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NURSING at Mercer University Mercer’s College of Nursing has educated more than 7,000 professional nurses for positions at every level of health care.


ndergraduates may now pursue a four-year degree in nursing at Mercer University’s Macon campus. Students complete the pre-nursing curriculum through the College of Liberal Arts and, upon successful completion of requirements by their sophomore year, may receive guaranteed admission to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree program at Mercer’s College of Nursing on the Macon campus. Nursing students may also elect to finish their nursing degree on the Atlanta campus. Prepared for general practice in hospitals, community agencies, and other health care environments, graduates from Mercer’s BSN program at the College of Nursing are some of the most highly sought after professionals in the country.

Following completion of Mercer’s BSN program, graduates take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) to practice nursing professionally. Many of Mercer’s graduates continue their studies at the Master and Doctoral levels. Mercer’s College of Nursing challenges its students to reach their highest potential. Surveys consistently show that Mercer’s registered nurses are held in high esteem by members of their community, their patients, and their colleagues in health care. Nurses with a BSN have greater career mobility for advancement to higher level positions in health care. Many hospitals now require nurses to hold a BSN. In addition, reports show that hospitals with a higher percentage of baccalaureate-prepared nurses have better results with patient care, including fewer deaths and a greater number of successful resuscitation efforts. The 2010 Institute of Medicine report calls for 80% of registered nurses to be prepared at the baccalaureate level by 2020.

The mercer nursing advantage • Pre-nursing students benefit from personalized guidance from a pre-health advisor on the Macon campus. • Our nursing students have more hands-on clinical experience than most other nursing programs, leading to better preparation for patient care. Mercer’s College of Nursing is the only nursing school in the state that includes three hours of clinical experience for every one hour in the classroom. • Mercer’s College of Nursing was the first nursing school in Georgia to have 100% student enrollment in the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA). Mercer’s College of Nursing is one of only five nursing schools in the nation to receive the Stellar School Chapter Recognition award. • The College of Nursing currently has a 95% pass rate for the National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN). The national pass rate average is 89.32%. • Mercer is committed to preparing future leaders for the nursing profession. For the past five years, Mercer’s College of Nursing students have been represented on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Association of Nursing Students (GANS) and the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA).

Curriculum Pre-nursing students seeking the BSN degree and admission to Mercer’s College of Nursing program complete pre-requisites during their freshman and sophomore years. Mercer students who have completed the freshman and sophomore year curriculum pre-requisites and received acceptance to Mercer’s College of Nursing begin the nursing curriculum to earn their BSN. The nursing curriculum is completed during students’ junior and senior years. Clinical Experiences Mercer’s College of Nursing is committed to lifelong learning and teaching excellence. As a leader in nursing education, the College is recognized for the clinical experiences offered to students. Scheduled clinical experiences provide graduates of the College broad exposure to the many areas of nursing necessary to provide comprehensive care to patients. Admission Requirements The pre-nursing curriculum is offered through the College of Liberal Arts. While completing the second year of the prenursing curriculum, students submit the application to the College of Nursing for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree program.

Mercer boasts a 95% pass rate for the National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN). Pre-nursing students in the College of Liberal Arts are guaranteed admission to Mercer’s College of Nursing Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree program upon completion of the nursing pre-requisites and achievement of the following: • Minimum grade point average (GPA) requirements by end of first semester of sophomore year; • Minimum required Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) score established for admission. Specific requirements for the Guaranteed Admission Program include: • Science GPA of 3.0 and cumulative GPA of 3.0; • Meeting or exceeding the current TEAS requirement;

• Completion of 57 hours of pre-nursing course requirements at Mercer University, with the exception of AP/ IB credits and/or limited transient courses; • Submitting an application by the January 15 deadline for fall entry. Advanced Study Mercer offers the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree in: • Nursing Education • Acute/Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist for Adults • Family Nurse Practitioner Mercer’s Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Nursing students focus on one of three areas: • Ethics • Clinical Scholarship • Education (800) 840-8577 •

Nursing at Mercer University  

Mercer's College of Nursing now offers a 4-year program on the Macon campus! Learn more!

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