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On one occasion recently, however, Rosberg had to accept the limits of what is possible. “Nico was wondering if we could make a visor in the same colour as his personal nameplate on the side of his helmet. We tried all sorts of things, but we weren’t able to produce that exact shade and still ensure the visor met safety stipulations.” Although things don’t always work out, Krieter tries to make as many wishes come true as possible. “The key areas for drivers are ventilation and lightness,” he points out. Every year brings new, lighter helmet shells, and these are tested for safety in a special laboratory before they go into series production. The 10 holes in the chin and forehead area and in the visor are designed to channel 10 litres of fresh air around the driver’s head at speeds of 100km/h. “In the past, the air was simply blown onto a driver’s head and face. Now we channel it rearwards over the top of the head, where it escapes through six ventilation holes,” explains Krieter. These nuances enhance aerodynamics as well. A race helmet works similarly to the car’s diffuser,

so it’s no surprise the helmets are tested in their own wind tunnel.

Mechanics in skiing helmets

The latest idea involves two additional holes channelling air around the visor to prevent misting. If this innovation proves itself in the wind tunnel and produces good crash-test results, it will go into series production. Ahead of the race in Monaco, the service team also screwed a new high-tech visor, designed to sharpen visibility, onto Rosberg’s helmet. “Nico’s seeing everything as if it’s in HD now,” says Krieter. Like all visors, this one had also been impacted with steel balls shot from an air gun device in a test lab. In 2015, Schuberth became an official supplier to the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1® Team. The mechanics in the pit lane wear the SK1 ski helmet, which is available in a limited edition. Plus, the crew operating the jacks at the car’s front and rear are protected by Schuberth’s SR1 integral motorcycle helmet.

CLEAR VISION With his custom-made helmet, Nico Rosberg focuses on qualifying in Singapore.



CLEAR VISION From inside his custom-made helmet Rosberg focuses on qualifying in Singapore.

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Mercedes-Benz magazine, issue 1, 2016  

Mercedes-Benz magazine Issue 1, 2016

Mercedes-Benz magazine, issue 1, 2016  

Mercedes-Benz magazine Issue 1, 2016