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The Employee Experience Communications and education that make an impact.

Creating the employee experience Mercer’s in-house, full-service communications and education team is an integral component of our outsourcing business and reinforces our overall approach to employee engagement. By applying our combined expertise, we can help you deliver a consistent employee experience across all mediums so your employees will fully understand their benefits, make informed choices, and take action. To create an experience that positively impacts your workforce, our team approaches communications and education from the employee perspective. Working closely with you, we learn about your demographics, business culture, and your unique challenges and goals. We then develop a fully integrated, customized program that includes all the tools and resources your employees need to make the most of their benefits.


How we impact employees At Mercer, motivating employees to maximize their benefits is a three-step process that begins with understanding their needs and goals.

Breaking through.

Building knowledge.

Encouraging action.

Employees are most receptive to information when it’s easy to understand and readily available. That’s why Mercer creates simple, direct messaging, then delivers it at all touchpoints – in print, by phone, online, and in person – for maximum impact.

Through resources such as our Employee Education Consultants and Contact Center Representatives, Mercer is able to uncover employees’ top-of-mind concerns and effectively address them in our communications – helping employees better understand and appreciate their benefits.

All of Mercer’s materials outline straightforward action steps and encourage employees to use the decision support tools and resources available to them. With the education and help they need to make informed choices, employees feel more confident. And confidence drives action.

about the Mercer Workplace Survey™ Because we place such a strong emphasis on understanding employee perceptions and benefits needs, each year we sponsor the Mercer Workplace Survey. This research is conducted by a third party and is based on a national cross section of over 2,000 employees who participate in both their employer’s 401(k) plan and health program. By studying the results of this survey, we learn how employees view their retirement and health care benefits and what motivates their behavior. In turn, this helps us continually improve our employee education programs. Throughout this brochure, you’ll find some key findings from the 2007 Mercer Workplace Survey.

Building a custom communications and education program To engage employees in their benefits, Mercer creates a consistent, impactful employee experience by developing a strong brand identity for each client and delivering clear messaging across all benefits and channels. It all starts with careful planning and a team of experts. Your Employee Impact Plan

Your Employee Impact Team

Whether your goal is to encourage 401(k) plan participation, promote the use of Flexible Spending Accounts, or efficiently manage absences, your Employee Impact Team will work with you to create a customized Employee Impact Plan that does exactly what it says – makes an impact.

Your Employee Impact Team is led by your Communications Account Manager, who partners with you, your Relationship Manager, and the broader service delivery team to create your custom program.

With well-defined objectives and measurable goals, your plan is: n



 argeted to your company’s unique issues T and challenges

To establish a look, feel, brand, and tone for your materials that are uniquely yours, our in-house creative services team combines award-winning talent with a high level of subject matter expertise. Our integrated creative services include: n

Strategy development and execution

 ailored to your workforce demographics, T industry, business strategy, and other factors that shape your company’s culture


Writing, editing, and compliance review


Print design and production


Web design and development

Structured to create a dynamic blueprint for achieving your short- and long-term benefits program goals


Printing, fulfillment, and inventory management


Multimedia production


In-person and online workshops

Measuring  success Mercer’s real-time campaign tracking technology allows you to see the quantitative results of your communications efforts on participant behavior and benefits usage. It also allows us to continuously improve our campaigns and maximize their effectiveness.


Making an impact in person Employee Education Consultants Through group, one-on-one, and online workshops, our Employee Education Consultants help your employees become more informed benefits consumers. In order to effectively communicate with your employees, these consultants (many of whom are bilingual) familiarize themselves with your benefits offering and distinct employee populations, then tailor their presentation and their messaging accordingly. Plan Advocates After working with you to identify “plan experts� within your company, we provide the support they need to serve as informal and approachable benefits resources for their colleagues.



Total Benefits

Through an integrated communications and education campaign, the world’s largest international multimedia news agency helps its employees better understand and utilize their total retirement and health care benefits, introduces them to an online absence management system, and enables them to see the full value of their comprehensive company-sponsored benefits.

Personalized savings analysis Shows employees the potential gap between their current savings and future income needs – and what they can do to help close the gap.


The number of benefits

Educational guide To encourage plan participation and optimization, this guide outlines plan features, explains investment options, and promotes the use of online tools.


workshops Mercer’s Employee Education Consultants conduct each year.

retirement planning tools

Mercer’s online retirement goal calculator and paycheck calculator help employees determine how much they may need to save for retirement, and how higher contributions will impact their take-home pay – usually less than they think.

Absence management guides These guides separately target employees and supervisors to help them understand the benefits of the online absence management tool and how to make the most of it.

Postcards Targeted postcards inform employees about retirement and health plan features, as well as identify tools they can use to contribute more and become healthier.

Benefits newsletters Distributed four times a year in print and online, these newsletters contain a wide selection of retirement and health and wellness articles, a calendar of relevant events, and helpful benefits resources.




By consistently communicating the features and benefits of the company’s retirement program – including 401(k) and pension plans – a leading energy provider increases plan participation, contribution rates, diversification, and employee self-service. Enrollment kit Contains all the materials new hires need to join their plan, including an enrollment guide, planning tools, and important forms.

Online tools reference guide Shows employees how to use online tools to estimate their total retirement plan benefits and see if they’re contributing enough for the future.


Posters/postcards Designed to increase plan participation, these communications promote important contribution features and strategies, as well as educational meetings.


of employees

view retirement as their primary savings objective. Mercer Workplace Survey, 2007

Investor Insight Each quarter, this printed and online newsletter offers plan participants strategies for maximizing their retirement savings and overcoming savings obstacles.

Total compensation statement Provides personalized information about the current value of each employee’s retirement, health care, and government benefits as part of his or her overall compensation.

Investor Q&A Using input gathered by Mercer’s Employee Education Consultants and Contact Center Representatives, this quarterly publication answers employees’ most commonly asked questions. Available to employees online and in print.

 Pension Management SYSTEM and Retire@Ease

Using these online tools, employees can estimate the future value of their company-sponsored retirement benefits. 7


Health and benefits

To encourage online enrollment and active benefits management across its global workforce, a major manufacturer of identification and data capture equipment uses highly customized communications to announce Open Enrollment dates, outline specific action steps, and promote online decision support tools. Benefits decision guide Provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s health and benefits program, including features, services, and key dates, along with online tools and third party vendor information.


of employees

find it difficult to understand the features and choices in their health plan. Mercer Workplace Survey, 2007


Pre-enrollment poster/postcard Designed primarily to announce Open Enrollment dates, these pieces also outline educational resources and emphasize the simplicity of online enrollment. Once enrollment begins, a key dates reminder postcard is mailed to employees.

 ealth and benefits h resources

Employees can take advantage of these useful online features: Plan comparison tool Enables employees to compare all of their medical and/or dental plan choices side by side. Employees can determine which option is best for them based on their personal objectives. Life insurance, long-term disability, and Flexible Spending Account calculators Encourages the use of these important benefits by giving employees a way to determine their coverage needs and associated costs. Provider lookup Helps employees find a family physician or other specialist within a specific network by name or location. A guide to wellness From heart disease to healthy cooking, this online educational publication explores a wide range of health issues to promote wellness.

WebMD This online tool is offered in partnership with WebMD, one of the internet’s most respected sources for health and wellness information. Through this portal, employees can manage their health and access medical and wellness content tailored to their individual health profiles.



Absence management

To decrease absences among its large workforce and help supervisors better manage employee time off, a prominent hotel and casino uses targeted communications to outline the benefits of its new online absence management system and how to use it.

Absence management guides By following the step-by-step instructions in these targeted guides, employees and their supervisors can go online to manage absences with ease.

Wallet card This quick reference card offers employees helpful resources and tips on reporting absences online or by phone.


absence management TOOL

Mercer’s absence management technology enables employees to request time off and check the status of approvals using a self-service website or by calling the Contact Center. Other tools and support allow managers to review all absence data for better productivity planning.


Targeted programs

Because many employee issues and challenges are not unique to a single client, Mercer regularly offers value-added education programs that are made available to all of our clients. Here’s one example of a program developed because our research has shown that people in different age groups have different challenges and savings priorities:

 Age-based education workshops

Depending on your employees’ ages, Mercer’s Employee Education Consultants can deliver presentations – both online and in person – that specifically address each group’s savings concerns and offer targeted tips on preparing for retirement.

Program poster and statement stuffer Designed to reach employees at work and at home, these pieces build awareness of the online program and drive participants to the plan website.


of employees between

Interactive website Using quizzes, calculators, and other online tools, employees can get personalized information regarding their current financial situation and how to save more for the future.

the ages of 35 and 49 wish they had started saving earlier in their 401(k) plan.

Mercer Workplace Survey, 2007


Your connection to the employee experience One response that consistently emerges each year in the Mercer Workplace Survey is how important benefits are in helping an employee decide where to work – and how long to stay there. Also, how those benefits are communicated can have a major impact on whether or not employees will fully understand their choices and will actively manage their benefits with confidence. As you consider how to convey the value of your benefits programs with maximum effectiveness, keep in mind that Mercer’s communications and education team:

3 3 3 3

 istens to employees and uses their input to create strategic, targeted L programs that address their unique needs Uses simple messages, strong visuals, straightforward action steps, and easy-to-use decision support tools to drive employees to take action Integrates communications and education across all channels – in print, by phone, online, and in person – and throughout your total benefits program Offers writing, print and web design, and production services, as well as effectiveness tracking systems to measure the results of your integrated program

With Mercer as your communications and education partner, you can create an integrated benefits messaging framework that will resonate with your employees – so they can make the most of their benefits.


of employees say that benefits

are one of the reasons they work where they do.

Mercer Workplace Survey, 2007


Impact your employees If you want to improve the employee experience and the overall results of your benefits program, contact your local Mercer representative and put your customized communications and education strategy into motion today.


For further information, please contact your local Mercer representative or visit our website at:

For plan sponsor/consultant use only.

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Mercer Employee Experience  

Mercer Employee Experience

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