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Plum cake Ingredients:

• 4 eggs • 200g of sugar • 200g of vanilla • 1 yeast • 200g of butter • 150g of cocoa • A dash of milk • Icing sugar Directions: Put the flour in a bowl and add the sugar, mix it. Next add the butter, a dash of vanilla and the baking powder, mix it. And in other bowl mix a dash of milk with cocoa. Put butter in a mold and add the chocolate and the other dough. Put it in oven 180ºC one hour.

Sponge cake Ingredients: • 1 yogurt • 225g of self-rising flour • 225g of sugar • 50 cl of oil • 3 eggs • A packet of baking powder • Confectionery chocolate • Some M&M’s Directions: Put the yogurt in a bowl, add the eggs, the baking powder , the flour and the oil and mix it. Put it in the oven at 180ºC for 20 minutes. Put the confectionary chocolate in microweave and spread it in the cake and put the M&M’s over the cake.

Françoise Biscuits Ingredients: • 400g of butter • 400g of sugar • 1-2 eggs • A pinch of salt • 100g of coconut or chocolate… • Flour Directions: Put the flour in a bowl, add the sugar and the butter and next mix it. Then add the eggs and mix again. Mix the dash with the coconut, chocolate… Take the dash and put in a table and smooth out, take a cup and do circles with the dough. Then put it in the oven ten or fifteen minutes at 210ºC.

Cupcakes Ingredients: • 500g of butter • 1 cup of sugar • 4 eggs • 1 stick of cinnamon of vanilla • 2 cups of flour • Grated lemon or orange • 1 teaspoon of baking powder • 200g of icing sugar • 500ml of whipping cream • Granulated chocolate Directions: Put the eggs, the sugar cup, the granulated lemon and the butter in a bowl and mix it, next add the flour and mix it again, then add the baking powder and a crash stick of cinnamon of vanilla and mix it again. Put the mass into the molds , and put it in oven thirty minutes at 250ºC. Beat the whipping cream with the icing sugar. Put the whipped cream and the granulated chocolate to decorate cupcakes.

Coulant of chocolate Ingredients: • 6 eggs • 400ml of milk • 600ml of whipping cream • 500g of chocolate • 150g of sugar • 150g of butter • 130g of flour Directions: Put in a bowl the eggs and the sugar and beat all. Put the chocolate and beat the butter and put it in a bain marie. And put all in a bowl and add the flour, the milk and the whipping cream and mix it withmixer. And put all to refrigerate two hours, then put it in the oven.

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