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70s Throwback Fashion How did the hippies affect American fashion?

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Celebrity Gossip Diane and Prince Egon Divorce


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The issues in the US during the 70s

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Daily life in the 70s


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Education in the 1970s By: Cristina Aguilar

In the 1970s a lot of acts were passed having to do with education. In 1975 the Equal Opportunity Act in Education was passed. This act is a federal law that states that prohibits discrimination against teacher, staff, and students including segregation. This act also requires the school district to take action to overcome carriers so student participation is equal. The education for all handicapped children was passed in 1975. This act states that all children with disabilities are guaranteed a public education. This was a big turning point. Finally in 1978 more women were enrolled in college than men after a women had been denied an education for many years.


Fashion Hippies set the fashion trends for the 70s. The hippies were known for their lazy looking style. They mostly wore flowy skirts, tie dye, round sunglasses, flower crowns, peace signs, and also baggy clothing. Other than the hippie fashion, it was also the disco era. Many people were wearing shiny clothing, headbands, peace signs, and flared pants and shirts. Also, many women wore white knee high boots paired with sparkly dresses that had flared sleeves.

This decade was also when bell bottoms were invented. They were jeans or pants with flared bottoms. These pants were a huge hit for both men and women in the fashion industry. Because of the 70s, it opened the floodgates for new and extravagant fashion trends for the future. - Mercedes Vargas


Rocky is back By Gonzalo Miranda Rocky II was arguably the best 70’s movie ever made. Rocky II isa sequel about a boxer by the name of Rocky Balboa. In the first movie he started to train and devote himself to the sport he beats everyone who is not famous but is till famous. Than after seeing that Rocky is one of the best Apollo creed challenges him to a fight. Rocky is beaten by Apollo but seeks revenge. In Rocky II, Rocky Balboa comes back and challenges Apollo to a rematch Apollo Creed being the vain celebrity he is accepts it but does not train for the fight as he thinks it will be an easy victory.Although Rocky trains harder than he has ever done, he trains with his best friend pauli which is his coach but also an alcoholic. Rocky's girlfriend at the time does not like fighting and doesn't want Rocky fighting because he always gets beat up. Rocky comes back and fights Apollo it was thought match but Rocky manages to come out victories and he is crowned heavyweight champion of the world. Although the tough fight Apollo and Rocky become friends and it leaves viewers wondering who will be the next opponent.



by Gonzalo MIranda

Food in the 70s was all about eating something that pleased you not healthy options. In the 1970s there were many diners. In these diners people would normally order burgers and milkshakes as well as hot dogs sodas etc. It was a quick way to eat and the food was tasty. These diners normally had bars but they would not sell much alcohol they would serve sodas and milkshakes. The tables were normally not fancy but instead it was a long seat that was made out of red leather. In the 70s people also eat microwavable TV trays. Theses trays were for people that wanted to eat food and watch Tv at the same time. These microwavable trays became very popular and many people stopped going out to eat. Since watching tv was something many people enjoyed they would just eat whatever the microwavable tray had in store for them.

Celebrity Gossip

Diane Von Furstenberg and Prince Egon Von Furstenberg DIVORCE By: Cristina Aguilar

Formally Princess Diane of Furstenberg, German nobility, now just Diane Von Furstenberg announced the divorce of her and Prince Egon in 1970. Although married only three years it is scandalous for nobility to be divorced. In these three years Diane, a Belgian born daughter of a holocaust survivor had two children with Prince Egon. Her eldest child Prince Alexander von Furstenberg was only two years old when her parent got divorced. Their youngest child, Princess Tatiana Von Furstenberg was only one year old. Diane Von Furstenberg made he made known to the world shortly after the divorce in 1972, she launched her own company and designed clothing for her line just four short years later her body hugging wrap dress was a new classic with more than one million dresses sold by 1976.

Book Review “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” During the 70’s, a popular novel was Jonathan Livingston Seagull. It is an insightful novel about happiness written by Russell Munson. During the novella, a seagull learns to fly faster and higher. He becomes an outcast because he wants to fly differently compared to everyone else. This novella was written to show the people of the 70s to be happy. With this novella, more people became cheerful. This spiritual novella changes your view on life and is definitely a novella to read! - Mercedes Vargas

A great read! Surely one of the best books! - New York Times

Domestic Affairs The college students were protesting the Vietnam During the 1970’s, the US war and for safety was still recovering from precautions, the governor the assassinations of two of Ohio called in the Ohio major leaders, President National Guard. When the Kennedy and Martin students began to throw Luther King Jr. During this rocks and became violent, time, the hippies the National Guards movement was practiced began shooting into the around the nation. crowd, killing 4 and Hippies opposed nuclear injuring many others. This weapons and the wars the was an awful day for US. US was fighting. Most Other than the hippie hippies were college movement, the Watergate students because they Scandal was another were the ones being important event in the drafted for war. The 70s. During President hippie movement lead to Nixon’s reelection, he killings by the government hired four men to break because their protests into the opposing party’s sometimes went out of office and steal top secret hand. One occasion was documents related to the in Kent State, Ohio. election as well as bug their phones.

Domestic Affairs The men were able to break into the building once, but on the second time, the security guard caught them because they left tape on the door in order to keep it from closing. The scandal was not discovered until Nixon had been reelected. He was forced to release tapes that incriminated him and shortly after he released the tapes, he resigned from office. When the news was released, it shocked the nation, another disappointment to Americans. After the Vietnam war, many veterans came back to America to be shunned and unemployed.

Because many people were against the war, they did not like the veterans who fought in it. Also during the seventies, Apollo 11 lands on the moon on July 20, 1969. There were three men on the spacecraft, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins. These three men were the first to step on the moon. This landing was a huge accomplishment for the US. The 1970’s was a very controversial as well as prosperous decade. - Mercedes Vargas

Foreign Affairs By: Cristina Aguilar

In the 1970’s the United States was involved In Vietnam War. Although Johnson who initially got the United States involved there war never a declaration of war that made it official which caused much controversy and protests throughout the United States. The United States kept getting more involved due to the Domino theory that states that if one country fell to communism the countries surrounding it would shortly fall to communism as well. The UNited States wanted to avoid this at all costs which was a factor that Johnson considered when sending United States Troops. In the 1970’s the United States also had a rocky relationship with both the Soviet Union and China.

Foreign Affairs By: Cristina Aguilar

Before President Nixon, the United States did not acknowledge Communist China. After U.S. President Richard Nixon's 1972 visit to China President Nixon decided to acknowledge Communist China, this was very controversial at first. Also in 1972, President Nixon and Soviet Premier Brezhnev signed the SALT Treaty in Moscow. Both the United States and Soviet Union agreed to stop building nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. These actions would reduce the chance of a nuclear war with the United States and Soviet Union in the future after the Cold War. The SALT agreement was very important and help relieve any hatred or pressures on the two powerhouses of the world.

Government and Politics

By: Cristina Aguilar

In the 1970’s decade, there were three presidents in the US. First President Nixon, President Ford, and finally President Carter. These years in the US were full of protests and boycotts, the cause was mostly the controversy of the Vietnam War. President Nixon, used his method of Vietnamization. His method was effective by getting most of the US troops our but constaversail because included bombing Cambodia. In 1972, the Watergate scandal broke. The Watergate scandal was that burglars broke into the Democratic National Committees Office and tried to steal documents and tap the phone. It came out later that it was Nixon’s campaign who planned the burglary. As a result, President Nixon resigned leaving his Vice President Ford to become the new president. President Nixon was going to be criminal charged but President Ford excused him. President Ford than finally got the US out of the Vietnam War. After President Ford served three years President Carter came into office. In this time Period President Carter was now in office he struggled to respond the troubles like inflation and unemployment.

The King of Soccer By Gonzalo Miranda The King of Soccer is back and astonishes people once again in the World cup. Pele is considered one of the nest soccer players ever to play the beautiful game. He played for the international Brazil side nd for Santos a high prased team in the Brazilian soccer league.Pele was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil but was much too poor to buy shoes or to buy a soccer ball. He practiced with a ball made out of socks and played around his neighborhood. His father was on his way to becoming pro but suffered an injury and his career went down the drain. Pele was inspired by his dad and he was coached alone by his dad they would play with mangs and use them as soccer balls. In 1970 he won his third world cup and by winning this world cup people for sure knew he was the best in the world. Pele was astonishing in this world cup his best performance. Winning this world cup would mean that brazil would be crowned again world champions and brazil would have won the most world cups out of all the nations.Pele would later in the decade win the league for his beloved team santos FC. After that he retired in 1977 and he was forever known as the best santos player and Brazilian player.

Rocket Man By Gonzalo Miranda Elton John is a English singer from the 70’s his career skyrocketed after releasing the Album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road in 1973. Elton John's tiny dancer, Rocket man and Fridays night's alright for fighting. HIs succes brought bad virtues he spent his money on drugs and he became a totally different person after his fame. He than quit in 1979 and released more albums and worker more productively. Elton John was also a fashion idle his sense of fashion inspired many brands to make flashy suits and shirts. Elton John's. Elton John composed, wrote the lyrics and than sung the song. He truly had a talent as he learnt how to play the piano on himself. Although Elton was English he liked america better because for him England was very dull. He liked the food the people and the fashion in America more than London. His sense of rock and pop music made him a very liked musician in America.

Way We Lived By Gonzalo MIranda In the 70s life changed a lot for people and families. Woman started getting more jobs and becoming less of a stay at home and take care of the children person.Microwaves became something that you would see more and more of in peoples houses.The prices on items went up and so did the salary of most American people. Entertainment activities became something that families would now enjoy every week. Families would go bowling to a basketball game to an amusement park etc. Traveling also became something that many American people would do. Although Americans could now afford all this. In the 70s families would mostly spend their afternoons watching Tv. Americans in this decade also loves going to the movies they would watch blockbusters like superman and Jaws or they would watch The French connection, Taxi driver etc, to give them a realisation of the truth of life. Americans in this decade would normally go to the disco at night and dance with flashy customs and listen to their favorite pop music. In 1978 Video games sky recorded companies that owned arcade games would release home versions but these games cost Americans a pretty penny. Kids in the 70s would always have to look nice and dress nicely when leaving their houses. Appearance of people in was very important because people would take pride on how the look and always try to look their best.

Culture By:Gonzalo Miranda The Culture in the 70s digress from past decades. In the 70s Americans would watch Tv a lot most people in this decade would eat microwavable dinner while watching some of their favorite shows like Looney Toons. American People in this decade would love to go to the disco and dance and party because most of the music in this decade was happy. Although most the music was happy some other songs were about the vietnam war and there were many protesters in this decade because of the vietnam war happening. American people in this decade would listen to elton john the beatles etc. There music was popular and either cheer people up or spread a message to them. Americans culture embraced junk food in this century as most people in this century would not eat healthy and would normally eat things that fatten them. American culture was great but many adults and young adults smoked during this time period many ads were trying to persuade people to smoke their first cigarette and then get hooked on them. Many people died because of how much they smoked and lung cancer was very normal for those who smoked because cigarettes back then were longer and contained many harmful chemicals.


by Gonzalo Miranda

Law and Justice During the 1970s, law played a crucial role in the US. One major event is when the 28th amendment was passed, dropping the age requirement of voting from 21 to 18 years old. Another law that was created was the War Powers Act. This stated that the president can send troops for 60 days without approval by congress. One major case in the Supreme court was Roe v Wade. Roe was a woman who wanted an abortion but was denied the ability by the state of Texas. The verdict was that Texas’ abortion laws were unconstitutional, so Roe won. The effect of the case was that the US made abortions legal. Another case was NYT v. US.

This case was also known as the “Pentagon Papers.” The New York Times wanted to publish papers from the Pentagon about the Vietnam war. The outcome was that the New York Times could publish it because it fell under the 1st amendment. Lastly, another case was Board of Regents v. Bakke. This case was about an African American man who applied to a college and was denied the ability to attend because of his race. Bakke won the case because the school violated the 14th amendment. The 1970s had many controversial cases that changed law in the US forever. - Mercedes Vargas

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Writers: Mercedes Vargas, Cristina Aguilar, and Gonzalo Miranda May 15, 2018 Issue 1/200

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