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Editior’s letter


Fresh starter with merci editor

Editor’s pick


Everything about Valentine's day, patterns and shapes

Home Inspiration


Perfect gift for your best momet

Home Inspiration


The creative world of John-Paul Welton


Chic - Bedroom makeover - Proper Hunt


Sophisticated yet Cosy

Special Features


Turku - Finland

Event Inspiration


M+ (WKCD) West Kowloon Cultural District

Career Features


An Entrepreneur - Alan Wong

Master Features


Master of Wine - Debra Meiburg

Restaurant Inspiration 72

IPC Foodlab



Travel Inspiration


The Hobbit: The desolation of Smang


Creating memories that last a lifetime

Wine Inspiration


A sense of enticement, romance & happiness - Joiy

Recommendations 96

Editor’s Recommendations for Christmas


Dark Chocolate Banana soft pudding

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Editor’s Letter It has been long period we didn't release our magazine since December 2013. At this moment, I would like to wish everyone have a great 2014 and a very sweet valentine's day with the one you love, and your family as well. Also, please allow us to express our sincerely apologies to all of you, the Jan and Feb issues had been combined into one issue and I am sure March will be remain the same and on-time. From this chance, merci's team and I would like to express and give our entire blessing to one of our editor, she is facing big challenges due to personal and family issue, and we wish her and her family well from our bottom of heart.

One of the other reason for postpone was the organization re-structure, we had been introduces a new section of travel and leisure. Warmth welcome to Martin Klabunde to join our team and he is a great and positive person I had ever met. Hope his article can bring you more information on your next journey.

On this issue, we are going to have more updated news on Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. Wish our inspiration information could bring you more new fantasy journey on 2014!

Hope you enjoy this issue and also have a wonderful happy holiday and a Happy new year!

Peggylui merci magazine


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Director of Nicywedding and Nicywedding Design.

Yoga lover, foodie( mostly vegetarian), love traveling when have time, best way to learn local cuisine!

An IT professional and ESL educator who is fascinated by art, architecture, culture and design. After completing postgraduate studies in her Canadian home town, she now focuses her career in Hong Kong.

Nordic extension of the Merci team, living in Finland but traveling frequently around the world.

Martin Kiabunde

Jenny Au

Lewis Cheng

Born and bred in Hong Kong, studied in Sydney and now returned homeland to pursue her aspiration in the field of art, design and marketing.

Worked nearly 10 years in the industry of Housewares, particularly in Stainless Steel and Wooden product.

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Editor (Travel & Lesiure) Martin Kiabunde

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Editor Picks


Happy Valentine's day DIRECTOR {Peggy Lui}



Ellermann Under Moonlight HKD $1,900 Zara Home Lilac Vase HKD $399.00 8

merci magazine

Happy Valentine's day

Penhaligon’s LP No. 9 for Ladies Eau de Toilette 100ml HKD $1,180

Maggie and Flynn Bashful Bunny Cream Large HKD $196.00

Welton London Courrèges - Rose Intense

LELA ROSE Satin-paneled linen-blend peplum dress USD $1,134

GIANVITO ROSSI Metallic leather and PVC pumps HKD $5,900 merci magazine


Editor Picks


In Love with Pattern In love with pattern! Especially in the dual festival seasons!

EDITOR { Jenny Ho }

Anthropologie Elka Dinnerware US$20

Laura Ashley Powder Rose Soap Roses ÂŁ9

Kelly Wearstler Modernist Arts & Crafts Chair


merci magazine

Anthropologie Silver Fox Ornament HK$ 28.00

In Love with Pattern The Corner Calla - Knee length skirt USD $308.00

Johnathan Adler House Of Cards Square Scarf USD $68.60

Victoria’s Secret VS Fantasies - Ultra Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream USD $14.00

Amara Marimekko Pieni Unikko Red Cushion Cover £29.5

Wimberly Inc Cuff Bracelet - Plum with Shield USD $44.00

SHAK Shak by black milk clothing x solestruck USD $169.75 merci magazine


Editor Picks


Alice in the Wonderland For this seasonal holiday, in love with shapes EDITOR { Winnie Cheung }

Creed Red with Gold Trim Leather Atomizer HK$ 1543

TOPSHOP Vintage Lola Sunglasses HK$ 199

JONATH ANADLER Short Kismet Table US$ 1,250.00 Zara Home Mirror Openwork Picture Frame HK$ 189 12

merci magazine

Alice in the Wonderland

Franc franc PIENMORE Mat HK$ 270

Salvatore Ferragamo Miniature Preziose Necklace HK$ 3,100

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Twin Skull Bracelet HK$ 2300


Cotton/Silk Multicolor Dress HK$ 7,338

Stella Mccartney Embellished Falabella Clutch HK$ 7,950

Charlotte Olympia Mascot Embroidered Suede Pumps merci magazine


Picture Frame

Perfect gift for your best moment Produced by Peggy Lui


merci magazine

Keep the best moment of yours

Wooden Picture Frame Zara HKD $189.00

Coloured Picture Frame Zara HKD $399.00

Wooden Picture Frame Zara HKD $299.00

Charade Flower Frame jonathan Adler HKD $450.23

Charade Studded Frame jonathan Adler HKD $450.23

Wooden Picture Frame Zara HKD $299.00

Square Tray Wedgewood

HKD $552.86

Transparent Metal Picture Frame Zara HKD $299.00

Metal Dots Picture Frame Zara HKD $199.00 merci magazine


The Creative World of John-Paul Welton Photo: Courtesy of Welton London by Peggy Lui


Passionate Englishman, John-Paul Welton, has had an incredible career. His roles in diplomatic and government circles took him to the Middle East, Asia and the United States. After several years working in this area, he decided to begin a new chapter and completely devote himself to interior design. Curious by nature, he took inspiration from his extensive travels and launched the first Welton Design furniture collection in 2001. Decorator and designer John-Paul Welton is passionate about fragrance. He believes that to create an interior, an ambiance not only needs furniture, colour and decorative pieces, but also scented notes. His new passion was awakened whilst working in Grasse to design fragrances as real perfumes. merci magazine

merci magazine



merci magazine

The new quintessential address in Paris invitation to a scented journey John-Paul Welton has chosen Paris, the capital of luxury, to open his first Welton London boutique, so eagerly awaited by his international clientele. A prestigious address for this magnificent setting, dedicatedcompletely to the unique perfumes created by John–Paul Welton. Customers are invited to walk among the collections of perfumes and scents in sumptuous surroundings, where collections of eau de toilette, scented candles and fragrance diffusers are on display, as well as collections of scents launched by the prestigious Houses of Christian Lacroix, Courrèges, Kelly Hoppen and, Karl Lagerfeld. In each of his scented creations, John-Paul Welton reveals aspirations, creates atmosphere, evokes the memory of a precious moment, or memorable place. Understated in his work, he cares deeply about offering his customers the best in quality, and he has chosen France, with its profound expertise, to create his collections,

merci magazine


John-Paul Welton has a passion

for interior design and has decorated this boutique fully in the codes of his brand, and his perfume and scent collections, with a combination of chic black and lustrous chrome. He has uncovered the original magnificent parquet floor, giving it a new lease of life, and designed the furniture which has been created in his factories in Italy. Ever playing with contrasts, he has dressed a wall in quilted silver leather, ostrich embossed for a highly fashionable visual effect.


merci magazine

merci magazine


HOME DECOR Welton London

John-Paul Welton

is passionate about fragrance. He believes that to create an interior,

an ambiance not only needs furniture, colour and decorative

pieces, but also scented notes. 22

merci magazine

merci magazine



merci magazine

Chic makeover Photo: Courtesy of Proper Hunt Concept and text by : Christina Hun Inspired pick By: Peggy Lui

Our bedroom has hands-down become my sanctuary, my place of rest ever since our daughter, Victoria aka Cora, came into the world. Sleep has never been more important to me and having the bedroom be a stress-free space has become my number one priority. I've always wanted to look at our bedroom and say, "wow, what a chic space", and I've never ever said or thought that until now.

merci magazine



merci magazine

merci magazine


HOME DECOR Home Inspiration

There are lots of items that I am still procuring for the room (a rug, a new nightstand for Steve's side, a chandelier, and of course a headboard).


merci magazine

merci magazine


HOME DECOR Home Inspiration

So far I think the room is looking exactly like that chic space that I've always wanted it to look like. It's serene & clean, but with those pops of color that I just need to have.


merci magazine

merci magazine



merci magazine

Sophisticated yet Cozy Design and concept: Meredith Heron Design Photo: Paul Orenstein Inspired pick By: Peggy Lui

Meredith Heron is an interior designer and television host whose work is an eclectic conversation with color, pattern and texture. Heron’s obsession is color. Whether layering hues inspired by Roman church doors, or the ombre of Fall leaves in the rain, she combines it with sumptuous, mosaics of pattern, the clean lines of Regency or Louis XVI-inspired furnishing and modern accessories to create rooms that feel glamorous, feminine and familiar. Even in monochromatic spaces, her attention to texture and detail reflect a well-travelled and convivial design vocabulary, spoken in luxurious and personal, spaces made for play!

merci magazine



merci magazine

HOME DECOR Home Inspiration

“Luxury is very personal. For me, it’s those intangible little touches, those things we all feel a little bit of guilt about owning but that everyone should. Investing in them can make the mundane, spectacular.”

Meredith Heron

merci magazine



merci magazine

HOME DECOR Home Inspiration

merci magazine



merci magazine

HOME DECOR Home Inspiration

merci magazine



merci magazine

HOME DECOR Home Inspiration

merci magazine

41 42

merci magazine

HOME DECOR Home Inspiration

merci magazine


HOME DECOR Home Inspiration


merci magazine

merci magazine


Turku Finland Photo by Timo Pitkanen Written by Winnie Ng, Timo Pitkanen

Turku, the oldest city in Finland, is the former capital city and has a long history since the Middle Ages. Nowadays it's not the capital anymore but still an important city on the south-western coast, known of its busy harbour and scenic archipelago in the vicinity. City itself is a mixture of the old glory and modern era, providing plenty of options for those seeking for cozy little home decoration shops full of Nordic atmosphere. 46

merci magazine

merci magazine



merci magazine


Divaani, established for more than 20 years, is located just on the riverfront, near to the Cathedral of Turku. They have a selection of various products such as tables, chairs, shelves, sofas, carpets, lamps and a wide range of smaller decoration objects. In addition, they offer decoration planning services for both companies as well as private persons that are searching for professional assistance. Address: Linnankatu 3 20100 Turku Finland tel: +358 2 4693444 email:

merci magazine


Sisustuksen KOODI Sisutuksen Koodi is located next to the city library, just a short distance away from Divaani. Their product range is basically rather similar, consisted mostly of furniture, small decoration objects, fabrics and wallpapers, but including also local high-end brands such as Artek. In addition, their business extends to decoration planning as well as providing decoration material for photo styling purposes. address: Linnankatu 6 20100 Turku Finland tel: +358 20 7940880 email: 50

merci magazine

merci magazine



merci magazine

OTTOmaani A third decoration shop along the same street is Ottomaani, previously located next to Divaani but nowadays just opposite of Sisustuksen Koodi. They have a wide selection of furniture, lamps, textile products, beds and gift items - both Nordic and European design brands but all suited for the Nordic taste. Similar to the two other shops, decoration planning is part of their business. Address: Linnankatu 9-11 20100 Turku Finland tel: +358 2 2513380/ +358 400 803188 email:

merci magazine



merci magazine

Special Features


There are also many local design companies such as Klo Design and Tonfisk Design that are respecting the Finnish tradition in their products, and have a great potential to expand in the future. Going around Turku is definitely a nice experience for everyone who knows where to find all the hidden gems!

merci magazine



merci magazine

A DESIGN COLLABORATION in FLYING COLOURS The Marimekko For Finnair collection is in keeping with the airline’s larger Peace of Mind service concept: Air travel shouldn’t just be a quick way to get from A to B, but a series of “magic moments” that you can slow down to enjoy.

merci magazine


A design collaboration in flying colours

DESIGN FOR SUSTAINABILITY The tableware comprises mix-and-match plates, bowls and cups in soft, rounded shapes. The design addresses various demands for inflight functionality, such as space-efficiency, stackability and high rims tosave your travel suit from sauce stains. The Business Class range is made of special lightweight porcelain to reduce aircraft weight and fuel consumption. The new material is about 10 to 20 per cent lighter than Finnair’s previous tableware, which will make an appreciable dent in the airline’s carbon profile. Cloth napkins and porcelain cups are reserved for Business Class, but Economy Class passengers enjoy the same elements of luxury in matching paper versions. “We want every passenger to feel that someone has thought about them in every detail of the design,” says Ruotsalainen.


merci magazine

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Event intown


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(WKCD) West Kowloon Cultural District Photo: Jenny Ho Text by Jenny Ho/Jenny Au

The M+ building development is in full swing. As part of the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD), M+ is Hong Kong’s new museum for visual culture. It spans across different aspects of art, design, and architecture, originated from Hong Kong, China, Asia and beyond. The museum is scheduled to complete in 2011. Public programmes and exhibitions will be held in stages to publicize the infrastructure. The first architecture exhibition – “Building M+: The Museum and Architecture Collection” is brought by the Executive Director, Dr. Lars Nittive and Curator, Aric Chen. The exhibition was first launched in early January in ArtisTree, TaiKoo Place. As the executive Director of WKCD, Dr. Lars Nittive said, “It is not an art museum. It is a museum of visual culture. Architecture is also an important part. This exhibition is telling the public architecture is the central aspects of visual culture.” merci magazine


Event EventInspiration intown

Fundamentally, the exhibition is divided into 2 sections - the design of the future M+ building and the content of architecture collections. The first section is arranged chronologically according to the M+ Building timeline, from showcasing the architecture designs of the six shortlisted teams, to the final awarded pieces by Swiss architectural practice - Herzog & de Meuron, with Hong Kong based - TFP Farrells and Ove Arup & Partners HK. Following is a long bench top displaying the


merci magazine

workshops, jury adjudication, brief development, schematic design and detail design of Building M+. Turning around towards the content of architecture collections, comes various features including Crossed Transfers, Urban Laboratory, Place Making, Digital Reality and Critical Futures. Each category is depicted through a variety of architectural pieces through models, drawings, sketches, photographs, animations and videos.

merci magazine


The exhibition’s objective is not only to present the future M+ museum outlook, but also to raise public awareness towards architectural influences on almost everything we do in our lives in Hong Kong. ‘Architecture shapes the life we live, we live in architecture, we move around architecture.’ said Dr. Lars Nittive. Hong Kong has a lot of remarkable architectures with over 30-40 years of history. Public is always encouraged to explore, understand, think and collect these architectures.


merci magazine

M+ Architecture Collection museum-and-architecture-collection

Frank Lloyd Wright

Ian Lambot

Fitch & Chung

Drawing for Stonework (Underside of Eaves),

Aerial View from South West of Kowloon

(Chung Wah Nan Architects Ltd)

Imperial Hotel

Walled City, Hong Kong

The Upper Terminal of the Peak, Hong Kong


1989 (2013)

1967- 1972

Palmer and Turner

Iwan Baan

MAD Architects

(P&T Group) & Remo Riva

Guangzhou Opera House #1

Beijing 2050: Central Business District

Exchange Square I,II&III, Hong Kong




Building M+: The Museum and Architecture Collection

Date: 10 Jan - 09 Feb 2014 Time: Open daily 10am - 8pm Venue: ArtisTree, 1/F, Cornwall House, TaiKoo Place, Island East, Hong Kong. Free admission

merci magazine


Alan Wong

From Anchor to PR: A Brand New Start Photo: Jenny Ho/ Courtesy of Alan Wong ∫ Interview by Winnie Ng/Peggy Lui ∫ Text by Winnie Ng 66

merci magazine

Career Features An Entrepreneur

Alan Wong, a lot of people may recognise him when seeing him on TV and will have a feeling in mind: “AH... It's him, he looks familiar to me.” Or when hearing him saying his full name “TVB news, Wong Tai-Kwan reports”, I am pretty sure most of you will know him, because he had been working many years a news as anchor in the biggest television broadcast channel in Hong Kong, TVB (Jade). Alan has been living in several continents of the world, from Hong Kong to Sydney & Adelaide, and going further to Vancouver then back to Hong Kong again. He had been participating in a cadet program and almost became a pilot of Cathay Pacific, and worked in various media as a journalist, reporter, anchor, etc. He had also been facing a sudden sickness- all these experiences have made a different him: he is now an author, a director (boss) of a PR company, and the chairman of a committee of the wine merchants’ chamber to promote wine culture in Hong Kong. Q: Most of us know you were an anchor in TVB Jade before for quite a long time, how did your career path start?

Q: What happened in 2012 that caused you to leave TVB, a place you have been working for 7 years?

A: After secondary 5 graduate, I was moved to Sydney for college and uni versity studies. After university graduation, I was thinking of what kind of job would be suitable for me. Meanwhile there was a chance to apply for the cadet program for Cathay Pacific in Adelaide. I was then accepted and conducted all the trainings and passed the exams at the final stage. It took a year for all these. However, I later on found that it might not be what I want and I was not suitable for this job.

A: I got a sudden virus infection in July 2012. It was diagnosed facioplegia (Bell’s palsy). No one knew what had happened and why I would get in fected as it could happen to anyone. At early stage one of my eyes was unable to blink and close. In later stage one side of my facial muscles was at sleeping and washing hair and would easily get eye infection from sand and dusts going in. It was also problematic for drinking water as lips were not closed completely and water could drop out. It caused quite a lot of inconvenience to daily life and also affected quite much in work.

Then I moved to Vancouver for family reunion. My parents migrated to Canada when I was still studying my bachelor in Sydney. I was lucky to get a job, working in Fairchild Radio and TV as a reporter and anchor. Actually I was flying back & forth both Canada and Hong Kong for a period of time. I had been working in Apple Daily as financial journalist for a short while. I moved back to Hong Kong and worked in TVB from 2005 till 2012.

I didn’t know how long it would take for full recovery and there would be chances of recurrence. I didn’t want to increase the workload of my colleagues while I was on long sick leave. I had had plenty of thoughts by that time concerning my health, work, family and future - if I should continue to work as an anchor after full recovery; if my performance could be as good as before when there would be health considerations; if I should spend more time with my family and work on other things that I couldn’t do before due to irregular working hours… The sickness provided a good time for reflection of myself and I decided to resign after all these considerations.

merci magazine


Q: After resting for almost a year, your working engine starts rolling again. What have you been doing so far?

Q: How do you feel about your career changes in the past 10 years? What are you future planning in both short and long term?

A: It luckily took me only 2-3 months to cure the sickness and wanted to have a break afterwards. By chance my partner came to me and asked if I was interested to work on something related to PR. We then set up a company in mid-2013 for various PR activities, like political PR, charity events, NGO exhibitions, fashion, MC events, wine seminars.

A: I would say the sickness is the critical point so far. I almost got depression by that time and I felt that I was on the edge. I tried to get connected with close and some long-time-no-see friends as much as possible. I have ex panded quite much the social network now especially when being more active in wine. Perhaps I would still be staying as an anchor in TVB if have not got sick. It provided me a good chance to think about my future in all the aspects, especially considering a different career path.

Q: You have written a book called ‘Fall in Love with Wine’ and also one of the major committee chairmen for the HK Wine Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce (HKWMCC). What have initiated you to take the move? A: I started drinking when I was young. My family was not resisting me from drinking. My uncle was a Bordeaux wine lover. Remember many years ago, he had opened a bottle of Chateau Lafite 1982. That was the first time when I felt wine could be that good.

I find that the wine culture in Hong Kong was not that common, a research has shown that the culture of Hong Kong is almost lowest in Asia, except those Muslim countries. You can never compare the culture in western countries, where wine consumption is really casual and common. I’d like to make use of my book in simple language to promote the wine culture, attracting more people to start drinking wines or alcohol, ordering a glass of house wine at dining place. I don’t want to write in a complicate way to frighten away readers but to give basic knowledge for them when seeing wine labels and grape varieties.

In the HK Daily News weekly column, I invited many successful ladies from different industries to chit-chat with me about wine. I want to tell the read- ers that lots of ladies in the city are wine drinkers, I try to rise their interests to read the articles and give them some wine knowledge bit-by-bit in an indirect way. Because of all the above, I joined the Committee of Dining Culture Study & Development as chairman in HKWMCC for wine culture promotion.


merci magazine

For short term plans, the PR company will continue the ongoing jobs. I am also planning to obtain a WSET educator qualification in 2014. For long term plans, we have to specify the path of the PR company, perhaps to narrow down some particular types of customers to further expand and develop the jobs from those industries.

Career Features An Entrepreneur

merci magazine


Teaching & helping people to know more about Wines give me passion & energy

Debra Meiburg Photo:Timo Pitkanen âˆŤ Interview by Winnie Ng âˆŤ Text by Winnie Ng Debra Meiburg, the first Master of Wine in Asia, is based in Hong Kong. She was born in Sonoma County, a wine region from California, USA. Seems the strong linkage with wine has been persisting ever since... Debra had put her sight to Asia already in the 80s after graduating her bachelor degree in USA. She was planning to move and work in Japan but while waiting for the visa permit, she was staying in Hong Kong. She immediately fell in love with Hong Kong and has been staying until now- for 26 years already! By changing her career from an accountant in the PricewaterhouseCoopers Hong Kong to a Master of Wine (MW), how is Debra enjoying her wine life now as a MW? 70

merci magazine

Wine Features Master of Wine Q: How did you wine path start and how long have you been studying wine? Q: Do you think the wine industry in Hong Kong is already saturated? A: I started my career as an accountant 26 years ago, working there for 3 years till the end of contract. After that I got a chance to share knowledge in a seminar about Zinfandel, a grape variety from the USA, I found myself to be in love with teaching. This was a critical point in my career life. I was then working in NGO and meanwhile was teaching wine, learning wine and writing about wine in SCMP. I had started studying wine 20 years ago, and the Master of Wine took 6 years to complete. And the dissertation topic was also related to wine education. Q: How’s your life as a Master of Wine? What are your main duties? A: Most of the MW are working in the industry as a Sommelier or a winemaker, but my main focus is in wine education. When I was still studying the MW, I planned to write a simple tasting book, to create interactive educational tools and materials for wine lovers to learn. After being a Master of Wine, I have been developing several projects and now there are some ongoing ones. For B2B, my main focuses are the trade resources seminars and market researches for the industry. For B2C, I am more into developing educational tools and conducting trainings for companies & clients. I have developed a set of wine study cards and have started the annual wine competition for Cathay Pacific. Besides these, I have been working with a production team for TV shows and videos, entertaining programs for consumers. From all of these, I am still learning something new every single day. Q: Global warming is something we have been talking a lot. How do you see this affect the quality of wine? A: We have seen there’s a slight shift in temperature and there has been in crease in concerns for warmer regions. And of course no one likes and benefits from the climate change, no matter for new or old world. However, global warming brings also positive impacts to the industry. Wineries are now more caring their vineyards in a sustainable, ecological way. They are more willing to share their practices on vineyards which is good for the industry. For example, Bordeaux would be in main concerns as its style would be affected if temperature raises by 1-2℃. Vineyard techniques have changed considerably to fit into it. Bordeaux, in the past, had disastrous vintages that would barely have no production, but now just with difficult or not perfect vintages. We can no longer call those very bad vintage. Technology and knowledge of how a vineyard is being run, how to make wine will be less dependent on how it used to be. Adjustments can be done in viniculture, e.g. drop more leaves when it is insufficient of sunlight, install hidden windmills or hidden wires, etc. There are many methods or options to protect vines from climate changes.

A: Some part of the wine industry in HK is saturated but still there is a huge potential and a lot of opportunities in the market. Fine wine market is fairly full but mid-price market is widely opened. There are two extremes of wine now in the market, but not many choices in the middle, with affordable price and good quality. And not enough countries to choose from, the market and importers are fairly conservative with the choices. I foresee there will be lots of changes in coming years- importer portfolio will be more diversified and not focusing only on premium wine (for mainland China). More wine expertise and professionals will be promoting some new wines to HK, and more new & local grape varieties will be in the market instead of international ones (like cabernet sauvignon, merlot).

Another big challenge is to add wine into local Chinese restaurants with casual Cantonese cuisines. Most consumption now is mainly and mostly in western restaurants. Only a small percentage of wines among 300 importers are in Chinese restaurants. Interestingly consumers are ready but restaurant managers and owners are less familiar with wines and are not yet ready with such. I hope the government will next put some efforts into training and support.

Q: How about the trend of the industry in the world? A: In the past couples of decades, consumers have been relying on critics a lot, as well as on the price of the wine. Drinking wine is subjective, market should not be driven by critics like now and that would not be the future. Review and critics for each particular vintage would be more interesting and important to read, rather than the tasting notes of different aromas and palates. The note should not be the criteria for buying decisions. There's always a need to have some voices in market, but more importantly every one should have their own voice. I foresee wine enthusiastic will be trained and brought with more tools for their buying decisions, help them to speak about wine and share the passion of wine with the others. This is also my objective of being a Master of Wine. In terms of products, Bordeaux wine is now dominating the market. The next step for collections I see is Barolo from Italy. Most of them are now un dervalued. Barolo’s market will grow bigger in the near future.

merci magazine



merci magazine

Restaurant Inspiration

IPC Foodlab Photo: Jenny Ho Interview by Jenny Ho/ Peggy Lui Text by Jenny Ho/Jenny Au

When you eat in a restaurant, how much do you know about the food you are consuming? Do you know Where and how the vegetables are cultivated? What kind of cooking methods are being used? Are the ingredients good for your health and well-being?

merci magazine


Restaurant Inspiration Duddell's


merci magazine

Restaurant Inspiration IPC Foodlab

GROWING “We start from the main ingredients, the farmer and the origin of the food.” Located in Fanling, the IPC Foodlab is a 7-storey building with a roof garden adopted as vertical farm. Ground floor of the building is a restaurant and grocery shops. Moving up is the kitchen, laboratory, office, mushroom nursery and roof garden. They have their own planting mix carefully formulated, while all the mushroom nurseries and farm have employed a system with optimized control of humidity, ventilation and lighting. Sourcing of good quality ingredients is also important. They have a specialized team in selecting quality organic food from around the world, as well as 15-20 local farmers with close partnership. As Louis mentioned, “The F&B industry is based on human relation and communication. We help the farmer back to their dream, since they believe in what they are doing.” They organize regular visits to the farmers in person, not only for trading purpose, but also to educate and support them in improving their cultivation practice. Louis Antoine General Manager and Executive Chef of IPC Foodlab.

merci magazine


In IPC Foodlab, by studying the ‘GROWING, COOKING, DINING’ philosophy clustered on the interior feature wall with hanging plates, through to looking into their menu, you are able to get a better understanding.


merci magazine

Restaurant Inspiration Restaurant Inspiration IPC Duddell's Foodlab

merci magazine




In this vibrant 21st century, a wide range of food choices and

Taste and presentation is no longer the only expectations in

cuisines are accessible within reach. Ingredient combination

nowadays dining. Customers are increasingly concerned about

and cooking method is not confined to creativity. With all the

health, hygiene and quality. IPC Foodlab cares deeply on their

possibilities available at your pick, one tends to easily forget

ingredient selection, aiming to provide a healthy, satisfactory

about the original taste of the ingredients. In light of this, IPC

and enjoyable experience to every customer. Menu is the main

Foodlab seeks the best way of cooking, hoping to offer the

communication between the restaurant and diners. In addition

authentic to the diners. They focus on selecting prime quality

to a list of dish choices, their menu has introduced different

fresh ingredients, using slow cook or pan fry to preserve the

symbols outlining merits of the dish to your well-being. An ap-

nutrients and real favor of the food. With the view and con-

pendix of ingredients info and a glossary of the organic culture

cern of healthy modern diet, there is no fryer in their kitchen.

and community further provide useful information to the

All dishes do not contain white sugar, MSG, food additives,


“Fusion food is confusion. Simple is the best!”

preservatives or red meat.


merci magazine

“No fancy. Eat what you see.”

Restaurant Inspiration IPC Foodlab

“Feed the world!” The IPC Foodlab programme has been established for a few years with its restaurant in operation for a year. They are planning to expand to China, Singapore and Macau. Louis claims “Feed the world is our target, not only Hong Kong. It’s for everybody.” They strive to help the world to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Besides, having identified in this over-

“We are not something new, not a new concept. It is just a programme. We just go back to basic, believe what people want and what people need. We want to change the food industry and provide a better quality of life to people.” Louis Antoine, General Manager Executive Chef of IPC Foodlab

whelming society, a large population does not cook anymore and lives an unbalanced diet. They will soon open a take away shop in Caine road, offering ‘cook yourself’ DIY package which include simple recipes and ingredients, aiming to provide easy and healthy take away food

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Rockabilly Photo: Jenny Ho Interview by Jenny Ho Text by Jenny Ho/Jenny Au A two-storey American 1950s concept bar - Rockabilly has put a mark on this hot spot last November. The interior and decorations are characterized by a vintage metal theatre marquee sign on façade, retro tattoo art interior feature wall, pendant light bulbs with rustic car repair parts hanging from the ceiling, along with tailor-made leather sofas and steel tables. Collection of bar music ranges from classic rockabilly to alternative punk and classic rock’n’roll, whilst Hong Kong Rockabilly Club as well as some Rockabilly bands will be introduced in the near future. Trendy staffs are dressed as "Rockabilly & Rockabetty” to spice up the vibe. They are donned in pompadour hairstyle and polka dots hair bangs, with white rolled up t-shirts and checkered shirts, paired with cuffed jeans and penny loafers.

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Restaurant Inspiration Rockabilly

Rockabilly offers a simple concept menu with sliders and one-of-a-kind crafted beers. Crafted beers are imported from microbrewery in America, New Zealand, France, etc. A choice of 3 spiked slushies is recommended for ladies who like a taste of sweetness. The slider [mini burgers] menu has a selection of 8 beef flavors and 3 gourmet sliders. The pepperoni pizza fries and signature WINGS™ are also popular picks not to be missed.

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Restaurant Inspiration Rockabilly

The Rockabilly is certainly a hub of music, lifestyle and fashion. Why not indulge yourself a night in the Rockabilly. A fun place to mingle and meet with folks and Rockabilly lovers. Rockabilly 12 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong +852 2869 0099

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 86

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Beorn’s House - Paradise, Queenstown Paradise exists in New Zealand. Travel the road to the northern end of Lake Wakatipu – beyond the buzzy year-round tourist resort of Queenstown, New Zealand – to the little farming settlement of Glenorchy, then follow the sign pointing upstream and into the hills. Finally, 20km further on, Paradise appears just before the end of the gravel road. Sir Peter Jackson is just one of the many directors who have chosen these landscapes to backdrop a major motion picture. Jackson has previously used the Glenorchy region for numerous scenes in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and now The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. For The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Jackson’s team spent weeks building Beorn’s House at Arcadia Station. The film crew was on set for four days.

Experience New Zealand’s Spectacular Landscapes The second installment of New Zealand director Sir Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit Trilogy hit the big screens in Hong Kong yesterday. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug follows the journey of Bilbo Baggins and company as they continue their quest to reclaim Erebor. Part of Tourism New Zealand's marketing strategy, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug once again features New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes. merci magazine


The Book of New Zealand was divided into four sets representing principal filming locations from the new film – Hidden Bay (Turoa, Ohakune), Forest

New Zealand pops up in Hollywood

River (Pelorus River, Marlborough) Lake-town (Lake Pukaki, Mt Cook), and Beorn’s House (Paradise, Queenstown).

Hidden Bay - Turoa, Ohakunew Turoa was used to film ‘Hidden Bay’ in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - chosen for its unique landscapes which include a cluster of mountains on a volcanic plateau with diverse terrain from extensive snowfields, lava flows, hot springs, active craters and lakes to vast desert-like plains, unusual vegetation and rare wildlife. This was the favourite filming location for cast member Martin Freeman (Bilbo Baggins) - “It is beautiful. There is a mountain, there is a waterfall, there’s a beautiful view across the valley there. It’s one of the sort of archetypal Kiwi places that you thank god New Zealand has such amazing landscapes.”

Forest River - Pelorus River, Marlborough Pelorus River’s crystal clear waters cut through a rocky gorge shrouded in the subtle green layers of native New Zealand beech forest – an ethereal protected wilderness inhabited by giant trees and rare native New Zealand bats. Sir Peter Jackson chose this sliver of recreational paradise – a river valley tucked into one corner of a forested conservation area that divides the eastern and western regions of the northern South Island – as the setting for ‘Forest River’ in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Pelorus River was the final location chosen by the film director. Jackson must have had a very clear idea in his head because the location scouts spent a long time searching out the ideal spot – a river with a solid rock shoreline surrounded by forest with a sandy beach for the barrels to come ashore – to backdrop the ‘dwarves escaping in barrels’ scene.

Lake-town - Lake Pukaki, Mt Cook Lake Pukaki is a shimmering blue jewel set into a grand alpine playground – an iconic New Zealand landscape of high mountain peaks, glacier fed alpine lakes and golden tussocks stretched beneath an endless sky. Sir Peter Jackson chose this part of the Southern Alps – the main divide stretching north-south the length of New Zealand’s South Island – as the setting for ‘Lake-town’ in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.


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The country that provided the epic scenery that backdrops The Hobbit Trilogy movies popped up as The Book of New Zealand – a gigantic installation in the grounds of the Beverly Hilton Hotel that was designed to tell the New Zealand story and how film fantasy becomes reality for visitors in New Zealand. “New Zealand came to California with a spectacular display that opened for five days. Guests literally stepped into a giant book of New Zealand and travelled through four of the principal filming locations for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” Tourism New Zealand’s Chief Executive Kevin Bowler says, “From afar, The Book depicts New Zealand, but then, as you stepped inside its pages, the locations from the movie came alive as you walked through actual film sets.” Kevin Bowler also said the organisation’s objective with the exhibit was to use it to tell the story of New Zealand as a fun, must-see tourism destination, as well as an innovative and creative nation, and a great place to make films and do business.

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Creating memories that last a lifetime! Sometimes the world seems so small and our lives so mundane. Too easily we create a routine that places us in repetition of doing the same things everyday and for most people that means going to the office five to seven days a week for weeks and months without a break. The days, weeks, months and years pass by before we realize that we have not taken any time for our family or ourselves. We all need a break from time to time. This is true and we all know this, but then why is it so hard to take this precious time? For many people it is hard to see beyond what is right in front of them. It is not easy to imagine yourself just taking time to relax and spend time not focused on achieving anything outside of work. The years pass by and our personal lives deteriorate, and while we may have success at work, we are not happy or fulfilled and therefore cannot enjoy life to it’s fullest. At some point we must stop and ask ourselves, “What is really important?�. 90

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Text & Photos by Martin Kiabunde

Travel & Leisure

If you had the time and money what would you do? For most people, travel is high on that list. The world is vast and we are here for a limited time. Every hour that passes is gone; you cannot get it back. So what are you doing with your time that allows you to deepen your experience on earth? Where would you like to go? What locations are on your bucket list and who would you like to travel with? Traveling provides experiences that can create powerful and meaningful memories with the people we love. A simple weekend getaway can change the dynamic of a marriage or even a family. Time spent with your loved ones can strengthen your connection or even redefine how you will move forward together. Travel is not just for seeing far away lands or spending time on the beach; travel is for deepening your connection to your friend, partner, spouse, significant other and your family. Travel is a powerful tool for creating a life worth living and memories are the most valuable experiences we can have. They add value to our life and to those we create them with. After all, when it is all over, the only thing you can take with you are the memories you created. All the achievements at work and the high status you have will not matter when you are laying down for your final rest. “Travel brings power and love back into your life.” 
― Rumi Valentines day is the perfect time to take some time with your favorite person. Even if you cannot get away on that day, take the time and plan to travel. Start to plan and book your trip now; maybe even make it a surprise! However you do it, plan on leaving work behind and spend some quality time with the people you are creating memories with. Puerto Vallarta Singapore merci magazine


Wine & Coffee Joiy

a sense of

Enticement, Romance & Happiness New Zealand is one of the most popular white wine growing regions in the world. Perhaps you will immediately think of Sauvignon Blanc when talking about white wine from there. New Zealand is actually one of the fast wine growing and producing regions in the world, locating between latitude 36째- 45째 South. To trace its history, the region had only started the wine production in the 1970s in Marlborough, the most important wine growing region, in south island of New Zealand. Sauvignon Blanc was the first grape variety that was grown and since then had greatly affected the wine production. The style of the grape was popular among wine critics and regarded the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is arguably the best Sauvignon Blanc in the world, from pronounced tropical fruit character in warm climate growing regions, to grassy, herbal and refreshing character in cool climate growing regions.


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Winnie Ng Editor of merci wine and coffee section WSET Level 3 Now a register tutor in ERB wine course

Enticement, Romance &Happiness Photos courtesy of The Crush HK

As wine industry has been growing and wine making techniques are getting more mature, more grape varieties can be found all over New Zealand. Each wine growing region has its own distinctive grape varieties. Riesling is one of the most common white grapes apart from Sauvignon Blanc that is largely produced in New Zealand with excellent quality. It is predominantly produced in Martinborough and south. Riesling as an aromatic grape has attractive floral aroma and a hint of sweetness. It is easy to manage and can be grown in both hot or cool climate. Due to the versatility, the grape can be made into sweet or dry style, high or low alcohol, as dessert or aperitif wines. Joiy (pronounced as “Joy”), a new raising star from New Zealand, has created something new for the market. Award-winning winemaker Chris Archer decided to embark a new but truly unique project with his 25 years of experience, to bring happiness and enjoyment to wine- Joiy was first born in 2009. Joiy is a sparkling wine made of 100% Riesling from Waipara region from south island. What makes Joiy so special? Already its packaging and concept has shown it. Unlike traditional wines, Joiy’s packaging is designed with a sense of romanticism and fantasy, full of exotic birds and creatures on a delightful light blue backdrop. Consumers are like entering into a wonderland. Besides, Joiy is bottled into 250ml small bottles instead of standard 750ml and sold in a package of 4. This would be perfect as consumption especially for wine beginners and ladies who cannot finish a whole bottle at once. This is also excellent for gift- no ladies would resist to receive a gift with such glamorous appearance! Let’s enjoy a bottle with JOY! Appearance: Pale lemon yellow colour

Suggestion: A hint of sweetness provides the versatility to pair with food along the lines of seafood, saltier-style

Aroma & Palate: Off-dry style. Vibrant aromas of

canapes/starters, lightly spiced dishes, creamy cheeses

delicate honey and fragrant floral notes with citrus

or light goat cheese. The acidity from the wine makes it

undertones to balance it all off then a touch of soft

a good partner with Asian food from Thai curry to lo-

bubbles for an added surprise.

cal Cantonese suckling pig. Oysters and sushi would be nice to fit as well. Popping a wedge of lemon into the bottle would give you a surprise. It can also be a base


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for cocktails.

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Editor's Recommendations

Sweet Romance 14 February, one of the most romantic days for a couple every year, have you been thinking of how to celebrate with your beloved this year? Here are some lovely wines for you to bring along for the candle light dinner.

NV Barbadillo Pedro Ximenez Sherry ($118) Origin: Jerez, Spain

A rich sweet sherry. Deep onion brown colour, with burnt sienna and olive green hue. Top note of raisins and muscat, followed by a hint of orange peel, honey, toffee and Christmas cake. Full bodied, creamy texture, with a good degree of concentration. Extremely long aftertaste of raisins, honey and toffee. Food pairing: Perfect with any desserts, cakes and chocolate, excellent with a good cigar or even as a topping on ice cream. 93 points, Wine Advocate (2013) Decanter World Wine Awards 2012- Bronze


Enquiries: 2274 4833

Bottega Il Vino Dell’amore Pelato Manzoni Moscato Pink ($288) Origin: Rioja, Spain

Straw yellow with pink shades: fine and persistent perlage. Fragrant with scents of moscato grapes, fruity and flowery. Delicate, markedly sweet with hints of rose petals. Food pairing: An excellent companion to all major desserts of the Italian and international cuisine Enquiries: 2315 2566

Pelassa Moscato d'Asti 2012 ($280) Origin: Asti, Piedmont, Italy

Golden yellow colour with a good intensity. Elegant and aromatic bouquet typical of Moscato grape. Sweet, round flavor, well-balanced and rich wine.

3 96

merci magazine

Food pairing: Great with dessert or alone, interesting combination with good cheese like Gorgonzola or Castelmagno Enquiries: 2406 0986


Besserat de Bellefon Cuvée des Moines Rosé ($468) Origin: Champagne, France Lightly creamy and fresh, with a vein of smoky minerality underscoring flavors of macerated plum, black cherry, spice and toasted brioche. Very elegant, with a lasting finish Food pairing: Skewers of marinated beef and sundried tomato tapas, Diced sundried tomato, Prawn skewers with basil and lime, Summer berry minestrone, Raspberry macaroon 4

92 points, Wine Spectator Enquiries: 6907 3933

Paul Jaboulet Muscat de Beaumes de Venise “ le Chant des Griolles” 2010 375ml ($185) Origin: Rhone Valley, France

Clear golden colour with attractive brightness. White peach, quince and exotic fruit aromas. Final note of honey and candied fruit. Food pairing: Can be drunk as an aperitif, Iced melon with Muscat, exotic sorbets / peach gratin Enquiries: 9420 8598


Chateau des Charmes Cabernet Franc Ice Wine 2007 375ml ($450) Origin: Niagara-on-the-lake, Canada

Fill with aromas of cassis and cedar but there are also layers of complexity with cranberry and strawberry notes. On the palate the balancing acidity keeps the sweetness in check so you experience a mouthful of flavor, not just sugar. This is a unique and explosive wine unlike anything else you have tasted.


Food pairing: Perfect match for strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, and rhubarb fruits. Also great with poached, baked and caramelized fruits, flans, cobblers, pies, strudels and tarts, even chocolate fudge cake and New York cheesecake. Enquiries: 2504 2221

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Editor's Recommendations Text by Winnie Ng

1. Jayer Gilles Echezeaux Grand Cru 2007 HKD $1,390

2. Fuligni Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2007 HKD $620

3. Ch창teau Cabezac "Gr HKD $380

Origin: Burgundy, France

Origin: Brunello di Montalcino, Tuscany, Italy

Origin: Minervois, France

Moderate wood and mild reduction renders the nose difficult to read though a number of spice elements can be detected lurking jus below the funk though the rich, full and velvety flavors are impressively concentrated and possess excellent verve on the long, refined and powerful finish. This is actually quite pure and elegant with more refinement in the tannins than one typically finds.

A fresh, sleek version, boasting floral, cherry, currant, licorice and spice aromas and flavors. A compelling mix of elegance and intensity, with a fine aftertaste of fruit, spice and mineral. Best from 2014 through 2026.

Very seductive red wine. The color of black cherries. The bo offered by perfumes of red fru The palate preserves this crisp silky tannins with a long final celebrate a special event!

Food pairing: ideal with the fresh egg pasta piemontese, excellent Food pairing: Beef, Olives, Caribbean cuisine, Savory dishes Food pairing: Roasted red m served with roasted red and white meats, and strong cheese. 95 points, James Suckling/ 93 points, Wine Spectator 90 points, Wine Spectator & 93 points, Stephen Tanzer & Wine Enthusiast Tel: 6907 3933 TEl: 2504 2221 Tel: 9672 2509 98

merci magazine

rande Cuvée Belvèze" 2008

lively and bright robe is the ouquet has a pleasant freshness, uits, liquorice, vanilla and cinnamon. pness adding excellent volume and le. Château Cabezac is perfect to

4. Castello Romitorio Romito del Romitorio DOC 2006 HKD $225

5. Conde del Donadio Reserva 2003 ($428)

Origin: Chianti, Tuscany, Italy

Origin: Rioja, Spain

Though packed with fresh cherry, berry and tobacco flavors, Though packed with fresh cherry, berry and tobacco this is also chewy, with a spice and cedar side that adds depth. flavors, this is also chewy, with a spice and cedar side A modern style, yet harmonious and polished. Best from 2014 that adds depth. A modern style, yet harmonious and through 2023. 8,500 cases made.

polished. Best from 2014 through 2023. 8,500 cases made.

meats, pepper steak, cheese

& Wine Enthusiast

Food pairing: Fit well with roasted meats and seasoned cheese 91 points, Wine Spectator

Tel: 9420 8598

Food pairing: Roast and red grilled meats 91 points, Wine Spectator Tel: 2406 0986

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Receipe Soft Pudding


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Ingredients : ( for1person) 1Sweet potatoes small ( Indonesian type ) 1 Portobello mushroom 2 tomatoes 1 avocado Half onion 2 thin slices of halloumi cheese Cook spinach (stir fry with garlic) Parsley chopped for topping

Dark Chocolate Banana soft pudding ( vegan & sugar free ) Saucesby: : Kaman Yip Photo & recipes Tahini paste, mix with bit warm water to thin down How to make it : Winter month is still with us, I want to create a something sweet but sugar free but also vegan. Anytime but filling up with or ingredients as topping for desserts. Be creative! •Cutany andbakery chop all Slice onions,dice2 tomatoes into 4section Slice 1 sweet potato, lay out all Ingredients onto the grill plate into1halogen electronic cook, set for 15mins (For Person) cups Powder used Van •heat2up theCocoa pan, add garlic,(Ilightly sautÊHouten) spinach 1 ripe banana (large size) After 15 minutes, add half cut avocado cook spinach into the grill plate. 8-10 rawand almonds Meantime, pour tahini sauce over the portobello mushroom & cheese for other 5mins . 4-5 dried figs Handful gojiberries Compose : 100ml soya milk All ingredients were cook and stack up the layers as u like with all vegetables, topping with parsley 50ml coconut water 2 tsp chia seeds malted rye flakes

How to make it Add all ingrediant into a highspeed Vitamix blender ( any blender you have would do ) , starting low first then switch to a high speed for 1 minute or less till everything is smooth. if it's too liquidy, add more cocoa powder in . Compose : Pour into small glass jar , sprinkle some rye flakes , ready to serve! if you like it cold, refrigerate for couple hours or overnight.


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