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Welcome to

the new

Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center

Here you will find more than physical

h e a l i n g With a kind word and a gentle hand, the medical professionals at Mercy offer

c o m p a s s i o n a t e care for the whole person— physically, emotionally and

s p i r i t u a l l y At Mercy, it is our mission to provide our patients with

e x c e p t i o n a l health care services resulting in healing in the broadest sense.

a l w a y s

Every Mercy partner is committed to exceeding patient expectations by making quality a top priority. We use national and state benchmarks to measure quality clinical care, and pride ourselves in continually improving our technology, facilities and procedures for the health and well-being of our patients.

Quality Care




We are very proud to be the first integrated health system to receive the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the nation’s highest Presidential honor for quality and organizational performance excellence.

Welcome to Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center where providing exceptional health care services resulting in healing in the broadest sense is our mission.

Letter from the president

Incredible transformations have taken place on the Mercy Campus in Janesville. To recognize those transformations, we have changed the name of our hospital to Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center to reflect the advanced level of care we now provide. In 2009, we received our Level II trauma center designation—the second highest designation possible—from the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma. Today, Mercy is Wisconsin’s only level II trauma center south of La Crosse. In southern Wisconsin, only UW Hospital in Madison and Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee have higher Level I certified trauma centers. What does this mean to our community? It means we have staff available 24/7/365 to care for severely injured patients. Our trauma staff includes certified trauma surgeons, emergency physicians, trauma-trained nurses, neurosurgeons, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, otolaryngologists, cardiologists and heart surgeons, and more. It means no other hospitals in southern Wisconsin have this level of designation. This includes St. Mary’s Madison, St. Mary’s Janesville, Meriter, Beloit Memorial, Edgerton and Fort Atkinson. To you and your family, it means when an accident happens and only minutes separate life and death, Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center is here to ensure the best possible outcome … a second chance at life. It means that over the last year, we have received over 500 trauma cases, by ambulance or helicopter, to our facility. In fact, we have decreased patient transfers to other trauma centers by 80%—keeping more local patients closer to home, near their loved ones. Many other remarkable transformations have taken place as well. Please take a moment to read through this book to learn more about the new Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center. Wishing you and your family good health, Javon R. Bea, President/CEO Mercy Health System



First floor–Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center ■

Brand-new outpatient surgical suites with comfortable recovery rooms make outpatient procedures easier than ever before.


Large operating rooms with the latest medical advances and built-in flexibility are designed to accommodate multi-specialty critical care teams so treatment can occur rapidly and with ease.

Our concierge service is on hand to offer access to a variety of services, such as transportation, dining, accommodations and personal services, to help make the stay of patients and their families as comfortable as possible.

Free valet parking is available to patients and visitors. Simply follow the signs to the valet area and you will be greeted by one of our friendly valet staff.


For virtual tours of all six hospital floors, visit

At a glance

Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center ■

The latest in minimally invasive surgical technology, including the da Vinci® dual-console robotic surgical system, mean that difficult procedures with traditionally long recovery times can now be performed quickly and safely in mere hours on an outpatient basis.

■ Renovated, spacious private hospital rooms

feature private bathrooms with showers, plus flat screen TVs, free wireless access and room service menus to maximize patient comfort and convenience. While the majority of our rooms are private at this time, all will be private by Fall 2011. ■ On-site neurological, cardiac, cancer and

A comforting and technologically superior emergency department supports an enhanced patient experience. To treat critically injured patients quickly, the trauma center is located within steps of our surgery and cardiac catheterization suites.

other specialty services mean immediate access to the highly trained professionals you need without travel or delay. ■ For individuals requiring round-the-clock

care, our expanded ICU uses sophisticated equipment and innovations in design to promote healing. ■ A flexible facility design allows Mercy to

easily grow into the future, leading the way as continued health care advances emerge. ■

As the only Level II Trauma Center south of La Crosse, Mercy offers 24/7/365 critical care services that mean the difference between life and death. A helipad, certified trauma surgeons, neurosurgeons and other specialists, plus dedicated trauma suites combine to ensure the best possible care at the most critical moments.


■ Our two state-of-the-art cardiac

catheterization labs provide quick, on-site diagnoses and treatment for patients suspected of having cardiovascular disease, as well individuals suffering acute heart attacks. ■ Because family members and visitors are

integral to the physical and emotional well being of our patients, we offer flexible visiting hours in all areas.



Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center When seconds count


5 888.39.MERCY

Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center is Wisconsin’s only Level II Trauma Center south of La Crosse. Serving over 30,000 patients each year, the Trauma Center is Rock County’s busiest emergency and trauma care provider. Critically injured patients are flown to Mercy from across southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois to receive immediate, life-saving care. Every moment of every day, 365 days a year, we are here to help patients and their families through the most critical accidents and injuries.

■ As a level II trauma center, we have

the resources available 24/7/365 to care for severely injured patients: • Emergency physicians • Trauma surgeons • Specialty surgeons - neurosurgeons - orthopaedic surgeons - ENTs - interventional cardiologists - plastic and reconstructive surgeons • Laboratory • Medical imaging • Respiratory therapy • Operating rooms • Intensive care • Inpatient nursing services • Social services • Rehabilitation ■ Helicopter transport from across the

Mercy is the only certified Level II Trauma Center south of La Crosse

American College of Surgeons (ACS) Level I

UW Hospital • Includes all major trauma, research and services such as burns and tranplant units

Level II

Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center • Includes teaching and all major trauma, excluding burns and transplant units

Levesl III-V with no ACS designation

St. Mary’s Madison St. Mary’s Janesville Meriter Beloit Memorial Edgerton Fort Atkinson And all other hospitals in southern Wisconsin • Common emergencies

area, saving critical minutes when it counts most. ■ Close relationships with local emergency

responders and surrounding hospitals to ensure seamless care. ■ Mercy’s trauma team was mobilized to

handle critical care cases over 500 times last year.

The healing doesn’t stop there. Our entire team continues to care for injured patients through the entire course of hospital care and rehabilitation. We also address secondary trauma—the residual effects faced by the injured patient’s loved ones. Mercy’s chaplains, social workers and care coordinators are available to guide patients and families from the initial injury through recovery.



Mercy Regional Heart and Vascular Center Caring with heart

The Mercy Regional Heart and Vascular Center offers big-city heart care while maintaining a small-town sense of community. Besides standard diagnostic tests, minimally invasive procedures and complex cardiothoracic surgeries, we also offer our patients a caring staff of board certified cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons, cardiologists and top-notch nurses and technicians. And after all the high-tech tests, procedures and surgeries are done, we continue to help each patient heal and adjust to a healthy new way of living through our numerous rehabilitation programs. We do this because we know heart care involves more than just medicine—to be the best, it requires people who want to see you recover and enjoy life to its fullest.



7 888.39.MERCY

64-slice CT scanner Mercy’s newest weapon to diagnose heart problems is the SOMATOM Definition Dual-source, 64-slice CT scanner. This advanced technology takes 3D images of the heart. The scan creates super-high-resolution images that pinpoint areas of concern, giving you and your doctor a valuable tool for diagnosis and planning treatment.

New EP services It’s odd to think of yourself as “electrified,” but you really are. The normal function of your heart depends on good, steady electrical activity to keep your heart muscles contracting and beating in rhythm. Heart rhythm problems are fairly common, but once diagnosed, they can be easily managed or cured. That is why we have added cardiac electrophysiology (EP) services to diagnose and manage heart rhythm disorders. We work with you to determine whether you would benefit from lifesaving devices such as cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators, or procedures like catheter ablation.



Mercy Regional Neurosurgery Center Results that change lives At Mercy Regional Neurosurgery Center, our neurosurgeons and other specialists provide state-of-the-art medicine for the treatment and management of neurological disorders, including brain and spinal tumors, degenerative spinal conditions, cerebrovascular disorders such as strokes and aneurysms, and pain. Through our comprehensive programs, we’re committed to providing our patients the full continuum of care from evaluation, diagnosis and treatment through recovery and rehabilitation. Care for our patients’ well being is our first priority. From the initial consultation and review with your referring physician to treatment and post-treatment care, our staff of medical professionals is dedicated to your recovery and helping you resume an active lifestyle.

Common conditions treated include:


• Back and neck pain • Brain and spinal tumors • Headaches • Memory loss • Movement disorders • Seizure disorders • Strokes • Traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries

9 888.39.MERCY

• Degenerative disc disease • Herniated discs • Spondylolisthesis/spondylosis • Franctures/compression fractures • Sciatica • Stenosis • Diskogenic pain


Over the past seven years, 95% of our spinal fusion patients have reported improvement in their symptoms, and 98.5% of those patients’ backs or necks were completely fused one year after surgery. Those are results that change lives.

StealthStation Our StealthStation TREON computer-assisted surgery system increases our surgeons’ accuracy during delicate and complicated procedures of the brain and spine. This minimally invasive system sees inside the body where surgeons can’t, and allows smaller incisions for faster healing and a shorter hospital stay.



Mercy Regional Cancer Center Beating cancer one patient at a time

QUICK FACT: The PRIMATOM Cancer Treatment System is a powerful weapon in the fight against cancer. This advanced technology allows our team to deliver a higher, “sculpted” radiation dose to a patient’s tumor while minimizing the effects on surrounding healthy tissue. TM


11 888.39.MERCY

There’s good reason cancer is often referred to as the “C” word. This is one diagnosis no one wants to receive. Yet thanks to today’s advanced technology, cancer is more treatable— and beatable!—than ever.

The Mercy Regional Cancer Center specializes in high-tech, high-touch cancer services that help patients and their families meet the challenges of cancer head on. Our cancer care program offers a full range of resources necessary to detect and treat cancer, and help our patients not only recover, but also thrive.

The Mercy Regional Cancer Center also provides: ■ The latest in diagnostic technology ■ Radiation oncology ■ Hematology ■ Genetic counseling ■ Cancer Resource Center ■ Transportation to treatment appointments

■ Medical oncology ■ Surgical oncology ■ Clinical trials ■ Exercise programs ■ Many support services PAGE


da Vinci Robotic Assisted Surgery Experience a new level surgical precision Innovative Technology Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center the only hospital in Wisconsin to offer the da Vinci® Si HD™ Dual-console Robotic Surgical System. This innovative technology enhances our surgeons’ ability to perform many procedures with tiny incisions, enabling patients to recover more quickly and experience fewer complications. Two consoles allow two surgeons to simultaneously collaborate during surgery. The da Vinci system allows for greater precision than the human hand alone can provide and its high-definition cameras see far more than the human eye, offering improved clarity and detail of tissue and anatomy, critical factors when performing delicate procedures.



At Mercy, the da Vinci is used for a variety of urological, gynecological and general surgery procedures, including: •Abnormal menstrual •Prostatectomy •Pyeloplasty bleeding •Removal of •Partial nephrectomy adrenal glands •Vasectomy reversal •Operations for •Hysterectomies reflux/heartburn •Ovarian cysts •Colon operations •Fibroids •Prolapsed organs •Splenectomy for spleen disorders •Endometriosis •Hiatal hernia repair



2009 Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

QUICK FACT: Benefits: • Requires just a few tiny incisions for minimal scarring • Faster post-surgery recovery (days versus weeks) • Significantly less pain and less blood loss • Less risk of infection • Shorter hospital stays • Faster return to normal activities • Overall increased satisfaction



Mercy New Generations Birthing Center We’ve been expecting you!

New Generations features:


15 888.39.MERCY

• • • • • • •

Large, home-like birthing suites Private bathrooms Large operating room Lactation consultants for breastfeeding assistance Education room for prenatal, infant care and sibling classes Educational DVDs Security precautions

QUICK FACT: Each year, over 1,200 babies are delivered at Mercy.

The birth of a baby is an experience of unimagined joy and wonder. At Mercy, we know how special the birth of your baby is to you. We also know that it is important for new moms, their families and their support teams to feel right at home. That’s why we recently remodeled the entire New Generations Birthing Center, from the waiting area to the operating room and beyond. But that’s only part of what we have in store for our new moms and dads. Our entire staff—from our physicians and nurses to our dietary and housekeeping staff—is committed to offering you the most exceptional care imaginable in a supportive, secure and comfortable environment. We want to welcome you—and your beautiful new addition—to the world in spa-like style and supreme comfort.



Mercy Regional Plastic Surgery, Skin and Laser Center Where art meets science Beauty starts within ... we add the finishing touches With all the extraordinary advances in medicine in the last century, more people are choosing plastic surgery as a means of looking and feeling their best. If the image you see in the mirror doesn’t fully reflect how great you feel inside, plastic surgery can help you feel more confident about your appearance. You may not think of a physician as an artist, but the plastic surgeons at the Mercy Regional Plastic Surgery, Skin and Laser Center are just that. They perform some of the most advanced medical procedures in the world with the skill of an inspired craftsman, bringing new shape and attractiveness to the human form.

Mercy Regional Plastic Surgery, Skin and Laser Center provides:



• Breast enhancement / breast lift • Breast reconstruction • Breast reduction • BOTOX® Cosmetic • Chin and cheek implants • Dermal filler treatments • Ear reshaping • Eyelid surgery


• Esthetician services (skin care) • Facelift • Treatment for facial veins, rosacea, birthmarks • Forehead lift • Hand rehabilitation and surgery • Intense Pulsed Light treatments • Liposuction

• Male breast reduction • Nose reshaping • Removal of skin growths, moles or lesions • Scar management • Spider vein removal • Tummy tuck / mini tummy tuck

Discover the beauty of healthy skin At the Mercy Campus in Janesville, we employ certified estheticians to help improve the look, feel and tone of your skin. Our patients receive the personal attention of highly trained skin care specialists backed by the full medical resources of the Mercy Regional Plastic Surgery, Skin and Laser Center. This ensures the highest quality products and services will always be provided. Our estheticians consult with our physicians and specially trained medical staff to ensure desired results. They can help you: • Even out your skin tone • Diminish fine lines • Control acne breakouts • Minimize the appearance of scars and bruises • Reduce the appearance of facial age spots and spider veins • Apply makeup using the latest techniques • Enjoy much-deserved pampering with special facials and treatments

QUICK FACT: Mercy’s estheticians offer complementary skin care consultations. Call 800.236.6868 to schedule yours today!



Mercy Orthopaedics Services Joint pain doesn’t need to slow you down

A healthy body is something many of us take for granted until illness, injury, or the normal aging process threatens to take it all away. Suddenly, you become aware of things like bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. Pain becomes a way of life. Fortunately, there is hope. We offer a full range of orthopaedic services to help relieve pain and restore your active lifestyle. Whether you’re a gardener who needs a hip replacement, an athlete with a torn ligament, or a worker who’s developed carpal tunnel syndrome, you can rely on the specialists at Mercy to provide expert diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Services and problems treated include:



• Arthritis • Arthroscopy • Bone cysts • Fractures • General orthopaedics • Joint replacements • Knee arthroplasty • Shoulder and rotator cuff disorders • Sports medicine

Mercy Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centers We’re your first line of defense

QUICK FACT: We provide on-site athletic training services in both training rooms during practices and at games to 10 area high schools, three colleges and three semi-pro sports teams.

At the Mercy Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centers, our focus is not only on active people and athletes, but also on people of all ages who have experienced serious illnesses and injuries—strokes, arthritis, trauma, age-related diseases—that have placed limitations on their life. Mercy Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centers combine state-of-the-art technology and a great team of medical professionals to diagnose and treat various conditions.

Sidelined by an injury? Whether you’re recovering from a major surgery such as joint replacement or simply seeking relief from chronic muscle pain, Mercy’s physical and occupational therapists can help you return to wellness and an improved quality of life. We treat patients of all ages and offer a number of effective treatment methods to reduce or eliminate health concerns that limit everyday living.



Mercy Regional Imaging Center Innovative technology

Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center offers the most advanced radiology and diagnostic imaging resources available. Using state-of-the-art technology, our board certified radiologists can view, with extraordinary clarity, everything from tiny blockages in veins to microscopic tumors. This allows our physicians to diagnose and treat a full range of medical problems for patients of all ages—from sports injuries to vascular conditions to cancer.



21 888.39.MERCY

Over 150,000 therapeutic procedures are performed at Mercy each year. Our services and staff are accredited by the American College of Radiology.

With our digital Picture Archival and Communication System (PACS), results of CT scans, MRIs and X-rays can be viewed through our secure computer network from any workstation at Mercy. PACS also allows physicians convenient, 24-hour access to patients’ study results using a secure Internet connection from any remote location.

Mercy lab and pathology services Under the microscope

Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center has a full-service laboratory, offering tests ranging from routine chemistry screens, blood cell counts and microbiology cultures to those requiring advanced technology and innovative techniques. Staffed by more than 80 medical technologists and pathologists, the lab performs over 830,000 tests each year.

Services offered: • Chemistry and therapeutic drug monitoring • Hematology • Coagulation/urinalysis • Microbiology • Immunology • Transfusion service • Surgical pathology • Cytology



Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center Private patient rooms

Private patient rooms feature: • Private bathrooms with shower • Flat screen LCD TV with expanded cable • Medical equipment stored in the walls for quick access • A large wardrobe for personal belongings • Large windows for light and outside views • Individually controlled thermostats • Adjustable lighting • Free Wi-Fi access • Soothing music channel


23 888.39.MERCY

At Mercy, hospitalists—acute-care physicians who focus on a patient’s care from the time of admission to discharge—are available 24/7, to ensure continuity of care during your hospital stay.

■ With new private patient rooms, patients and visitors

alike will appreciate the relaxing surroundings. Large windows allow natural light to stream into the room. Soft, warm colors are used on the walls, floors and furnishings; ceramic tile adds a unique touch to each room’s private bathroom and shower; and soothing artwork adorns patient rooms and hospital common areas. While the majority of our rooms are private at this time, all will be private by Fall 2011. ■ To preserve privacy and tranquility, our private patient

rooms were designed with cabinets that open from the outside of the room to allow stocking of supplies without disturbing patients. ■ Private patient rooms are also conveniently located

within steps of centralized nursing stations to allow quick access by nurses and medical staff when needed. ■ Mercy patients are not only able to decide what they

want to eat (according to their doctors’ orders), but when they want to eat it with our Room Service menu. From delicious soups and salads to a variety of entrées and sandwiches, your fresh, hot food is delivered to your room within minutes.



The new

Sister Michael Berry Building Specialties in this facility include: • • • • • • •

Endoscopy Gastroenterology Hematology/medical oncology Neurosciences Men’s health Trauma support services Urology ■ Two parking decks

provide additional parking and easy access to the Mercy Michael Berry Clinic ■ A skywalk connects

the Clinic to Mercy West Clinic and Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center for easy accessibility, especially in inclement weather ■ Our Cancer Resource


25 888.39.MERCY

Center supports wellness and the healing process by providing patients and their loved ones with information, support and other resources to help them in their battle against cancer

Green initiatives When we built our new addition, we built for life. The new 78,000-square-foot Sister Michael Berry Building features one of the first “white” roofs in our area, designed to reflect heat and reduce electrical load. Occupancy light sensors, high-efficiency light fixtures and thermal pane windows further reduce our carbon footprint. Existing boilers were retrofitted with high-efficiency burners, chillers and refrigeration systems were upgraded, and heat recovery systems with insulated supply lines reduce overall gas consumption. Already number one in waste reduction, our new building will continue to meet the high environmental standards we champion. We didn’t want to build just any structure. Saving our patients money while saving the environment just makes good sense.


Our new medical oncology and hematology unit has been expanded to 16 chemotherapy treatment bays and creates a calm, relaxing environment for our patients. Each state-of-the-art bay provides a scenic view overlooking the Rock River.



Mercy Home Health Care and Mercy Hospice Care

Mercy Homemaker Companions


27 888.39.MERCY

Mercy’s Homemaker Companion services allow patients to maintain a safe and healthy home environment by receiving help with shopping, errands, cooking, chores, cleaning and other household tasks.

A skilled and helping hand at home

Compassionate end-of-life care

Mercy Home Health Care

Mercy Hospice Care

Home health care services allow individuals of all ages to confront illnesses, accidents, aging and even dying surrounded by the familiar comforts of home.

When a person’s life is measured in months rather than years and additional support would offer comfort, Mercy Hospice Care is here to provide immeasurable solace at life’s most difficult transition.

Whether providing skilled home care services or simple bathing assistance, we can help you avoid or limit hospitalization, thus improving your quality of life and supporting your independence.

Mercy Home Health Care provides: • • • • •

Registered nurses, on call 24 hours a day Physical and occupational therapists High-tech, cost-effective telemonitoring services Individualized speech therapy Medical social workers to assist with long-term planning • Home health aides • Personal care aides • Coordination of support services, like: • Meals on Wheels • 24/7 Lifeline monitoring services • Assistance securing additional resources, such as adult day care or financial assistance

Mercy Hospice Care supports terminally ill clients in their quest to live out their remaining days in comfort, as free of pain and symptoms as possible. This time of life requires a delicate balance. Patients and loved ones face an exceptional mix of challenges, from physical and emotional pain to social, psychological and family concerns. Mercy Hospice Care offers unique, multi-dimensional care using a compassionate team-based approach to help address all facets of this journey. Providing comforting, sensitive, dignified, cost-effective and quality health care while maintaining or enhancing quality of life, Mercy Hospice Care has earned high levels of patient and family satisfaction. Mercy Hospice Care offers its services to patients wherever they call home—private residence, hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility.



MercyCare Health Plans Dependable, affordable, quality health care Coverage that can’t be beat


29 888.39.MERCY

MercyCare Health Plans offers the perfect solutions for employers seeking an affordable and comprehensive health plans to care for their employees.

For over 15 years, MercyCare has grown to serve more than 32,000 members. MercyCare members may choose from more than 440 health care providers throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. In addition to including all Mercy Health System staff and facilities, MercyCare contracts with other service providers in Rock, Green, Jefferson and Walworth counties of Wisconsin and McHenry County of Illinois to offer even greater choice and ensure convenience.

Value + flexibility

Extensive coverage, superior quality and reasonable rates have made MercyCare’s products the preferred insurance product for smart local employers seeking to minimize their health care spending without sacrificing flexibility. With plans to suit a variety of needs, MercyCare Health Plans offers flexible, value-added solutions for your health insurance needs.

QUICK FACT: MercyCare offers a variety of plans: • MercyCare HMO • MercyCare PPO • MercyCare Plus • MercyCare Senior Medicare Supplement Plans



Giving back to our communities

Helping neighbors in need When you set out to improve the health and well-being of the communities you serve, you have to take a broad view because healing involves much more than medical care. That is why we go beyond providing regular health care services to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. We partner with local organizations to provide free and low-cost health care, health and wellness education, and services for struggling families. Believing that no person should suer needlessly without treatment, we also provide over 28 million dollars in charity care each year. We act with compassion, and promote wellness for all individuals, with special attention to our neighbors who are underserved.

House of Mercy Homeless Center


31 888.39.MERCY

Shelter is the most basic of needs. The House of Mercy provides free housing, support and training to women, children and families to help ďŹ ght homelessness. It has served over 4,700 individuals since it opened in 1996. Resident satisfaction is ranked at 4.7 to 4.9 out of 5 and 63% of discharged residents are placed into long-term, stable housing. The House of Mercy in Janesville is the only health system-owned and operated homeless center in the nation.

Health Occupations Academy Working in partnership with Blackhawk Technical College and five area school districts, Mercy’s Health Occupations Academy offers high school students the opportunity to earn college credit toward Certified Nursing Assistant degrees. Given the long waiting lists for nursing and other medical professions training, this program helps fast track exceptional students while also increasing the pool of highly trained candidates. More than 235 students have completed the program.

Here are just a few of the many ways Mercy gives back to the communities it serves: ■ Community Health Center at Mercy Clinic South provides free and low-cost health care. ■ Working with the Janesville School District and Rock County Social Services, the Mercy Cooperative Childcare Institute provides residential treatment options for children with severe emotional problems. ■ We support advances in medical research by holding walks and other community events that support organizations like the American Heart Association and Muscular Dystrophy Association.

■ Our employees personally give thousands of hours of their time and nearly $550,000 in donations to their favorite local charities each year. ■ Mercy offers thousands of free and low-cost health classes, screenings, events and support groups each year. From reduced-fee mammograms and annual school physicals to women’s self-defense training and free or reduced cost wigs for patients with hair loss, Mercy’s community programs are designed to meet expressed patient needs in a compassionate and respectful manner.



Information at your fingertips What you’ll find at Mercy View your medical information online • Review your medications, immunizations, allergies and medical history. • Review new and past test results. • Review health education topics and discharge instructions provided by your physician. • Alerts will be sent to your personal email address when new information has been added to your account. Stay in touch with your physician • Communicating with your physician is as simple as sending an email— but even more secure. • Request renewals of your medications. Manage your appointments • Request your next appointment. • View summaries of your past and upcoming appointments. Access your family’s records • Access family members’ records, including your children or other family members you care for (authorization required). PAGE

33 888.39.MERCY

How to sign up for

Mercy MyChart support

Mercy MyChart

when you need it—24/7

4 easy steps

1. To request an activation code, go online to

2. Click on “Sign Up Now” 3. Complete the online form and click “Submit” 4. Your activation code will be mailed to you in

For assistance concerning Mercy MyChart , call us anytime at (888) 99-MYCHART or (888) 996-9242.

5-10 business days

The activation code allows you to log on and create a Mercy MyChart ID and password. Use these to log on to our secure site. Mercy MyChart is available at no charge to our patients.

Me r cyPulse .or g/ R e al S tor ie s Visit our site to hear dozens of real stories from Mercy patients like you. Do you have a personal story to share about your experience with Mercy Health System? If so, we would love to hear it.



Peaceful healing

Planting seeds of hope Nature is a well-loved source of inspiration and comfort. Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center’s healing gardens offer a quiet place for patients and visitors to enjoy a warm summer’s breeze or crisp fall morning. Surrounded by flowers and trees, with the calming sounds of a bubbling fountain and classical music filling the air, the healing garden is a wonderful place to take a quick stroll or enjoy a calm moment.

Mercy Foundation Inspire. Heal. Give.

Your gift can support the following important projects:

The spirit of philanthropy is not about the amount you give, but how you help others. If you’re considering a meaningful way to invest in the health our community and your neighbors in need, consider a contribution to the Mercy Foundation, where your donations are used to fund essential programs provided by Mercy Health System. Call (608) 755-8821 for more information.

House of Mercy Homeless Center Grateful Patient Program Mercy Hospice Care Fund Mercy Regional Cancer Center Fund Technology Fund Memorials and Tributes


35 888.39.MERCY

The hospital’s chapel features rich cherrywood paneling and beautiful illuminated stained glass windows. This peaceful place invites prayer, meditation or private moments of reection.



We are Mercy

A smile and a kind word when you arrive. A physician who takes time to answer every question. A nurse who holds your hand during a procedure. A friendly follow-up call at home to make sure you are doing your best. These are the things that make Mercy dierent. These are the things that matter to our patients.

Mercy Campus Skywalk PAGE

37 888.39.MERCY

We are Mercy No matter how advanced the technology or how new the building, in health care it is the personal touch that matters. More than your personal health care champions, every individual at Mercy is committed to providing you with exceptional health care services resulting in healing in the broadest sense. Our goal is to oer you a patientcentered experience in a healing environment that encourages family participation, from the moment you arrive on campus through your follow-up care. We are committed to delivering the individualized care you desire, with compassion, courtesy and kindness. We are here to care for you. We look forward to serving you. Welcome to the new Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center.





Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center booklet  

General booklet featuring specialty services, trauma II certification, new technology, renovations and hospital remodel, plus so much more.

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