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Introducing merci contributors

Editor’s pick 10

Everything you need for fall in your closet and home from merci editors Romance eternity/ Refreshing twist/ Purple inspiration

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The Link Pressroom

Home Decor


Return of classic blue - plate collections

Food inspiration


Phoneix Sweet - Happy Baking

Shop & Resturant


Le moment

Wine & coffee


Delicate aromas, Vega Sicilia



Rich & Delicate

Make up


Fall 2013

merci magazine


merci team Executive Director Peggy Lui

Administrative Director Elsa Yuen Lifestyle Editors Peggy Lui Jenny Ho Winnie Cheung Elsa Yuen

Photography: By Nicywedding - David Yick Makeup on Peggy & Elsa - By Nicymakeup - Sonia Lam Makeup on Jenny, Winnie. C and Winnie Ng By Hugo Lam

Wine & Coffee Editor Winnie Ng Makeup Editor Hugo Lam Art Direction/Graphic Design Peggy Lui Jenny Ho Winnie Cheung


David Yick Kaman Yip Lewis Cheng Sharon Pang Moseanu For advertise Interested in advertising in merci? Simply email to advertising@ We will be contact you in shorty with our media kit and rates. For Press releases We are looking for more up-today press release. Please send your information in details to 4

merci magazine

Editor’s Letter A fresh started for me to introduce our new online magazine for you! As we are a new establishing online publication, our aim is to provide the latest worldwide home décor news (not much on this issue but definetly we will have more and more coming up) and information on mixing styles. We are equally concerned with the high-low mix style and information for local market. I am sure we will get you more affordable items on coming news in lifestyle, shops, design, fashion and recipe and much more. we also provide exclusive interviews and first hand reviews on web based platform to Hong Kongers and no limitation to worldwide audiences.

Yet, is not the best but I hope you will enjoy reading our premier issue and stay tuned for the next one! Our website will come very soon and please stay online with our facebook fans page to keep on more update information, more surprises will keep continue!

P.S. I would like to thank you all merci team’s members and contributors to made it happened!


merci magazine



Administrative Director

Peggy Lui

Elsa Yuen

Jenny Ho

Where you graduated? Graudted from George Brown College. Toronto. Canada. Major in Graphic Design/Advertising and Digital Media.

Where you graduated? Grauated from the University of Toronto, major in Economics and Philosophy

Where you graduated? Graudted from architectural in University of New South Wales, Sydney

Your favorite country and why? My favorite country is Japan. The reason their mixing of traditional and modern culture and design is brilliant! I like everything in mix and match. Something new, something old.

Your favorite country and why? My favorite cities are Florence and Paris. Florence is an artistic and architectural heritage city where worth to explore. Paris is one of the most beautiful and romantic place in the world that you will fall in love with.

Your favorite country and why? My favorite country is Japan, where surrounded by cultured, peace and loves. Also, there are a lot of great, simple but sophisticated architecture there.

Anything you like to do after work? Listen to Jazz and different kind of music, reading, hang out with friends. I am quite in between a uptown and downtown girl.

Anything you like to do after work? Dancing is my lifetime hobby. I was trained in Classical Ballet throughout my youth and trained in Chinese Classical dance since I was 12. I was a member of the school dance team, a member of the Hong Kong Student Dance team and member of the Hong Kong Bauhinia Dance Group. Traveled to Spain, China, and Portugal for dance contests and performances. Dancing plays a very important part of my life and I shall never put it aside

Anything you like to do after work? Loves architecture, interior, music, dancing, food, coffee, photographing and travelling

Any quote is representing you at this moment? Believe you can and you’re halfway there. –Theodore Roosevelt

What merci means to you? merci means......thank you for being with us!

Any quote is representing you at this moment? Work Hard, Play hard and Rock hard!!! Life is good when you have no expectation, smile often, dream big, laugh more, forgive more, ask for less and you will realize that your life is full of JOY. What merci means to you? “Merci” is a live in style; enjoy life with taste, make you stay happy and glamour.


Editor - Graphics & Home

merci magazine

Any quote is representing you at this moment? “A sprinkle of Sugar; A pinch of Romance; And lots of Love!”

What merci means to you? Always love the things around you and Merci the things you have!

Editor - Graphics & Fashion

Editor - Wine & Coffee

Editor - Makeup

Where you graduated? Graudted from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Bachelor of Arts in Applied and Media Art

Where you graduated? Graduated from- BA (Hons.) Logistics & Supply Chain Management. WSET Level 3. Now a register tutor in ERB wine course

Where you graduated? Graduated from Open University of Hong Kong and majored in Language & Translation.

Your favorite country and why? Brussels

Your favorite country and why? There are many cities that I like a lot, mainly in Switzerland & Nordic Countries. If in terms of residing & staying long term instead of sightseeing only, I’d choose either Oslo or London.

Winnie Cheung

Anything you like to do after work? Day dreaming! Day dreaming! Day dreaming! Day dreaming! All about day dreaming

Any quote is representing you at this moment? “ I’m working as I’m daydreaming. “ “ The life I really want to live only exists in my daydreams. “ “If the dream is a translation of waking life, waking life is also a translation of the dream.” - René Magritte What merci means to you? merci means......merci beaucoup!

Winnie Ng

Anything you like to do after work? Gathering with friends in a cosy place, chit-chatting and enjoying nice food & wine together; going travelling around the world, especially to those scenic places that not many people know Any quote is representing you at this moment? A quote about me, which maybe about love, life or something is representing you at this moment- Be brave & devoted to fight for what you want, and fight for the best! Rainbow must come sooner or later after struggles. What merci means to you? Merci, a french word meaning thank you. I’d like to use my expertise and experience to introduce something nice & special in life to readers, helping them using the best budget to achieve the best taste, best quality and get best in life. After reading Merci Magazine, they will be willing to say Merci to our whole team.

Hugo Lam

Your favorite country and why? Hokkaido in Japan because I love the elegant scene of snowing. Anything you like to do after work? Sports make me feel good and relax. I occasionally do work out and jogging when I have spare time, I love trying to suddenly push myself to almost extreme for a certain time and then slow myself down, I believed that it brings positive effect to my physical and mental aspect to overcome the challenge. Reading magazine is my other favorite, I read lots of fashion and beauty related magazine to keep the inspiration of my makeup skill being nourished. Any quote is representing you at this moment? “Enjoy every moment” - No matter you are encountering any happy or tough moment, life is about getting suffer in difficulties and enjoy the fruit after you overcome them, ups and downs would made you understand where and when you shall treasure the true happiness. What merci means to you? Merci is just like a new page of my life! Writing article for Merci is a very precious chance for me to combine the skills I learnt in school and my native artistic aspect in doing makeup.

merci magazine


merci contributors

Director of Nicywedding and Nicywedding Design. Graduated from University of Hong Kong, was major in Economics & Finance · Marketing. Passion in photography and turned passion into career. Now travelling around the world for overseas wedding photography

David Yick

Yoga lover, foodie( mostly vegetarian), love traveling when have time, best way to learn local cuisine! Work in family’s watch business. MA fine art graduated from Saint Martins , (formally University or Arts) work nothing related to Art after retuning to HK. Cook more, play more with recipes, creating more home-food like making art while I was missing UK & not make art. Being nostalgic here, Food brings memories !

Kaman Yip

Graduated in Monash University of Melbourne. Enjoy the lifestyle in Melbourne for my tertiary education but would like to take a challenge in a busy world of Hong Kong. Worked nearly 10 years in the industry of Housewares, particularly in Stainless Steel and Wooden product. Find it is interesting to know how a product to be finalized from a drawing to be in an actual product.

Lewis Cheng 8

merci magazine

merci magazine


Editor Picks


Romance DIRECTOR {Peggy Lui}

Vera Wang for Wedgwood "Love Knots" Vase, 10"


Fall is the season of love, feel the romance in the air

Voluspa Home Ambience Diffuser Bella Sucre

Robert Welch Flower & Bee Trivet 10

merci magazine

Romance Eternity

KLĂ–XHULT. Ikea Picture, X-ray of peony HK$599

Gretel Mini Gold Dot Dish in Pink

Valentino Studded strap and heel pumps HK$ 7,500

RED VALENTINO Floral-print taffeta dress HK$6,610

Jonathan Adler Lsd Beaded Linen Pillow merci magazine


Editor Picks


Refreshing twist EDITOR { Jenny Ho }

Emerald is the colour of the year. Bring this lively colour to your home decoration; Have a bold colour to your closet; Add a refreshing twist to your life-style


Luvocracy Venna Emerald Boat Neck Shift Dress

Plum & Bow Tufted Settee Urban Outfitters


Crocodile Emerald Trapeze Bag


merci magazine

Essie Emerald green


Emerald Green Resin Ring HKD$ 318.47

Refreshing twist

Brionvega Radio

Zara Home Elle Multi Cushion

Luvocracy Emerald Plaid - Thank You

Urban Outfitters Sculpted Sphere Stool

Urban Outfitters AV Room Portable USB Turntable By Crosley

Etsy Emerald green geometric clutch hard case with chain HKD$ 716.56 merci magazine


Editor Picks


Purple EDITOR { Winnie Cheung }


In Love with all purple for new fall season. Explore the new world of mystery

Diptyque Standard Candles Shop1080, Podium Level 1 IFC Mall / +852 2521 6799


2014 Daily Diary - Pocket - Brilliant Violet HK$148 Pageone / Shop 922, 9/F, Times Square / +852 2506 0381 Eslite / 8/F-10/F, Hysan Place / +852 3419 6788

Topshop LIPS IN CALLED UP HK$99 14

merci magazine

Givenchy Colorblock Small Pandora Messenger Shop1080, Podium Level 1 IFC Mall / +852 2521 6799




ZARA Printed Dress $699

agnesb-fleuriste Hydrangea and cymbidium $1280 Shop LG1-49, Festival Walk / +852 2265 8388

Habitat Purple hi-ball glass

Repetto Ballerina Cendrillon - Velvet Fabricl merci magazine



merci magazine

Career Features

Paper Romance

The Link Pressroom

The Link Pressroom

We are tailor made of what you need on your special day The wedding industry has been growing rapidly in Hong Kong as more couples tie the knot. Countless hours are spent on searching for the perfect wedding gown and suit, selecting the ideal venue, creating the flawless guest list and making other important decisions for the biggest day of your life. Let’s face it, it’s a huge undertaking and can be overwhelming. This may explain why grooms and brides-to-be would overlook other aspects such as wedding invitations. However, Leona Lung, the co-founder of The Link Pressroom emphasizes the importance of wedding invitations and stationery package and more attention should be paid as they are the first impression of you as a couple to your guests before the big day. The Link Pressroom, the luxurious stationery design studio was founded in 2009 by a team of award-winning designers. The co-founder, Leona Lung is a graduate of one of UK’s most prestigious design college, the Central Saint Martin’s College of Art. Leona has vast experience in both offline mediums and interactive tools, having worked on everything from corporate printed materials to mega event decorations.

Photographer by Jenny Ho Photo: Courtesy of The Link Pressroom Text by Peggy Lui

merci magazine



What were you doing before you launched The Link Pressroom? I was doing label and packaging designs at a cosmetics & toiletries company in HK after graduating from UK. Then I started working as a freelance designer on wedding invitations with my friend who is a wedding planner.

Q: Tell us more about The Link Pressroom and your services.

We provide customised services and specializes in paper. Besides wedding invitations, we design anything and every thing that is related to paper from save-the-date cards, wedding and church programs, welcome frames, wedding favours to red packets and even backdrops. We also work on corporate stationeries and branding.


merci magazine

Q: What was it like launching your first collection?

It was challenging at first because I was relatively new to the wedding industry and there are both Chinese and Western decorum to follow. From there, it branches out to the traditional or the modern, also the formal or the casual. I had to familiarize myself with the industry quickly and thankfully my wedding planner friend gave me some suggestions and advices. At the end, my first client was very happy with the invitation cards.

Q: How do you set The Link Pressroom apart from others in the business ?

We believe wedding invitations and stationery package are important parts of a wedding. They reflect the couple’s style and the theme of the wedding. We create unique keepsake pieces for each and every one of our clients. We invest the time to investigate and observe, and then create extraordinary designs that fit their needs and styles. We also work closely with the client and other vendors on theme decor and setting, not only for weddings but also for parties such as anniversary and baby shower.

Q: Take us through your design process.

We start off by developing a theme with client and their interests and needs in mind. This is the most difficult part of the process as clients may not be able to readily express their preferences. After brainstorming sessions and presentations, the client would have a better understanding of the theme and conceptualize the design. And then more fine- tuning is done to perfect the design.

Allowing the client to see the whole picture is also important, to visualize the entire theme being carried out to the menu, the guestbook, and the venue dĂŠcor on the wedding day. All our designs are tailor-made. Each client is special to us. Creating mood boards, illustrations and collage can help them see the big picture. merci magazine



merci magazine

Quality design is more important to our customers! Q: How can we find out more about your designs?

People can find out more about our work through Facebook and our website. We are also trying to establish a presence in high-end wedding exhibitions for quality exhibitors. These events are usually hosted at 5-star or above hotels. So look for us there in the future.

Q: Can you share with us your experience as a business owner? Time management is crucial. Starting a business, you need to do a lot of sourcing, preparation, and meetings with clients. Paperwork and administration are also key parts of your daily routine. Be willing to work hard and long hours.

merci magazine



eturn of classic blue Classic blue is back from all these year. About a century ago, the style of blue was inspired by many different kind of China procelainware, as well as English, French and America china patterns.


merci magazine

Sardine Run Platter 12.5” Indigo-Living HK$ 224

Rika Dinner Plate Crate & Barrel HK$ 57.96

ARBOL Plate L Franc Franc HK$90

Hermès Bleus d’Ailleurs Hermès

Anthemion Blue Dinner Plate 10.75” Wedgwood & Bentley

Blue Byzantine Dinner Plates, Set of 4 William Sonoma HK$499.97

merci magazine


Food Inspiration Phoneix Sweets


merci magazine

Happy Baking Photo: Courtesy of Phoneix Sweet Text by Jenny Ho

Architecture? Amusement Park? Wedding Dress? Sculpture? What can you think of?

Phoenix Sweets can disassemble them and assemble into cake.

merci magazine


Food Inspiration Phoneix Sweets Phoenix is like many girls who full of fantasy, love pretty things, love cooking and baking.

If you want something special, Phoenix Sweets can make your wish come true. Phoenix create cakes that is admirable, edible and collectable. Each of your bite can experience her passion and creativity, the high quality of ingredients and hearty story behind each cake. At the beginning, she made cakes and sweets at home for some of her friends’ birthdays and weddings. Years later, one of her significant piece “Spring” has lead her bakery skills to another level. Until a year ago, she decided to make that as her career and currently running with her sister - Taylor. From finding studio, renovation, purchasing appliances, applying food license, etc., she will take care on every single detail. She wishes to have 48 hours a day which can explore and get more inspirations for her creation and give the best products to her customers.


merci magazine

“You dare to order, I dare to make!� merci magazine


A cake is not only a confectionary but also a piece of art. 28

merci magazine

Food Inspiration Phoneix Sweets

"Nothing is easy but nothing is impossible. Don't forget your initial goal at the first day." Starting a business is always challenging. Phoenix has put over120% efforts and hard work to take care her newborn baby. “Phoenix Sweets is still young in the market, expanding to a recognized brand in the nearly future would be grateful. However, we aim to provide better taste with quality of ingredients, better appearance and services, and that’s our goal and principle. I love to give surprise to my customers and received a sweet and warm feedback which is a power to push me further.”

merci magazine



le moment enjoy the moment! le moment is located on Peel Street in Soho. The area you familiar with but you might pass by this small cafe when you around the area. The French-style cafe only come with 20 seats but the atmosphere is cozy and relax. They don’t have lot of choices in the menu but anything on the menu, they are good! From starter to dessert, I am sure you will have a magnificent feast with your friends or the beloved one. Bobby, is the owner of le moment but he is also a wine connoisseur. He friendly and humble charactistic made he is very stand out. He always say “Forget about earning money! Enjoy the moment!” One of the things that makes he made personalized service, is wine section. OF course, foods are tremendous delicious. He always give your some good advices on wine which also delicate on their significant dishes. Q: What does Le Moment mean to you? A: Enjoy and remember the moment we have!

G/F, 55 Peel StreetSoho, Central French / Western/ Wine/ Dessert/ Coffee & Tea Shop/ Bar Mon-Thur 12:00-23:00; Fri-Sat 12:00-01:00; Sun closed +852/ 3488 0733 Photo: Jenny Ho Text: Peggy Lui


merci magazine

merci magazine


Restaurant Inspiration le moment


merci magazine





“Music is one of the relevant element in the restaurant” Bobby said. We like to put some jazz, relaxing music for our friends (customers). “There’s bunch of people love that what they do,do what they love” - le moment - Bobby

5 1

Spice cuied {French Duck Breast} w/mix berries aujus


Bobby’s friends also as customers. They are from Norway and everytime visit, le moment is a must for a place to come.


No matter the wine is younger or older, Bobby will use the decanter to decant your choices of wine.


Soup of the day always given surpise!


Very small but cosy enviroment merci magazine


Restaurant Inspiration le moment

Dessert is represent happiness, perfection, sweetheart. That’s the reason why its always serve at last 34

merci magazine





6 1. Fallen Angel Chocolate Bath 2. Grilled {U.S Prime Augus Ribeye w/cabernet reduction 3. Baked Apple Crumble 4. Wine connoisseur - Bobby’s pick 5. Baked white chocolate cheese w/Rose strawberry Jam 6. Bobby can also performance very nice live music!


merci magazine


Wine & Coffee

Delicate Aromas Grace Koshu Photo: Courtesy of Text by Winnie Ng

Grace Koshu is the signature white wine of Grace Winery. It is rested on its lies for five months before bottling, which gives an extra dimension of richness, and which enables the preservation of its delicate aromas. The fine and delicate characteristics of the wine makes it the perfect match with all kinds of Japanese cuisine. The dry white has been recognized globally in recent years. Grace Koshu Kayagatake 2010 has succeeded in obtaining a Silver Medal in the Decanter World Wine Awards 2011 (DWWA2011), which is the first prize for Koshu in overseas competitions.


merci magazine

merci magazine


Winnie Ng Editor of merci wine and coffee section WSET Level 3 Now a register tutor in ERB wine course


What if I ask you to think of the wine/ alcoholic beverage that is produced in Japan? Your answers would be- Sake? Plum Wine? Choya? Shochu? And that misses out of answer- WINE! Japan is located at the latitude same as the Mediterranean Sea, but differs in climate due to its geographical location between North America and Asia Continent, showing extreme but unique character: cold wind from Siberia brings snow in winter; humidity from Pacific & Japan Sea brings rains in Spring Summer, and typhoons are hitting at the ripening period of grapes. There are various varieties of grapes can be grown in Japan. One of the local varieties, Koshu, was first cultivated more than 1,000 years ago in the Caucasus Region in Asia Minor, came to Japan together with Buddhism via the Silk Road through China. It then localised itself and became native to Japan. It is purplish-pink in colour with thick skin, but pale in colour for the juice. The life of Koshu started in 1186 near Mt Fuji, originally it was planted as a normal edible grape. When winemaking started in Japan in 38

merci magazine

1874, it quickly became not only the main, but also the most important variety. It can be made in different styles, oaked or unoaked, dry or sweet. Koshu finds its great succeed in Katsunuma of Yamanashi, lying on the lower slope of Mt. Fuji, around 100km west of Toyko, where is an inland valley bearing a classic valley climate which enjoys long hours of sunshine, diurnal temperature variation and relatively little rain. Water source is from mountain water flowing into the valley which is essential for the sometimes very warm summer weather. Soils are porous, which enables deep root penetration and good drainage. All these are the excellent conditions for growth and production of quality wine grapes Grace Winery has a long history in winemaking. It was established in 1923 in Katsunuma where Koshu has been doing well. The objective of Grace Winery is to bring the best quality wine to consumers, showing the characters of the wine where it originates. They have been putting much effort in viniculture to improve the quality of grapes and wine. Vertical Shoot Positioning cane pruning is one of the techniques they are using to train the grapes, and to decrease the yield in order to produce more concentrated vines.

WIne & Coffee Grace Koshu

“When I ask you to name a country that produces wine,

I am pretty sure 99% of you will think of the answers like France!� Apart from Japan, Grace Koshu is now available in UK, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Appearance: Almost transparent, pale green and brilliantly clear fresh, delicate grapefruit, lime, apple & pear with a hint of white floral touch

Palate: Dry, crisp, delicate, light-bodied, fresh and fruity. Soft and subtle in the mouth, lively citrus acidity with good balance. A pure, ephemeral sensation.

Suggestions: Good for standalone drink at hot summer, movie-athome time, or as aperitif, or serving with light appetizer. Perfect with Japanese cuisine, especially sashimi, sushi and white fish with light sauce.

Enquiries: +852 2873 5733

merci magazine


Wine & Coffee Vega Sicilia

Vega Sicilia is one of the most refined wineries in Spain, located in Ribera del Duero, one out of eleven quality wine regions in Spain. When talking about premium fine wine, normally people will think of Chateau Mouton, Lafite in France; Sassicaia in Italy; Opus One in USA- how about Spain? That must be Vega Sicilia! Vineyards in Ribera del Duero are enjoying a combination of both continental and Mediterranean climate. Most of them are located on highland, some can be as high as 850m. With the wide diurnal range and long sunshine hours, Tempranillo has grown perfectly there. Vega Sicilia was established in western Ribera del Duero in 1864. Throughout its long history, it has belonged to different owners, although it has always maintained an unquestionable personality, making concentrated, mature, generous and extremely elegant red wines. Now the winery is owned by the Alvaréz family since 1982. The winery has brought a lot of innovations to the traditional wine making method to the region. The estate has a plantation of 250 hectares of vineyards, 80% are growing tempranillo while the rest is planting with Bordeaux variety like cabernet sauvignon, merlot and Malbec. This vegetation is different from other wineries in the region where it is normally growing 100% tempranillo. 40

merci magazine

There are 3 different wines under Vega Sicilia, namely “Valbuena 5°”, “Unico Reserva Especial” and “Unico”. Most of the vines are old and some can be older than 100 years old. Each of the wine are fermented and matured differently. Valbuena 5° has been generally regarded as the second wine of Unico. But this is not the truth! It can be regarded Valbuena as a younger version of Unico. Valbuena is made with the above-mentioned varieties of grapes, but with more merlot than cabernet sauvignon. It is first fermented in stainless steel vats and undergo second fermentation in cement vats. The aging of wine is then started in January of the next year, first in container and then in cask. “5°” in the name of Valbuena indicates it has undergone 5 years of aging, in which 3.5 years are in oak barrels. During that period, the wine is rotated from new casks (both American and French oaks) to older and older casks to achieve the perfect balance between the wine and wood, and later on kept in large oak barrels. After that Valbuena is aged in bottles for 1.5 years before selling out in the market. This is to make sure all the wines, no matter for Valbuena or Unico, are ready to be drunk when they are available. The latest vintage in the market now is 2007 and the one tried is vintage 2004.



Deep ruby colour

Ready to drink now and still be able to age for further 5 to 10 years. Can drink immediately upon bottle opening, and evolve for further 2 to 3 hours Perfect match with all kinds of red meat, grilled lamb and steak, iberico ham

Nose and Palate: Oaky cherry, a mix of red and black fruits, coffee, oak, a hint of sweet spices. Amazing complexity, powerful tannin accompanied by a very long finish. Feels like magically disappeared without giving any alcohol sensation with its 14.5% alcohol by volume.

Enquiries: +852 3923 6700

merci magazine




merci magazine

Rich & Delicate Photo & recipes by: Kaman Yip

Ingredients: 1 Squash, 1onion , 1small piece sweet potatoes, ginger pinch of nutmeg & (adjust little by your own taste) Handful thyme 1tsp chickpeas miso paste Salt & Pepper Nutritious yeast (for sprinkle topping) Basil/ coriander (for topping )

Preparation: • Peel & cut the squash & sweet potatoes • Chop onions in dices /thin slice

How to make it: • Steam squash & sweet potatoes in presser cooke 20mins, persevered the excess water form the steam for the soup later • Sautéed onions with olive oil in a saucepan • Add cooked steam squash,also the juice from the steam into the same sauce pan with onions, and water in medium heat to boil for about 15 mins. • Throw all cooked ingds,spices into vitaxim & add more water about 750ml to blend. (adjust more water if you need more thin soup, not too thick and creamy as above) • Pour into soup bowl, herbs topping & sprinkle some nutritious yeast, drizzle lemon olive oil.


Done & Served, Enjoy! merci magazine


Fall Makeup 2013

Fall makeup

Afraid not to wear ing. Just tap the colo brush to give sufficie see the blending is w eye sight and need fresh. Now the eyes gloss

Hair & Makeup: Hugo LAM Photo shot by: Ms. Shan NG & Mr. Anson FUNG Model: Joyce Chan & Cherry Lo


merci magazine


Bold lips

Deep wine color from M.A.C Pro Longwear Lip Crème series, this lipstick has a very creamy texture that is so easy to put on, it dries with an elegant soft matte finish and leaves a pigmented and comfortable layer on your lips. If your lips are your best feature like Cherry, why dare not to put on this classical color? Just to remember pigments tend to dry out, to prevent your lips from getting flaky, thanks to the super lasting formula of this lipstick, you may carefully top with any non-oil based lip gloss to keep your lips moisturized whenever you needed without interfere the color.

M.A.C Pro Longwear Lip Crème – Endless Drama HKD $180

While your lips being the statement of your look, you should keep the rest of your face minimal, an extended black liner and a hint of grayish brown eye shadow and brown tone blush pairing well with it.


shocking color! The key to achieve this bright look is blendor to the ball of your eye with brush and use a clean blending ent and tender stokes to blend the margin, on Joyce, you may wide and almost reached her brows, the shadow opens up her d not any additional liner and shadow, the look is groovy and s are your statement, keep your lips neutral, I used a nude lip and then top with NARS lip pencil at the centre of her lips.

Make up Editor Hugo Lam

Shu Uemura Prssed Eye Shadow - M Vivid Orange 260 HKD $180

merci magazine


Profile for Merci Magazine

Merci october 2013  

Oct 2013 - Your Lifestyle Magazine - Issue 1

Merci october 2013  

Oct 2013 - Your Lifestyle Magazine - Issue 1