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M ercer Again! Join us to learn about a host of outstanding graduate program offerings that may be ideal for you. There are a number of benefits available for undergraduates to continue on to graduate studies at Mercer that include: s7!)6%$!00,)#!4)/.&%%3 s45)4)/."%.%&)43 !.$ s'5!2!.4%%$!$-)33)/.3/00/245.)4)%3&/23%,%#402/'2!-3 Graduate programs are conveniently offered at one of our seven locations, with flexible class schedules and delivery methods. This event will feature an opportunity to meet with deans, faculty and admissions staff from our different colleges. We are certain you will find a program that supports your personal and professional goals!

4(523$!9 3%04%-"%25 5 - 70- #25:0,!:! RSVP by Monday, September 2 at our website: MERCEREDUMAKEITMERCERAGAIN For additional questions please email 'RADUATE!DMISSIONS MERCEREDU or call 678-547-6024


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