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Derailed Collection of images taken at Termini train station. Rome, Italy. Fall 2012

Derailed This series could be called a fortunate detour from what initiated as an investigation on surveillance. In an attempt to expose our monitored surroundings, an instance of magic is revealed. I became the camera watching from above, choosing a moment of transition, spatially bounded by a single red carpet on the reflective unsaturated floor at Termini (train station in Rome). This red carpet is the stage for my protagonist. The anonymity of location becomes the perfect backdrop to a scene depicted by the physical features of the person or people in the photograph. A story of people, through their emotions and expressions. Termini is a space that thousands of people walk daily; on their way home, to work, or out of town. The sun, weaving in and out of these images, highlight their features and emotions giving the viewer nothing more than a glimpse of their story.

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“The Truth is, of course, that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time. “ David Bowie