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Hello! Hello my name is Mercedes and I grew up in Harrow, England. I was brought up in a traditional Spanish house hold and was always interested in art and fashion. I now live in the southern coast of Spain with my husband and baby.

After four years of studies in art and design in Malaga, I worked as a graphic designer at various local magazines and publications for 10 years, before I met my husband and co-founder of Mimo Silver.

After an inspiring trip to Mexico in 2000 and having worked with local artisans who helped me design beautiful silver jewellery we opened our first shop in Puerto Banus, Spain.

The idea behind Mimo Silver was to offer original silver jewellery, at affordable prices. The word Mimo

is a Spanish word that means an affection, a treat, a little bit of love. After a few years in Puerto Banus, it was time to take total control of the design and fabrication. We traveled to Taxco, Mexico where I learned from the local artisans and then studied in Spain. In 2006 we moved the business to a larger location with an in house workshop and started the website. My designs range from bold and modern to clean and feminine and are influenced by my previous work as a graphic designer.

Collection 2012/13 Lets make it personal hand stamped messages on polished silver hearts. Have a favorite phrase? I can hand stamp it for you. Be Charming. After 8 years of silversmithing I have managed to design and produce a collection of unique charms you can purchase individually. Vintage love script collection for those in love. Peace, Love, Hugs & Kisses collection for a bit of fun and colour. I feel very lucky to have the people I love around me and blessed that I have support and love from fabulous clients from all over the world that buy my jewellery, so I designed the Lucky Clover collection to celebrate this. Mimo Fino is a lighter way to wear my jewellery and Espuma is an inspiration from the mediterranean sea that i am lucky to enjoy living in Marbella. Marbella charm bracelet was designed so we can all have a little piece of this unique place. All my jewellery is sterling silver and nickel free and is hand made by me (and help from hubby) in Marbella, Spain in my workshop. I hope you enjoy my new collection. S p r e a d

t h e

l o v e

hand stamped messages from the heart

peace love pendant, lost heart charm & love tag necklace 78€

peace sign, lucky horn & luck tag necklace 78€

lucky clover pendant, lucky chili charm & luck tag necklace 107€

happiness stamped heart & puff heart charm necklace 88€

stamp heart, star charm & luck tag necklace 98€

Let’s make it personal Hand stamped messages, special quotes or special dates on large or small polished hearts. Drop us an email with your personal requests and add the charms to make a unique gift or choose one already made up from here. large heart 44mm x37mm chain length: 45cm

love conquers all stamped small heart, puff heart charm and lost heart necklace 89€

freedom bird 23â‚Ź 20mm x3mm REF: CH0040

Be Charming Solid sterling silver charms. Unique designs to add to a favorite bracelet or necklace.

chunky clover 34€ 17mm x 5mm REF CH0028

hugs & kisses coin 48€ REF: CH0025

leaf 25€ 35mm x 12mm REF: CH0036

lucky teardrop 41€ 39mm x 31mm REF: CH0037

curly cross 60€ 55mm x 25mm REF: CH0042

tree of life 23€ 45mm incl hoop

lost heart 24€ 28mm x 11mm x 3mm REF: CH0041

tree of life coin 21€ 19mm dia REF: CH0038

organic peace sign 29€ 27mm x 23mm REF: CH0029

hippie chic 20€ 24mm dia REF: CH0027

spring flowers 29€ 27mm dia REF: CH0039

lucky horn 17€ 24mm x 7mm REF: CH0033

travel heart 49€ 44mm x 37mm REF: PEN001

love script 25€ 40mm x 15mm REF: CH0030

peace & love 22€ 30mm x 30mm REF: CH0043

lucky clover 45€ REF: CH0026

hoop earrings with lucky horn, turquiose skull and Swarovski bead detail on ear hooks. 65 € REF: EAR001

adjustable rainbow silk peace love coin, silver bead detailing and evil eye bead 49 €

flexi bracelet to fit all sizes made with silver beads, turquoise skull & peace signs with evil eye bead and fluffy pom pom detail and peace love coin 82€

belcher chain bracelet with peace love coin, peace sign with Swarovski detail bead. T bar catch. 82€

lucky horn, yellow skulls and Swarovski bead detail hoops on ear hooks 65€ REF:EAR001

sterling silver · hand made in spain · free shipping to europe

Peace, Love, Hugs & Kisses

peace & love heart on hand woven brown coloured silk. 55â‚Ź Other colours coming soon :)

Inner hippies will love this collection of peace signs, skulls and hearts worn on the wrist in rainbow coloured silks and hand woven colours. Have a party on your arm and wear all your favorites together for a bold look. Coloured turquoise skulls and peace signs on belcher chains and cool hoop earrings for a bit of fun.


lucky clover pendant on short 45cm chain 59â‚Ź REF: NCK001

Buena suerte Bon chance Good luck Lucky clover, flower pendant can be worn on a long or short chain or on your wrist in pretty woven silks or cotton covered elastics.

lucky clover pendant on long 80cm chain 99â‚Ź REF: NCK003

lucky clover pendant on oval chain with love tag and rose quartz faceted semi precious stone 149€ REF:NCK0019

lucky clover flower on hand woven pink coloured silk. 59€

lucky clover flower on blue coloured cotton elastic with luck tag. Extra hoops and elastic to fit all wrists. 60€ REF: BRC006

lucky clover flower on hand woven teal coloured silk. 59€

lucky clover flower on orange coloured cotton elastic with luck tag. Extra hoops and elastic to fit all wrists. 60€ REF:BRC0010

sterling silver · hand made in spain · free shipping to europe

lucky clover flower on red coloured cotton elastic with luck tag. Extra hoops and elastic to fit all wrists. 60€ REF:BRC008

clear quartz 29€ REF: BRC0014

smoky quartz 29€ REF: BRC0013

Mimo Fino Faceted smoky quartz, rose quartz, moonstone and clear quartz. Which one to choose? Get them all and wear them all together for a cool look. Tiny puff heart charm detail with round spring clasp and adjusters for two sizes, so will fit all wrists. Size of stone: 12mm x 16mm approx

rose quartz 29€ REF: BRC0011

moonstone faceted stone earrings with tiny puff heart charm on ear post. 25€ REF: EAR003

Marbella espuma deluxe 235€ REF: BRC0016

We all love Marbella, so we decided to celebrate this unique place with this charm bracelet. Heart charm with cut out script Marbella text and stars. Enjoy the lifestyle, the sun, the way of life, the nightlife, the Mediterranean food...

Espuma marbella charm bracelet 75€ REF:BRC009

Espuma means foam in Spanish and this bracelet is inspired by the foam from the sea. You can enjoy an eco version which is lighter or the delux version which is heavier. They both come with several extra hoops to fit all wrists.

charm only 45€ REF: CH0022

espuma eco 99€ REF: BRC0015

sterling silver · hand made in spain · free shipping to europe

Be Cool I am a Mimo Silver Fan Crystal jewelled fans with semi precious stones, sterling silver and deluxe silk tassel. Perfect for hot summer days, weddings and gifts. large 23cm 45€· small 16cm 35€ red · pink · black · white · blue · green

sterling silver · hand made in spain · free shipping to europe

How to Order Visit to purchase or send me an email: or contact me on facebook.

Contact me!

All purchases shipped to Europe are FREE and are sent Registered Post from Spain and normally take 3-5 days. Gift wrapped too! info@mimosilver Tel: 0034 951 27 59 26

Please email me if you requiere any size or colour alternarions or something unique.

Mimo Silver Workshop Calle Las Medranas 30A, San Pedro Alcantara, 29670 Marbella, Malaga, Spain.

Facebook mimo Mercedes Lopez charro

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