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VOL. 01 JUNE - JULY EDITION 2012 email: Telephone: 592-231-9432 or 682-5397.



he business spectrum of goods and services in Guyana is growing at a fast pace. From large hardware stores, malls and haberdashery stores to the restaurants,-mini-supermarkets, electrical-repair and spare parts shops, real estate and much more. There seems to be no end to this steady upsurge in new business and the visible expansion of the already established ones in this beautiful land of ours. Essentially, what follows such growth is even greater competition and therefore the much more urgent need to advertise in whatever is the most effective and cost friendly way, both countrywide and further afield.

have grown and developed immensely, all because of the dynamic influence of the gold mining and forest industries sweeping across the nation. Trading in goods and services have automatically become, in some instances, huge income generating activities for residents. The spin-offs have been numerous but one indisputable fact remains, that is, entrepreneurs in those areas are many times absolutely clueless as to where to locate or source great bargains of goods and essential services so that they in return can provide same to their communities, even vital information with regards to banking and insurance coverage is sadly


• It is cost effective, countrywide circulation and given away free to the general public • Return on investment really does matter, with the rising costs of your business, every dollar spent should benefit your business and generate a positive ROI. • For business it’s all about new customers… for consumers, it’s all about a reason to purchase goods and/or services from businesses. • For both businesses and consumers it’s a family magazine filled with savings and information.

It is It is indeed indeed the the great great wish wish of every of every business business person, person, every every entrepreneur entrepreneur that every that every consumer, consumer, every shopper should know that they exist and what every shopper should know that they exist and what they have to offer. Conversely, every consumer, they have to offer. Conversely, every consumer, every shopper, dreams of being treated constantly to quality bargains and to know exactly when and where to find them. This is what makes the world of commerce and trade so interesting and without a doubt exciting. And this is what “The Merchant” has endeavoured to accomplish, that is, to keep this spirit of such bold entrepreneurship alive and kicking, by making this vital connection possible between vendor and consumer. They both deserve no less. Extremely remote inhabited locations in Guyana are very difficult to access. Even more so because of the vast, rugged and many times unfriendly terrain. Communication by telephone in very many locations is also impossible. But the reality is that people actually dwell and work in the those places. New communities have sprung up and the older ones

lacking or lacking or totally nonexistent. “The Merchant” certainly provides certainly provides a fantastic opportunity for all. From the border the border town of Lethem to Bartica, Mahdia, Linden, Berbice, the Berbice, the length and breath of the Corentyne, Parika to charity. to charity. In fact all of the main locations in all of the ten regions the ten regions are targeted for distribution of “The Merchant” Merchant” free of cost. It is time saving, accurately informative, informative, colourful and free of cost. Valued Valued customers, please be assured that the monthly customers, publication publication of “The Merchant” will prove to be the crucial crucial step to improved business performance, step simply because of the aggressive long term marketing strategy already put in place to have it delivered to dependable distributors countrywide. Rest assured also that your special concerns with regards to marketing your business is of utmost importance to the publishers and we stand willing and ready to address them positively in every way possible. In fact “The Merchant” website is being launched to accommodate shoppers locally and abroad. I must mention also that I am deeply humbled but encouraged by the response of the contributors of this very first edition. I urge you to continue, for we have endeavoured to constantly upgrade the quality of our publication and to constantly work with the slogan,“Chartering new routes to greater success”. To all of you, I say a big thank you and may God bless you.

• Must have healthy fruits • Fashion hot stops and deals • Where to get beautiful hand craft leather and woven gifts • Cancer fighting Vitamins • Furniture Deals in Georgetown and Berbice • Auto Deals • Comfort Sleep a Guyanese production • Where to buy genuine mining equipment • How to choose fireproof safes • The benefits of using PVC ceiling and wall Panels • Marics a household name in Guyana new look • Easy ways to make your home safe • Why businessmen and university students prefer to use Apple Ipads • Ghamandi a Guyanese Engineer producing international Standard Stainless Steel products • New uses for old things • Myths about women and strength training • Why use custom made blinds

2 The Merchant BUSINESS JOKE All Is Fair In Business

A shopkeeper was dismayed when a brand new business much like his own opened up next door and erected a huge sign which read ‘BEST DEALS.’ He was horrified when another competitor opened up on his right, and announced its arrival with an even larger sign, reading ‘LOWEST PRICES.’ The shopkeeper panicked, until he got an idea. He put the biggest sign of all over his own shop. It read: ‘MAIN ENTRANCE’

Business Tips

that they returned again and again anticipating the new items or services they had to offer?

Gift boxes come in all sizes and shapes and they have one thing in common: something special should be inside. I, for one, am tired of the business cliché, “Think Outside of the Box.” I think some businesses lost sight of the original “box” that held their businesses together. What made the base and the supports so strong? What interesting things did they put inside? How did they market their “box” to make it one of their client’s “favorites” so

Shopping made easy at Kalyan Shopping Centre Kalyan Shopping Centre. One of the most attractive shopping centres anywhere in the city of Georgetown, Kalyan is ideally located between Camp and Waterloo Streets on Lamaha Street, a major thoroughfare. Housing a wide range of stores, which offer so much variety, shopping is easy, comfortable and great fun. Secure parking space is provided upfront, in very close proximity. The following are examples of what to expect: Princess Fashion Jewellery: If you are looking to complete a stylish new look with jewellery, then the costume jewellery available at Princess Fashion Jewellery provides a wide range for all tastes. Princess Fashion Jewellery has a huge range of necklaces, bracelets, cuff bracelets, bangles, rings and earrings.

Fashion Jewellery is a hugely popular way to finish off an outfit and with Princess affordable prices it’s the perfect way to keep up with the hottest new trends. Princess fabulous fashion jewellery collection is ideal for women who love fashion.

So as the song says, “What Does Love Have To Do With It?” Everything! Love, just like business, is all about building relationships, working on communication skills and fanning the flame when it starts to die, and remembering the little things that maybe no one else does.

Barbara’s Elegant Floral and Gift Centre: What is it about flowers that make them so irresistible. We gaze at them smell them, caress them, talk to them and love them. But how many of us actually live in the wonderland of flowers. Such a person is Barbara, the warm, gentle, talented florist. See for yourself her breathtaking creatiive floral arrangements for any and every occasion. You can even bring along your own flowers. Always a keen listener, just give her a little idea of what you would like, then leave the rest to her.

Love Lesson # 1: It’s day-to-day! Companies, like people, sometimes let themselves “go.” They put on a little weight, they don’t take care of themselves and they forget how to romance the person that used to be the center of their lives. The same goes for a business. Businesses can’t even start to think outside the box until the inside of the box is maintained on a daily basis.

Craft and Beyond: A True believer in local art and Craft and Beyond is the embodiment of excellence, beauty still reaching for more. Guyanese talent for creativity, is proudly displayed. The intricately woven bags, the perfectly sculptured wooden pieces, the fine leather products made from our very own local materials are just some samples of what there is to offer at better bargains.

When was the last time you took a critical look at your hiring procedures and training programs? Have you developed an accountability process for all of your employees, including yourself? Would your customers say that they enjoy doing business with your company? No one ever said taking care of your customer was easy. It is hard, challenging and tiring. The outcome, however, is seeing your name at the top on the list of your customers “favorite companies to do business with!”

Mala’s Apparel Nidhaan: What can be more thrilling than being given the opportunity to choose from a wide array of just famous brand name perfumes, colognes and cosmetic jewellery products? Well, it’s one great way to spend your day shopping in comfort, to select at your leisure that one special gift that will ultimately make “A beautiful you”.

Where do you rank? My husband and I recently celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary and I will say that laughing and being silly is the glue that holds a good part of a marriage together. I also have been in business for 21 years and if I didn’t make enjoying my business and my clients a priority I wouldn’t have the laugh lines I do today!

Allure Styles: Ladies Fashion set trends that many find much difficulty in keeping up with. Styles in clothing and accessories change so rapidly, leaving you to wonder ever so often, what and where next. But Allure Styles has changed all of that. Always putting you in step, with the latest in fashion at your beck and call. Charming accessories that simply blend with the rest.

I read a quote years ago that said, “If people delivered in marriage what they sold when they were dating, the divorce rate would be much lower.” How can we get the spark back in our businesses? The answer just might be to fall in love all over with our business, our employees and most of all our customers.

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New Trends In Men Cosmetics ucts that cater to their needs. Long gone were the days when people used to think that the men who were too concerned with their appearances were homosexuals. Currently it is but common for men to be along side women buying skin care products as well as getting their hairs treated and fixed at salons or spas. However, men using cosmetics date way back in time, when certain ancient civilizations had their men even put on make-up. Before, men had the notion that men who were overly concerned about their looks and appearances were actually gay. Men had always wanted to portray a tough image and they never concerned themselves with stuff like skin care or those things cared about by women for fear of being stripped off their macho image and labeled as homosexuals. But as the years went on and as people slowly began to open themselves to new trends, there has been a recent increase in the number of men growing concerned about their looks and appearances. Quite often, magazines refer to this new breed of men as “metrosexuals”. These are men who are really men deep down inside but they appear to be overly concerned about fashion, skin care, hair care and the like. They basically are like most women who care about how good they look because it makes them feel good. The emergence of this new breed of the male gender paved the way for cosmetic manufacturers to produce and make prod-

Right now, almost all of the products available in the market for women have their masculine equivalent. Perfumes for one have scents catered for the women and also for the men. There are also those scents that cater for both sexes. There are other choices of cosmetics for men available in the market. You can find skin care regimens for “him only” ranging from cleansers, to toners, creams and moisturizers to help him maintain flawless and healthy skin. Many men also frequent the salons to have their hair dyed or colored. Deodorants and shaving creams have also catered to the men’s needs. There is no limit to the possibilities of what other cosmetics these companies may come up with in the near future. Men are slowly getting in touch with that feminine side they have inside of them. They want to look their best whether they are on their way for a client meeting, attending a gala event or going out on a date with a special someone. It is because of this that cosmetic manufacturers are seeing cosmetics for men as a promising and lucrative business.

4 The Merchant

Must Have Fruits

Eat Your Cancer-fighting Vitamins 12 foods to fight cancer:

Uses for the Pineapple

Pineapples are sweet but acidic, and their health benefits are many. They contain fiber, manganese, vitamins C and B1. They help your immune system by ridding your body of free radicals. Nutrients in pineapple protect against cancer and break up blood clots. In your digestive tract, pineapple juice will kill intestinal worms, soothe the bile, and relieve intestinal disorders. There are also chemicals that stimulate the kidneys and helps your body rid itself of toxins. Pineapples contain enzymes called bromelain that breaks down protein. This makes it a perfect tenderizer for meat or an ingredient in marinades. Bromelain also blocks the “kinins” that form when inflammation occurs in your body. Therefore, bromelain can reduce swelling from infections, gout, or arthritis. It will also speed the healing of wounds. If pineapple is eaten between meals, it will help with inflammation, and

if eaten with a meal, it will aid digestion. • Another interesting fact is that the pineapple is very low in calories. • Approximately one cup of pineapple is 135 calories and contains about 35% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. So, now you know lots of interesting facts about the pineapple and you can enjoy the fruit all the more.

Coconuts: A nutrition powerhouse to flush out toxins and purify your body. The coconut water regimen versus fasting. acid toxins and remove impurities. Some remarkable case studies with coconut water In another case an infant unable to take milk or any other nourishment was fed on coconut water six months and thrived wonderfully, regaining its health.

One of the easiest things for a person touched by cancer to address is their diet. Here are 12 foods that can each play a role in fighting one or more steps in the multi-step cancer process. Remember that ´good nourishment´ is a crucial weapon in the fight against cancer and any illness. Good cancer nutrition can be vital in increasing your personal odds of survival. Remember too that natural compounds are likely to do you a lot more good than synthetic pills! So here are a few additions to your cancer diet, as a part of your own Integrated Cancer Treatment Programme. 1: Oily Fish Vitamin A is an important vitamin in the fight against cancer. Oily fish is the best provider, with herring, mackerel and salmon top of the list. Fish oil will also give you long chain Omega-3 as well which has been linked to reduced levels of prostate, breast and colon cancer. You´ll also get a little vitamin D, a proven cancer-fighter too.

This is understandable, since coconut water provides a balanced form of nourishment, containing coconut proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, all in solution in the purest distilled water. In addition, it contains trace minerals which the coconut derives from the sea, and which most other foods lack.

While the water of the coconut is often called “coconut milk”, we here use the latter term to mean the cream derived from the meat of the coconut diluted with coconut water, or the fluid inside the coconut. This, however, is not pure water, but contains in low concentration all the elements of the coconut meat, so that it is really a dilute coconut milk. An exclusive regimen of this coconut water, continued for long periods, has beenfound to have great therapeutic value. Throughout the tropics, where coconut water is taken daily as a beverage, its healthful properties are widely recognized, and it is especially used for the relief of kidney and bladder ailments, since it tends to flush and purify these organs and promote their healing. It also acts as general blood purifier. This helps to neutralize

A fast with coconut water is easier and more complete than a water fast When liberal amounts of coconut water are taken, not only do you obtain the purifying and therapeutic of a fast, but at the same time you are well nourished, without having to experience the disagreeable symptoms of a complete fast. Fasting involves extreme loss of weight and strength. In addition during a fast because there is no food stimulus, peristalsis stops and the intestinal contents stagnate. A coconut water regimen keeps the bowels free and open. And coconut water is purer than any other water that you may use during a fast. Should you use ordinary chemicalized city water, the harm it does can be greater than any benefits of a fast.

2: Carrots Along with apricots, peppers and pumpkins, they provide cancer carotenoids like beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A, when required by the body. 1 cup of carrot juice, 2 sweet potatoes, 16 dried apricots and 4 cups of red cherries will each provide 25mgs. Don´t eat them all at once - people have been known to turn a little orange! A great juice to make yourself involves carrots and apples (for quercitin) and beetroot (for anthocyanins). A real cancer fighting drink! 3: Red Peppers The top source of vitamin C - even better than oranges. Vitamin C strengthens your immune cells and neutralises toxins. Linus Pauling thought cancer patients should consume 2 to 10 gms per day. A large red pepper is 250 mgs. 200 gms raw broccoli 175 mgs. 150 gms papaya 90 mgs. An orange 65 mgs. Berries and cherries are great sources. 4: Sunflower Seeds High in zinc and vitamin E. Zinc helps vitamin C do its work and accelerates healing time. It is important to a healthy prostate. You need 15 to 25 mgs per day. Five tablespoons of sunflower seeds give you 10 mgs. Best are oysters, 3 are enough. Milk can block zinc absorption. Sunflower seeds will also provide a little selenium. Pumpkin Seeds Can be mixed with the sunflower seeds in your morning mueseli. 5 tablespoons will each provide 20 mgs of vitamin E, the ultimate cancer buster, which inhibits cancer cell growth and protects immune cells from free radicals. Vitamin E boosts your immune systems fighting abilities. The target is 300-600 mgs and is difficult to achieve without supplements. Green vegetables, soya and almonds are also good sources. 5: Brazil Nuts Six cracked nuts will give you your daily selenium; 100 to 200 mcgs is the goal. Selenium is a very potent anti-cancer agent. Eight slices of wholemeal bread, an organic egg, or a large chicken breast will also be enough. Tuna, onions, broccoli and tomatoes contain selenium too.

The Merchant 5

Eat Your Cancer-fighting Vitamins find yourself buying a lot of cabbage because “Cancer hates cabbage.” I sometimes had coleslaw for breakfast—it got that crazy.

6: Mushrooms There´s an enormous body of research evidence now that shows how ´medicinal´ mushrooms (Shiitake, Maiitake, cordyceps etc) boost the immune sustem and fight cancer. Even the button mushroom has cancer fighting ingredients. 7: Tomatoes Seven to ten helpings per week, especially cooked. According to Harvard research 7-10 helpings a week cuts prostate symptoms by 40% and has an influence on many cancers e.g.: lung; colon; cervix; breast. Lycopene is the prime active ingredient, and 25 - 40 mgs the desired daily dose. It is also found in strawberries, peppers, carrots and peaches, but one tin of tomato soup has 65 mgs alone. 8: Egg Yolk Along with green leafy vegetables, avocado, beans, carrots, apricots and pumpkins, egg yolk will give you folic acid. This will help your DNA to replicate properly and protect it during radiotherapy. 400 micrograms is a recommemended amount. Folate, biotin, niacin and vitamin B6 are all B vitamins that help in the cancer fight. Egg yolk, greens and whole grains are the best sources. 9: Broccoli And other green cruciferous vegetables e.g. cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts, contain fibre which helps eliminate toxins Moreover, the fibre is rich in galactose, which binds to damaging agents in the intestine. Broccoli and Cabbage actually kills cancer cells, according to some studies. I used two cookbooks that were life savers. So you start realizing you need to eat a lot of kale and you

10: Garlic It is a truly wonderful food. It seems to act to stop the spread of cancer in a number of ways, for example by stopping blood supply forming for tumours. Garlic has a number of active ingredients. It contains selenium, tryptophan and sulpher based active agents that attack cancer cells. Two or three raw cloves of garlic per day will ward off more than vampires. 11: Beetroot And cherries, aubergines, red grapes - indeed any purple coloured fruits and vegeatables. They contain anthocyanins (and sometimes also resveratrol). Anthocyanins have been shown to kill cancer cells; resveratrrol has research supporting its role in fighting certain cancers like blood and brain cancers too. 12: Pulses Lentils, chickpeas, beans and even soya etc. are a great source of fibre and protein without the animal fat. Pulses also contain isoflavones, phytoestrogens. People get confused about plant oestrogen. The cells of your body have oestrogen receptor sites. When one form of human oestrogen (oestradiol) binds to them, the result is havoc inside your cells. About 40 times less potent is human oestrogen oestrone and about 40 to 50 times less potent still are plant oestrogens. Now which would you rather have sitting on your receptors? Pulses also provide fibres like lignans that can help neutralise freeradicals in the gut and blood stream. Eat pulses every two days. And For A Drink? Choose green tea. Three cups per day help to neutralise free radicals. The Mayo clinic even claims from research that 3-5 cups a day can stop the growth of certain cancers. One last thing! Finally, don´t forget - EAT WHOLE FOODS; and take a daily multi-strain probiotic to help release all this nourishment! Few people understand that, without the right bacteria in your gut, you cannot cut up your foods and release all the goodness!!!

Juice Recipes! for cancer I made my favorite green juice! I always use a base of celery, cucumber and lemon... usually 2 cucumbers and a whole bunch of celery, and 3 lemons. Then I add the leafy greens, whichever I am in the mood for: kale, spinach, romaine... That is always my go-to basic green juice. I like to make a giant pitcher of it so that I can have it whenever I want that day. It is best to drink your juice within 15-20 minutes of making it for optimal enzyme consumption, but it will keep up to 24 hours if you keep it cold and air-tight in the fridge! There are lots of great juice recipes that you can try out. Cancer Squad Team Member Marlena Torres has a great blog post about her favorite juice recipes, you can check that out at: I like to keep my juice more green than fruity... but if you like it a little sweeter, feel free to juice a green apple* or a few carrots in with your veggies and that will make it taste even more delicious! *Note - if you are trying to rid your body of cancer, diabetes, etc, please do not juice fruits. You do not want the sugar in your juice. Veggies only! Here is a green juice recipe from the famous Dr. Oz who is featured on Oprah: 1 lemon 1/2 cup parsley chopped 1 rib of celery 2 big handfuls of spinach 1 piece of peeled ginger 1 medium cucumber 2 apples preferred amount of ice cubes (which is of course, optional) I personally love adding ginger to my green juice, it always adds a bit of spice and “heat” to it. If this is your first time adding ginger, use it sparingly and just add a little at first to see if you like it - a little goes a long way!!! It definitely kicks it up a notch! If you are fighting cancer, you definitely want to focus more on greens, the leafy, rich in minerals, antioxidants and chlorophyll greens...parsley, kale, spinach, wheat grass, etc. Cancer cells cannot survive in a chlorophyll rich environment, so kick up your greens, but balance them out with lighter and sweeter greens like cucumber and celery! If you are not fighting cancer and just juicing for health and fun, feel free to get creative and add some fruits to mix it up a bit more.

6 The Merchant

Cool Fashion stops

“The Merchant” reels off the latest trends in fashion and style. “The Merchant” reels off the latest trends in fashion and style. Trendy apparel, shoes and accessories that are priced fabulously, for both men and women.

If you want to shop for high end brand name fashion or other affordable fashions, shop at some of our favorite retail stores, such as Doll House, Allure, Sassy Styles, Janet’s Fashion, Fashion Culture, Shoe Box and S. Khaleel. They have super sales, fantastic deals and essential fashion updates. We know that looking good means shopping smarter. Hope to see you there. We love style.

Chic Fashion

“What Chic Style Is.. and the Differences between Fashion & Style” Chic derives from the French word ‘chique’ which means skills and elegance - and over the past few decades it has been used to refer to a woman as smart and stylish. “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” - Coco Chanel

on you, and that you know how to work with what you’ve got and flaunt it without looking like victim of fashion (aka trying too hard). You also follow the current fashion trends but with a critical eye.

In essence, it is called having a timeless sense of style. However I also try to encourage you to take risks and follow Chic Fashion: Stylish without Being a your true style to keep your wardrobe Slave for Fashion. modern, fun and exciting! Chic is basically a word that describes For Me Chic Fashion Is: a person who is fashionable, but it • Timeless, classy and closet doesn’t necessarily mean that they have smart. Basic pieces such as a pair of to wear the latest and hottest looks. black slacks, string of pearls and a It means you wear what looks good white shirt are the sole foundation of

The Merchant 7 chic fashion style. The way you dress your coloring, body figure and personal clothing personality show in your smart closet choices. Self-expression: You dare to bring out different aspects of your mood, personality and lifestyle in the way you dress despite what the catwalk and fashion magazines are saying is ‘in’ or ‘out’. Even though your style is timeless, you know how to cherry-pick the best details and clothes from the current fashion trends and make it yours. You know how to stretch your style envelope without making it look too much. But most important of all, you’re constantly finding ways to express yourself and stretch your style envelope. Dressing chic doesn’t revolve around the rules only (your best colors, dressing your body shape, etc.) but it’s also about YOU, as a person. How you want to project yourself to the world. How you want people to perceive you. How you feel. Who you are. “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening” - Coco Chanel

tells you how you should dress and what you should buy to look sexy/trendy/hot/etc. When you’ve built up a level comfort and confidence All I’m saying is that if you attempt to wear something that isn’t you, it’ll end up looking awkward, no in who you are that’s when the zest will naturally matter how fabulous your outfit is. It won’t look good show in the way you dress. The rules will help you because of the person who is wearing it isn’t shining look good but it is this zest that will make you look

stylish, and being this connected isn’t as achievable as we want it to be because of the media portraying of what’s ‘perfect’, forcing your attention away from yourself and on to other women. And then what happens? You forget about yourself and strive to achieve someone’s else’s style even though it’s not the best one for you. “My style is not perfect for you, but it is perfect for me.” A fabulous chic personal style takes into account the right amount of risk (fashion and trends) vs. safety (your colors, body type, etc.) for any occasion! Having a great (chic) style means that you’re able to dress presentable but take it close to the edge without overdoing it. Your best colours are a great way to give some life to your hair, eyes and skin. The best clothes for your body type is a great way to emphasize your best assets and camouflage the parts you don’t like and are self-conscious about, and give you a boost of confidence. Organizing your closet helps you save money and get overview of what you already have and don’t need to spend more money on. “Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.” - Epictetus

through it. It’ll just look like another piece on a lifeless mannequin. Chic Fashion: That’s When Owning Your Style Comes into the Picture “The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you! - Coco Chanel It is especially catered towards women (young and old) who want to look their best and improve their style, but don’t know where to start. Instead of looking for outfits and inspiration in magazines, begin with your closet and yourself. Look at what you already got and work from there. Outfits can come later. You need to first get a better picture of who you are and what looks great on you. Chic Fashion: Differences Between Fashion & Style. If you lay out the foundation you are halfway to achieving great style. Why just halfway? Because style takes more practice and time (and not least self-reflection) than the theoretical stuff (how to look taller, thinner, etc.) I would even dare to say that style is more advanced than fashion because it involves putting your blinders on and look within yourself; weeding out the noise that

and feel fabulous! It’s more real. Your personality is the essence of looking great and

Good luck, and remember, have fun!

8 The Merchant

The Merchant 9

Home Line furnishing and Shopping Mall - in Berbice Homeline furnishing is indeed a most welcome addition to shoppers many choices for great bargains in the ancient county of Berbice. But there is

nothing ancient about what is offered. Infact it’s quite the opposite. State of the art equipment, both electronic and mechanical to colourful, luxurious, fine crafted furniture that instantly enhances every corner of your home or office. All sold at unbelievably low prices. Your first visit to any of the Homeline furnishing branches in the town of New Amsterdam, Canji or Rosehall town, will be an unforgettable

experience, and will leave you wanting to return again and again. Why? Because every customer is advised, assisted and guided to ensure the right choices are made by the always friendly and helpful staff. Exciting offers are always the order of the day at Homeline furnishing, with the dazzling display of items too numerous to mention. Often described

as the shoppers paradise, Homeline has lifted the bar in mode and culture in making choices. What is interesting to note that Homeline furnishing is the main supplier of the majority of items on sale. Homeline furnishing has indeed permanently changed the landscape of Commerce and Trade in Berbice, t hat will always keep “adding a touch of comfort to life”. Instantly recognised, Kitchen Craft is the definitive kitchenware brand. Covering an exceptionally broad product range from apple corers to rolling pins, Kitchen Craft provides a host of everyday and unique items, all are distinctive and highly recognised.

Jillian General Groceries Stall 15 Charity Water Front

Significant investment continues in the brand with a host of new and exciting products recently launched, all in the refreshed packaging design. Products include… Knives, cookware, scissors, spatulas, slicers & mandolines, textiles,covers & splatter screens, whisks, honey spoons, butter dishes, pudding basins, blowtorches, choppers & hachoirs, moulds, mixing bowls, lacers,ice cream scoops and bakeware……to name just a few. Kitchen Craft, whilst offering a host of individual items, also has a selection of exciting collections, driven by style trends and delivering superior function, to create an offer that not only has an impactful presence in store, but also offers inspiration and a one stop shop for anyone wishing to style and dress their kitchen.

The ideal place for fast convenient shopping of general groceries at the best bargains.

See the Classic, Italian and Natural Elements collections for an exciting mix of fully coordinated items across a mixture of materials, designs and colours. Styling made easy.

10 The Merchant

Tony’s Auto Spares

“Phenomenal growth” aptly describes Tony’s Auto Spares becoming one of Guyana’s leading wholesale/retail dealers in just two decades. The exclusive representative of world renowned brands, Tony’s quickly built a reputation for excellent service, that continues to this day. Little wonder then that customers

luxurious brand new and reconditioned automobiles. Infact Tony’s is geared and prepared to fulfill any request made by special order. What’s more Tony’s warm, approachable and technically efficient staff is always willing to offer expert advice and to work closely with you to ensure guaranteed satisfaction. Few can compare with this earnest, honest customer service delivered at Tony’s Auto Spares & Vehicle Sales.

Tips To Extend the Life of Your Car


t might seem obvious, but when it comes to maintaining the value of your vehicle, its important to avoid driving excessive miles. If you plan on taking a long road trip, opt for a rental car. The cost of the rental will probably be much less than the mileage overage charges you’ll pay at the end of your lease or the potential depreciation in the value of your high mileage car at resale time.

always walk away totally satisfied with the world class products offered at very affordable prices. ( MRF, Titan, Otani, Forceum Tyres, Japan Star Batteries, Bearnach, glaser seals and gasket, Wix Pistanson) are just a few of the preferred brands mentioned by Tony’s. Tony’s Auto Spares has since evolved to take it’s place among the leading suppliers of quality, stylish and

His visionary investment into the competitive world of spare parts and automobiles was most welcome, timely and impacting on the Guyana market. Resilience, determination and genuine concern for customer satisfaction and comfort has automatically made Tony’s the number one choice for every shopper.

Buy gas at reputable service stations: Ask whether the gas you buy is filtered at the pump and if the station has a policy about changing the pump filters regularly. If you get a song and dance, find another gas station. Some stations don’t have pump filters, making you more vulnerable to dirty gasoline. Other stations may not mix alcohol and fuel properly — or worse, water down their product. Find a station you trust and stick to it. Don’t fill up if you see the tanker: If you happen to see a gasoline tanker filling the tanks at your local gas

station, come back another day or go to a different station. As the station’s underground tanks are being filled, the turbulence can stir up sediment. Sediment in your gas can clog fuel filters and fuel injectors, causing poor performance and possibly necessitating repairs. Lighten up your key chain: Does your car key share a chain with a dozen or more other keys? That’s a pretty heavy load hanging off the car key when it’s in the ignition.The weight, combined with bouncing while you drive, can wear out the tumblers inside the ignition and eventually lead to ignition switch failure. To add years of service to your ignition switch, purchase a lightweight key chain that allows you to separate your ignition key from the others. Drive with only the ignition key in your ignition. If your ignition key “sticks” when you try to turn on the car, it’s a warning that your ignition switch is about to fail. Replace it before you get stranded.

Japarts Mining Supplies

Our serious no nonsense approach to business, is the reason why, today, we are one of the largest, most efficient distributors of heavy duty equipment, spare parts and tools in Guyana. A wide range of companies enjoy our service, for Japarts has built a reputation for providing excellent products at competitive prices to our customers, a clientele base that spreads across the country.

The core value of Japarts is to consider the individual need of each customer. We then found it necessary to establish a separate department dealing specifically in used but well conditioned tools, spare parts and equipment. This has proven to be very helpful to many. Should you require any additional information, please feel free to contact the JAPARTS Office.

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New Uses for Old Things At a party, stash ice in a colander set on top of a bucket or a bowl. Water will drain out, and guests will get only the solid stuff. Stop searching high and low for hair clips and elastics: Store them tidily on an empty TP tube. Pick up interesting cardboard coasters at restaurants and bars you visit along your travels. Punch a hole near the edge, thread some ribbon through, and voilĂ : homemade gift tag. Tuck a few needles, pins, and thread into a matchbox for

an instant sewing kit.

removable window decals. A hard plastic soap case is the perfect size to protect a camera stashed in a carry-on bag.

Forget unruly plastic bags that seemingly regenerate under your sink. An empty tissue box keeps them neatly corralled and ready for use. A giveaway shower cap becomes the perfect wrapper for shoes when traveling, preventing them from dirtying clothes packed in your suitcase. Window Decals as Drink Markers Decorate (and distinguish) wine or water glasses at your next gettogether with

A supermarket bag, tightly secured with a rubber band, will keep a brush (or roller) moist for a day or two in between painting sessions: the end of dried-out bristles. Use Rubber Bands to Keep Clothes on the Hanger No more worries of camisoles, sundresses, and other slippery garments slipping off hangers when you wrap the ends with rubber bands.

Save a countertop with an old mouse pad turned trivet. (Make sure it has a nonplastic coating.)

Rubber bands give little fingers a better grip on a chilly or slippery glass. Organize bills arranged in the order in which they need to be paid off in an unused napkin holder.

extension cords tanglefree.

The cardboard tube from a spent roll of toilet tissue is a wonderfully simple tool for keeping

A lemon works to remove tough food stains from a plastic or light-colored wood cutting board. Squeeze on the juice of one half, rub it in, and let sit for Pretty ribbon 20 minutes before rinsing. revives an old Avoid batter splatters and flour lamp shade. Apply a thin dustings on a layer of glue and press on cookbook by each piece wrapping of ribbon, matching the a plastic ends neatly. bag around everything but the page you’re using.

Eyeglasses Case as Manicure Kit An unused glasses case makes a Slide bobby pins onto a hem to hold pleats in place as you iron them.

No more oops! moments when painting, if you cover doorknobs and hardware with aluminum foil. convenient storage spot for nail files, clippers and other manicure essentials while on the go. Lollipops as Cocktail Stirrers. Give cocktails extra pop with lollies in complementary colors subbed in for stirrers.

Chalk as Moisture Absorber: Tie up a few pieces in cheesecloth and store them with your good silver to slow any tarnishing.

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Fitness: Myths About Women and Strength Training tively large muscles. In reality, women don’t have the genetic potential to develop large muscles because, except in very rare instances, they don’t have enough testosterone, which is needed for the development of muscle bulk.

Rather, it is converted to fat and stored in the body. 7. Rigorous strength training can help a woman rid her body of fat. Research shows that, although strength training can firm and tone muscles, it does not burn away fat.

8. Strength training increases a woman’s need for vitamins. The vitamin needs of a physically active woman are generally no greater than those of a sedentary one. Because vitamins do not contribue 4. Strength training will significantly to a woman’s body structure and do not provider her with a direct source of energy, a woman make a woman musclewho engages in strength training receives no benefit bound. Muscle-bound from taking an excessive dose of vitamin suppleis a term that connotes ments. Eating a variety of healthful foods will ensure lack of flexibility. Not only will proper strength that a woman’s intake of vitamins is adequate. training not make a 9. Strength training is for young women. It’s never woman less flexible, in most cases, it will make too late for a woman to enhance the quality of her life by improving her level of muscular fitness. Proper her more flexible. 1. Women can’t get as strong. Not true. Women have strength training offers numerous benefits to women a potential for developing muscular fitness (particu5. A woman’s muscles will turn to fat when she stops of all ages and fitness levels, including the fact that it larly in their upper bodies) that often remains untraining. Muscles cannot turn into fat. Muscles sim- can help extend a woman’s functional life span. tapped. In fact, the average woman gains strength at a ply don’t have the physiological capacity to change slightly faster rate that the average man does. from one type of tissue to another. Muscles have the 10. Strength training is expensive for a woman. Not property of “use it or lose it.” If a woman doesn’t use true. Muscles respond to the stress applied to them, 2. Strength training de-feminizes women. Fortua particular muscle, that muscle will literally waste not to the cost of the machine. All other factors benately, the wide array of potential benefits of strength ing equal, muscles can’t discern 50 pounds of stress away (atrophy). training (functional, physical, mental, and health) are on an inexpensive barbell from 50 pounds of stress just as appropriate and available to women as they 6. A woman can take protein supplements to enhance imposed by a high-tech machine costing thousands are to men. Tight, firm, muscles have nothing to do her physique. A woman cannot enhance how her of dollars. with the objectionable term “de-feminize.” body looks by using protein supplements, because her body can’t use the extra protein. An excessive 3. Lifting weights will cause women to develop relaamount of protein is not used to build muscle tissue.

Why buy Custom made curtains color and get it done by professionals. You can always search for any specific type of material or fabrics that you think is great according to your requirements. Customized products are great presents also as it tells the hard work you have done by designing and planning. Various people think that custom made curtains are more convenient and inexpensive. You have the variety to purchase the material of your preference and usually find the best out of it since it will offer you everything that you wish and desire for a curtain. Sometimes There is undoubtedly something it is truly tough to get a ready made extraordinary with custom made curtain that can provide you all the curtains as they are designed with particulars that you wish. A benefit to exclusive feel to consider. Getting a customized curtains claims dedication both professional and non professional decorators, custom made curtain and of time and attempt to come out with a creation that you truly feel suitable as blinds offer a simple, easy and effective medium to select window coverings show for your place. Curtains play an for any room. An extensive variety of important part in revamping a room, adding its style and displaying the type accessories, draperies and fabrics are available in range of materials, designs, of theme that you wish to call upon styles, colors and sizes to go well with in your rooms. Having custom made curtains and a custom made blinds does almost any kind of budget and window. provide you freedom to enjoy applying Now days, many people are applying this your own selection of designs, sizes, kind of blinds to give an exclusive look colors and designs. to their home decorations. Custom made blinds are bit expensive than the usual Custom made curtains are favourable standard blinds, but if you are aware if you have some unique idea on how that where to get a nice bargain, then you wish your curtains and materials purchasing them would not be an issue to look like. You can just note down the requirement and measurement you at all. desire like style, pattern, design and

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our customers with custom kiln drying, lumber processing, trim and molding, reproduction work, and finishing.


Guy-America, the name that speaks for itself and one of the few manufacturing companies that can proudly claim to have successfully mastered the art of production from raw untouchable material to finish products. One look at any and every finished item, be it a toy or a piece of general furniture produced by the factory, immediately gives the impression that the highest standard has been set. Guy-America Furnishing, has been serving the Guyanese people for over 30 years with the best selection of home and office furnishings. For over 30 years our customers, have brought their designs for furniture and cabinetry to us and we have taken

Special mention must be made of Guy-America’s outdoor furniture which are simply beautiful and comfortable with wonderfully unique designs that are Kiln dried which is an absolute necessity for outdoor wood furniture. Air-drying or sun drying is not as thorough as kiln drying. The wood may warp or crack if it is not kiln dried.

those ideas along with their special choice of wood, and our expert craftsmen have created timeless, heirloom quality pieces of cabinets, sofas, beds, desks, dining tables, chests, wardrobe and a whole lot more. You are welcome to visit our bright and stylish showOur furniture is built and created from high quality rooms today and experience a whole new dimenision material that makes the furniture last for generations. of furniture shopping! And since we are diversified we are able to provide

How to Select Versatile Furnishings for Your Home. It’s very practical to select furniture and furnishings that you could use in any room in your home. Read these tips on choosing furniture and accessory pieces that can work well in small or large rooms, offer storage, and can be moved around the house when you need to.

Here’s How:

4. Select a pleasing natural or neutral color such as tan, camel, navy, dark green, or black, for upholstered furniture pieces. This color will be your “anchor” color. Make sure the fabric is durable so it holds up under years of use. 5. Gather together a collection of pillows, fabrics,

1. Unless you have a large home, select furniture and accessories on a small scale. They’ll fit into most spaces as you move them around in your home. This will also make them easier to move. 2. Storage is in short supply in most homes. Select furniture pieces that offer drawers or hanging space, such as a chest of drawers or an armoire. They can be used in a bedroom, entrance hall, living room, and more. 3. When furnishing a living room or family room, choose 2 loveseats rather than one huge sofa. They’ll be easier to move and can be used forming a corner seating area, opposite each other to create a conversation spot, or separately in different rooms of your home.

and accessories that harmonize with your anchor color. You’ll be able to change the look with the seasons, giving your furniture a new, fresh look throughout the year. On a green loveseat for example, you might choose yellow floral pillows for summer and camel tapestry pillows for fall. 6. Use slipcovers to change the look of sofas and chairs without making a big investment. 7. Be creative with tables. Choose interesting bases and use plate glass for the top. Or make your own side tables (round or rectangular) of plywood, then cover with an undercloth of felt (for softness) and

8. Buy lamps, vases, side chairs, and pillows in pairs. They’ll add symetry and continuity to a room. As you move, they will also offer the option of using each piece in a separate room if necessary. 9. Choose a color scheme and stick to it. Start with white or your anchor color and select fabrics and accessories to compliment the color scheme. If you carry the colors throughout your home, you’ll be able to move furniture and accessories from room to room. They’ll look great wherever you place them. 10. Again about storage: If you’re short on built-in storage like closets, try to select furnishings that have storage in them, such as a coffee table with drawers or a cabinet at the entry instead of an open table. You’ll be amazed what a difference just one drawer or shelf makes. 11. When you’re arranging furniture, try to think ‘outside the box’. Use furniture or accessories in unexpected ways, such as a loveseat at the end of a bed, a TV hidden away under a tablecloth, or a big dresser that holds video tapes.

a decorative tablecloth of coordinating fabric. Use these in a living room or as nightstands by a bed.

12. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Find what works best for you in your present situation. If you’ve selected items with versatility in mind, you’ll end up with an arrangement that’s just right!

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any of us across Guyana get a good night’s sleep on some of the best foam mattresses produced by the country’s leading foam mattress company Comfortsleep. Comfortsleep prides itself in delivering the best quality in products and services. Spearheaded by Mr. Dennis Charran, Managing Director, the company was formed five years ago out of the vestiges of Slumbersleep. A man who prefers to let service and the quality of his products promote his business, Mr. Charran opens up this one time about the birth and future of Comfortsleep. It was about fifteen years ago and he was importing his products from Trinidad. When the company he imported from decided to set up shop in Guyana, Mr. Charran became Production Manager of Slumbersleep with distribution rights. In the business

of providing many Guyanese with a comfortable surface to lay themselves down at night, Mr. Charran worked with Slumbersleep for a few years. When Slumbersleep decided to pack up and leave the

country, Mr. Charran seized it as his opportunity to become his own boss and started the business enterprise that is today known to all as Comfortsleep. Following in the path of its predecessor, Comfortsleep continued to manufacture and sell foam mattresses. As time progressed, the business started to produce two types of foam mattresses as well as being importers of spring mattresses. Production is also set to begin on locally produced spring mattresses. With every growing business there is a little diversification and for the last year or so Comfortsleep has been importing furniture but it sticks very much to what it does best, producing high quality foam mattresses for everyone. Also on the market is its new line of outdoor furniture. In its continued effort to provide the best to its customers, a new line of

quilted mattress is expected to be on the market for the holiday season. Now you can get the best foam mattress as well as great furniture to make sleeping a lot more comfortable and a little more luxurious when

you choose Comfortsleep. Being a leader in the mattress market, Comfortsleep has plans to expand in order to reach more customers. However, like everyone else, Mr. Charran has his eyes on the global economy. From a business perspective, he believes that the current economic crisis in the developed world is going to affect Guyana if not affecting the country already. Being a keen businessman, Mr. Charran is for now carefully progressing with the future plans of

Comfortsleep. Nevertheless, for the present quality over quantity is what makes Comfortsleep the number one choice in foam mattresses.

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What Are PVC Ceilings and PVC Wall Panels?

PVC Ceiling Panels are maintenance free PVC Ceiling Panels last for years PVC Ceiling Panels never sag What about PVC Wall Panels? PVC Wall Panels transform an entire room in an instant PVC Wall Panels are waterproof, fire retardant and mould resistant PVC Wall Panels look as good as tiles if not better PVC Wall Panels can be changed often with little effort PVC Wall Panels are cheap and easy to install with

PVC Ceilings are made from a robust plastic material called PVC. They are attractive, last for years and require almost no maintenance. PVC Ceiling Panels offer the home or business owner a cost efficient alternative to regular rhinolite ceilings. PVC Ceiling panels offer excellent insulation, keeping you cool during the summer. The PVC Ceiling Panels are available in a huge variety of colours and designs offering a classy ceiling for a fraction of the cost of normal ceilings

Who Should Use PVC Ceiling Panels?

Everyone should use PVC Ceiling panels; unfortunately not many people are aware that there is an alternative to conventional ceilings. From bathrooms and kitchens to business premises, PVC Ceilings are the answer if you are looking to install a new ceiling or just renovate your existing one. PVC Ceilings offer a sanitary environment for concerned parents and a stylish, quick-to-install solution when it comes to putting the ceiling up. The PVC Ceiling

Panels are available in mat or glossy, are suitable for humid and dry environments and are perfect for an entire house or business.

NO MESS So if you need a ceiling, or want to transform your kitchen or bathroom then there is no reason to go any way. King’s compound other way. King’s Panel located in old GPC compound for a free quote TODAY! for a free quote TODAY!

What Are The Advantages of PVC Ceilings? PVC Ceiling Panels are easy to install PVC Ceiling Panels are quick to install with no mess or fuss PVC Ceiling Panels Offer excellent insulation PVC Ceiling panels are water proof and fire retardant

Marics the home of Honda For over sixty years the name “Marics” has been synonomous with that of HONDA. Successfully maintaining it’s hallmark of high standards of service and efficiency through the years. Marics fast became a household name right across the nation. This has not been easy but it had indeed stood the test of time as the only authorised Honda distributor in Guyana. Customers are advised that Marics sells all products made by Honda

Motor Company Limited, inclusive of spare parts at the best possible prices. Products purchased from us are new and subjected to standard warranty cover from Honda. At present we have a large inventory of spare parts for current and older models. Marics and Company Limited is pleased to announce Mr. and Mrs. Permaul as it’s proud new owners, since July 2012. This dynamic management team consisting of Managing Director

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Safe A home should be a sanctuary and a safe haven. You can ensure that you and your loved ones remain out of harm’s way in the precincts of your homestead. To avoid all kinds of accidents you should make it an accidentproof dwelling.

like scissors, knives, weapons and match boxes out of reach.

5 Ensure locks and bolts on doors and windows are in order and tamperproof. Keep an eye out for suspicious characters and never invite strangers into your home. Teach your children It’s really simple if you observe specific not to entertain queries from stransteps to keep mishaps at bay. Here are gers. easy ways to make your home safe and secure. These will help you take care 6 Do not share information about and protect yourself, family members working or school hours. Teach famand house-guests. Employ these effec- ily members to avoid telling people tive tips: about schedules and routines. Do not put personal information online and 1 Keep interiors and exteriors well lit. never respond to voicemails. This is important at nighttime. Critical areas that need to be illuminated 7 The risk of accidents goes up when are the stairs, outdoors and entrance you are getting maintenance or repair hall. work done. Ensure safety and precaution and be prepared to react quickly 2 Never leave electrical problems to accidents or injuries. pending at any point. The slightest fluctuation should be attended im- 8 Do not attempt repair work of apmediately. Make it a cardinal rule to pliances involving undue risk. Many switch off appliances after use. home accidents are the result of improper tampering with tools like 3 Smoke alarms are a necessity and lawnmowers and trimmers. you must have the very best. Practice regular safety drills with your family 9 Maintain caution when driving veto ensure awareness of procedures. hicles in or out of your home. If you are backing the car up, watch out for 4 Keep ordinary appliances safely as children and pets on the road. they could be dangerous. Especially with kids around. Make electrical out- Make sure you don’t leave stuff on lets safe by safety plugging and child stairs that may cause people to trip proofing them. Keep sharp objects and fall.

Mr. John Permaul and operations Manager Mr. Winston Willabus, certainly spared no time in creating a new look and touch to general operations. Already demolishing the old building with the intention of replacing it with a modern structure with design imputs by Honda. staff, capable of effecting proper Customers are now guaranteed a “Top of the line” facility on completion, maintenance and repairs to all Honda supported by an amazingly competent, products, even those not sold by us. technical and exceedingly friendly

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20 The Merchant and a home button. That’s it. It doesn’t really dazzle you with its UI, and the multitouch user experience could still be enhanced to make it more effective for working with files and documents. Nevertheless, the user experience is simple enough that even the most technophobic old school business executives (who’ve traditionally had their assistants send all their emails) can pick this thing up and figure it out. Burgeoning ecosystem - Again, since the iPad is primarily an app delivery system, its strength is the huge (and still growing) catalog of third-party apps. That includes a lot of enterprise software that has jumped on board the iPad express, including apps from Citrix, Cisco, Oracle, SAP, Wyse, IBM,, and more. Plus, there are lots of clever business apps from smaller players like OmniGraffle, Penultimate, Roambi Visualizer, QlikView, and Board Vantage.

continental or overseas flight, or forget to charge the iPad overnight and still have juice to use the next day.

Bottom line for business

10+ hours of battery life - As I’ve said before, the real world battery life of 10-12 hours of peak usage is the iPad’s quiet killer feature. It allows you to work consistently all day, make it through a cross-

The iPad 2 is a minimal refinement of the original iPad that adds a better screen, a slimmer form factor, and a dual core processor (the new cameras are barely worth mentioning). However, by retaining its great battery life, simple user experience, huge catalog of apps, and low price, the iPad 2 has enough to maintain a stronghold over the nascent multitouch tablet market. Even among business professionals — many of whom use the iPad for both work and personal use — the iPad 2 remains the tablet of choice. And, judging by the early competitors so far this year, it’s not in danger of being dethroned.

Fireproof Safe: Get the best fireproof safes here! Types of Fireproof Safes Securing your most valuable possessions such as your most treasured jewelry, land titles, cash, and most of your important documents at home could be made through storing them inside a fireproof safe. Fire, as it is considered as the most disastrous catastrophe that one may encounter, never chooses where it strikes, and if you will be one of the victims of this misfortune then you can do nothing about it. Thus, in order that you will not be left emptyhanded because of this, make sure that all your valuable belongings both at home and in your business are safe

from this possible disaster. There are several types of fireproof safes that you could choose from depending on where you are going to use it, may it be in your house or in your office. Safes that are usually used at home are considerably smaller in sizes compared to the ones used in businesses. Safes that are used at homes usually are box-liked that can be fastened through a small hallow on the wall that are made for the intention of placing the safe in it. It is designed for the purpose of placing only valuable things as jewelry, titles, cash, or important documents that is why it is just considerably smaller in size.

Fireproof safe used in the business also have several types and sizes. The most common ones used by the offices are the vault-type. There are also several sizes that the vault has and it would depend on what you are going to store. Usually, important documents such as contracts, CDs, video tapes and the likes are usually stored in this type of safe. There are also some cabinet-type safes and refrigerator-type of safes which are intended for data filers, end-tab files, binders and some other large documents. Another one is a storage-type wherein boxes of legal-sized papers can be stored.

Some companies who think that most of their documents and other things in their possession are most valuable to them used a room-sized fireproof safe. This type of safe is usually used by banks, lending institutions, cooperatives, and other companies whose nature of their businesses and in their daily transactions involve money and important documents for each of their clients. Whatever type of safes or vaults that you are going to buy, may it be for your home or for your business, make sure that they have indeed passed the Underwriters Laboratories ratings.

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he founder of GHAMANDI & SONS ENGINEERING, Bob Ghamandi a machinist and engineer, has gained extensive machining knowledge from working in the aerospace , food and beverage, semiconductor, marine and mining industries for twenty years in the USA. He is trained and specializes in STAINLESS STEEL, ALUMINUM, STEEL, PLASTIC etc .

In 2001 Bob Ghamandi started his own manufacturing business by the name of HIGHVAC COMPANY in Florida USA. Mr. Bob Ghamandi the owner realized that with all the modern machinery and fabrication capabilities of his company combined with his extensive machining and engineering knowledge and also a GUYANESE, he decided to relocate his company from the USA to Guyana in 2010 to serve the various companies and industries. With the introduction of the new company GHAMANDI & SONS ENGINEERING in Guyana customers realized they now have options for high quality custom engineered parts with fast delivery and don’t have to rely on foreign imports for everything. With customer satisfaction and quality workmanship, we will continue to strive for long term relationships.

standards. We also practice ISO 9001 standards and procedures. Our combined machining experience of 120 years have given us the advantage to better serve you. All of our products are ready for immediate use upon delivery.

Apple iPad

Why it’s still winning with business users

GHAMANDI & SONS ENGINEERING has implemented the latest in computerized lathe, milling machines, programmable plasma machine for all plate cutting and various types of welding and fabrication equipment. We also utilize AutoCAD designing software for custom design and engineering, quality controls to ensure all products meet or exceed customer specifications and industry

Who is it for?

As I’ve said before, I think business users are the unseen force driving a large proportion of the iPad’s bullish sales numbers. Nearly everyone I know that has an iPad is a business user who bought the tablet for business meetings, answering emails from the couch or the bedroom, watching movies during business travel, reading news and books, and occasionally handing it to a kid to keep him busy using Angry Birds or Stack the States. While Apple’s marketing and promotional videos predominantly show kids and college students and average consumers using the iPad, in the real world, I’d suggest that at least 50% of iPad users are professionals. Of course, the interesting thing with the iPad is that it’s a combo work/personal device, and that may be one of the things that’s driving its success since many professionals have increasingly blurry boundaries between work time and personal time.

What problems does it solve?

There weren’t many desperately-needed fixes after the success of the first generation iPad. The biggest complaints were that it was a little heavy to hold for a long period of time, that it didn’t have cameras for video calls, that its screen wasn’t nearly as impressive as the iPhone 4, and that it wasn’t very powerful as a content creation device. Apple made the second generation iPad 33% thinner and 15% lighter than the original iPad, added front-facing and back-facing cameras (albeit low-quality ones) and FaceTime software for video calls, slightly upgraded the LCD to a brighter, more colorful screen, and added a dual core CPU and a few new apps (GarageBand and iMovie) to help increase some of the iPad’s content creation mojo.

Standout features

The one button solution - As far as tablets go, it’s still tough to beat the iPad’s simplicity. It’s essentially just an app delivery mechanism with multiple screens

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