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Lucrative Opportunities for Business Cash Advance at Express Funding Group Express Funding Group, presenting the largest network of lenders in the industry, provides lucrative opportunities for a business cash advance as a fantastic alternative to a loan for small business. In a scenario where a business doesn’t qualify for traditional short term business loans, a cash advance can be one of the best ways to cope with a financial crunch or meet startup and expansion needs. It is also an ideal alternative when business loans are available only for a limited amount and at a higher rate of interest than expected. Small businesses often face financial crunch situations, whether at startup stage or during expansion. Where working capital isn’t sufficient, an additional option of small business funding can open up broader revenue streams. In most cases, people opt for business loans, and even manage to get one, be it at a high rate of interest. However, most often, small business owners are denied a loan on the basis of poor credit score or unfulfilling financial records. Often, loans for small business are granted in lieu of high rate of interest, collateral, or strict repayment terms. In such a scenario, a small business cash advance from Express Funding Group can serve as a good alternative to loans, providing the much-required cash in hand for diverse business requirements. The minimal eligibility criteria to get a cash advance from a financial pioneer such as Express Funding Group are: · · ·

A minimum of $5,000.00 in credit card sales per month Should be in business for at least 3 months For seasonal businesses, there must be sales records for 12 months. For non-seasonal businesses, a 3 months sales record is necessary Express Funding Group works together with merchant account providers of small business owners, wherein the company will automatically deduct a certain percentage of credit card sales revenues. The average payback period is considered 6 months to one year. There is no collateral required or restrictions on use of funds at Express Funding Group. For more information about the company or to browse through the different types of business loans they offer, please visit the website

Contact Information :: Express Funding Group Address: 6901 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 218 Syosset , New York United States, 11791 Phone: (800) 505-8117 Toll Free Fax: (800) 861-1442 Email: Website:

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Express Funding Group provides a wide range of business financing options for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow their...