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Loaves & Fishes Hospitality and hope For nearly 30 years, Loaves & Fishes has provided an oasis of welcome, safety and cleanliness for homeless men, women and children seeking survival services. Guided by Executive Director Sister Libby Fernandez, RSM, the organization recognizes the dignity and spiritual destiny of each person, seeking to nourish not only the physical needs of its guests, but also their spiritual need for love, acceptance, respect and friendship. The spirit of hospitality at Loaves & Fishes starts with a simple meal in its renowned dining room, open seven days a week. Between 600 and 1,000 guests are served each day. As needed, guests are referred to shelter, medical, mental health and substance abuse services to help them survive their crises. Services available on the Loaves & Fishes campus include: Friendship Park

A safe, private park that provides activities, information and restrooms for guests while they access services. Guest Health Outreach in the park provides basic health services such as medical triage, eye exams and blood sugar testing. Maryhouse

A daytime shelter for homeless women and children that provides intense, short-term guidance to lead guests toward independence and self-sufficiency. Guests can take showers in a safe environment and receive basic toiletries like toothpaste and diapers. Wash House

Offers men showers, shaves, toiletries and laundry services every weekday. Mustard Seed School

A free, private school for children 3 to 15 years old that provides a safe, nurturing environment; a positive learning experience; survival resources; immunization updates; counseling; and assistance entering and re-entering public schools. Between 15 and 35 students attend school each week day. Sister Nora’s Place

A long-term, overnight shelter serving chronically homeless, mentally ill women. Genesis

A free mental-health program that provides professional counseling and mental health referral services.

“Without Loaves & Fishes, many of those who are homeless would not know how to access shelters, housing, healthcare, employment and school. If Loaves & Fishes did not exist, thousands of men, women and children would be starving from hunger and lack of spiritual nourishment. If Loaves & Fishes did not exist, we, as a community, would fail in our obligation to take care of our own poor and homeless.” — Sister Libby Fernandez, Executive Director

Affiliate Programs Clean & Sober: A residential recovery program to help people overcome drug and

alcohol addictions Legal Assistance: Pro-bono legal assistance on issues such as family law MercyClinic: Provides basic medical care to under- and uninsured people, including

vaccinations and breast cancer screenings Self-Help Housing: Assistance in finding viable affordable housing Tommy Clinkenbeard Legal Clinic: Legal services for misdemeanors and

infractions, such as illegal camping Women’s Empowerment: Mentoring and training to help homeless women find

How you can help employment and housing

Loaves & Fishes, a Sisters of Mercy ministry, is a private charity that relies solely on donations to support its work of feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless. Current needs include: Operational support for the dining room: In addition to funds to purchase food – approximately $15,000 per month – philanthropic support is needed to update the kitchen’s outdated facilities, including the ovens and dishwashing line that are more than 20 years old. Mustard Seed School: The school’s cottages are more than 70 years old and energy inefficient. Funds are needed to renovate and equip them with modern furnishings. Charitable support also is needed for basic school supplies, new clothing and healthy snacks for students.

“Loaves & Fishes not only feeds our poor and homeless, but they advocate for change in policies and systems to better serve the most vulnerable members of our community.” — Assembly Member David Jones

Food distribution truck: The truck currently used to transport food from warehouse food centers to Loaves & Fishes does not meet health-code standards. Funds are needed to purchase a refrigerated food truck. Operational support for Tommy Clinkenbeard Legal Clinic: Funds are needed for part-time legal staff and a part-time community service director.

To learn more about Loaves & Fishes and Mercy Foundation, contact: Kevin Duggan Vice President of Philanthropy, Mercy Foundation (916) 851-2703 |

One hundred percent of all donations to Sacramento Loaves & Fishes through Mercy Foundation supports Loaves & Fishes; no overhead or administrative fees are assessed.

Loaves and Fishes Case for Support  
Loaves and Fishes Case for Support  

For nearly 30 years, Loaves & Fishes has provided an oasis of welcome, safety and cleanliness for homeless men, women and children seeking s...