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How To Coupon Save money, live better

Step 1: Get your source There are 3 ways to get your coupons: newspapers, online, and on apps. Download your facorite stores app and start a subscription to your local newspaper. For printable coupons there are a couple main sources, , Red Plum, and Smart Source. Step 2: Get Organized For all these coupons your going to print out, your going to need a well organized place to hold them in. Think of something like a binder, a book, or a baseball card holder. All these organizing methods help you look through coupons faster and easier. Step 3: When you shop, be observant You may find coupons on the back of reciepts, on shelves, on products, or next to the products. Also watch out for QR codes on proucts and in magizenes. Be aware of what is around you. It may help you out. Step 4: Register yourself There are many sites, just like the ones listed about, that help you coupon. They will send you emails about updates and new coupons every week to help you stay on top of your money saving game!

Above and below is a coupon generator from CVS that gives you spons and money off every time you spend money at your local CVS

Step 5: Know the policy Know each store’s couponing policy, just so you know what they do and do not accept. You can find this online or ask an employee.

Couponing Classes Believe it or not, but there are actually classes taught in Bowling Green and online for you to learn how to coupon. They are free and are very helpful to the average person who wasnts to learn how to spend money. For expample our local Barnes and Noble offers a couponing class once every month. If your really serious about getting into couponing, you can meet other new couponers and more experienced ones who can help.


Mobile Couponing

Saving money on the go.


any people don’t know that having a free app can actually save you money! And the best part is, it’s super easy. “While printable coupons remain the most widely used type of coupon, online coupon usage has nearly doubled (29 percent vs. 16 percent three years ago) and mobile coupon usage has nearly tripled in the

past three years.” according to Retailmenot’s 2013 Shoppers Trend Report. We all know about Kroger, theres 2 in Bowling Green alone. They actually have an app. And it comes with 50+coupons you can use that day. You just simply add it to your Kroger card and bam! You simply save money for buying that product. There is also an

app called iBotta. You actually buy what they tell you such as milk, pasta, chips, ect and scan your receipt then they will put money in your bank account. Ive tried these apps for the first time this week and I saved money on stuff I actually need. Its fast and super easy, its perfect for every college 3 student.

Why Coupon? Consumers received $4.6 billion in coupon savings in 2013 Every hour spent couponing in 2011 is worth an estimated $100 80.6% of consumers in a Valassis study reported using coupons regularly. The average coupon had a face value of $1.54 25% of coupon users spend between 30 minutes and 60 minutes searching for coupons per week


anufacturers print and distribute coupons to the consumers, you then use your coupon at a store, the store returns the coupon to the manufacturer and the manufacturer reimburses the store for the value of the coupon. Think of coupons as money, because technically thats what they are. Free money as a matter of fact.

Clipping, filing, and making a shopping list may take you about an hour a week, but that hour of your time could net you a 50, 60, even 70% or more savings on your grocery bill. You will always be able to find coupons for your needs, unless you don’t use toothbrushes, shampoo, deodorant, razors, or food. So why not start. 4