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In the Interest of Saving Time Tonight, I In the interest of saving time tonight, I traveled through some back alley street between Paterson’s River St and Madison Ave (lit only by neon and trafficked by two lovers fucking in the back of a rusting hulk, a table of three card monte players discussing the literary merits of Proust and Sartre and Plath, a few street-whores and houseless crackheads en route to their cornerstore dealers, johns and Planned Parenthood and the Eastside Park, where their liceinfested mildewy cardboard lies, heated by trashcan fires, free-basing, and rotgut, carrying pills and rubbers, carrying forgets and regrets in brown bags and blackened glass, with only fleas, rats, a rabid fox, two octopi in 50 gallon fish tanks, pigeons, and syph to keep them company, alone with fears of failure and death and disease) and arriving home early, I watched fat dicks wooing abused stars, surfed the sordid web for snuff films and Frank Herbert, read the dictionary and tore out all U words, while huffing paint and devouring Buddha, practicing the stigmata on my girlfriend, and engrossing myself in phallic Orlovsky, and promptly wasted away my ten extra minutes.

Š 2009 Cameron Mount. Distributed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial

In the interest of saving time tonight, I  

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