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Spring 2013

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Grounding Education in a Place:

Professional Development for Teachers at Merck Forest and Farmland Center By Sarah Ullman, Director of Education This summer, Merck will host two weeklong professional development opportunities for teachers. Come and be a part of these two engaging and dynamic courses! For the second summer in a row, Methods in Place-Based Environmental Science Education will be offered as part of a Math and Science Partnership grant through the Southwest Vermont Curriculum Coordinators’ Collaborative. This course will provide participants with an overview of field methods and tools that can be used to deliver place-based environmental science lessons using Merck’s landscape as an outdoor classroom. June 24-28, 2013. New this year, Merck will host part of the 2013-2014 Forest for Every Classroom workshop series, a partnership between Green Mountain National Forest, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park and Shelburne Farms. During this yearlong series of workshops, participants will explore Vermont’s forests to investigate place-based learning and education for sustainability. Course runs from April 2013 - May 2014. Onsite at MFFC, July 8-12, 2013. Graduate credits are available for both of these course. For more information or to register, contact Sarah Ullman at or check out the education page on our website.

An Invitation from the Director

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By Tom Ward, Executive Director

2013 Contributors Now at the Visitor Center page 7

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Spring Calendar Merck Forest & Farmland Center 3270 Route 315 PO Box 86 Rupert, Vermont 05768 p. 802.394.7836

Photograph by Jody Shimp, USDA

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Garlic mustard is one of the invasive plants that is found on MFFC’s property.

It’s a simple matter to take a hike around the roads and trails here at Merck Forest, imagining what we see is permanent and unchanging. For us “active management” of forest and farmland implies there are real issues with which MFFC as an institution must wrestle. Currently, patches of invasive plants— honeysuckle, barberry, burning bush and garlic mustard—dot the property, and we are faced with the question: What, if anything, should MFFC do to control the spread of these invasive exotic species on the property? What sampling method(s) should we employ to quantify the problem? Do purely mechanical eradication methods work? Other highly regarded nonprofit institutions have made the decision to employ herbicides, in addition to mechanical means, in order to have a more efficacious control program. As an organic maple syrup producer, should we avoid chemical controls entirely in areas adjacent to our sugarbush? Are there some herbicides entailing less risk to plants, animals, and water resources?

These are just a few of the questions I am pondering, but as MFFC works through these questions as an organization founded upon the idea of teaching and demonstrating sustainable land management, I am curious to hear your thoughts on these issues and look forward to your responses.

Updates in Brief Foresters for the Birds timber harvest project was delayed this winter. Logging may end up taking place fall 2013 and habitat improvements will begin next spring. Keep tuned to our website for updates.

New faces in the sugarbush this season! MFFC is happy to have Chad Virkler of Danby Four-Corners, VT leading this year’s sugaring operation. Chad operates an engineering business, Firm Foundation, and worked at Smokey House, where he also ran the same style arch that MFFC currently operates. Jay Wilson, a recent graduate of Salem High School, and native of Rupert, VT, has been working in sugarbushes for much of his life, and is interested in pursuing work in forestry further down the road. He will be lending a hand with tapping, and will learn how to boil with our evaporator. Gina Carlucci, a native of Shaftsbury, VT, has also stepped in to assist with the work in the sugarbush and in the sap house. Last winter, she spent time sugaring in the Northeast Kingdom, and helped set up an operation in Glover, VT over the course of the summer and fall. Here’s to a productive and safe season!

Trail Crew 2013 The season for trail work is starting again! Mark your calendars for our day trips and Summer Trail Crew for Teens (TCFT). Volunteers will work with Trail Maintenance Coordinator, Chris Wall, who loves to teach about trail stewardship, and always has a good story or two to share!

2013 Summer Trail Crew for Teens

In its second year, TCFT will run for four weeks this summer. Teens ages 14-18 will spend five days working on trails under the guidance of our staff, doing team-building exercises, enjoying evenings around a camp fire, and spending a week outside!

June 23 – June 28 July 7 – July 12 July 21 – July 26 August 4 – August 9

Forms available at

2013 Day Trip Schedule Trail work days are open to everyone, ages 10 and above. Come learn how to use tools for maintenance, and the science of what makes a good trail. Rack up some volunteer hours, and be a trail steward!

April 20 May 4 May 18 June 1 - National Trails Day June 15 Sept 28 - National Public Lands Day

New Signs! By Melissa Carll, Communications Coordinator MFFC has initiated a new project over the past few months: improving and creating updated signage for the property, a longawaited and necessary step for enhancing the visitor experience. At the end of 2012, phase one of the project was completed. The initial phase focused on welcoming visitors, and clearly directing them to and through the corridor from parking lot to farm.

Several new signs were put into place around the parking lot: showing the short-term parking lot for quick visits to the Visitor Center, and the sign for daily and overnight parking to guide visitors who stay a bit longer. A new welcome board highlights the trailhead along Old Town Road. It displays maps of the property and farm, and provides an overview of MFFC’s mission and activities. There is even a white board attached were visitors can mark down any exciting things they saw out on the trail! The third component of this first phase included new building signs to clearly distinguish one farm building from the other. There are still more phases to the signage project. Interpretive signs and new trail markers are next on the list, but will take some time before they are completed.

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Signs will be expensive ($50/sign), but support from our members and visitors will help MFFC create signs that tell the story of our land, and make wayfinding easier on the trails. Please, consider donating to this ongoing project!

A new information board sits at the head of Old Town Road.

To the

Great Outdoors for Leadership Development!

By Students of Bucknell University’s Outdoor Leadership Program This past December, after studying for final exams, and riding for six-hours by bus from Central Pennsylvania, students from Bucknell University’s Outdoor Education Program looked forward to being out on the trails after a long semester. The students came to Merck Forest to learn how to lead an outdoor experience for other college students, faculty/staff, and in particular, the school’s first-year wilderness orientation program. The students stated, “Outdoor Education and Leadership Program is thankful for Merck Forest and Farmland Center for allowing us access to such a beautiful location and large trail system so that we could practice our backcountry leadership skills. Ned’s Place was a great winter retreat that housed us for the training December 14-17, 2012.” Students wrote of their experience: Day One: During the first night’s hike to the cabin, we braved darkness and obstacles along the trail, but the sight of a pile of logs and a woodstove at Ned’s Place welcomed us. Everyone immediately made the cabin our home for the next 3 nights. While one group started the woodstove, others cooked dinner outside, and everyone else settled into the loft. This cabin would serve as a great environment for teaching, socializing, and games for the entire weekend! Day Two: On the first morning, the group woke up bright and early. After a quick breakfast, we went outside to learn about map and compass techniques. We enjoyed a day out on the trails hiking up to Gallop Peak and past Beebe Pond, encountering both steep and flat terrain. Our first break was in Clark’s Clearing to re-fuel and play some games to boost morale. Overall, the hike was a ton of fun, tiring, but everyone was excited for some down time upon our return to the cabin. We sat in front of the great fire and learned how to tie different knots that would be needed for the next day, and future training trips. At the end of the night we even had an intense knot competition, and roasted s’mores on the fire. AHHH what a great finish to the day! Day Three: Bushwhacking day!!!!!! The third day was a test of our knowledge and physical endurance. We ran into obstacles such as rivers, trees, and sap lines! OH MY! This was our time to shine as leaders. We were thrown into the wilderness without anything to help us other than a map and compass. We did not use any trails; just the landmarks from nature. Everyone made it back to Ned’s Place without veering too far off track. The landscape within Merck Forest and Farmland Center provided a great space to learn how to use and trust a map and compass. After spending some quality time in the cabin, we were ready for a good night’s sleep because of the early wakeup the next morning.

Bucknell students spread out on the floor at Ned’s during their stay in December. One student said that they made the cabin their home during their three day stay.

Day Four: An alpine start was planned for five in the morning so that we might summit Mount Antone for sunrise; however, due to high wind, snow, and icy conditions, we enjoyed one last relaxing morning at Ned’s place instead. The hike back to our buses was slick and slightly treacherous, but we stuck to the trails and sang the entire way. We rejoiced when we saw the parking lot with our buses!

Overall, the group had an amazing weekend at Merck Forest. We learned things about ourselves and about each other that were not anticipated. We are excited to hopefully return next year, and graciously thank everyone at MFFC who worked with us to provide maps, the cabin, and local information that made our entire stay so enjoyable.

School Offerings: Spring 2013 to From Sap p ru Maple Sy

(March - April) Spend time with our sugar makers as you tap a tree, follow the path of sap from tree to bottle and tour the inner workings of the sap house!

This spring, Merck Forest will be offering the following school programs for elementary through college level classes:

s of Lifecycle Livestock

For more details about these programs visit:

(April - June) Visit our lambs, investigate the life cycles of different farm animals and identify what makes mammals, mammals!

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Recipe R

from the


Rosemary-Seared Lamb Loin Ingredients:

11/2 Tbsp. chopped MFFC garlic 2 Tbsp. chopped rosemary 41/2 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 2 lbs. MFFC lamb loin, cleaned

1 Tbsp. butter 6 ounces kale, steamed 1/8 tsp. salt


1. Combine garlic, rosemary, and 2 Tbsp. olive oil in a large bowl and mix well. 2. Add the lamb and spoon the mixture over the loins to coat. Cover and marinate in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. 3. Heat the other 2 1/2 Tbsp. of olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. When the oil is hot, add the lamb and cook for 5-8 minutes on each side for medium to well-done meat. When ready, transfer loins to a cutting board. 4. To sautee the kale, melt the butter in a skillet over med-high heat. Add kale and salt and cook until tender. (Note: add a little water and immediately cover with a lid to speed up the process). 5. Cut the lamb into thin slices and serve with the kale. * This recipe is a variation of “Bailey’s Restaurant at Bolton Valley Resort” from Dishing up Vermont. Thank you, Carolyn, for providing this newsletter’s delicious dish.

Hello, Apprentices! By Melissa Carll, Communications Coordinator This year, three apprentices will be learning and working here at Merck Forest and Farmland Center. Carolyn, Emilie, and Becca signed on in early January, and are already gaining experience driving the horses, working on the farm and in the sugarbush, and have spent a few days clearing the trails from downed debris. Soon they’ll be ready to teach spring school programs. The ladies posted their dynamic biographies on our website, if you care to learn a bit more about them, or come up to MFFC and help them out with afternoon farm chores. (Chores will begin again this April at 3pm, daily)!

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Emilie, Becca, Carolyn (apprentices), Sarah (Director of Education) and Chris (Trail Maintenance Coordinator) spent a day in January doing trail work and team-building exercises, but took time to pose at the top of Mount Antone for a lovely, snowy, winter photo.

Greetings Ridgeline Readers! My name is Becca, and I, along with Emilie and Carolyn, have settled into the lovely Lodge, and been taken under the wing of Merck’s staff. We are here for the whole year, and we are psyched to learn about/partake in all that makes Merck tick—from collecting sap, to shearing sheep, and haying the fields, we hope to be in the thick of it all, and also to meet you: visitors, campers, everyone that enjoys MFFC like we do. So, please, say hello when you see one of us grooming the horses, or collecting the chickens’ eggs. We’re excited to share this place with you! From the three new Merck apprentices,

Thank You to Our 2012 Contributors 3-Corner Field Farm Mrs. Kathleen Achor David Ader & Pippa Bell Ader Joanne Agopovich Ms. Marcia L. Ahlborg Mr. James A. Alcott Lee & Sunny Allen Keld & Mary Alstrup Mr. Chip Ams Joseph & Mary Anderson Ms. Katherine B. Arthaud Ayco Charitable Foundation Backroads Discovery Tours Ms. Florence Barad Bartlett Tree Service Dr. Stuart Bartow Battenkill Preschool Fred Baum Mr. Phil Bedard Bedford High School Darla Belevich Philip and Janie Bell Alan & Leslie Beller Bennington Garden Club Ralph & Dale Berghello Robert Bergman Arlene Bertone Phyllis Binkley Binnacle Family Foundation Mr. Alan Binnick Axel & Donna Blomberg Bloomfield College Bob & Sherry Bode Judy Boehlert Alex & Renee Bornstein Harriet & David Borton John & Leslie Bose Bruce & Shirlee Boselli David Boyea Russell Bradley, M.D. Helen Brennan Mr. & Mrs. S. W. Bridges Mr. & Mrs. Donald Brodie Juliet & Sheldon Brown Thatcher & Sarah Brown Stephen & Alice Brown Charles Brummitt Arlete Bucknall Fred & Judy Buechner Ms. Dinah Buechner-Vischer David & Gail Bumgardner Mr. Andrew Burden Cynthia & Brad Burrall Adam Burrows Ann P. Cabot Donald & Meg Campbell Anne Campbell Cass & Abigail Canfield Mr. & Mrs. J. Reeve Cantus Gloria & Phil Caramico Marion & Bruce Carll Robert & Anna Carnicella Joe Caron

Gaynor D. Casner John Caudell Patrick & Phyllis Cavanagh Deborah & John Cave Drs. Jean & Gene Ceglowski Chip & Kit Chamberlain Phil & Linda Chapman Sheila & Bill Childs Mr. Charles E. Childs, Jr. Austin & Gillian Chinn Dale & Whitney Christie Ms. Ann Clay Karen Scharff & James Coe Victoria Collingwood Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Compain Michael Connolly James & Faith Cooney Karen Gordon & Frederick Cooper Dr. & Mrs. Evelyn G. Cornick Edward & Barbara Corrigan Thomas & Lynn Costa Ed & Judy Cotter Peter O. Crisp John, Philippa & Miranda Cully Barb & Gary Cunningham Geoffrey A. Currier Dodi & Bill Daly Virginia Daring Kenneth & Joann Davis Daniel Davison, Jr. Megan Davitt Franklin Dean-Farrar Carol Ann Hawkins & Andrew Delano Jerry & Janet DeLazzero Michael Depoy Carlo & Susan DeRege Ron Edsforth & Jo Devine Robert & Paula Di Crosta Bill & Joanne Dix Ellen Dixon Janet Britt & John Dojka Mr & Mrs. Jeremy H. Dole Michael & Suzanne Dollard Jennifer & Philip DuBois Paul & Jackie Defresne Jonathan Dunn Anne Dustin Mr. William Eberle Raymond & Marti Ellerman Laura Emilo Thomas Ervolina Kenyon Fairey Scott Fairley Mr. & Mrs. John Farr Mr. & Mrs. Maurice J. Ferris, Jr. Leslie Ferst Margaret Waterson & William Figlozzi Barbara & Charlie Finnegan Fisher Elementary School Lyons Witten & Laura Fitch Michael Flanagan Nell & Rob Fraser

Mr. Frank Fronhofer Mr. & Mrs. A. Corwin Frost Pat Winstead-Fry & Bob Fry Claudia & David Fulton John Furman & Family

Mr. William Craig Jolly Robert & Joyce Jones Foundation Louise Jones

Mark Kearney Teri Ptacek & Andy Kelly Mr. Gregory M. Gall Peter & Claudia Kinder Jeromy Gardner Phil & Mindy Kirstein Mr & Mrs. John L. Gardner Terry Peters & Gary Klee & Family Bill Garrison Alfred Klein GE United Way Giving Campaign Russell & Jean Knott Liz & Alan Gee Scott & Susan Kobler Thelma Georgeson Pamela J. Koch Robert & Salley Gibney Matthew & Sarah Kosoy George & Beth Gibson Len & Becky Kotler Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Gilbert, Jr. Ms. Kirsten E. Kouwenhoven Peggy Burns & Jim Gish Mr. & Mrs. Gerrit Kouwenhoven George Glanzberg, V.M.D. Derek & Kris Kouwenhoven & Family Jackie Smith & Robert Glidden Christine Koval Kim Green Goldstein & Rick Goldstein Mr. Bart Kraft Mrs. Ruth Goldstone Bruce & Jane Krahe Mark & Colleen Grabb Ann Marie Couser & William & Nate Baker & Ann Gregory Margie Kuchinski Steve & Susan Griffing Wendy Anthony & Jim Kunstler Robert F. & Florence Grimm Richard & Rehana Grip Lisa Lieberman & Timothy Lang Marjorie Grout Jane Davies & John LaVecchia John Malcolm & Sue LaPorte H. N. Williams Store Mrs. Eleanor S. Lea Bob & Deb Haas Grey Lee Ted & Kathy Hahn Roger & Ellen Leeds Marilyn & Jim Hand Nicholas & Rebecca Leonard Eric Hangen Margaret & Chet LeStage Mr. Ronald Harmsen Pam Magnuson & Joshua Levy John & Janice Harrington John Lhost Mrs. Francis W. Hatch Sue Lichtenburg Mr. & Mrs. George W. M. Hatch Tammara Van Ryn & Christopher Anne Van Ingen & Wes Haynes Lincoln Steven Hebert Alan & Terry Lindsey Bill & Lisanne Hegman Mr. Andrew Perkins & Ms. Clay Rich & Martha Heilemann Livingston Mr. Bayard Henry Mr. Robert A. Lloyd Dick & Joy Hill George & Linda Long Hill & Thompson, P.C. Long Trail School Jeffrey R. Hills Matthew Longo Mr. Richard Hittle Anne J. Lourie Mr. & Mrs. Claude & Janet Hoard Lisa & Joe Lovering Georgine & Steve Holman Ray & Hallie Lovett Gregory & Elizabeth Hopper Sarah H. Lupfer William Hornby Michael & Heidi Lynn Robert & Beverly Houghton Dr. R. Housman Heather MaCley Bob & Cora May Howe Joanne & Bud Maddocks Barbara Howland Richard & Katherine Malley Bill & Julie Hoyt John Ezell & Ellen Maloney Mary B. Hubbard Fran Marino Dick & Virginia Hulett John & Jane Marino Shona Marston Inn at West View Farm Jon & Kimberley Mathewson Bo & Megan Mayhew-Bergman Rick & Ann Jackson Robert & Marilyn Mazur Susan Jensen Sloan & Margie McBurney Jeffrey S. Johnson Bob & Nancy McCafferty Bob & Pat Johnston Adam Walker & Rachel Jolly

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Mr & Mrs. John J. McInerney Timothy McLees Barbara McQueen Mr. William E. McWayne Mr. & Mrs. John Meagher Mr. Andrew J. Melton, Jr. Robert & Joan Menson Josephine A. Merck G.F. Merck Kate & Al Merck Mr. Wilhelm M. Merck Mrs. Margaret Mertz Gale Metzger Christopher & Anna Meyerhoff Kate & Hub Miller Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Miller Jeanne Melis Mills Ms. Helene Minugh Richard & Virginia Molea Anne Montesano Jim & Tamra Mooney Sabrina Moreau Betsey Moseley Dan & Kit Mosheim Tyler Haaren & Daniel Moss Joe & Jan Mount Mount Anthony Middle School Ms. M.C. Mueller Steve & Kim Murphy Paul Myers Pam Nalefski Bruce & Patricia Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Axel Neubohn Newmont Slate Co., Inc. Anna & John Newton Susan & David Nichols Dan Garfinkel & Annette Nielsen Northshire Information, Inc. Katherine Norton Mark Lucas & Mary O’Brien Edward C. Oelsner Susan O’Leary Orvis Company Frank Page Mr. & Mrs.Theodore Paprocki John F. Parker Ms. Margaret H. Parker Paul Smith College Pat M. Peebles John & Marian Pelton Richard & Suzanne Penney Herb & Faith Perkins Mr. John R. Person George Peterson, III Karl & Martha Pfeiffer Karl & Joanne Pfluger Phantom Laboratory Jennifer & William V. N. Philip Mr. & Mrs. Philpet Katie Pierotti Lesley Platt John & Cathy Plonski Errol & Anita Pomerance

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Potter Montgomery Farm LLC Michael A. Powers Craig & Donna Powers Mr. Herbert W. Pratt Remus Preda & Lisa Randles Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Putnam r. k. Miles, Inc. Anis & Ann Racy Rick Raff Ty & Alison Ralli RBC Wealth Management Signa Lynch Read Readsboro Lions Club Elise Redmond Christopher Reed Pen & Barbara Reed Doris Rees Jonathon & Kim Reeves Stanley & Loretta Reisman Naomi Meyer & Ron Renoni Ms. Madeline Rockwell Craig & Susan Roods Rich & Allison Rosenberg Mrs. Thomas Royster Dr. Joseph Ruggerio Ms. Elise Rymer Salem Farm Supply Jeff Sands Tom Peters & Susan Sargent Ellen Sarkisian Sheafe Satterthwaite Stefan Swicker & Duncan Savage Tom & Cathy Scarnecchia Ms. Amanda Schaffer Philip Schenck George & Janie Schildge Lorraine &Gene Schoor Jeremy Schrauf Kathleen & Kenneth Schurzky Mary Schwartz David & Mary Lynn Schwenker N & M Seeger Rachel Senecal Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Sheldon Elizabeth Sherman Doug & Holly Sherman Jerry Shore Scott & Marie Silver Richard Sindall Mr. Paul M. Sipple Damon Smith Bob & JoAnn Somers Ms. Jennifer P. Speers Squire House Bed & Breakfast John & Susan Stager Mr. Charles L. Stelling Joe Sterinbach Mr. Douglas A. Stewart Catherine Stewart James & Carolyn Stewart Mr. & Mrs. David B. Stratton Lois Sullivan Jim Sullivan Kate Sullivan Jared & JoAnna Surething

Now at the Visitor Center Just in time for this year’s sugaring, we are now stocking pancake mix in the Visitor Center. Flapjack Jack’s Buttermilk blend, goes well with MFFC’s eggs and maple syrup. Campers, beware! This will be your new favorite breakfast item while at the cabins! $5.25/box.

Merck Forest’s longsleeve cotton shirts are lightweight enough to wear on those warm spring days, but can be layered for chillier days. The shirt displays MFFC’s logo, and comes in burgundy, slate blue, forest green, and charcoal gray. $18.00/shirt Some merchandise may be purchased from our online store:

Robert D. Taggart Barry Targan The Aspen at Manchester Priscilla P. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Thompson Richard G. Thompson William & Mary Beth Toms Jacob Tracy Lauren & Joe Tucker Judith Turner Mrs. Cornelia V. Tuttle James & Eleanor Tyler David Ullman George & Sue Van Hook Vogel Drafting Inc. W. H. Shaw Insurance, Inc. Alissa Wagner Alison & Bill Wahlstrom Ed Walczykowski Douglas Walden Katherine & Jerry Wall Vivian Beebe & Larry Walter John & Ruth Ward Phil & Janet Warren

Judith Warren Gary Warzocha Washington Co. Draft Animal Assoc. Maeve Webster James Weidaw Fred. C. Weinmann Westside Home School Mr. & Mrs. Ken Whalen Ms. Ruth Fuller White Marilyn Whitney Mr. & Mrs. Fred. H. Whitridge Wilderness Ventures, Inc. Ms. Corinna Wildman Garrett & Shari Williams Mr. Stephen Williams Penelope P. Wilson Reiner Winkler Ms. Patty Winpenny Margaret Winslow Richard & Dorothy Wittnebel Trudy L. Wood Rob & Meg Woolmington Frederick & Constance West Mr. Mark Youndt

Please excuse any errors or omissions on this list, and please call or email when a correction needs to be made.

Membership at Merck: Join or Renew Today! Please fill out and mail: Merck Forest & Farmland Center PO Box 86, Rupert, VT 05768

Please, help us continue to serve our mission of teaching and demonstrating the benefits of innovative, sustainable management of forest and farmland. As a member, you support our educational programs and maintenance of over 3,100 acres of land and 30 miles of trails. Thank you for your help!



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Merck Forest and Farmland Center is

an educational non-profit organization whose mission is to teach and demonstrate the benefits of innovative, sustainable management of forest and farmland.

this? s i e r Whe

We also offer recreational opportunities for individuals and families, encouraging people to become good stewards of the land. Donations are appreciated and members are encouraged. Kathleen Achor

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Hint: The grass is always green in this pasture. Staff

Photograph by Dan Sullivan

Advisory Council

Answer: This photo was taken from the top of the “Sheep Dog Trial Hill,” just east of Old Town Road. At anytime of year it offers a spectacular view of the Adirondacks to the west, and the farm, just downhill.

Melissa Carll, Communications Coordinator Gina Carlucci, Assitant Sugar Maker Tim Hughes-Muse, Farm Programs Manager

Visit us online:

Kathryn Lawrence, Assistant to the Director Amy Malsbenden, Visitor Engagement Specialist

Dan Sullivan, Assistant Farm Manager Sarah Ullman, Director of Education Chris Wall, Trail Maintenance Coordinator

2013 Apprentices

Tom Ward, Executive Director

Carolyn Loeb

Jay Wilson, Assistant Sugar Maker

Becca Osborne

Chad Virkler, Sugar Maker

Emilie Schwartz

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Maple Celebration & Pancake Breakfast, March 23 & 24, 2013 Yum! It’s time again for MFFC’s annual Maple Celebration and Pancake Breakfast. As a community event, the breakfast honors the hard work that went into the year’s sugaring operation, and celebrates the outcome of sugaring: delicious maple syrup! Take a wagon ride up to the Frank Hatch Sap House where you can enjoy your breakfast. Then, explore the workings of the sugaring operation and step over to the sugar maple tapping demonstrations. Discover the farm by doing a scavenger hunt, and be sure to see the piglets! With any luck, newborn lambs may also be in the barn.

Photograph by Dan Sullivan

the g n i r r du t! e e t n Volu breakfas

People gather to eat breakfast in the Frank Hatch Sap House. Some years, MFFC boils syrup during the breakfast, and visitors can see sugaring firsthand.

Spring Calendar Social Knitting Circle March 16 & April 20, 1pm - 4pm

Two more meetings this spring.Come to the knitters’ group gathering. Bring your questions, knitting challenges, or a new project you’ve been wanting to tackle. All experience levels are welcome. FREE Full Pink Moon Hike

Staff and volunteers serve our local community and visitors MFFC-raised pork breakfast sausages, eggs, pancakes drizzled with MFFC’s Vermont-certified organic syrup, and coffee and juice.

April 27, 6:30pm

9am-1pm, Saturday and Sunday, March 23 and 24, 2013.

Full Flower Moon Hike

If you are interested in volunteering, please give us a call!

Hike Merck’s trails beneath the Full Pink Moon. During the moderate hike, you’ll enjoy great vistas along the way, and watch the stars come out. FREE

May 25, 7:00pm

Join us for an evening hike under the Full Flower Moon. We’ll take time to view blooming spring wildflowers, and watch the moon rise. FREE

* Activities may be weather-dependent; please call the Visitor Center between 9am - 4pm for more information. 802-394-7836

Ridgeline Spring 2013  

MFFC's Quarterly Newsletter

Ridgeline Spring 2013  

MFFC's Quarterly Newsletter