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July 12-18, 2009


Flowers for him? Pg. 3 Fireworks “da bomb” for Liberty High Band Pg. 4 Sports Shorts’ K.O.P. tribute column Pg. 5

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JULY 12-18, 2009


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APM Raceway postpones July 12 & Sept. 13 races BY CAROL ONSUM-PIERCE Community contributor


dam Pierce Memorial Raceway is rescheduling its July and September races. The July 12 and Sept. 13 races will not be held. We are looking into other options, such as night races, to lessen the impact of heat on riders, race fans, family, and support workers.

Sandra Molen Writer/Copy Editor

ART Timothy Heinrichs Designer

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you to everybody who has braved the heat wave to attend our May and June races. We appreciate the support Kern County has shown APM Raceway. Please check The Bakersfield Voice, local motorcycle shops, and for updates. We will post the rescheduled races here and on our Web site, and provide flyers to all our sponsors.

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FILMM provides support, friendship to multiple birth families

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amilies In Love With Multiple Miracles (FILMM) is a growing network of Bakersfield families with or expecting multiple birth children. FILMM brings together all caregivers of twins, triples, or more to connect with other families of multiples for support, information, friendship and activities! Join us for weekly playgroups, field trips, mom’s night outs, family events, membership to the state and national Mothers of Twins Club, and more! For more information, contact Kara at 6658013 or e-mail:


Victoria Lasita kisses the head of one of her babies at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati. From left, they are, Casey, Carson and Caden.


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JULY 12-18, 2009



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Fun with love ... send HIM flowers

Fireworks helps LHS band

Columnist tells how fireworks sales help Liberty High band.


K.O.P sports tribute

Community contributor

Michael Elliott has unique views on sports ‘a la Michael Jackson.’

Enter our ‘Stripes’ contest

Only have a few days left to post your patriotic entries.

About the cover This little guy is a prime example of the great patriotic photos we’re getting from all our wonderful citizen journalists out there! Got photos from Fourth of July? Enter them in our “Show Your Stripes” contest and you might win tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium! See page 7. Your photo could be on our next cover! Photos and stories for the July 26 issue must be postPhoto: HyeStyleShots ed by Wednesday, July Teresa Harigan 15 at 5 p.m.


t has been many years, but I once received flowers at work from my wife. To say it was an unusual experience is an understatement. But to say that it was not welcomed, is untrue. Typically men will send flowers to their wives, girlfriends, lovers, etc … sometimes all three at the same time, though that is topic for another posting. But the reverse is not as common. You do not hear of a woman sending her husband, boyfriend, lover, etc … (again, sometimes all three) flowers. I think, from the man’s point of view, there is a little bit of intimidation to the idea of a woman sending him flowers. It is a little more aggressive than some men are probably used to or want. I can even see how this might drive


A bouquet of gerber daisies.

a wedge into a budding relationship. Face it, men like to feel like they are at the helm of the relationship. Receiving flowers,

especially in someplace as public as work or in the presence of friends, can lead to a little embarrassment. Speaking from the point of view of a guy who has gotten flowers at work, it is a little bit of a redfaced moment, to be sure. But it is fun. You can let the minds of your fellow workers wander a little bit as to why you are getting them and from whom. You do not need to tell them all the facts. So … for those few ladies that might read this blog, send your men (husbands, lovers, boyfriends, or all three at the same time) flowers some time … just to see what happens. If you really want to mix things up put some little “naughty” note on the flowers. You know the co-workers will read it and they will start the rumors. Love is meant to be fun and have fun … you just have to find the things that inspire you.


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JULY 12-18, 2009


Band’s fundraising get BIG bang from fireworks equity — pun intended! I am not a big fan of fireworks — although my family is — and I certainly understand he dreaded word, FUNDRAISING! the safety as well as air quality concerns fireThis year, especially as the economy works draw but I have to say it is an incredimakes things tighter and tighter, as ble opportunity for our band, community a band parent, it is a word to dread. sports groups, nonprofits, clubs, and churchThe Liberty High School es. band is fortunate because a huge The funds we bring in during the chunk of our operating budget first week of July carry our procomes from just a week of intensive gram and take a huge amount of activity: a fireworks booth. LHS pressure off of students, parents, Marching Band Booster President and schools. So many people cheerMelissa West and Director Mark fully support the Marching Patriots McGuire kept all of us parents hopwhile also providing pleasure for ping. their families to celebrate IndepenThey had us working several hour dence Day. We appreciate the shifts and we could bring our stuopportunity. dents (as long as they stay out of the Peggy Dewane-Pope is a teacher booth) where they made free snow in the Panama-Buena Vista Union cones for our customers. It’s a way PEGGY School District, but more importo keep the kids involved in earning DEWANE-POPE tantly, the mother of Marching funds for the band through sweat Education columnist Patriot Corinne Pope. BY PEGGY DEWANE-POPE Education columnist


Liberty High School band depends heavily on funds raised during their annual Fireworks booth sale.

This apple doesn’t fall too far from tree BY HEATHER IJAMES Community contributor


hat do you do with a kid who is too smart for his own good? I ask because I’m running out of ideas that don’t involve cages, muzzles, or the occasional wet noodle. My 5-year-old has entered that wondrous (for him) and frustrating (for me) new stage where he thinks he is

smarter than his doctorate holding mother. I will say — with much chagrin — that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree with that perception. It seems it was only yesterday when I held on to my mother’s thigh, looked lovingly and helplessly into her eyes and said, “Yes, I do think I’m smarter than you.” I remember her laughing at first, then grounding me later when I said it as a pre-teen and teenager. Go ahead and


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judge; I deserve it. But at least my mother can be supportive now and look at my degree covered wall and say, “I always knew you were going to be smarter than me.” Needless to say, I often refer to my 5year-old, Ethan, as Gammie’s revenge. For him to be too much like his mother was what his grandmother had hoped for. For the good qualities, too, she would add, but we all know what she really meant. At any rate, back to the 5-year-old challenging the doctorate holder: Ethan casually remarked that his “knowing” is much bigger than my “knowing.” I laughed, had a flashback (remember from earlier ... thigh-high, loving eyes, sharp tongue), then told him that there was no way he was smarter than me; not yet, anyway, I added for future stipulation. He proceeded to argue with me until I gave him a visual demonstration. With my thumb and index finger in a threesided rectangle about an inch apart, I said, “This is how much you know,” I expanded the space between my fingers to about six inches now, “and this is how much I know,” I said matter-offact. Ethan left it at that for all of two sec-

onds before he mimicked the six-inch spatial demonstration of my “knowing” and says, “This is your knowing now, but you get older each day,” his fingers start coming together slowly but surely, “and the older you get, the less you remember,” he fully closes the gap now, “until you’re so old, you won’t know anything anymore.” He smiled; it was a tiny, victorious smile. His fingers re-opened and he held them an inch apart. “This is my knowing now, but I get bigger every day,” he shows me more and more space until he can’t open his fingers any further, “and I’ll get smarter and smarter while you get older and older and forget everything.” I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to laugh in triumph because he just proved he is smarter than the average bear, or cry in defeat from the somber truth of his words — that I’m slowly winding into oblivion and geriatric diapers. But only moments later, Ethan pitched a tear-shedding, back-arching, feet-stomping fit in the Target parking lot because he didn’t get a piece of candy. Who’s the nincompoop now? Hmm.


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JULY 12-18, 2009


An ‘Off the Wall’ look at today’s sports ello, strangers! Been a while. Missed ya. Going to digress from our usual format for this week’s column. Maybe a bit somber, may be a bit “Off The Wall.” Free your minds and let it flow. Say It Ain't So — What a terrible shame. Yet another local biking enthusiast’s life has been taken from us. Alton Saceaux was engaged in the passion of his life as he cycled just past dusk on South Union Avenue when he was hit by a motorist. Local biking legend Norm Hoffman met the same fate back in 2001. Cycling has numerous inherent risks once one mounts the bicycle. No form of body armor will keep one Sports columnist from being suscepti-



ble to those risks. If you cycle, please consider trekking our beautiful bike path which meanders through the city. It is quite a lovely ride, revealing miles of diverse scenery. Riding on the busy streets and county roads puts you in harms way and diminishes your chances of return. Cycle safely. "K.O.P." Potpourri — OK, free that mind! This may be a rather convoluted musing as it seemingly twists and turns. As the fortnight of Wimbledon winds down as of this writing, hope to witness another “Thriller” in one of the finals, such as Nadal vs. Federer last year. I’m sure tennis icon “Billie Jean” King will be watching intently. (Wish answered with showdown between Andy Roddick vs. Roger Federer. RF wins AGAIN!) And just who holds the key to the Steelers NFL chance for a repeat? “Ben” Roethlisberger. K.C. Hobson was one “Bad” prep baseball player. As Kobe relished his Finals MVP trophy you know he was thinking “I Just Can't Stop Loving You.”


People left notes of endearment on the ghost bike memorial recently set up for cyclist Alton Saceaux on South Union Avenue.


Bet that United State’s goalie was thinking “I Want You Back” as that last Brazilian goal was netted in the Confederation Cup Final. Of course, minutes prior to, he assured his teammates “I’ll Be There” for y’all. What about Shafter’s Anna Jelmini’s national record discus throw of 190’-3” ... nobody could “Beat It!” Manny, you need to start with the “Man In The Mirror” and recite to

those performance enhancing drugs that “The Way You Make Me Feel” is not worth it. You’re definitely no “Smooth Criminal.” You were busted! There is no gray area when it comes to the subject of PED’s. It’s strictly “Black or White.” MJ, you were perhaps the greatest basketball player, with the Chicago Bulls, that we ever witnessed. And MJ, you truly were the “King of Pop.”

This week’s Star Athlete: Alec Vaquera Nominated by Dallas Vaquera My son, Alec Vaquera, is 8 years old and plays Northwest Baseball. He just finished his third season, and has been named an all-star each year. This years highlights include: leading his team (Astros) in hits, strikeouts, and double plays, two triples and he hit three (in-the-park) home runs in the all-star tournament at Northwest in May. From tee ball, to pitching machine, to live pitch, Alec continues to impress those who watch him. What impresses me the most is his good sportsmanship and positive attitude. When he’s not on the field, you can catch Alec on Sundays at church (VBF). We love you, Al. Special thanks to Coach Mooney & Mrs. Smith for your awesome support!

The Bakersfield Elite team: Coach Anthony Kessler, Kylie, Jasmine, Rhyan, Alia, Ryleigh, Mikayla, Alyssa, Jillian and Dawn.

Bakersfield Elite U9 Girls team takes 2nd winner. The team received medals for their championship finish. The The Bakersfield Elite girls U9 fin- girls are anxiously waiting to join ished second place in the Eagles the The Bakersfield Gunners Club Tournament in Camarillo. The team beginning in August. was tied with the first place team For open try-outs, contact Tammy and finished in second place after Gutierrez at 333-2471 or e-mail: overtime and PK’s to determine the

BY TAMMY GUTIERREZ Community contributor

■ Do you have a son, daughter, grandkid or buddy who is your pick for MVP? Nominate them for Star Athlete of the Week by going to: and posting an article. Nominations should tell us in 50 words or less what makes this kid a star athlete and should include a photo. All nominees will be featured weekly in the print edition of The Bakersfield Voice,and each month, one nominee’s name will be drawn to receive a $50 gift card for sporting equipment, compliments of Sports Authority and TBV.

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W W W. B A K E R S F I E L D V O I C E . C O M

JULY 12-18, 2009


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ven though the Fourth of July has passed, you can still be awarded for your wonderful patriotic spirit. You have until Monday, July 13 to “Show us your Stripes,” the latest contest in The Bakersfield Voice. Were you getting ready for the Fourth of July since January? Do you have an American Flag flying at your home 365 days a year? Do you dress your children in red, white and blue — everyday? If so, enter today! That’s right. We’d love to see your photos and a story about how patriotic you are. And you could win SIX tickets to The Monterey Bay Aquarium (a nearly $200 value), giving you a place to cool off in the upcoming summer heat. Please keep your story to 200 words or less. The winner and selected runners-up

TBV contributor Sally Saffell posted this photo showing fashionable party hats!

will appear in a future edition of The Bakersfield Voice. It’s easy to participate! Just go to, create a free profile, and begin posting your stories, photos and blogs right now! Join thousands of other Bakersfield residents as part of our online community.

Educator of the Month

Nominated by Lauren Valdivia

Nominated by Guadalupe Hernández

I’d like to nominate my twin daughters’ kindergarten teacher Mr. Rhodes who teaches at Discovery Elementary School. At the beginning of the year, I was so skeptical after having learned that they were going to have a male teacher for kindergarten. He has superseded all of my expectations as to what a great kindergarten teacher should be. My girls love Mr. Rhodes. He teaches them lots of cute and silly songs. He builds up their self-esteem. He is just so marvelous with my girls!

Educator of the month Mrs. Lynn Rose

Mr. Rhodes

Mrs. Rose was my kindergarten teacher at Del Rio Elementary. I would like to nominate Mrs. Rose because she is a smart, loving and caring person; and she is a great teacher. She helped us stretch the sounds and then say them fast to make submitRose your nominee for Educator Month, a word.ToMrs. makes us allof the smarter. go to: www.northwest We love her! then click on “Post Something!” and contribute a

paragraph about why you appreciate and would like to recognize your nominee. Be sure to include the educator’s name, school, department and picture. The contest is open to educators in the Southwest area. Entries can also be e-mailed to: Each month the winning entry $50 gift certificate, compliments of GW School Supply and The Northwest Voice. Sponsored by

■ If you have a teacher you think is great, nominate them for Educator of the Month by going to: and posting an article. Nominations should tell us in 50 words or less why your teacher is the best and MUST also include their first and last name, school, department/grade and a photo in a jpeg format. Winners will be featured in the print edition of The Bakersfield Voice for a month and will receive a $50 gift card for school supplies, compliments of GW School Supply and TBV.

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JULY 12-18, 2009

Bakersfield Voice 07/12  
Bakersfield Voice 07/12  

This is the July 12th issue of Bakersfield Voice.