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Runner fails drugs test T

he runner Usain Bolt, who

won the last Olympic Games, has failed a drugs test. Last weekend, he was in his house celebrating his last victory with his friends. They had given the athlete a kilo of pot, grass and weed as a present. After that, they were high and went out in Bolt´s car. But later the people started to call the police because they were making a mess with traffic. They even bumped into a tree.

When the police came, they made a drugs test to all of them and they failed it. However, they could avoid prision on bail.

18- year- old student Nicolas Gomez has been elected mayor by the citizens of Orlando Florida. This took place last March. The people were quite happy with this recent change. The elections were on March 21st, almost all the population were to vote. They had to choose between five candidates from different parties. Nicolas was the only one under 40 years of age. For this reason, some people disagreed with his postulation.

studying political science and international relationships at Harvard.

But then he won with nearly 60% of the

It’s thought that Nicolas was elected


because of his new ideas about social

Since he was a kid he has had a very kind and generous attitude. He finished primary and secondary school with flying colours. Now he keeps on

Florencia Paez, Daiana Pavicich and Lourdes Nebon

welfare which involved new possibilities for workers.

Dangerous prisoner recaptured

The murderer Charles Watkins

According to unofficial sources

has been recaptured by police.

the criminal has been trying

He was caught in The National Bank on April 19,

to escape on several

2014 when he failed to steal some money. It was

occasions, but the police has

then when detective John Garcia captured him firing

caught him back. Accused of

at his right leg and the thief fell on the floor. The

dangerous crimes, the people are

detective had a group to capture the criminal. He had

hoping for a sentence, so that

tried to kill people to get money from the bank and he

he will be watched and will not

even hurt a policeman.

be able to leave the country.

Considering the situation, the authorities thought that he needs to be in prison for a long time.

Lea y Matias

The company director of HSBC, Daniel Sanchez, has been forced to resign. This incident happened at HSBC’s building in Barracas, as the consequence of Mr. Sanchez refusal to increase the salaries, which occurred on April 18th. Everything started when a group of employees asked the boss for an increase of the salaries, and he said ‘’No, I can´t because the bank is short of money’’. So this group started conspiring against Mr. Sanchez to put him down, but he discovered the maneuvering and decided to fire the 40 involved employees.

Mathias Lobato Camila Colimodio Ayelén Melo

The rest of the employees realized that the director’s decision was wrong, so they talked with the general manager of HSBC. Then he made Mr. Sanchez resign. Eventually, the general manager allowed the employees to make an assembly to choose the new boss. Finally, they will choose the new boss in a few days.

PUBLISHED IN C.E.C.I.E. N° 5 FIRST PUBLISHED 2014 EDITION: Ms Alejandra Gomez AUTHORS: Matias Lobato, Camila Colimodio, Ayelén Melo Florencia Paez, Daiana Pavicich, Lourdes Nebon Lea y Matias Rocio y Sebastian PRINTED in Gral. Hornos 530, Barracas, Argentina.

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