelly Wilson Leanne Wzontek Kathleen Zinn

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CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Mihailo Jovanovic CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Bryan Boyce Jacquelyn Kennedy Fink Lauren Kubinski Rachel Meyer Adam Rowley Brittany Strier Shaun Williams BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Sharon Angerer Ryan Arnold Nadine Bower Candy Hendricks Brundage Molly Carlson Ashley Carman Christina Coovert Tricia Daley Eric Delio Caley Doran Kaitlyn Faucett Lorraine Vandyke Frownfelter Caleb Gnage Jenna Golden Grigoriy Grigoryan Adam Hammer Michele Handzel Rebecca Heintzman Nicole Hlavaty

MNE facilities named for longtime benefactors Longtime Mercyhurst supporter

people joined the Millers to celebrate

Janet Miller was caught by surprise

the naming of the building.

on Sept. 12, 2009, when the newest addition to the facilities of Mercyhurst North East was dedicated in her honor.

Dr. Steven Symes explains the capabilities of Mercyhurst’s state-of-the-art anthropology labs to Patricia Callan. Callan serves on the board of the Orris C. and Beatrice Dewey Hirtzel Memorial Foundation, which funded the lab project at Mercyhurst North East.

2009-2010 Donors: Sarah Holecek Nicholas Johnson Jennifer Kelly Sr. Hellen Khisa Timothy Knecht Hailee Maiorano Ryan McCartney Patricia McMahon Lisa Melander Daniel Mudd Kerry O’Connor Elizabeth O’Neil Megan Peluso Jeffrey Powell Sarah Powell Jacquelyn Pyrdek Brian Reddan Christine Rehnert Jessica Rudisill Aaron Sanner Heather Schwager Ariana Smaczniak Lindy-Jo Smart Kara Stadelman Haylie Starin Christine Stockton Lauren Szydlowski Ashley Trabinger Margaux Valenti Alex Nees Van Baalen Shannon Warchol Stephanie Wilkens

“It would not have been possible for us to expand to over 1,000 students in North East without the addition of this building,” said Mercyhurst

The former First National Bank

Vice President for Advancement Dr.

Building, which houses Mercyhurst’s

David Livingston. “Once again the

police academy, public safety

Miller family has been visionary in

institute and nursing programs, is

its generosity to Mercyhurst and

now known as the Janet L. Miller

provided just what was needed at

Center for Growth and Academic

just the right time.”

Excellence. It was acquired and renovated through the philanthropy of the Robert S. and Janet L. Miller Family Foundation. More than 120

Six weeks later, another dedication took place at the Miller Center when the Hirtzel Human Anatomy and Forensic Anthropology


CLASS OF 2010 Participation 55% Total Gifts $15,407

CARPE DIEM: ASSOCIATE Kira Ceppaglia CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Katelyn Balconi Nadine Beres Leann Boyd James Brody Amanda Byrnes Chelsey Crawford Alan Damiani Garrett Evans Chelsea Feltrop Anna Marie Glomb Katrina Herring Katlin Hess Sara Hoffstetter Julie Hranica Renee Kiefer Angela Long Cerissa Lynch Jillian Marshall Tara McGuire Adam Olszewski Patricia Sanders Joseph Spadafore Katherine Tompkins Elliott Tubbs III Daniel Wise CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Katherine Barszcz Jennifer Beruk Kelly Binner

Lauren Binner Heather Buechner Michelle Clemens Louis Colquhoun Brittany Coppola Erin Dascher Bruno Didiano Michael Dugan Jemma Homer Leanne Magestro Elizabeth Maier Zachary Manuel Jessica Pachlhofer Eliza Quigley Kathleen Rhodes Nicholas Roberts Alyson Sandrock Justine Swanson Abby Walker Emily Walker BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Zoey Alderman-Tuttle Marissa Almeter Nicole Ambrogi Stuart Anglum James Armstrong Perry Avery Marta Baran Beth Baxter John Bennett Amy Bergan Pawel Bialk Lauren Bianco Tyler Bidwell Tomás Bolger

Theresa Bonvissuto Beth Boyd Ryann Bradford Amy Breininger David Brooks Chelsea Buckley Angela Calabretta Stephanie Caluori Blake Camlin Patrick Campbell Amelia Carland Ronald Cierniakoski Kimberly Clarke Erica Cleghorn Litza Coello Cody Collins Andrea Conlon Michelle Conroy Erika Conway Emily Cranston Stevie Crisci Carrina Crow Jonathan Delvecchio Kathryn DiNunzio Kristy Distante Rachel Divosevic Kyle Doyle Maciej Dudkowski Meghan Dwyer Christopher Dyakon Michele Ebert Cullen Eddy Rachel Edwards Amanda Ehrbar Chris Eline

Elliot Engelmann Danielle Feller Amanda Fisher Derek Fisher Meagan Fogel Kristen Fogle Oonagh Foley Angela Fortunato Sara Fredette Valerie Fuhrman Colleen Gaffney Elizabeth Gallea Elizabeth Galloway Emily Galuszka Chris Gilson Kelly Gregorevich Colin Gregory Shea Grimaldi Matthew Grogan Alexandra Halin Erica Handley Laurel Hanna Spencer Harrell Kyle Hart William Heffernan Adam Herbaugh Dave Hetrick Kevin Hoffmeyer Megan Houston Michael Hubert Megan Hull Jeffrey Hultgren Meghan Huver Sarah Iabone John Iborg

Laboratory was unveiled. Made possible by a $1 million gift from the Orris C. and Beatrice Dewey Hirtzel Memorial Foundation, the laboratory has taken its place among the best-equipped and staffed forensic labs in the country and is providing unprecedented learning opportunities for science and nursing students at Mercyhurst. “We’re giving our students the advanced technology and hands-on learning they need to be successful in graduate school and in the

Robert and Janet Miller, whose gifts have been instrumental in the remarkable growth of Mercyhurst North East, were honored when the newest building there was named.

job market after graduation,” said President Dr. Thomas J. Gamble.

Scott Inman Natalie Iovino Daniel Jacome Jennifer Jarema Amy Jarosz Brittany Jeffords Benjamin Jennings Travis Jessick Brian Johns Ashlee Johnson Katarina Jovanovic Brian Kenny Garrett Kensy Ryan Kerr Adam Kessler John Khuri Jennifer Kitchens Jill Kreiensieck Joseph Laffey Kelly Lancaster Jamie Laturell Rachael Leavenworth Brendan Lewis Marissa Lewis Danielle Llewellyn Benson Lo Courtney Loper Mitchell Lorig Vanlam Luu Kristen MacEllven Johanna Malmstrom Daniel Martinez Douglas Maslar Sarah Massucci Catherine Mathews

Shawn Mattioli Karla Mayorga Demond McDonald Emily McDowell Emily McGorry Conor McKenna Margaret McKosky Cara McLeod Elizabeth McMullen Ian Michalski Sladjana Milicevic Alexandra Miniri Robert Mogel III Andrea Moncada Jocelyn Montmarquet Elizabeth Morningstar Constance Morrison Alfredo Mortensen Allison Muck Maegan Mueller Ryan Mulligan Cara Murphy Chelsey Murray Michael Nelson Lacey Neugebauer Kristen Nicklas Oscar Ordonez Alvarado Braedyn Ordway Sarah Osborne Andrea Pallais Caitlin Palmieri Sarah Pati Marissa Petroff Jennifer Pisula Kyle Plante

Katie Podyma Jasmine Powell Luke Prattico Stephanie Pugh Maria Rambuski Alicia Rankin Megan Rasmussen Thaddeus Rauluk Jenelle Remington William Revak Todd Richardson Lauren Rinaca Kathryn Riolo Christopher Risi Ashley Ristau Jessica Roberts Lauren Roberts Kerrie Rosenheck Dinorah Sanchez Maria Sanita Matthew Sansone Charles Saylor Kathleen Schaub Marie Schiappa Adam Schlessel Eric Schmalzried Alyssa Schmidt Daniel Schonauer Andrew Schuler Michael Sciulli Daniel Scutella Samantha Sellinger Celeste Shefferly Lauren Shermet Joshua Shurina

Jonathan Sibert Rafael Silva Michelle Simpson Kerrie Smith Trevor Sones Drake Spence Chase St. Louis Laura Stevens Michael Sullivan Gregory Summy Devon Swanson David Swickline Ashley Szabo Shannon Theus Hillary Tietsworth Libny Tovar Christie Turak Kristen Van Buren Ashley Vinopal Matthew Visco Karleen Vogt Mary Vuono Christopher Walker Emily Warren Sarah Warthen Elizabeth Watson Joseph Weidenboerner Benjamin Wells Kathryn Wicus Emily Williams Ronald Williams Jeremiah Wise Kyrie Wolfe Matthew Wood Angelina Woodburn

Cameron Woods Jordan Zangaro Arianne Zimmerman Kacie Zolkowski


CATHERINE McAULEY SOCIETY Mary Ann Baldauf ‘85 + Patricia H. Loadman Thomas D. Loadman


Thomas J. Gamble, Ph.D. Donald R. McKeever Linda T. McKeever Garth Parker Louis J. Porreco Darby A. Scalise ‘81 Jay Scalise ‘76

CARPE DIEM: LEADER Daniel V. Burke ‘69 Elisa Cirell Nicholas Cirell Mary Ellen Dahlkemper ‘73 Christopher J. Gilson Janet C. Gilson Laura Ott Carolyn Schermerhorn Floyd Trouten Joseph Washko

Donors get ‘gift of dance’ at appreciation event Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Gamble welcomed more than 160 guests to the college’s annual Donor Appreciation Day event on Feb. 6. Both longtime supporters and students who have benefitted from their generosity attended a performance by the Mercyhurst Dancers at the Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center. “Raw Edges,” staged during winter term each year, showcases innovative works by emerging choreographers in genres including modern, jazz, classical and contemporary ballet. Prior to the performance, President Gamble gave special recognition to Margaret McMahon, a 1937 Mercyhurst graduate, for both her many years of consistent support to Mercyhurst and her longstanding membership in the college’s O’Neil Society. He presented her with a framed print of “Springtime at Mercyhurst College,” created by alumna Bethany Krowsoski . A reception followed in Cummings Art Gallery.

2009-2010 Donors: CARPE DIEM: ASSOCIATE Ludlow L. Brown, Ph.D. Sandra M. Burns Anatole Cisan + Heidi Cisan + Jennifer Craig Steve Craig Sandra L. Gregg Walter E. Gregg Thomas P. Hubert ‘77 Kathleen M. Kindler Stephen J. Kindler Sr. James G. Lanahan Donald L. Mennel Louise M. Mennel Mary Beth Santucci ‘73 Camille R. Schroeck ‘68 + Frank B. Victor ‘87 Anthony J. Vizzi + Lynne M. Vizzi + George E. Willis Rolande Willis

CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Brian Cockell Peggy Cockell Janice Duckworth + Doris Handzel Richard J. Handzel James W. Helfrich + Edward J. Hess Judith A. Hess Barbara J. Howard Rosemary K. Jennings Walter F. Jennings Sue A. Johnson ‘73 Amy T. Karstedt ‘80 Gordon A. Karstedt ‘80 Janet L. Kuhn ‘84 Donna J. Lopez Ramon A. Lopez Eric Lundgren, M.D. Lauren Lundgren Sandra Masterton Thomas F. Masterton Barry K. Nuhfer Michele Overdorf ‘80 Brad Pattenden Wendy Pattenden Dan Perfetto Brenda J. Petri Jayne M. Randall + Ronald D. Randall + Leslie A. Reed Eileen M. Seames David F. Smith Marilyn M. Smith ‘71 Karl H. Takacs Catherine M. Valerio Thomas V. Valerio Barbara B. Weir Jeremy Weir Monica C. Zewe


President Gamble honors Margaret McMahon ’37 on Donor Appreciation Day.

Debra A. Altman John C. Altman Ruth G. Auld ‘01 Linda R. Babcock Myron F. Babcock Jeannie K. Backes


Keith D. Backes Kathy Barninger Carolyn Beck Melvyn D. Beck Alfred V. Behr Jr. Sandra L. Belfiore ‘66 Gary Bendus Patricia Bendus Kerrin Bloomquist ‘77 Patricia A. Boyce William L. Boyce Karen Brentlinger Terry Brentlinger Raymond P. Brown Sherry J. Brown Daniel M. Bukowski ‘75 Kathleen T. Bukowski, Ph.D. ‘75 Anthony Bukta Cheryl Bukta Kathleen B. Burgett ‘73 Karen Burhenn Ray E. Burhenn Jane M. Burke ‘70 Corrine J. Cassa Gale Catalino Michael Catalino Mary J. Collins William Collins Carol Connelly William L. Connelly Sheila S. Coon ‘72 Susan M. Corbran ‘73 Sheila Corrigan Catherine Coyne Cheryl A. Danowski ‘76 Donelle A. Davey ‘76 Christine M. Dedionisio Barbara Denman Jon Denman John J. Diloreto Patricia O. Diloreto Kathleen P. Dolney Ellen K. Dugan Patrick W. Dugan Jamie Dulaney Robin Dulaney Jon Echternach Karen Echternach David Ezzo Loretta Ezzo Clara Ferraro R. Edward Ferraro Wayne D. Festa Jacquelyn R. Fink ‘09 Joseph Fredette + Julie Fredette + Helene Fyffe Ralph Fyffe Tom Gallagher, Ph.D. Joan Gillung Mike Gillung Cynthia Gorgos Mark Gorgos Scott A. Gorring ‘89 Shawn M. Gorring ‘88 Darlene E. Grandinetti Dolores M. Griswold ‘71 Janice E. Haltigan John B. Haltigan Barbara A. Hansen Richard Hansen

Lisa T. Heffernan William M. Heffernan Antoinette Henderson Jonilee F. Hlusko ‘82 Diane K. Hopton John D. Hopton Beverly Hornyak Daniel Hornyak Dan Jennings Wendy Jennings John M. Jimenez Kim M. Jimenez John M. Johnson Charles Joy Dawn Joy Karen W. Kaufman Mike Kaufman Rosemary Kaveney ‘54 Kenneth A. Keirn Tamara P. Keirn Ricarda Kelly-Walrond John Keppler Karen Keppler Dale King Debra King Diane Koontz Dennis J. Kowalski, Ed.D. Teresa L. Kowalski Joanne M. Kubinski Linda C. Kufel Thomas J. Kufel John M. Leisering Katy L. Leisering Michelle Leonhard Steven Leonhard Joan Lincoln Elaine J. Maier James T. Maier James D. Mando ‘74 Christopher J. Marafioti Jennifer S. Marafioti Debra A. Martin Ernest J. Martin James R. McCabe Pamela McCabe Ermin R. Melle Patricia M. Melle Laura L. Merritt ‘07 Craig Meyer Kristina Meyer David Mohr Mary Ann Mohr Debbie W. Morton Dennis Myers Meg Myers James W. Nies Jr. ‘99 Marion E. Nies William F. Normoyle Ambrose N. Oberdorf Desdemona Oberdorf Ywonne Ostrom Joseph Ott Roseane Paligo ‘79 Kathleen K. Palmer Paul H. Palmer Sharon Perkins Greta Perry Michael Perry Laurie J. Peyronel John Pitt Kenneth Pollard

Kristine Pollard John M. Pultan Suzanne Pultan Dorothy Pusateri Dennis Rak Marilyn A. Renkes Linda M. Rowley ‘83 Diane M. Rutkowski Teresita M. Sansone Thomas Sansone Craig J. Sauers Jean A. Schaetzle Martin A. Schaetzle David P. Schenck, D.O. ‘89 Barbara Schmitz Kenneth Schmitz Chris T. Schwabenbauer Constance M. Schwabenbauer Amy J. Seech Mark E. Seech Dana Simmons Mark Simmons Cecelia Sindoni John Sindoni Brian J. Slattery Susan L. Slattery Patricia A. Sluberski Robert J. Sluberski Joanne L. Sorensen ‘01 Emil M. Spadafore Kathleen Spadafore Nancy M. Steadman Robert B. Steadman Melinda B. Stevens Robert W. Stevens Barbara R. Strier John G. Strier Howard Taylor Sandra L. Taylor Debra M. Tice Timothy M. Tice Gary W. Trenti Rita P. Trenti John W. Twidale Margaret L. Twidale Judy Ubrey William Ubrey Susan Urschel Theresa A. Vince Thomas G. Walrond Kathy M. Weidenboerner ‘83 Joanne Whaling ‘97 Jane M. White Roy M. White Peter Wilbur Veronica Wilbur

BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Beverly Achesinski Leo Achesinski Jeanette Adamczyk Thomas Adamczyk Frederick A. Adamus ‘81 Lisa K. Alarcon Robert G. Alarcon Gerald Altilio Janiene Altilio Anthony Amatangelo Betty J. Amatangelo ‘04 Dennis J. Andres ‘72 M. Catherine Andres, Esq. ‘72

Jeffrey W. Arnold Peggy S. Arnold Robin J. Arnold Linda Ashworth Scott Ashworth Ann M. Badger Joseph C. Badger Alan R. Baker Kathleen W. Balconi Timothy J. Balconi Mark Baldelli Dick Banda Liann Banda Anne D. Beach Randy W. Beach Barbara Beidler Mark Beidler Rita M. Bell ‘67 Edward G. Bich Guadalupe M. Billingsley ‘83 Belinda E. Bonacquisti Charles Bonvissuto Donna Bonvissuto Ann K. Bowser ‘87 Marlene Bradley Michael P. Bradley Jeffrey Bradstreet Susan Bradstreet Daniel Branchick Candy C. Brown Raymond Buyce, Ph.D. Catherine S. Campbell Eric M. Campbell James W. Campbell Helene Carland Barbara A. Carley Richard L. Carley Jr. Daniel Carlins Eileen Carlins Verna G. Carson ‘86 Keri Cartwright-Cox Kevin T. Celarek Shannon F. Celarek Edward Champlin Kathleen Champlin Chris L. Chapman Rush G. Chapman Debra Church Todd Church Kornelijus G. Cieminis Linda C. Cieminis Bryan Cleghorn Catherine L. Cleghorn Bruce S. Cohick Lisa F. Cohick Kathleen M. Connick Brendan M. Conway Sr. Margaret Conway Loretta M. Cook Randall W. Cook Christine B. Cotter Denis Cox Robyn Crago Stephen Crago Valerie A. Crofoot ‘76 Jeanne M. Cummings Joyce Daniele ‘68 Gary F. Daught Mary Beth Daught Frank D’Aurora Margaret D’Aurora

Lyna M. Debner Mark Dombrowski ‘06 Ann Domino Joel Domino Timothy Dommermuth Philip A. Dubsky ‘79 Shelagh Dubsky ‘79 Patrick M. Dunn ‘78 Rebecca S. Dzurik ‘98 James Eaton Linda Eaton Dennis J. Ebner Jeanne M. Ebner Marie Eighmey Mark Eller Susan Eller Rita Elliott Joan Falatovich Stephen Falatovich Lynn K. Falk Bonnie Fallon Louis A. Fallon ‘07 Gene Farison Janet L. Farison John P. Farrell Michelle J. Farrell Melissa Favret Thomas Favret Louis A. Ferranti Rebecca S. Ferranti Jeffery Ferrick Anne C. Ferris David R. Ferris Lori A. Finger Terry A. Finger Lisa Fiorello Alicia Fisher Jeffrey Fisher Mary J. Fitch ‘83 Alice M. Flanagan Donald B. Fogel Molly Fogel Michael J. Folga ‘86 Mark T. Folland ‘77 Daniel R. Franks ‘78 David J. Franks Lisa Franks Douglas W. Franz Judith A. Franz John Fretthold Kathleen Fretthold Larry J. Frownfelter Lorraine M. Frownfelter ‘09 Kathleen M. Garbach Raymond Garbach Jr. Linda Garcia Marc A. Garcia Mary L. Gardner Russell J. Gardner Jr. Mary A. Garrett Roy L. Garrett Michael Garvin Susan Garvin Larry P. Gauriloff, Ph.D. Daniel G. Gehres Virginia P. Gehres Joseph F. Gehringer ‘03 Rhonda George Kenneth Gerber Michele Gerber Donna A. Giambra

Remembering Dr. Helen Mullen

Mercyhurst College lost a veteran trustee and a former academic dean with the death of Dr. Helen Fabian Mullen on Feb. 8, 2010. The college and the Sisters of Mercy also lost one of their best friends and most loyal supporters. After graduating from Mercyhurst in 1947, Mullen earned both a master’s degree and a doctorate in curriculum from the University of Pittsburgh and went on to a distinguished career in higher education. She was a senior administrator for 28 years at Robert Morris University, serving as dean of enrollment and as dean of the School of Continuing Education and Executive Studies. Following her retirement in 1993, she returned to her alma mater, where she was academic dean at the Erie campus, dean of the McAuley Division, and assistant dean of students. Since Robert Morris started out as a junior college, she had a special understanding of two-year programs that she put to use as the first academic dean at Mercyhurst North East. Mullen served on the Mercyhurst board of trustees for nearly 20 years, sharing her knowledge of higher education with the Committee on Academic Affairs, her student advocacy with the Committee on Student Life, and her love of the Sisters of Mercy with the Committee on Mission. The college will miss her wisdom and her insights.

2009-2010 Donors: Robert J. Giambra Charles Glover Dorothy E. Glover ‘66 Carleton Goodhart Michelle M. Goodhart Rebecca Gorres Richard Gorres Debra M. Gourley ‘06 Donna M. Gower Robert L. Gower Annemarie J. Gramza Mark R. Gramza Barbara J. Gray Ross S. Gray Marne Griffin Patrick Griffin Linda R. Gruss ‘80 Raymond S. Gruss, Esq. ‘79 Frank E. Hagan, Ph.D. Fred Hale Virginia Hall Michael A. Harold David Haurin Ronie Haurin Albert Herhal Mindy Herhal Bernadette Heuer James Heuer Janice M. Higgins + William J. Higgins + Dan Hirst Karen Hirst Andrew Hislop Mary Hislop Julie Hitchcock Richard Hitchcock Donna Hoh Jeffrey Hoh Janet Houston Terry Houston Leslie Howell Peter C. Howell Lisa Huff William D. Huff Gary W. Hultgren Joan M. Hultgren Cue T. Huynh Son H. Huynh Daniel E. Hynes Anthony L. Iovino Dina M. Iovino Gary A. Jaskiewicz Patricia M. Jaskiewicz Jerome P. Jaworowski ‘81 Michele Jergel Rick Jergel Lisa Jeschawitz Robert Jeschawitz Elizabeth H. Jolie Jacques Jolie Deborah B. Kaplun Richard Q. Kaplun Julianne Karsznia ‘70 Alan Kerner Deborah Kerner Kim F. Kezlarian Mary M. Kezlarian Dorothy-Jean E. Kiefer Paul N. Kiefer Joseph E. Kimball Angela King


David King Kris King Valerie J. King Donna J. Kissel Kevin Kissel Ronald Klukan Rose M. Klukan Peggy C. Knoche Michele Koballa Michael A. Kocent Robin A. Kocent Andrew M. Kociban Lora L. Kociban Candy A. Kole Frank K. Korczyk Tamera J. Korczyk Linda L. Krahe Michael A. Krahe Howard M. Kubinski Alfred Lachance Eileen Lachance David W. Lamm Kathleen M. Lamm William J. Lang Joseph E. Lanzel Dan M. Lawrence Leah M. Leuschel Michael Leuschel Charles Lewis Debra L. Lewis Pamela Lewis Eric A. Lindahl Patricia Lindahl Maureen R. Lippincott Patricia M. Loncto ‘68 Linda Lunz Chris J. Magoc, Ph.D. Carrie Maiorano Ronald Maiorano Amy J. Marburger James O. Marburger Mary Alice Maslar Richard L. Mast Yvonne F. Mast Alice M. Maxim ‘81 Edward O. McAdams Jr. Maureen McAdams Kathy J. McCall Robert L. McCall Beverly McCarty Michael McCarty Cindy B. McCullough ‘84 Miriam C. McCully Thomas M. McCully, Ph.D. Pamela S. McDowell Cindy McEwen Jeannie McGuire Mary F. McIlroy William J. McIlroy Brian J. McMullen Mary Ann McMullen Cathy McNamara John McNamara Patricia A. McNamara Jesse McNurlen III Jodi L. McNurlen Mark E. Medwid ‘94 Janice C. Messina Joseph T. Messina Karen L. Meyer Lorraine Mialki

Donna J. Mikulec James A. Mikulec Nathaniel Miljus Jr. Virginia A. Miljus Arthur H. Mills II Sueann N. Mills Bonnie J. Mioducki Robert J. Mioducki Francis Moltz Therese Moltz James Montmarquet Kathy Montmarquet Elizabeth J. Morgan Teresa V. Morgan Ann K. Mulligan Thomas Mulligan Lori S. Murphy Donald Nahser Eileen Nahser David Naugler Edwin A. Negron ‘80 Maureen Negron ‘81 Barbara L. Nickerson Mary B. Niecgorski Charles Niederriter Kerry Niederriter Robert Nields James Nies Myron L. Nordin Pamela S. Nordin Lyn A. Null ‘81 Mark Null Kathy O’Connor Elizabeth R. O’Kain William M. O’Kain Michael Opalko Michelle Opalko Michael J. Patnode Judith Perfetto Susan H. Perry ‘95 Barbara Pieczynski Henry P. Pieczynski Jan H. Pierson Mary E. Pierson Susan Pinkel Daniel P. Pomorski Theresa M. Pomorski Byron Post Karen Potocki Anne L. Poux Rita V. Pyrdek ‘68 James M. Quigley Kimberly J. Quigley Martin F. Quinn ‘02 Dennis Ramsdell Dawn P. Raniero Joseph M. Raniero Jean Rearick Randall Rearick Charles G. Reddan Kathleen K. Reddan Patrick D. Reed ‘86 James R. Repucci Thongyoi Repucci Janet M. Richards Lori Richards Michael S. Richards Francis J. Rizzone Carl E. Roberto Sandra M. Roberto Michael C. Roddy

Sharon Roddy Dianne D. Rogers Dennis E. Ryan Sharon D. Ryan Janice I. Schaller ‘90 Donna Scheetz Gary Scheetz Marion Schroter Connie Schutta Lawrence Schutta Donna Sculley Patrick Sculley Madalyn B. Shatzer ‘76 Candy S. Smith Charlene Smith ‘93 Dennis L. Smith Deborah Snedden Daniel A. Sorensen Kristine Spada Michael Spada Andree M. Sporer ‘86 Gwen Stepanian Leo Stepanian Martin M. Stepnoski ‘85 Kelly Stolar Virginia Strucker ‘60 Beverly A. Stumbaugh James E. Stumbaugh Jr. Martin Sturgess ‘77 Brenda K. Sutherland Ronald A. Sutherland Michele Tapajna Marie Tavani Robert Tavani Janet L. Telego Stephen A. Telego Sr. Anthony J. Testa Karen G. Testa Diane M. Tollar Thomas M. Tollar Ann M. Trapolsi Beth S. Tubbs David J. Turcsanyi Kathleen A. Turcsanyi Michael Vaccaro Susan Vaccaro Deborah K. Velchoff James G. Velchoff Cynthia A. Waidley Gerard J. Waidley ‘80 Michell K. Walczak Steve J. Walczak Anthony G. Wanner Mary E. Wanner Leslie Warner Mary A. Warren Susan Washko Cynthia M. Way ‘76 Cynthia Weber Michael Weber Carol Webster William Webster Dean Weibley Susan Weibley Joseph P. Weidenboerner ‘10 Maryann Weiss Beth White Darrell White David G. Wille Jayne S. Wille Tracy Williams

Diane Wolf Donald J. Wolf II Barbara A. Wood ‘87 Joann Wowkowych Stephen Wowkowych Debra M. Wurst Carolyn A. Yaple Ronald J. Yaple David L. Young Rosemary Young Elaine Zgoda Paul Zgoda

EMPLOYEES Alice M. Agnew Barry D. Agostine Arthur C. Amann, Ed.D. Betty J. Amatangelo ‘04 Ruth G. Auld, Ph.D. ‘01 Jennifer Bach ‘94 Gregory J. Baker Samuel J. Barlekoff ‘08 Andrea Barnett Patricia D. Bedell-Pulito Phillip J. Belfiore, Ph.D. Allan D. Belovarac, Ph.D. ‘73 Lee A. Belovarac ‘74 Patricia H. Benekos ‘83 Peter J. Benekos, Ph.D. Jennifer E. Berke, Ph.D. Missi Berquist ‘00 Christian T. Beyer ‘04 Peggy L. Black, Ph.D. Julie M. Bliss ‘97 Jane M. Blystone, Ph.D. David R. Bokulich ‘05 Douglas L. Boudreau, Ph.D. Analida I. Braeger ‘02 Jamie M. Breneman ‘05 Jeanette C. Britt ‘94 Shirley A. Britt Gary M. Brown, Ph.D. Ludlow L. Brown, Ph.D. Kathleen T. Bukowski, Ph.D. ‘75 Daniel V. Burke ‘69 Raymond Buyce, Ph.D. Daniel W. Byler Daniel E. Cabanillas ‘97 Keith D. Cammidge Eric M. Campbell Corrine J. Cassa Jennifer L. Cassano David J. Cherico ‘79 Randy S. Clemons, D.A. Paul S. Colontino ‘00 Sheila S. Coon ‘72 Christopher Coons Jennifer Coons Meghan M. Corbin ‘08 Susan M. Corbran ‘73 Andrea E. Coughlin ‘07 Robert D. Cullen Mary A. Daly ‘66 Betty D. Damper Donelle A. Davey ‘76 David A. De Sante Christine M. Dedionisio Hemangini Deshmukh Gaetano Di Pietro

Donald L. Dombrowski Karen M. Donnelly Alice A. Edwards, Ph.D. Verna M. Ehret, Ph.D. Michelle C. Ellia ‘07 Eric G. Evans Karen Evans, Ph.D. Lynn K. Falk James S. Feeney George Fickenworth Jacquelyn R. Fink ‘09 Jonathan Finke Alice M. Flanagan Amanda C. Flick Michael J. Folga ‘86 Thomas A. Forsthoefel, Ph.D. Kyle W. Foust, Ed.D. ‘89 Larry J. Frownfelter Lorraine M. Frownfelter ‘09 Tina M. Fryling, Esq. ‘92 Thomas J. Gamble, Ph.D. Annette M. Gardner ‘06 Stacey A. Gaudette Daniel F. Geary Daryl V. Georger Patrick A. Giammario ‘99 Joan S. Giannelli Earleen R. Glaser Michael S. Gleason ‘07 Albert Glinsky, Ph.D. Lisa S. Gomersall Louis J. Goulet ‘02 Adam P. Grady ‘08 Shirley A. Greene Dolores M. Griswold ‘71 Suzanne M. Gushie ‘88 Janice M. Haas ‘02 Frank E. Hagan, Ph.D. Lori A. Hamblin ‘93 Penny A. Hanes Sara Headley Thomas J. Herman David O. Hewett, CPA ‘87 Theresa A. Heynoski Anita S. Higgins ‘05 Robert Hoff Jacob Hordych Joseph E. Howard ‘03 Thomas P. Hubert ‘77 Tauna Hunter Colin Hurley Robert J. Hvezda Gina A. Illingworth ‘08 Jeffrey S. Illingworth ‘00 Gilbert A. Jacobs, Ph.D. Patricia M. Jaskiewicz Linda B. Johnson Sue A. Johnson ‘73 Lucille G. Jonason Darci R. Jones Jane M. Kelsey Aaron J. Kemp Darcey L. Kemp Joseph E. Kimball Monnie Kirkpatrick Joseph A. Kloss ‘98 Lawrence G. Kozlowski Lori J. Krasnesky Joanne M. Kubinski Christopher F. Lachapelle, Ph.D.

Krista Lamb James G. Lanahan Melissa M. Lang ‘99 Nicholas P. Lang, Ph.D. Colleen M. Lanigan ‘07 James J. Lassman ‘99 Michael V. Leal Dennis C. Lebec David C. Leisering Debra L. Lewis Laura Lewis, Ph.D. Patricia J. Liebel ‘53 Travis M. Lindahl ‘00 David J. Livingston, Ph.D. Marilyn Livosky, Ph.D. Caesar N. Lombardozzi ‘99 Brady Louis Maryann Love ‘93 Mary Ann Lubiejewski, R.N. Judith M. Lynch, Ph.D. Charles Magalhaes Chris J. Magoc, Ph.D. Christopher M. Mancinelli ‘05 Jean M. Manross David K. Marsh Sr. Lisa Mary McCartney, R.S.M., Ph.D. ‘71 Sr. Phyllis M. McDonald, R.S.M. ‘60 Dana K. McMillin ‘05 Darlene S. Melchitzky ‘89 John Melody ‘90 Thomas A. Merlino Jr. Laura L. Merritt ‘07 Karen L. Meyer Keiko T. Miller Lisa M. Miller Arthur H. Mills II Janet E. Minzenberger Marion E. Monahan Brenda L. Moore ‘94 Elizabeth J. Morgan Debbie W. Morton Ted W. Nagorsen ‘05 Christopher V. Niebauer ‘90 Marion E. Nies Barry K. Nuhfer Richard M. O’Dell, Ph.D. Alison L. Ollinger-Riefstahl Diane Z. Onorato Mary Ann Owoc, Ph.D. Bruce H. Parkhurst Jenell Patton Stephen Perkins Jack Petri Laurie J. Peyronel Elizabeth J. Platz ‘06 Matthew D. Platz Kristine Pollard Sarah J. Powell ‘09 Jessica A. Provenzano ‘07 Brian D. Reed, Ph.D. Leslie A. Reed Jenelle C. Remington ‘10 Willard M. Rice Deanna Richard Kathy S. Richardson Sheila W. Richter ‘77 Roy A. Ridondelli Christina M. Rieger, Ph.D. Randall W. Rinke ‘88 Brian D. Ripley, Ph.D.

Francis J. Rizzone David Rockwell Jeffrey W. Roessner, Ph.D. ‘89 Dianne D. Rogers Justin M. Ross Linda M. Rowley ‘83 Diane M. Rutkowski Bradley W. Sage ‘03 Mallory A. Sampson Martin A. Schaetzle Carolyn Schermerhorn Sr. Michele M. Schroeck, R.S.M. ‘88 Beth A. Sheldon ‘01 Brian R. Sheridan ‘87 Sherrie L. Shumate ‘04 Kenneth J. Sidun ‘74 Amy Skarzenski Judy A. Smith, Ph.D. Marilyn M. Smith ‘71 James A. Snyder, Ph.D. Mary H. Snyder, Ph.D. Eldon K. Somers Charles M. Spano Joseph C. Spano Adrian M. Spracklen ‘90 Jodi Staniunas-Hopper ‘89 Thomas F. Staszewski, Ed.D. Kelly Stolar Marnie M. Sullivan, Ph.D. Patricia A. Sullivan ‘69 Stephen F. Szwejbka ‘83 Debra A. Tarasovitch Shawn J. Terlecky ‘97 Judith E. Thomas Gerard A. Tobin, Ph.D. Michelle Tobin Gary D. Veshecco ‘81 John Villa Cynthia A. Waidley John B. Walker Daliang Wang, Ed.D.. Shannon C. Warchol ‘09 Kathy M. Weidenboerner ‘83 William J. Welch ‘06 Sr. Patricia Whalen, R.S.M. ‘63 Joanne Whaling ‘97 Dale D. White ‘05 Karen C. Williams, Ph.D. Cathy L. Windeatt Barbara A. Wood ‘87 Debra M. Wurst Peter A. Yaksick, D.Ed. Raymond A. Yost Kimberly J. Zacherl ‘85 Monica C. Zewe Laura M. Zirkle Peter B. Zohos ‘97

FRIENDS PRESIDENT’S SOCIETY Jacklyn Baumann Joseph Baumann John Costigan Robert L. Fessler* Robert T. Guelcher, M.D. J. Douglas James Richard D. McKissock Michael Redlawsk Barbara Sincak Michael Sincak



Rachel Burke Robert P. Hausmann + Thomas E. Kavanagh Michael P. Martin Anthony Minunni Michele Ridge Tom Ridge Brenda A. Schuppe Scott J. Schuppe Cecily P. Sesler William Sesler, Esq. Laurene R. Spires William Springer Hillert Vitt + Lorraine Vitt + Geraldine Zurn

CARPE DIEM: LEADER Ron Bayusick Geoffrey Dunn, M.D. Edward Grout Edward A. Lesser Francis K. Mainzer, M.D. Joan Mainzer Michael A. McCormick Gloria New Henry T. Pietraszek Susan Riehl Christine N. Trouten

CARPE DIEM: ASSOCIATE Carol Z. Bloomstine William C. Bloomstine Jonathan T. Burns Mark G. Calcagni Dianna L. Collins Philip C. Collins Margaret C. Davis Eileen Engel Bonita M. Farley John H. Farley Tom Ferraro Jan Friedman Phil Friedman, Esq. Keven D. Gregg Raymond Griffin Rhonda Griffin Walter O. Harf Leonore R. Larubbio Jack Livingston Louise M. Marchione Edward M. Mead + Kristina W. Morrow Robert L. Morrow III Cynthia L. Rensel Kenneth L. Rensel Albert S. Richardson Jr. Peggy Richardson Michael Rubino Laura C. Ryan, Ph.D. Nicholas Santiago Virginia Santiago Sean Wayling Rob Weber Kathleen G. Whelan Leigh Williams

CARPE DIEM: AFFILIATE Matthew Baumann J. Douglas Breon J. Charles Brock Gary Cacchione David Catt Emma Catt Daniel E. Cirell Dawn Cirell Jayne K. Conahan Sarah De Witt W.G. De Witt Alissa A. Decarbo Roger M. Decarbo Mark Fainstein Mary Kay Geary Lisa M. Gerstenslager William R. Gerstenslager Jack Gold, M.D. Maxine Gold Donald E. Grassi Regina M. Grassi Joann Ivey Vitus J. Kaiser, CPA Gloria M. McKeever + Molly E. Moore Jay Murphy David S. Oyler Rebecca S. Oyler Cheryl A. Patten Joyce Perowicz Joseph Popp Jaclyn Sauers Charles Schaaf Lita Schaaf Anne Schenos David Seitzinger Jeff Urraro John Vahanian Charles R. Weber Stephanie Wood Barbara Zurn David M. Zurn

CARPE DIEM: INDUCTEE Thomas M. Aleksa Jean L. Allison William G. Allison Martha B. Ames David R. Andrews Mary Jo Andrews Edward B. Babowicz Robert S. Baker Amy L. Barbarino James M. Barbarino Rose M. Bargielski Andrew S. Barninger Paul Bates Michael Baum + Suzanne Baum + Elizabeth F. Beidler Joyce Bilak + Ronald Bilak + John T. Blike III Rose M. Blike Randy W. Bond William J. Boyd Charla J. Brentlinger James A. Brentlinger Mike Brodi John P. Brolly

2009-2010 Donors: Kathleen P. Brolly Donald G. Brozich Mary M. Brozich Julia R. Butler Elizabeth Carlson Gary D. Carver Jay F. Cassa Therese Celmer Katelyn R. Chandler Jami A. Chapman Ronald W. Chapman Ben Cockell K.M. Conway Debra Corrado Paul J. Corrado Richard W. Corrigan Jr. Joan Cross Richard Cross Terese M. Cybulski William J. Cybulski Renee Deglau Robert Deglau Mary S. Delaura Grayce Di Vecchio John E. Di Vecchio Richard Dibacco J. Dana Divecchio Julie A. Divecchio Kelly Dobbs-Corrigan Joann K. Dobson Joe Dorris Janine Dreyfus Richard D. Dreyfus, M.D. Nancy L. Eddy Richard B. Emling Harry L. Evanoff JoAnne Evanoff A. Jolene Featherstun Glen A. Featherstun Peter T. Fensel Jim Filson Kenneth R. Gamble William M. Gamble Jean M. Gardner Louise W. Garrelts Martha Gehrlein James J. Giszczak Janet E. Giszczak Edward W. Goebel, Esq. Rita A. Goebel Margaret A. Goodman Roger C. Goodman Oracio Gordillio Carlene F. Graham Richard J. Graham Krista Gray Tama J. Gresco-Sauers Karen J. Griffin Patrick O. Griffin Amy Griffith Theresa A. Guerini Sheryl Haraczy Regina Harrison Scott B. Herzog Jordan L. Hogan Charles E. Hopton Phyllis A. Hopton John Houston Lon W. Howey Susan A. Howey Dolores Imbrunone


Charles Ingram Emily Ingram Nelson Irizarri Robert Jackson Charles A. Joy, M.D. Esther M. Joy Joseph L. Kala Nancy Kala Mark Kensy Sharon Kensy John C. Kerber Mary J. Kerber David C. Kirkwood Mary K. Kirkwood Matthew Kirlough Mike L. Koontz Mary A. Larsen Dian Larson Gregory L. Larson Julia A. Lauria Christie Leal Barbara Leschorn Janel Levin Irene D. Louis Graham Lund Marian Lunoeen James J. Malone Leonore Malone Cynthia L. Mando Tom Manucci Luther Manus Thomas J. Matusiak David F. McCall Melinda McCall Mike McCall Robert J. McCammon Terry B. McCammon Jacquelyn A. McCarthy Steven C. McKeever Kathleen M. McNamara Patrick E. McVey Gary H. Mervis Catherine M. Moscatelli Mary A. Mroz Deborah Murphy Douglas S. Murphy Michael T. Murphy + Cheryl Normoyle Donald Nucerino Charles F. Obert Linda M. Obert David O’Dessa Joann D. Painter Susan B. Parry William L. Patterson Jr. Thomas G. Phillips Aimee E. Plante Jeannine Prindle Rob Prindle Chris A. Pustelak Meleah Pustelak Dennis D. Ranalli Mary L. Ranalli Mary B. Rawa Thomas K. Rawa Rose Mary Renner Ronald P. Rodgers Raul Rodriquez Robert I. Ronksley Tyler D. Rowley Marty W. Ruley

Don Rybar Russ Rydzewski Luis R. Sanchez Nilsa Sanchez Gale M. Sander Colleen S. Sarkisian Gregory C. Sarkisian Gloria J. Sarver Charles J. Sauers Patricia Sauers William L. Schick Roy O. Schilling Linda J. Schneider M. Lauretta Schneider Robert W. Schneider Don Schwab Jane Schwab Rita Scrimenti Jerry A. Seames Charles A. Sherlock Lois J. Sherlock Frederick T. Sickert Sr. Marilyn R. Sickert Ronald Sickler Richard Skowron Marimichael Skubel Helen G. Sluberski Joseph S. Sluberski Joan M. Smith John R. Smith Scott Socha Ken Stepherson Bari O. Stith, Ph.D. Richard L. Stith Dianne P. Stumbaugh Robert A. Sturm Edwin A. Szewczyk Maxine M. Szewczyk Deborah A. Szwejbka Mary D. Tellers Martha M. Tingley G.W. Trichel Jr. Margaret M. Trichel Andrew Trujillo Walter W. Turner Randy Urschel Kathy E. Vasilius William A. Vince Maria Wawrzyniak Albert E. Wehan III Alvin M. Whan Donald J. Wilkey James J. Wolf Mark R. Wolfe Geraldine L. Woodbridge Carol K. Wright J.H. Wright Margaret M. Yackel Ted R. Yurkiewicz Kay Zielazienski Paul Zielazienski

BLUE AND GREEN CLUB Theresa M. Adamus Andrea R. Addison Derek D. Addison Layda Afanadol Daniel Agramonte Chuck Agresti Jane Aiken John E. Aiken

Angelo Alicea Alice Allen Kira L. Allen Scott Allen Stella J. Allison Terry S. Allison Nergie Andino Joan Andreassen Lillian Andujar Heather Anen Kathryn A. Angelini Mark R. Angelini Leann K. Appel Paul V. Appel Darla Arbogast Donald Arbogast Louis C. Arcovio Nancy A. Arnold-Reynolds Maribell Arvelo Edward T. Aschley Lucille F. Aschley Steven Asroff Susan Asroff Dennis P. Aures Mary Ann Aures Lisa Avila Jose Ayala James Azzarello Susan M. Azzarello Dolores Bachmaier Marianne Bachmaier Claude Bailey Sr. Jean A. Baird John G. Baird J. Cylene Baker Richard J. Baker Maxine E. Baldelli William Baldelli Donald Bambarger Sandra Barkei Thomas Barkei Anita M. Barker Julie Barkley Scott Barnes Rose Barr Dale J. Bartizal Joan A. Battersby Darlene C. Beach James F. Beach Roger D. Bean Joyce Beardsley William Beardsley Jr. Leah A. Beckmann Pamela Bednar Darlene A. Beer Fred W. Beer Norma J. Behr Matthew T. Beidler Melissa Bell Gord Bendus Gordon Bennett, M.D. John C. Berg Theresa M. Berg Donald Bezila Pamela Bezila Betty Bialomizy Stan Bialomizy Jennifer A. Bishop Mary D. Blackett Christopher J. Blanchard Marco A. Blanco

Thomas R. Blecki David T. Blike Sr. John T. Blike Sr. Frances H. Blount Wayne N. Blount Martha D. Blucher Roland E. Blucher Peter C. Bol Anna J. Boles Louis Bonacci Rosanne Bonacci Michael W. Bond Gorge Bonifacio Tyler R. Bowditch Merton D. Bower Megan R. Brady Richard F. Brauer Sharon D. Brauer Karen M. Braxton Daniel M. Brennan Andrew J. Brentlinger Joanna L. Brentlinger Wendy R. Bresien Lynn M. Bresslin Ian P. Brooks Bradley J. Brown, DDS Karen M. Brown Kenneth C. Brown Jr. Kerri L. Brown William T. Brown Patricia A. Bruschi William Bufalari Lisa M. Buffington Mark T. Buffington Henry D. Bujalski Marcella P. Bunge Richard P. Burgbacher Rafael B. Burgos Jack L. Burns Gertrude Burr Tyler T. Burton Frances Q. Buseck Catharine M. Buys Susan Buzanowski John W. Byers Diane D. Byrne James F. Byrne Jane Byrne Emily Cabanillas David A. Calabrese Renee C. Calabrese Jim Calder Robert A. Caler Ruth M. Caler David S. Callaghan Ellen L. Callahan James F. Camp Bruce Campbell Elizabeth Campbell Emily Campbell Harvey R. Campbell Mary A. Campbell Cathleen Cannon David G. Cannon Frank G. Capuano Joann C. Capuano John Carey Susan A. Carey George W. Caric Sally L. Caric George R. Carlson

John Carpenter Dave Carter Melissa A. Chalker David L. Chandler Sharon K. Chandler Diamond T. Charnas Laurel Charnas Rose M. Chludzinski Doretha Christoph Jeanette Chrzanowski John M. Ciccone William F. Clancey David M. Cline Teresa L. Cline Louis A. Clouatre Suanne Coates Lyman Cohen Marylin Cohen Leonard D. Cole W. John Collins Chad B. Compton Sharon Compton Paul Conlin Bernadette Connelly George E. Cook Jolynn D. Cook Michael Cook Tom Cook Charles J. Cooper Eualdean Cooper Frances M. Cooper Joseph A. Cooper Margery A. Cooper Steven R. Cooper Ben Corbin Lori A. Corrigan Mary Ellen Corrigan Richard W. Corrigan Sr. Thomas J. Corrigan Elizabeth A. Corritore Luddy Corsi Paula A. Corsi Zachary R. Costa Christopher Coufal Donald A. Cowles Gordon R. Cowles Michael Cox Jeffery S. Crague Julia A. Crague Stephen M. Craig James A. Craven Laverne E. Craven Norman Cressley Howard D. Crisswell Barbara A. Crosby Elizabeth C. Crosby Janet Cruz Lizabeth D. Cucco Michael J. Cucco Matthew J. Cumming Christopher P. Cummings John A. Cunningham Julie A. Cunningham Edward J. Curtin Patricia Curtin Denise A. Cuscino Nancy M. Cuscino Anita Cuthbert Dick Cuthbert Dana C. Dahl Jr. Mona M. Dahl

Rodney E. Dale Tanisha Dale Cathy Damiano James A. Dammeyer Kathleen Dammeyer George S. D’Arcy Nina M. D’Arcy James A. Darmstedter Lorraine Darmstedter Daniel E. Davids Marie E. Davids Barbara Davies Richard Davies Amelia J. Davis Wayne C. Dearment Polly DeDad Jackie C. Deemer Thomas C. Deemer III Jose A. DeJesus Charles S. Dellinger Dorothy M. Dellinger Carol J. Delo Marcia A. Demerest Walter L. Demerest Patricia Denman Mary C. Desmone Jacqueline DiFucci Raylene M. Dill Catherine M. DiPietro Brian Dishinger Katie Dishinger Ronald W. Dombkowski Beverly A. Dowdell John J. Dowdell John W. Draskovic Maureen A. Draskovic Louis Dubensky Rebecca Dubensky Angela Dudenhoeffer Helen K. Dupont Robert Dupont Conswello Duran Lawrence R. Eckhardt Christine I. Ehrman Steve C. Ehrman Teresa Eiffert Bill Engell Ruth S. Englert Donald L. Eppinger Susan S. Eppinger Katherine M. Erbacher Lodema L. Erbacher David H. Erdman Tanya R. Erdman Karen Ernst Robert E. Ernst Janet Marie S. Ersher John R. Ersher Frank Fabin Alan H. Facter Enid J. Facter Daniel J. Faes Larry I. Fairchild Shelby J. Fairchild Cynthia S. Featherstun Jeffrey D. Featherstun Steven Feckanin Agnes R. Federowicz Richard Feltenberger Margorie Ferrick Marjorie Ferrick

James J. Fialkowski James M. Fialkowski John M. Fialkowski Norma J. Fialkowski John Finch David N. Fisher Kristen A. Fisher Douglas Fitzgerald Greg Fitzgerald Norma Jean Fitzpatrick Timothy J. Fitzpatrick Rebecca Flaherty William J. Flaherty Jr. Kenneth J. Flak Kevin A. Flanagan Freddy Flores Michael Flynn Alice L. Ford Andrew B. Fornadel Lisa M. Fornadel Coralee Fox Stanford K. Fox Donna J. Foyle Michael P. Foyle Jennifer Fracassi Amanda Frantz-Mamani Susan L. Frawley Jody E. Freeburg Richard E. Freeburg II Gary D. Froehlich Mary P. Froehlich Randy A. Fyffe Sherry A. Fyffe Josephine Ganzer Marie Garda-Knoche Samuel Garwig Brian A. Gaye Pamela A. Gaye Lisa Gensheimer Anne M. George Diana S. George Jack S. George James W. George Thomas A. George Anthony J. Giardina Lucy M. Giardina Edith H. Gibbs Richard Gibbs Victoria S. Giddens Aimee T. Giles Jane Gillahan Robert H. Gillahan Edward Girovsky Sophie R. Girovsky Jessie Giszczak Anthony J. Giuliano Kimberly J. Giuliano Jann M. Glove Richard W. Glove Julie A. Gocal Linda V. Goedert Robert H. Goedert Edward C. Golembeski Andres Gonzalez James E. Gorgos William C. Gorgos Harry G. Gorton Timothy R. Gower Carol Grabowski Barry J. Gray Robin B. Gray

Angie Long ’10 presents the Senior Class Gift to President Dr. Thomas Gamble. The funds raised by the class of 2010 helped pay for a new green roof over the Zurn Hall ceramics lab.

Making a fashion statement at the 2009 McKeever Golf Outing: Elliott Cook, Matt McKinney ’05, Matt Zinna ’05 and Ted Nagorsen ’05.

Matt Deibert ’89 with wife Fran and children Molly, Emily, Frances, Liam, Ian and Matthew

Trustee gifts fund first endowed Mercy chair The generous support of two Mercyhurst College trustees – William C. Sennett, immediate past chair, and the late Charles A. Dailey Jr. – has created an endowed chair at Mercyhurst. President Dr. Thomas J. Gamble announced that Dr. Mary Hembrow Snyder has been appointed the Endowed Chair in Mercy and Catholic Studies, and described her as “a dedicated teacher, scholar and administrator whose passion for the charism of the Sisters of Mercy, for theological studies, and for the mission of Mercyhurst College has permeated her life.” Snyder, a member of the college’s religious studies faculty for more than 23 years, will also direct the newly formed Center for Mercy and Catholic Studies. The center will focus on the five critical concerns of the Sisters of Mercy: the economically poor (especially women and children), immigrants, the environment, racism and nonviolence. The center will also focus attention on the rich Catholic intellectual tradition and collaborate with Erie’s Roman Catholic Diocese in a variety of educational efforts. On Oct. 7, 2010, the center will launch an annual lecture series when it presents Dr. Terrence Tilley, Avery Cardinal Dulles SJ Professor of Catholic Theology at Fordham University. Tilley, a former president of the Catholic Theological Society of America, will discuss “The Liberal Arts, the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, and the Search for Truth.” His talk, at 7:30 p.m. in Mercyhurst’s Walker Recital Hall, is free and open to the public.

2009-2010 Donors: Scott R. Gray Susan J. Gray Kathleen Green Donald Griffin Jean D. Griffin Julianne Grimaldi Robert A. Grimaldi David J. Grutkowski Grace M. Guelcher Robert P. Guelcher Diane Guerine Morton F. Guerine Anthony J. Guizzotti III Robert Haas Rebecca D. Habyan William D. Habyan Carla K. Hamilton M.Q. Hamilton Morris R. Hamilton Jr. Valeta J. Hamilton Patrick S. Hanna Christopher J. Hanson Maribeth Harmon Renee Harold Noelle L. Harrold Dolores M. Hart Robert L. Hart John T. Hatheway Kimberly A. Hatheway Barbara Hauck Sandra J. Haugh Paul Havern Stephanie Havern Alison Hawes William Hawes John E. Hayford Patricia A. Hayford Laurie A. Haynes Harvey L. Heath Judy R. Hecht Richard L. Hecht David M. Hedderick Jeanne Heid-Grubman Karla J. Helisek Thomas P. Helisek Janine M. Henry Peter K. Henry Mary Ann Herd Janeth E. Herman John Herman John M. Herman Katherine D. Herman Michael A. Herman Rosalia Herman Charles Hersey Sr. Kimberly Hessong Dianne C. Hibbard Terry D. Hibbard Mary J. Hiestand Richard R. Hilinski James A. Hinze Myra F. Hinze Angeline Hoderny Joseph S. Hoderny David L. Holben Marion S. Holben James C. Holler James C. Holler, M.D. Janet J. Holler Teresa M. Holler Joanne Homicz


Judith Hondzinski Karrie R. Hopton Mark K. Hopton Kathleen E. Horwatt Paul T. Horwatt Evelyn J. Houston Mark Howell Aaron Hoy Juana Huambachano Irene B. Hudak Rudolph P. Hudak Timothy D. Hudak Carl Hultman Zebariah Hursh Joseph L. Iovino Susan M. Iovino Colleen J. Isaacs Gregory L. Isaacs Cherie L. Jackson Eddie Jackson Janet Jackson Judith B. Jackson William J. Jackson Daniel A. Jarnot Andrea A. Javor Joan D. Jersey Michael F. Jeschawitz Cristino Jimenez Mirta Jimenez Arta J. Johnson Donna M. Johnson Elizabeth M. Johnson Krystal L. Johnson Timothy L. Johnson Greg Johnstone Daniel A. Jones Deacon W. Jones Jeff Jones Laura L. Jones Marian Jones Gary Junge Sandra J. Junge Joe Kaligowski Lee R. Katchen Jr. Sam Kaufman Jane E. Kay Daniel R. Keddie Rosanne R. Keddie Dorothy A. Keil Howard Keil Jason L. Kelley Kristin M. Kelley Robert M. Kensinger Joyce M. Keough Matthew F. Keough George Keppler Jr. Leslie Keppler Magdaline Keppler Martin Keppler Dennis R. Kerfoot Bruce A. Kern Joanne F. Kern Diane M. Kiehl William R. Kiehl Gordon T. Kihorany Suemarie Kihorany Catherine Kimball Donald M. Kinecki Dorothy F. King Anne K. Kirkpatrick Michael S. Kirkpatrick

Judy Kissman Joseph Klan Julie A. Klein Kevin P. Klein David Klimkewicz Mary Jane Klimkewicz Diane D. Kline Marilyn J. Kloss J.P. Klus Howie Klymas Mary Klymas Carly B. Kneuer Charles Knoche Jr. David R. Knoche Rose B. Knoche Marsha Knoster Timothy P. Knoster Deborah L. Kolb Jon P. Kolb Daniel S. Kopec Geraldine A. Kopec Julia E. Koper David M. Kopolovich Nancy J. Kopolovich Francis Kowalski Richard E. Kozak Sandra J. Kozak Barbara Koziarski Rachel A. Krasowski Virginia Krenzer Elizabeth Kresconko Kevin C. Kresconko Frank Krist Mitchie Krist Joseph D. Krowsoski Betty Krysiak Marcia Kubera William Kubera Brigitte G. Kucharski Paul S. Kucharski Regina C. Kufel Robert C. Kuhn Joseph Kuligowski Ruth A. Kuligowski Marilyn P. Kunick Terrall J. Kunick Patricia A. Kuntz Regis J. Kuntz Jr. Michele D. Lamport Reid B. Lamport Jennifer Lanzilotti Tony Lanzilotti Anthony T. Lauria Patricia A. Lauria Esther Leaoux Thomas P. Lechowick Bonnie Lechtner Larry Lechtner Richard M. Lechtner German Lesmes Kimberly Lesmes Nicole A. Lesnick Beverly A. Levengood John H. Levengood Angie Lewis Paul S. Lewis Blair L. Lilley Ivan L. Lilley Sr. Judith D. Lilley Sara R. Lilley Paula Lindsey

Robert L. Lindsey Lucille A. Link Gregory A. Lints Mary L. Lints Jane Lipinski Stanley Lipinski Barbara D. Littell Robert D. Littell Kenneth A. Loeb Nancy A. Loeb Mark N. Loecher Jane E. Loewer Thomas J. Loftus Katie Logusz Wally Logusz J. Paul Lombardo Sally M. Lombardo Philip N. Long Jr. Sharon M. Long Lois J. Lopeman Amy E. Luce Gregory M. Luce Gary Ludwig Marilyn Ludwig Clara Lugo Andrew J. Lulias Sultana T. Lulias Amy L. Lund Peter Lund Gary Luniewski Kathleen D. Lutz Richard L. Lutz James Lynch Elizabeth L. Mackall Millard F. Mackall Frances Macrino Norbert Madura Michelle Magermans Paul H. Magnotto Christina M. Maier Cynthia K. Maier James C. Maier Jerald M. Maier Marjorie J. Maier Mary D. Maier Neil W. Maier Dianne M. Maihle Fred L. Maihle Jr. Doug Mallett Charlotte Mankowski Richard Markiewicz E. Jane Marnicio John D. Marnicio Paul J. Martin Timothy B. Martin Nicole D. Martinez Ashley D. Martz Rusty L. Martz Patricia Marvin Haley E. Mascellino Charlotte P. Mashyna Katherine W. Mattson Mark R. Mazzoni Maureen McCall Clifford J. McClain Coreen F. McClain David McConahy Marjorie L. McConahy E.C. McCowin Nancy L. McCrystal Terrence P. McCrystal

Kathleen S. McCutcheon Timothy S. McCutcheon Jeannene L. McDaniel Robert E. McDaniel Jamie McDowell Katie A. McGoff Donna McGowan James R. McKeever Charles McMahon Carmen Medina Cornelia Mertz John T. Mertz Phil Messenkopf Kayleigh R. Messinger Beverly T. Metcalf George R. Metcalf III James Metzler Lois Metzler Dorothy Migliozzi Jerry J. Migliozzi Jerry J. Migliozzi Jr. Tracy Ann Migliozzi Sherri Mihm Jennifer A. Mihu Brandon M. Mikolich Katherine R. Mikolich Laura A. Miles Beatriz A. Miranda Daniel F. Mitchell Julie Mitchell Scott Mitchell Joe Mofnihan Brian Molinaro Kathleen Molinaro Sandra L. Moll Mirian Montalvo James A. Montero Vanessa L. Moody Larry Morehouse David T. Moriarty Gayle Morris Greg Morris William Morton Angela Mullikin Martha L. Munoz Sandra Munoz Nick Muntean Daniel M. Murphy Jr. Donna N. Mushrush Kenneth W. Mushrush Lucy C. Negron John M. Neiswender Karen Neiswender Sheila H. Nesky Gerald F. Neuner Patricia M. Neuner Barbara Newell William Newell Bruce C. Nicholas Ellen Nichols Donna Niecgorski Babe Niedzwiecki Billy Ninopoulos Barbara Nobles Herbert Nobles Gary P. Noel Sharon Noel David Novack Donald F. Nowak Charles D. Obert Kelley A. Obert

Daniel J. O’Connor Carolyn Ogden John E. Ogden Joseph R. O’Hara Jr. Elizabeth W. Olejarski Joseph F. Olejarski Daniel L. Oliastro Linda J. Oliastro Geraldine Oligeri Paul Olson Bryan J. O’Neill Emily E. O’Neill Jeff Onorato John R. Osborne Jr. Rosemary Osborne Thomas Osiecki Edward W. Pagano Jr. Kathryn M. Pagano Matthew P. Paige Nina Palmateer Blinky Palmer Carolyne Palmer Frank Palmer Marnie Palmer Michelle D. Palmer Jane H. Paolini Margaret M. Paolini Angie M. Parillo Edward V. Parillo J.L. Parillo David Parlet Janice M. Patsilevas Justin M. Patsilevas Brent I. Patterson Erin Patterson Ann Pawlowski John C. Pawluk Michael A. Pelini, M.D. Patricia M. Pelini Patricia A. Peresan Frank A. Perpetua Cynthia A. Petraglia Robert P. Petraglia Debbie Petross Mary Pettey Dawn Petti Thomas V. Petti Mary E. Pettys Robert A. Pettys Joseph A. Pfundstein Kelly Pfundstein Ken Pheasant Mary Pheasant Lisa G. Phillips Randall L. Phillips Edward L. Phipps Sandra H. Phipps Derek K. Pino Kathleen M. Piotrowicz E. Paul Pitzer John R. Pitzer Julie B. Pitzer Alex Podgers Barbara A. Poerio Frank T. Poerio Judith Polaski-Brown Ronald E. Pollard Taylor R. Poropat Janet Prezioso Michael H. Prezioso Richard Prezioso

Joan O’Malley Ciucevich ’60 and Marlane Franco Paruso ’60

Megan Darcy Walsh ’89, Stacey Cefola Miller ’89, Dr. Gamble, Michele Maxwell Reuss ’89 and Jill Wohlhueter Roth ’89

Theresa Proulx Crowley ’60 and Joanie K. Santangelo ’60

Bill Mason and Emma Newby Mason ’59

Pat Green Conner ’60 and Barbara Donatelli Bentze ’60

Donor Appreciation Day ’10

Beth Baxter, a 2010 graduate in athletic training, thanks Kim and Nick Scott at the 2010 Donor Appreciation Day event. She received an award from the Pauline R. Scott Scholarship Fund, named for Nick Scott’s mother.

Laurene Spires was among the honored guests at Mercyhurst’s 2010 Donor Appreciation Day. A longtime supporter of the Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center, she established the Laurene R. Spires Scholarship Fund, which has been providing scholarships to incoming music education students since 2002.

Laurel Hanna, center, received the Kimmel & Porris Family Scholarship. She’s pictured during Donor Appreciation Day with Dr. Phillip Belfiore, vice president for academic affairs; her parents, Thomas and Julie Hanna; and Brady Louis of the advancement office.

Brady Louis of the advancement office congratulates Ashly Harrison and Lisa Ostrowski, recipients of the Margaret Eckerd Brown Hamot Medical Center Nursing Scholarship. Both earned associate degrees in nursing at Mercyhurst North East.

John Watson, who’ll be a junior intelligence studies/Russian studies major in fall 2010, received the PNC Bank Endowed Scholarship. He’s pictured at Donor Appreciation Day with his parents, John and Diane Watson, and Sheila Coon of the advancement office.

Christopher Cummings and his mother, Jeanne Cummings (right), chat with Sheila Coon of the advancement office at Donor Appreciation Day. The recipient of the Jean R. O’Shei ‘36 Endowed Scholarship, Christopher graduated in 2010 with an English degree. After Jean O’Shei’s death in 1995, the O’Shei Foundation established the scholarship for Buffalo area students.

2009-2010 Donors: Sally Prezioso Lorie Prince Wealthie B. Prince Dennis M. Proefrock Jean R. Proefrock Barbara M. Protzman Bob Protzman Robert L. Protzman Joseph Pruchinski Mary K. Przybysz Stanley J. Przybysz Donna J. Pucciarelli Joseph A. Pucciarelli Dolores Pudlick Donald G. Pudlick Julio E. Quezada Sarah Quezada Scott Quezada Stephen T. Radack III Adam A. Rak Susan M. Rak Timothy R. Raley Tesa M. Ramsdell Sally Range Linda S. Rawding Randolph C. Rawding Susan B. Rawding Linda J. Rebish Donald N. Redmond Mary M. Redmond Barbara A. Reese Robert G. Reesman Sharon P. Reesman Lisa Rennell Anna Marie Rettger Richard C. Rettger Nancy Reyer Marilyn A. Richards Sidney G. Richards Kimberly A. Rider Timothy J. Rider Carole Riggs Gordon Riggs Patricia D. Riley Steven E. Riley Jr. Chuck Robertson John E. Robertson Kathleen A. Robertson Kay K. Robertson Bernitta Robillard Jaime M. Robles Ildefonso Rodriguez Santo Rodriquez Edward C. Rogala Sandra Rohal Albert W. Rood Barbara S. Ropelewski Jerome J. Ropelewski Malta Rosa Victor Rosa Lewis W. Rosselli Patricia A. Rostas Greg Rubino Lisa Rubino A. Christine Ruddock N. Thomas Ruddock Daniel Ruedeman Carol B. Russo Thomas F. Russo Noha N. Ryder


Philip A. Ryder Ronald J. Sabol Theresa A. Sabol Raul Salas Aramis Santiago Luis A. Santiago Denise Santieu Mark Santieu John Sanza Curtis J. Sauers Liz Scarpelli William Schaaf Tom Schaeffer Helen M. Schaetzle Henry J. Schaetzle Katherine Scheider Annie M. Schiller Robert Schilling Florice Schlessel Melinda Schlessel Norman Schlessel Mary C. Schmitz Ronald J. Schmitz Edward Schooley Gerald M. Schroeder Jerry Schroeder Marianne Schroeder Katelyn A. Schulmeister Calla Schulte Henry Schulte Henry L. Schultz Jr. Carol L. Scott Kim B. Scott Nicholas C. Scott Tracy R. Scott Kimberly M. Seier Richard J. Seifert Gladys P. Shaffer Wade Shaffer Alexander A. Shahidi Karen P. Shahidi Judy Shapiro Patricia Sharrer Alan Shaw Karen Shaw Carlton Shea Joan M. Shea Robert J. Shea Allen J. Sherlock Lisa A. Sherlock Christine Sherman Jay Sherman Cindy Shoskin Stuart Shoskin Dennis K. Silsby Patricia E. Silsby Thomas D. Simmermon Frank Sinfer Fred Sipple Maria Slattery Serena L. Slattery Bernard J. Slomski David C. Slomski Philip A. Slomski Rachel M. Sluberski Carol L. Smith David G. Smith Deborah J. Smith Frank W. Smith Lois C. Smith

Phillip A. Smith Sandra B. Smith Troy M. Smith Joseph E. Soliwoda Jr. Susan M. Sontag Susan S. Sosinski Florence V. Sova Victoria S. Spada Sharon A. Spellacy Gretchen D. Sprague Igor Stalsky Marietta Stalsky Karen Stanford Timothy Stanford Joe Steadman Tracey Steadman Vincent Stefanelli Clifford J. Stephan III Shannondoah Stephan Beverly J. Stevens James F. Stevens Georgia E. Stone Timothy D. Stone Clara V. Straight Barbara J. Strayer Wayne A. Strayer Marissa K. Stuart Melissa D. Stuber Russell J. Stuber Deborah Stull Julie L. Stumbaugh Dorothy Suchy Emil L. Suchy Brett Sumbrum Lena Surzhko Jerome J. Svitak Karen M. Svitak Anne Swift Donald Swift Mary Jo Swizdor Eva Szantho Laszlo Szantho Eniko Szendrey Douglas J. Takac Margaretann M. Takac Darrell Taucher Marilyn Taucher Viola A. Tavender Clarence F. Taylor Greogory D. Taylor Lynne M. Taylor Rose Marie Taylor William J. Taylor Elaine M. Templeton Thomas H. Terry III Debra L. Thamann James B. Thamann Christy L. Thomas Robert T. Thomas Richard W. Thompson Mary C. Tighe William P. Tighe III Michael Tkach Patricia Tofel Jeanine M. Tome Richard J. Tome Nanci Tomeo Thomas Tomeo Peter Tonsoline John E. Tress

Violet J. Tress Kim E. Trott Thomas L. Trott Alex J. Trouten Christine Troutman Emily M. Tucker Mark J. Turk Mary Ann Turk Charles T. Turner Lori B. Turner James M. Tuszynski Christopher R. Ulrich Lois C. Urban R.F. Urban J. Patrick Urschel Marcia J. Urschel Alex N. Uszacki Daniel Uszacki Darlene Uszacki Kathleen Uszacki Robert R. Uszacki David Van Amburg Eric Van Damia, D.M.D. Shelley Vandenberg Adrian VanRoestel Anita VanRoestel Melissa Velchoff William Velez Richard A. Vella Gerard S. Vienne JoAnn T. Vienne Wanda L. Vienne Shirley Vogel Kathleen M. Vogtle Barbara H. Walker Carol Ann Walker Dorothy A. Walker Nancy L. Walker Wayne P. Walker Heidi J. Walling Mark R. Walling J. Ellis Walrond Shirley A. Walrond Marguerite Wander Daniel J. Ward Mary P. Ward Ruth E. Warner Robert L. Warren Sharon A. Wasmund Mary Watson Andrew G. Wawrzyniak Teresa G. Wawrzyniak Yvonne Wawrzyniak Daniel J. Weaver Lynn M. Weaver Robert J. Weber Suzanne D. Weber Warren Weber Doris M. Webster Lou Ann M. Webster Richard W. Webster Robert E. Webster Leonard J. Weise Ann L. Welch Michael G. Welch Patricia M. Welch Jill Wells John A. Wells Kelsea J. Wemett Mark T. Werner

Peggy L. Werner D. Bruce Westfall Donald B. Westfall Michelle A. Westfall Nancy Westfall Denise M. Wheelock David White George S. White Kara M. White Eric J. Whitman Kathy S. Whitman Jan V. Wilding Michael Wilding Diane L. Wilkinson James N. Wilkinson Joseph P. Wilkinson Kathryn A. Wilkinson Geraldine S. Williams Virginia Williams Carol P. Wilson Kahla N. Wilson Lori A. Wilson Terry Wise Ashley C. Wiskup Amy E. Withrow David A. Withrow Cheryl A. Wodecki Patricia A. Wolf Diane Wolozanski Albert B. Wotus Marion K. Wowkowych Peter Wowkowych Sara M. Wowkowych Roger Wyatt Doreen Yakal George Yakal Michelle R. Yoder Rodney C. Yoder Patricia J. Yurko Robert G. Yurko David A. Zacherl Deborah L. Zakowski Robert M. Zakowski Michael A. Zboyovski Victoria A. Zboyovski Brad Zimmer Michelle Zimmer Clifford D. Zipf Luann L. Zipf Bob Zuckerman Raymond J. Zysk COMPANIES AAA East Central AJ Machine Sales Alley Aids Alliance Home of Erie American Income Life Amherst Cleaning Corp. Anesthesia Consultants of Erie Anthony Wayne Athletic Booster Club ArtsErie Avalon Hotel Bammco Construction Bank of America The Bank of New York Mellon Baybreeze Lounge Betty’s Place of Comfort

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A message from the Advancement Office

After settling into Egan Hall last summer, it was off to the races. Though the year went fast, we packed a great deal into FY 2010: announcing the Engage. Enrich. Envision. campaign; opening Warde Hall; taking our first alumni trip to Ireland in more than a decade; and hosting our first Reunion Weekend. None of this would have been possible without our excellent team. As the year came to an end, we had to say our goodbyes to Carrie Bach ’00, who returns to working for PA Representative John Evans. Carrie did excellent work while she was here and she will be missed. We are pleased to announce that Ryan Palm ’07 has joined the advancement team. We have pulled together in these pages only some of the many great stories that made for another record-breaking year. Of many accomplishments, we are most proud that we were able to engage more of our alumni. Seeing the alumni participation rate rise to almost 20.5% was a great way to cap off an excellent year. Every gift, no matter the size, makes it possible for us to improve the lives of our current students. Over the last 12 months, we traveled to dozens of cities to re-energize our alumni and remind them of what a great opportunity Mercyhurst offers for the next generation. We saw many of you when we were traveling around the country. If we did not get to you this year and you would like to see the alumni road show arrive in your town, please drop me a line and we will do our best to set something up in the coming year.

The best part of this job is hearing the stories from our alumni about what made their Mercyhurst experiences transformational. These stories range from stealing the Big Boy to getting caught by the Sisters making popcorn in Egan to the way a year in Russia as a foreign exchange student changed a life. These stories inspire us and we are grateful for your willingness to share them. When I was on Dublin’s Baggot Street in June with an alumni group, I found myself wondering what Mother Catherine McAuley would think of our growing college on the hill. I am confident Mother McAuley, Mother Borgia Egan and Sister Carolyn Herrmann would be proud of what we have made of their dream. You are a major part of keeping that dream alive and growing. Thank you again. We wish you a wonderful end to your summer and hope that you will join us on campus for Homecoming or Reunion Weekend – or both – this year. Be well,

David Livingston, Ph.D.

Advancement Office David J. Livingston, Ph.D.

Vice President for Advancement (814) 824-2241

Jeanette C. Britt ‘94

Assistant Vice President for Advancement (814) 824-2247

John Melody ‘90

Director of Athletic Development (814) 824-2902

Brady Louis

Director of Corporate Relations (814) 824-3990

Joe Howard ‘03

Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving (814) 824-2421

Ryan Palm ‘07

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving (814) 824-3320

Sherrie Shumate ‘04

Director of Constituent & Donor Relations (814) 824-2246

Patricia Liebel ‘53

Assistant Director of Constituent & Donor Relations (814) 824-2538

Sheila Coon ‘72

Director of External Affairs & Government Relations (814) 824-2102

Debbi Tarasovitch

Alumni Relations Coordinator (814) 824-2392

Kathy Richardson

Database Coordinator (814) 824-2248

Jennifer Coons

Advancement Coordinator (814) 824-2241

501 East 38th Street, Erie, PA 16546

2010 Mercyhurst Honors Magazine  
2010 Mercyhurst Honors Magazine  

2010 Mercyhurst Honors Magazine