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August 23-29, 2009


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AUGUST 23-29, 2009

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C h e c k o u t p h o t o c o n o u r ‘ Be a te s t re s u

t th e H e a t’ lt s , p g s . 4 5

Teresa McFarland, who wrote about taking care of her grandchildren over the summer and the interesting activities they did. Don’t wait, join our writers and photographers today!

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A magical evening! BY CHRISTOPHER LOPEZ Community contributor


ome and enjoy “An Evening of Magic” with Ron Saylor and Christopher Lopez live on stage at the Bakersfield College Indoor Theater, 801 Panorama Drive, Friday, Aug. 28 at 7 p.m.

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AUGUST 23-29, 2009



Inspirational blood donor

4-5 6 7

‘Beat the Heat’ contest

We asked our Voice readers to share how they ‘Beat the Heat.’ See their ideas.

It’s the WOW factor

BY CHRIS BUNYAN Community contributor


ears ago, a man searched for a way to give back to his community and family. While there were many choices to volunteer within the city, Northwest Bakersfield resident Don Hinds decided donating blood seemed to benefit the most. Now, 30 years later, Hinds has been recognized for having donated more than 100 platelets and 10 gallons of blood to the Houchin Blood Bank. “I had a family member who was having surgery and needed blood; that was my first donation,” Hinds said. Platelets play a fundamental role in homeostasis — a natural source of growth factors. They circulate in the blood of mammals and are involved in homeostasis, leading to the formation of blood clots. One donation of platelets can help more people than if a giver donates just blood. When asked why Hinds donates platelets over blood he said, “There is a strong need for platelets to help cancer patients.” Hinds added, “I’ve gotten to know the staff at Houchin and we’ve

Northwest Bakersfield resident Don Hinds first donated blood for a family member having surgery. Thirty years later, he’s still donating at Houchin.

become great friends.” Hinds donates up to four times a month and often receives calls from Houchin requesting him to donate. “I do not have to wait as long when I donate platelets, so I’m able to give more frequently.” In fact, a person can donate platelets every three days if he/she chooses. Houchin Blood Bank officials say there is a shortage of platelets, and the centers are always in need of platelet donors. One reason for the shortage is that platelets only have a five-day shelf life. You would think, after 30 years,

that a person would get tired of having a needle stuck in his arm or being on-call to donate. But Hinds says it is no problem. “It took some getting accustomed to the needle part, and my drive to the Houchin Blood Bank is only a short distance,” he said. “Donating a few minutes of my time is not much to act, in comparison, to saving someone’s life.” Hinds’ contribution milestone of 100 platelets did not go unnoticed by several local government officials. Both Congressman Kevin McCarthy and State Sen. Roy Ashburn sent letters to Hinds commending him for his selfless contribution to the community. McCarthy called Hinds’ contribution to the community “inspirational.” And an inspiration it is. Some people would have been satisfied with donating their time for a few years but Hinds, after 30 years, does not seemed poised to stop. “I figure that I will donate until there is no more blood and platelets to give,” he jokes. Hinds’ story serves as a great example of how Bakersfield residents realize their important role within the community and how helping each other is a way of life.


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WOW! It’s actually an acronym for a popular computer game played worldwide.

Has it been 20 years already?!

If you are a member of the Class of ‘89 for West High or Bakersfield High, there are reunions waiting for you!

About the cover Community contributor, Margaux Kelly — a Stockdale High student — shared how she beat the Bakersfield heat in Nicaragua with a group of teenagers — including her older brother. The teens are part of a non-profit group that asks all high school students for $1 to help build schools for the needy. Margaux’s “Beat the Heat” entry is our winner of six tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium! Your photo could be on our next cover! Photos and stories for the Sept.6 issue must be posted by Wednesday, Aug.26 at 5 p.m.

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AUGUST 23-29, 2009


Teens escape heat to build schools for needy

Cool temps — red hot grand slam! BY KAREN FIELDS Community contributor

BY MARGAUX KELLY Community contributor

Currently, I am a junior-to-be at Stockdale High School, and this past summer, I engaged in an endeavor far, far away from the July heat of Bakersfield. Nicaragua is the second-poorest country in the world with past economic and political affairs that stain any present or future affairs. I went to Nicaragua with a group of teenagers — including my older brother — to promote education and the value of a dollar. We are the founders of One Dollar For Life: Nicaragua. We are a nonprofit organization asking for just $1 from every American high school student to build more than 1,000 schools a year in developing nations. I came to Nicaragua to build a school and luckily escaped the heat of Bakersfield simultaneously. Along with our daily work of mixing cement, painting the structured walls, and carrying water from the river to the work site, we found time for leisure weekend trips as well. We hiked through a rain forest and up a mountain in the small coffeegrowing community of La Pita. We crossed rivers, fell down mudslides, and had the greatest time of our lives. If one fell, we all fell, but we never failed to give a hand to those in the mud. There were banana trees and green lush plant life interjecting the foot-wide trail, vines falling across the trees and naturally, it rained while we hiked through the forest, a cool beating on our skin in this picturesque wonderland. Everything is alive in the rain forest — nothing can compare. In the community of La Corona, we hiked a strenuous trail down to a classic waterfall — the kind in magazines that you always look for, but


Swimming with friends in the waterfall of La Corona in Nicaragua where these teens built schools. never find. Local teens and fathers of the community lent us a hand upon the slippery ground. Its path was well worth the reward. I could’ve stayed there all day just taking in its scene of green moss and white water. It didn’t matter if the water was cold or warm, we were caught up in the chance of a lifetime, swimming in a pool of gleaming water. We cooled off in a country so hospitable to our presence and grateful for our work. To conclude the article, not a memory, but a Nicaraguan proverb: “Aquellos que duermen nunca apreden.” — Spanish for: “Those who sleep, never learn.” Cheers to an active summer away from the heat!

We found a way to beat the 100-plus heat in Bakersfield — by making a quick trip to Los Angeles to see the Dodgers on July 22. It was so much cooler down there. Short sleeves and shorts where ideal. The Dodgers were playing the St. Louis Cardinals that evening with the score 2-2 and the bases loaded. Manny Ramirez was not in the lineup that night because he was hit on his left hand the night before by a fastball. No bones were broken so he was put on a day-to-day basis. As soon as the bases were loaded, the crowd started chanting “Manny, Manny, Manny.” Dodger manager Joe Torre told Manny it was up to him. Manny came out of the dugout to the cheers of his fans and started warming up. The Cardinals chose to change pitchers at that point. Then it was Manny’s turn, and boy, did he show the Cardinals and the crowd what he could do! On the first pitch, he hit a grand slam home


Manny hits a cool grand slam !

run. The crowd went wild — everyone was up and cheering. What a euphoric moment we all experienced. The fans continued to cheer until Manny came out of the dugout for another wave. Manny made history that night by being the only major league baseball player to hit a grand slam on his own bobblehead night. They have produced another bobblehead honoring Manny as he waved to the fans — available on Sept. 16. We will be there no doubt!

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AUGUST 23-29, 2009

Water balloons — $1; squirting grandma — PRICELESS! BY MARY DAVIS Community contributor


When the triple digits hit, it’s time to find cooler temps and plenty of ocean creatures.

Family happily hides from the heat at the Central Coast BY DAVID S. PETERSON Community contributor

When the temperature approaches triple digits, it is time to escape to our family hideaway. Cambria and San Simeon have provided our family with innumerable memories. We look forward to not only cooler temperatures, but what creatures we will encounter as

we tide pool and survey the ocean. From dolphins to seals (harbor and elephant), crabs, sea otters, curious squirrels and on rare occasions, a whale. It’s always a treat as the beaches are not crowded and the scenery is unsurpassed. It’s a win-win each and every time. The only downside, riding back to the oven!

The hot, dog days of summer ... Good ol’ Bakersfield summers where the triple digits soar! OK, here it is — the end of the hottest month of the season — July. The kids have been out of school for awhile now. Intellectual freedom is starting to change from, “Yahoo!” to: “Uh ... I’m starting to get a little bored now.” You can only play so many hours of video games, read so many books, watch so many videos, swim so much, take so many trips to the beach — to escape the heat — before you start getting the “now what” syndrome. Well, that’s when you have to start getting a little creative to survive the last 30 days of summer. Here’s one thing I did: I filled a big

Getting pelted with water balloons. COURTESY OF STEVEN DAVIS

bucket with water balloons. I told my grandkids they could bust them on me as long as they promised not to have too much fun doing so, (yeah right)! My granddaughter really enjoyed poking holes in the balloons and squirting them, painfully slow, over my entire body. She says, “It makes the fun last even longer!” I’m starting to look forward to October!


Early risers beat the heat BY ARUALB Community contributor

My family beats the Bakersfield heat by going out early. There is no lounging around in the morning in this household. We usually rotate what we do in the mornings; shopping, spray park, preschool, story time, dance class, bounce house. Once it hits 11 a.m. , it is normally too hot for us to be out and about so we hole up in the house for a nice (no cook) lunch. After lunch, it is nap time and a little quiet time for mommy. We pretty much spend the rest of the


• Homemaker Services • Personal Care • Employees Screened Bonded and Insured • Dementia Care

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Friends help friends “Beat the Heat.”

day indoors playing games and watching movies. We are looking forward to being outside a lot more come fall time.

“Everyday is a blessing for my mother, and I am beholden to the great caregivers from Alternative Care.” — Howard Silver

(661) 631-2036

2029 21stof Street • Bakersfield, Educator the MonthCA 93301

Educator of the month

Giddy’up to cool escape! BY DONNA FRASER Community contributor

How do we beat the Bakersfield heat? We leave it! We have a little cabin in Sugarloaf Mountain Park, which is about an hour-and-a-half northeast of Bakersfield. It’s at 6,000-feet elevation, so it’s much cooler up there! My folks COURTESY OF DONNA FRASER spend most of the summer there, and I Simon and his horse friend — Kaiyoum try to take the horses up at least once every year. Pictured are my son, California Hot Springs. Simon, and his Arabian, Kaiyoum, on a We feel blessed and privileged to be rock outcrop overlooking Pine Flat and able to enjoy this place!

Sprinkle summer with lots of fun! BY SALLY SAFFELL Community contributor

Kody Saffell does beat the Bakersfield heat. He likes to relax in the pool with a sprinkler floating on a raft. How

refreshing! He also likes to catch air off the trampoline with his “subskateboard” making a huge splash! Summertime fun — you should try it!

Carlee Acevedo Nominated by Cambria Cleveland I would like to nominate Carlee Acevedo as “Educator of the Month.” Ms. Carlee teaches a 3year-old class at the Richardson Center. We have learned so many things this year, like recognizing letters and numbers, the days of the week, and the months of the year. My favorite is music time! To submit your nominee for Educator of the Month, I love Ms. Carlee I will miss go to: www.northwest then click on “Post Something!” and contribute a her when I go to thewhy Pre-K class.and She paragraph about you appreciate would like to recognize your nominee. Be sure to include the educator’s name, school, department and picture. The contest is open to is my sunshine! educators in the Southwest area. Entries can also be e-mailed to: Each month the winning entry $50 gift certificate, compliments of GW School Supply and The Northwest Voice. Sponsored by


If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

Kody Saffell cools off in the pool relaxing under a refreshing, floating sprinkler.

BY SALLY SAFFELL Community contributor

Mikayla Tillett and Kylee Saffell beat the Bakersfield heat by joining the American Kids’ swim team — GO, GIRLS!!


■ If you have a teacher you think is great, nominate them for Educator of the Month by going to: and posting an article. Nominations should tell us in 50 words or less why your teacher is the best and MUST also include their first and last name, school, department/grade and a photo in a jpeg format. Winners will be featured in the print edition of The Bakersfield Voice for a month and will receive a $50 gift card for school supplies, compliments of GW School Supply and TBV.

I’d like Mr. Rh At the having for kind as to w girls l silly so marvel


W W W. B A K E R S F I E L D V O I C E . C O M

AUGUST 23-29, 2009


The WOW factor! BY TOM BOMBADILL Community contributor


i, Voice! I am a 65-year-old man, but I work with a young man — Rick Gonzales — who has but one vice and that is playing a video game called World of Warcraft (or, WOW). Now, I don’t know much about the game, only that he plays it online and plays with other people online at the

Rick Gonzales, center, is pictured with “Rude Roo,” a kangaroo he met in the Outback during a recent trip to Australia, along with Chance Perez, another WOW player.

same time. Rick doesn’t call it a vice. Anyway, I have said to him on numerous occasions, that he will never go anywhere playing video games; I could not have been more wrong. One of the WOW players lives in Australia (Jarrod Callanan) and invited Rick and another WOW player (Chance Perez) to come to Australia for a couple of weeks. And so Rick went and here are some of the pictures he took. I may start playing video games!

These are part of Australia’s The 12 Apostles.

A Mercat poses for a photo during Rick Gonzales’ recent trip to Australia.

Photos courtesy of Rick Gonzales

Workshop teaches ‘drama’ & fun, too! BY CERRENA WELLS Community contributor


Hi! Our names our Bandit and Baron and we are both five month old male, gray/white domestic short hair kittens. We will be neutered before we can go home. We would prefer to be adopted together since we are very close. Don’t forget to mention our ID numbers: Bandit 774977 & Baron - 774980!

Hi! My name is Kaiya and I am a female, domestic short hair, Calico kitty. I am approximately two years old and will be spayed before I can go to my new home. I am a very calm and relaxed kitty that would prefer a quiet home environment. Don’t forget to mention my ID number - 774974!

fter watching numerous productions at “The Gaslight Melodrama,” my daughter, Taylor Wells, 7, was thrilled to sign up for the melodrama’s children’s summer workshop. For six weeks, students in the workshop met for three hours a day, four days a week learning all aspects of putting on a play. This year, under the skillful direction of Greg Ramsdell and Katie Metz, two of the Melodrama’s leading actors, students worked on performing the play, “Cactus Pass.” They learned how to audition for parts, stagecraft, singing,

dancing, and above all, how to have fun! My daughter had an amazing summer experience at “The Gaslight Melodrama.” She couldn’t wait to get to class each day even though it meant getting to class by 9 a.m. four days a week — because summer has lead her to be quite the late-morning sleeper. Taylor made new friends and gained a new found confidence that has made her more outgoing. Mr. Greg and Ms. Katie, as they are called by their students, did an amazing job working with each and every child. Taylor absolutely adored the directors and learned so much from their knowledge of the theater. Taylor is anxiously awaiting the next children’s workshop!

These pets may be adopted quickly! Please visit the KERN COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER at 201 S. Mt. Vernon Ave. to see all of our adoptable pets. For more info call 661-868-7144 or visit our website at

Greg Ramsdell and Katie Metz, two of the Melodrama’s leading actors and directors of the theater’s children’s summer workshop, along with workshop participant, Taylor Wells. COURTESY OF CERRENA WELLS


W W W. B A K E R S F I E L D V O I C E . C O M

AUGUST 23-29, 2009


Classes of ‘89 reunite BY ERIN DOUBEK Community contributor

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get FREE stuff!


he infamous high school reunion ... You can usually count on them to come around (whether you look forward to them or not) every 10, 20 and 30 years. Some are more frequent starting at 5 years and some celebrate their 50-year reunion or better. They usually involve dinner and dancing and some activity to help classmates reminisce about the time when they were in high school ... old friends are reconnected, pictures are taken and yearbooks are revisited. Sounds fun enough, right? Not everyone had the same experience in high school and not everyone attends the reunion as some may have more bad memories than good. Hopefully, thinking of high school includes fond memories of friends, fun times and even the times that weren’t so fun can now be looked back on and appreciate the lessons learned. The classmates that attend usually have a blast and are glad they attended. For us, high school was the ‘80s as we and other classes from Kern County High Schools get ready to celebrate 20 years since graduating and starting our lives. Remembering a time in Bakersfield, before the new high schools were built, we had just learned to drive, attended field parties, MTV showed music videos, there were no cell phones, vinyl and tapes played our music (an improvement from 8-track or reel-to-reel) and the Internet on a home computer was relatively non-existent. Times have changed but we are looking forward to remembering life from


West High School Class of 1989 grads.

“back in the day.” A few Bakersfield high school reunions happened this summer and a few will happen this fall ... or maybe yours is next year or the year after. It will come around and then come around again. Hopefully you will attend, because while the party may be fun, it is the people that make the event memorable. Two reunions will happen in Bakersfield on Sept. 19 — West High and Bakersfield High schools classes of 1989. Events of each reunion are posted on their Web site as well as information about purchasing tickets (WHS: and BHS: These two classes are having a welcome party for ‘89ers and friends on Friday, Sept. 18 at B. Ryder’s Bar & Grill. So open your high school yearbook. Facebook your classmates and friends. And of course, attend your reunion! Because after all, it’s the people that make the event memorable.

This week’s Star Athlete: Cristian Morillo Nominated by Emily Morillo Cristian is a 9-year-old student at Norris Elementary School. Cristian is involved in Taekwondo and goes to Han’s Taekwondo Academy. This year, he has been busy with TKD tournaments throughout the state. Recently, Cristian participated in the 2009 Jr. Olympic/National Tournament in Austin, Texas. Cristian is the 2009 National Champion in yellow belt, 8 to 9 years old, Bantam-weight division. Way to go, Cristian!

■ Do you have a son, daughter, grandkid or buddy who is your pick for MVP? Nominate them for Star Athlete of the Week by going to: and posting an article. Nominations should tell us in 50 words or less what makes this kid a star athlete and should include a photo. All nominees will be featured weekly in the print edition of The Bakersfield Voice,and each month, one nominee’s name will be drawn to receive a $50 gift card for sporting equipment, compliments of Sports Authority and TBV.

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Bakersfield Voice 8/23  
Bakersfield Voice 8/23  

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