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December 24, 2009

About the cover

At left: Adrianna in full Bako fashion beauty outfit design by Nichole Patino.

Having some fun on the cover

By Matt Munoz, Bakotopia Editor

is Bakersfield’s very own Adrianna “Audie” Espitia. “I had a blast,” she said of the photo shoot. “The outfit was kinda cold, but it was a lot of fun, and the bubbly was delicious!” Audie, 21, is currently a fulltime student at CSUB, majoring in art education. She likes to sing, dance and lights up many a room with her smile and charm. She also does some mean karaoke, so keep an eye and ear out! Designer Nichole Patino, 24, owner of Napi Designs in Bakersfield, was called in to make some magic with our collection of Bakotopia mags. After getting the call, her fashion-forward mind went to work. “I first got Audie’s measurements,” she explained. “She’s tall and has a very lean figure, so I wanted it to be more fitted around her waist and ‘poofy’ at the bottom. I got some stretch latex fabric, grommets and ribbons to lace it up, and began draping the magazine covers strategically.” Patino is an ‘06 graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), in LA. Since graduating, she’s worked as a freelance designer doing sample design construction and pattern designs for various companies. In addition to designing, she’s also currently attending CSUB pursuing her B.A. in studio art. Photographer Jeremy Gonzalez of No Image Photography captured it all. After Audie was on


Pictured far left: Bakotopia model Adrianna Espitia gets some adjustments by Napi Designs’ Nichole Patino on Dec., 13.

Pictured below, from left - Matt, Adrianna, Nichole Patino. Kneeling - photographer Jeremy Gonzalez. See video from the shoot at our offical YouTube channel: Turn to page 8 for a full color collector’s poster! **Thanks to Bakotopian Josey Hernandez aka ‘MsJosey’ for inspiring the Bakotopia dress back in the day.

board, he knew just the person with the skills to deliver the outfit. “After I got the call to shoot, I was trying to picture how the dress would look like, then location and sketching out ideas,” he said. “Nichole did a great job, had a quick idea of what she wanted, and delivered. It’s good to have reliable people to work with. Plus, she has her own style, and I love that.” Of course, you can’t bring an outfit to life without the right model ... “I love the energy that Audie brings,” he said. “She’s really easy to work with and lots of fun …” If you’d like to get the No Image or Napi Designs treatment, you can contact Nichole & Jeremy at their websites:

Photos by: Jeremy Gonzalez / No Image Photography


y fellow Bakotopians... 2009 was truly a year of smiles and trials. While we managed to make it through to December with another great issue, we also got bit by the state of the economy. I debated on how I was going to break the news, but who wants to be a party pooper? Especially since this isn't really the end. Like other businesses affected in much the same way, Bakotopia will be taking a print break for awhile, but we hope to be back as soon as the economy improves. I'd like to personally THANK all of our longtime readers, advertisers, and fans for helping build our community of writers, photographers, artists, and musicians. Every issue has been a rush of excitement to build. From collecting content, photos, and the almighty cover shot - together we showed that being pro-active can help a community grow. From issue #1 on May 5, 2007 to this our 70th issue - it's been nothing short of amazing. I have a collection of e-mails, letters, and gifts of appreciation from locals as well as former residents thanking Bakotopia for keeping them in touch with home - even e-mails from some of our troops overseas. Who would've thought we'd make that much of a difference? It's true, and YOU helped make it happen. In light of the news, I'd like to remind you of our online home at: - the place where it all began in '05! I'll be there everyday along with thousands of other registered users. Sign-up free and stay in the LOCAL loop… Keep on writing, blogging, posting, bragging, and promoting - because the only thing changing is our "look". You read right - stay tuned for more online! No, this isn't our swan song, just taking a print break. Okay, I'm ready for our big group hug...Happy New Year! Now, turn the page and enjoy! See you online! Peace,


Matt Muñoz, Bakotopia Editor




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The Itch


December 24, 2009

Cutting ties with

2000? The New Year spins emotions in a positive direction … we hope! By Miranda Whitworth / KRAB, contributor t’s time to say the big good bye to 2009 and I, for one, cannot wait. Not only are we getting rid of an extremely tough year, we are getting rid of a decade that (generally speaking) could have gone out on a higher note. I’d like to think of living in the 2000’s as having one of those bad relationships that should have ended a lot sooner . The 2000’s had a drinking problem and spent too much money. The 2000’s shacked up with the easy girl at the office and thought you didn’t know. The 2000’s left your car unlocked and your stereo got stolen. Did the 2000’s pay to replace it? No, it didn’t! Now it’s finally time to cut ties with the 2000’s. It’s time to pack up its stuff, put it out on the porch, change your locks and do not give the 2000’s a new key. With every bad break up, there will be a mourning period. It takes time to forget 10 years of unhealthy decision making and the consequences that followed. Whether you bought a house you couldn’t afford, a car you really didn’t need or consumed thousands of dollars in fatty foods and alcohol, we all made mistakes. We should take this opportunity to look at our empty bank accounts and expanding waist lines and make ourselves a promise to be better in the future. We should not let a decade with a bad attitude run all over us again! It’s time to straighten our clothes, fix our




makeup and head out on the town. There is new decade out there waiting for us. Hopefully, that decade has more money, dresses better and loves to give not take. Once I am past the hurt and angry stage of the break up, I am sure I will be able to look back fondly at my time with the 2000’s. Many amazing things happened while we were together. I moved from Utah to California with the 2000’s. I started my career in radio and saw the election of the nation’s first black president. When it comes to letting a bad relationship go, you have to retain some of the good things that came along with the ride. All of the good and all of the bad will only help us learn and grow. Never

again will we take time for granted or will we allow ourselves to be taken for granted by time. So goodbye 2000’s! Who needs you? I don’t! I am ready for Jan. 1, 2010. I feel a big rebound on the way, maybe I should buy new underwear. *Editor’s Note: Yes, we are fully aware that there are 90 more years left in the “2000’s,” but we feel Miranda’s pain and you should never stop a woman on an emotional roll. We love you, Miranda! Keep up with all the KRAB jocks at:! **Listen for Matt from Bakotopia on the KRAB Morning Show! 842-KRAB!


December 24, 2009

2009 Empty Space

Awards You’re invited to an evening of reflection and honoring those who made a difference in local theatre on Jan. 3! By Thomas G. Robinson, contributor very year, our “little theatre behind Pizzaville” strives to put on shows that tickle your funny bone, shock you, and/or make you cringe in horror - grabbing your heart ‘til a tear slides down your face. This is the power of the live theatre. That someone not two feet from you who may have helped you find your seat, sold you a Pepsi or bag of popcorn at our concession stand or took your donation at the door, is in front of you stirring these emotions. This is live theatre. These are the fine actors who have honed their craft to entertain you, to thrill you, to make you cry, laugh, sing and feel. On Jan. 3, at the Stockdale Country Club, The Empty Space will produce yet another show; this time, a show about and for those who put so much into their art. “The Empties,” as it has been lovingly dubbed by actors and directors around town is Bakersfield’s own little version of the Tony Awards. Nominees from categories such as - “Best Actor/Actress,” “Supporting Actor/Actress,” “Best Show,” “Best Director,” “Best Featured Actor/Actress,” “Best Lighting and Design” just to name a few, will be


honored at this gala black-tie event. The difference in our awards show, more than others around town, is that everyone who’s done anything at the theatre is initially nominated. That means everyone. Our local peers, who’ve only missed a minimum of three shows at the theatre, are allowed to nominate and vote from the list compiled tirelessly by Bob Kempf and Kristina Saldana, executive board members at The Empty Space. Second round of voting goes to the people who have garnered enough votes from the first round and are the ones who will be up for the award at “The Empties” in January. The Empties do more than recognize each other for acting and directing; it allows friends and family, both on and off the stage, to socialize, to bond, to get to know each other in a setting that is both fun and entertaining. -The Empty Space Awards will be held at Stockdale Country Club, 7001 Stockdale Hwy on Sunday, Jan. 3 at 6 p.m. -Tickets are $35 (includes dinner) and can be purchased at the Empty Space Theatre at 706 Oak St. -Please call 327-PLAY or go to: for more information or reservations. BAKOTOPIA 5


December 24, 2009

Ceci Bastida: NO BORDERS


Above: Ceci Bastida contemplates big moves after the new year.

Latin alternative music legend is ready to break barriers with hot, new solo career in 2010 By Matt Munoz, Bakotopia Editor eci Bastida’s new year promises to be quite a viaje. A familiar face to fans of early Latin rock or roc en español - if you prefer, as keyboardist and vocalist to Tijuana, Mexico ska / punk music legends, Tijuana No!, Bastida is ready to show off her new solo-prowess to the world. Indiscriminate music fans should already know Bastida’s place in the genre’s history. Singing lead on two of Tijuana No’s signature tunes, “Pobre De Ti,”and an English cover of The Clash's “Spanish Bombs,” she also travelled the



globe touring with critically acclaimed artist and friend, Julieta Venegas. Now solo, Bastida is preparing to make her own waves in 2010 with a new, full-length release coming in March. Bakotopia spent some time with Bastida viatelephone from her LA residence Dec. 10, a few hours before her final show of ‘09 at East LA’s Eastside Luv club to talk history, her future and capricious American music fans. You’ve been a fixture on the Latin alternative music scene since the ‘90s with Tijuana No! How does it feel to be the “First Lady of Roc en Español?” CB: I’ve never thought of myself that way, honestly, and I’m not trying to be humble or anything. I started when I was very young, and I think wasn’t aware of a lot of things. I was just playing because I wanted to, and I was kind of unaware of promoters or the business aspect of the whole thing, or the publicity and stuff like that. So, you know … To me, I was just playing and I was excited that we had a record out and the people came to

the show, so that was pretty cool for me. What was the alternative music scene in Tijuana like during the ‘80s & ‘90s? CB: When I started playing, there were a few bands doing very interesting, new stuff. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that we were so close to San Diego. You had so much access to all these other bands - not only from the US, but from the UK and all over the world. It was just such a common thing to go watch good interesting bands in San Diego, and I think that really helped the musicians in TJ. Since we’re so far away from Mexico City … and there wasn’t a lot of communication between the bands from Mexico City and the bands from TJ, we kind of related to people in bands from San Diego and Mexicali - cities close to TJ. Some bands were doing stuff inspired by bands like Dead Can Dance, then other bands experimenting with things like funk and heavy metal. It just seemed like a really nice tight community of musicians supporting each other. Tijuana No’s lyrics included topics like the



EZLN (Zapatista Army of National Liberation - an armed liberation group based out of Chiapas, Mexico), years before Subcomandante Marcos and Che' Guevara shirts became fashionable. How was it received? CB: 1994 was a very important year with the Zapatista movement and NAFTA (National Free Trade Agreement), and also this politician that was killed in TJ. When the whole Marcos thing started, we started singing about it, and put in on the cover of our second record in ‘94. There were so many things that were hard not to talk about, and there was this longing for people to express themselves. It was an important thing to put out there, questioning our government. Plus, it was so evident to everybody of the unfair things going on in Mexico. There was this big community and cities that were living in extreme poverty. I think the political thing also came from us living across the border, seeing undocumented people crossing the border every single day. We would see the border patrol every single day of our lives, so it became a part of life for people in TJ. People were interested and intrigued by it, and some people were turned off by it. There were events we weren’t invited to because people didn’t want us to talk about these things. But in the end, people were very accepting and supportive of what we were doing. Who are your musical influences? CB: PIL, New Order, The Clash. When I think about The Clash, they were the perfect band in a way - where they spoke about all these things we were also talking about - political and social issues. But musically, the songs by themselves worked very well, almost kind of “pop” in a way with these great mixes of different rhythms, beats and genres. We also listened to a lot of reggae and ska when we were getting Tijuana No together. What was your introduction to the live music scene? CB: I started playing the piano when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I grew up in a very small part of the city close to the beach. Most of the musicians from Tijuana No also grew up there. I lived a block away from the drummer, and his family and my family knew each other. I was walking to school one day and he said, “I heard you play the piano, we’re thinking of getting together with some friends to play, you wanna come?” I brought a little Casio keyboard that I had and we just started playing for hours. Summer came, and we started getting together everyday. It just became such a fun thing, and there was no intention of anything, it was just so much fun. So, it was great. I was introduced to that world by them. New fans were introduced to you performing alongside Julieta Venegas for years - how did your friendship become a working relationship after Tijuana No disbanded? CB: Julieta and I have been friends since we met and have always been close. She was playing in a band when she was in high school. I was a freshman, and she was a senior. I used to go see her band, and we became friends. I then started with Tijuana No and, after about a year or so, her band broke-up. She joined us for awhile. Then, she moved to Mexico City for what seemed like many years.

December 24, 2009

One day she called me in TJ and said, “I’m going to go play in LA and my keyboard player doesn't have a Visa, could you do it?” That was in 2000, when her second record “Bueninvento” was out. I agreed, learned the songs, played with her and had so much fun. After the show, she asked me to stay. When she recorded her third record and she started getting more popular, that’s when I decided to move to Mexico City, because everyone was based from there. I ended up playing with her band until 2008. You were able to experience Julieta’s popularity rise in the Latin pop world - how did you share that as an individual artist? CB: Because I’ve known her for so long and knowing how much of a hardworking, talented person she is, I just felt happy for her when things were getting better. I know how much she struggled in the beginning, and now she’s being rewarded after so many years with people loving it. It was also very important for me to be there and support her. Now that I have a band to play with me, I’m like, “Wow, it’s a lot of work!” … and she (Julieta) was really good at it. When did you decide it was time to leave her band? CB: I think a little over a year before I left her band. With Julieta, it was a lot of fun, but it was also her music. I just played whatever was recorded and added a few things. But there was nothing there that was mine, and I started missing that after awhile. With Tijuana No, I was very involved in the writing of the songs, and all of a sudden, I was just this musician who was just playing someone else’s music. And as fun as that was for me, I kind of wanted to go back to writing. I think it changed when I released the EP “Front BC” in ‘07. People responded well, and I got invited to do KCRW's “Morning Becomes Eclectic” show. I think that’s what made me start questioning whether I should continue with Julieta. It was a very good job, because it was fun and I got paid for it fairly well. The idea of leaving that and starting my own thing - not knowing what’s going to happen is kind of scary at first. But I think I did the right thing. Now solo with a new band, a few songs available online and a new collaboration with rapper Pigeon John for his latest CD - what else can fans look forward to? CB: I started working on my new record at the beginning of this year thinking I’d have the whole record ready by May. I also kept saying the record would be out this summer. I think I realized I was kind of rushing to put it out when I stopped and listened to it, so I decided to go back and re-do most of it. I got rid of the older songs and added some of the newer ones I was writing. I’m so happy that I did it, but in that process a lot of time passed and it didn't make sense to put it out at the end of this year, because the timing wasn’t right. I hope to release it in March of 2010. Latin alternative music had a swell of potential crossover popularity in the mid-’90s, now it’s back to being a niche sound for cool college kids. Where do you see the sound heading in terms of its place in pop music?

CB: I don’t know what exactly is going on. I can tell you my experience now living in this country is very different than when I was living in Mexico. Right now, for example, even putting out my album, the indie labels that have heard it are like, “Oh, I like it a lot … I just don’t know what to do with someone who sings in Spanish.” I think the language thing is still an issue here, even though there are so many Latinos here. A lot of these people don’t see that there’s this whole gigantic world of people who could be into the music that a lot of bands are doing. And you don't have to know Spanish to appreciate good music, right? CB: That’s also what I say. Growing up, I didn’t speak English until later in life. I listened to music in English and knew a lot of people who didn’t speak any English, but listened to everything. It wasn’t an issue. You would sing along, invent words or whatever, because you were so into the songs. It’s so different here in the U.S. A lot of people need for music to be sung in English, otherwise they’ll dismiss it. I also think that there’s something about the Spanish language that is not particularly attractive to a lot of people. I think that if I was singing in French or Portuguese, people would say, “Oh, how chic and exotic.” Plus I think Spanish reminds people of “all those people that live here,” or “Oh, I think my gardener might know your music.” I’ve heard those kinds of comments a lot. I don’t think they mean to be negative, but that’s how people tend to view it. That’s just my opinion. Mexican alternative artists like El Gran Silencio, Molotov, and Julieta have received such overwhelming crowd responses at the annual Coachella festival in front of a mixed crowd … CB: True, and I don’t think music fans here get enough credit for that. I went to Coachella, and saw Café Tacuba perform. It was packed, and not with just a bunch of Mexicans. A lot of people are intrigued by it and know that there is good music to discover. They just don’t have as much access to see the bands who don’t often come to play in the states. Based on your response, are you planning on singing in Spanish only? CB: Right now, I’m sticking with Spanish. I’ve done English covers in the past, and I feel very comfortable doing that because these are songs that I love. But, writing in English has not happened for me. I haven’t really tried to do it, so right now I would say no. But who knows? In five years, I might. If you weren’t playing music, what would you be doing? CB: I’d be a therapist. Not a psychiatrist, but more of a psychologist. I also studied history and I was teaching a little bit. I taught some kids in high school and junior high, and even though I loved it, it was kind of a pain in the ass. HEAR more of my interview with Ceci Bastida on Bakotunes Podcast, Episode 62 at: Ceci Bastida online: BAKOTOPIA 7




December 24, 2009

The Cherrybombs' “Sock n' Glove” drive for the Homeless Bakersfield Central Park 12 p.m. / Please bring gently used gloves & socks for homeless!


Happy New Year! 2010!

New Year's at The Nile! Nile Bar, 1721 19th St. 9 p.m. / $20 / 21+ Info: 363-3179

The Secret Garden (a play) Spotlight Theatre, 1622 19th 8 p.m. / $18 - $22 (also Sun.)

Really Big Midgetz - LIVE! Belvedere DECEMBER 28 The 3090 Brundage Ln. Mento Buru & DJ Mikey LIVE Monday Night Football Nite! 9 p.m. / 21+ / $5 / 325BRyder's Bar, 7401 White Ln. w/ ESPN (Every Monday) 2139 9 p.m. / $5 / 397-7304 Fishlips, 1517 18th St. 5 p.m. / 21+ / 324-2557 High Groove Disciples NYE! The Mothership Dj Night! w/ live band, mariachis, DJ! Sandrini's, 1918 Eye St. KC Fairgrounds “Harvest Monday Night Football w/ 10 p.m. / 21+ Hall” / 6 p.m. / $45 - $85 Francis Mayer of KRAB! Info: 871-5669 (Every Monday) The Secret Garden (a play) Camino Real Restaurant Spotlight Theatre DJ Phil “The Real Deal” NYE! 5 p.m. / 852-0493 1622 19th St. Amestoy’s, 2303 River Blvd. 8 p.m. / $18 - $22 / 634DECEMBER 29 9 p.m. / 21+ / 871-2303 0692 Mac Attack's Karaoke The NuYear Party! Backup Johnny - LIVE! (Every Tues., Wed., Fri.) Jr. League Bldg., 1928 19th Fishlips, 1517 18th St. The Junction St. / 8 p.m. / $75 / 21+ 9 p.m. / 21+ / 324-2557 2620 Buck Owens Blvd. 8 p.m. / 21+ / 327-9651 Backup Johnny’s NYE! DECEMBER 27 w/ The Indians & more... The Secret Garden (a play) DECEMBER 30 Sandrini's, 1918 Eye St. Spotlight Theatre 9 p.m. / 21+ Travis Byler Project - LIVE! 1622 19th St. Fishlips, 1517 18th St. 2 p.m. / $18 - $22 JANUARY 1 9 p.m. / 21+ / 324-2557

= Highly recommended

DECEMBER 24 Christmas Eve! Tamale feast time! Karaoke (Every Thurs. & Sun.) The Belvedere 3090 Brundage Ln. 9 p.m. / 21+ / 325-2139

DECEMBER 25 Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Catch 22 - LIVE! Lone Oak Lounge (also Sat.) 10612 Rosedale Hwy 9 p.m. / 21+ / 589-0412

DECEMBER 26 Happy Kwanzaa!




The Rev. Horton Heat w/ 800Lb Gorilla & Dusk Devils - LIVE! Narducci's, 622 E. 21st St. 7 p.m. / $30 / All Ages

Dub Seeds - LIVE! Pyrenee's Café' 601 Sumner St. 2 - 6 p.m. / 21+ / 323-0053 Merle Haggard - LIVE! Buck Owens Crystal Palace 4500 Buck Owens (also Sat.) 7 p.m. / $75 - $60 / 3225200 Really Big Midgetz - LIVE! The Belvedere (also Sat.) 3090 Brundage Ln. 9 p.m. / 21+ / $5 / 3252139


R. STANLEY SECURITY SERVICE , INC. 12420 Jomani Dr. Suite: B Bakersfield,Ca 93312



Jomani Dr.

(except Federally sponsored programs)

Only Patients with proper paperwork & ID are allowed Entrance

Mongolian BBQ $6.99 BUY 1 ENTREE,

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Get 1 FREE Soda per purchase Behind Days Inn ~ 818 Real Red. Suite A next to Regency Lanes (661) 326-9077

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December 24, 2009


“New Year’s Eve Bash”! w/ Mento Buru, The Iron Oulaws, Members Only, and DJ Mikey! Oh Yeahhhh! B • FISHLIPS, 1517 18th St. • 8 p.m.- ? / 21+ / 324-2557 • $10 tix includes party favors, midnite champagne & midnite buffet! Adv. tix available at: / 322-5200, or at Fishlips! Comedian Bobby Banuelos Nile Bar, 1721 19th St. 8 p.m. / $10 / 21+



Penny Royalties - LIVE! w/ Backup Johnny & Greener The Better Jerry's Pizza, 1817 Chester 8 p.m. / All Ages

Random Writers Workshop! Russo’s Books The Marketplace, 9000 Ming. Terra Alive, Rozzes, That 6:30 p.m. / $8 / 665-4686 That, and more... - LIVE! *Turn to pg. 14 for more info! The Gate, 2010 O St. 7 p.m. / $7 / All Ages




“The Empty Space Awards”! Stockdale Country Club 7001 Stockdale Hwy. 6 p.m. / $35 / 327 -PLAY

Tommy Castro - LIVE! Doubletree Hotel 3100 Camino Del Rio Ct. 6 p.m. / $25 / 831-3100

Cidona, Out Of Frame, Love Like Oil, Counterparts, and Missing Autumn. The Dome, 2201 V St. 8 p.m. / All Ages / 327-0190

JANUARY 14 Gabriel Iglesias - LIVE! Fox Theater, 2001 H St. 2 shows: 7 & 10 p.m. $35 / 322-5200 ADEMA - LIVE! All Original! The Whisky, 8901 Sunset Hollywood, CA 8 p.m. / All Ages

JANUARY 15 Dub Seeds - LIVE! BRyder's Bar, 7401 White Ln. 9 p.m. / $5 / 397-7304

“Voices of Latin Rock” w/ Jorge Santana, MALO & more LIVE! En Vivo! Fox Theater, 2001 H St. 8 p.m. / $35 - $20 / 3225200 /


JANUARY 29 Wayne “The Train” Hancock Fishlips, 1517 18th St. 9 p.m. / 21+ / 324-2557 Silence O' Israel, Forever & A Day and more...LIVE! The Gate, 2010 O St. 7 p.m. / All Ages


'Living 11' CD Release Show Kap'n Crunch & The Cereal Killers and more! LIVE! The Dome, 2201 V St. 8 p.m. / All Ages / 327-0190 The Gate, 2010 O St. 7 p.m. / $7 / All Ages ADEMA - LIVE! The Return! Brick By Brick, San Diego, CA POST YOUR EVENTS AT: WWW.BAKOTOPIA.COM 8 p.m. / 21+ TO BE INCLUDED IN WEEKLY EVENT E-BLASTS TO THOUJANUARY 23 SANDS OF BAKOTOPIA Mento Buru & DJ Mikey LIVE! FAITHFUL! OVER 100,000+ BRyder's Bar, 7401 White Ln. WEB VIEWS A MONTH! BEST 9 p.m. / $5 / 397-7304 LOCAL PROMOTION YOU’LL EVER NEED!

CLOSED CHRISTMAS DAY New Years Eve 2010 Bash With Dj Phil “The Real Deal”! Ring in the New Year Amestoy Style! Champagne Toast @ Midnight Open New Year’s Day 4pm to 2am

Sat 12/26 - The Press - 2pm-6pm Sun 12/27 - Bunky Spurling - 2pm-6pm Fri 1/1 - Dub Seed - 8pm-12am Sat 1/2 - Live Music Fri 1/8 - Bunky Spurling - 8pm-12am Sat 1/9 - The Usual Suspects - 2pm-6pm Sun 1/10 – Live Blues Music

Fri. Jan. 15th Red Eye Junction, The Councilmen and Special Guest! $5 per person • 9:30pm Tues. Feb. 16th Amestoy’s Annual Mardi Gras Party!! With musical guest: Back Up Johnny! Cajun Food and Crazy Fun all Night Long!

Open: Mon - Sat 11am – 2am • Sun 1pm – 2am

2303 River Blvd. • 661-871-2303 BAKOTOPIA 11



Clockwise from top: Bands - Say Anything, Rey Fresco, Paper Tongues, Cartel, After Midnight Project, and Cartel (again), perform for fans at KRAB’s Acoustic X-Mas at Maya Cinemas. BAKOTOPIA 12

December 24, 2009

KRAB’s Acoustic X-Mas Show! December 14, Maya Cinemas, Bksfld. Photos By Joseph Gomez See more photos at: BAKOTOPIA 13


December 24, 2009

Bakersfield's Literary Arts Scene 2010! What does the future hold for local writers in the upcoming year? By Nick Belardes, contributor 009 was very good to me. It started off with writing the book “Random Obsessions: Trivia You Can’t Live Without.” The first part of the year centered around seeing it get into print with Viva Editions, while the second part involved promotions and a book tour. The book tour took me onto Fresno TV, wandering around a Merced zoo, sitting in a bar at the very table where Jack London sat in Oakland, wandering the Lower Haight in San Francisco and Chinatown and reading at the Green Arcade, walking cold streets in Alameda looking for a guitar pick for my son, eating sub sandwiches in Hollywood outside Book Soup — where I remember seeing poet rich Ferguson and my son practice music in a parking lot — and right here with celebrations at Bakersfield bookstores, Barnes & Noble, Borders and Russo’s Books, where many in the community came out to perform and support. There was even a night of trivia at Sandrini’s. I swear, I wasn’t drunk that night. The year is over and I think about not just my work, but books I received by authors who are now my friends. Hazel Dixon-Cooper’s astrologically cool “Work on a Rotten Day,” Greg Olear’s murderous “Totally Killer,” Duke Haney’s epic music-filled “Banned For Life,” Lauren Baratz-Logsted’s children’s fantasy “Sisters 8” series, Gina Frangello’s epic of the mind “My Sister’s Continent” and a copy of “Beatitude: Golden Anniversary 1959-2009,” which is an anthology for which my friend Tony R. Rodriguez wrote a poem. There are so many more. I can go on and on about the creative writers I know, the authors and poets who write books or creative nonfiction for based out of Los Angeles, which features more than 200 writers. I can’t forget Tim Z. Hernandez and Bonnie HearnHill out of Fresno, both of whom have huge novels coming out in 2010. Two books from HearnHill’s young adult “Star Crossed Series” and Hernandez’s novel “Breathing In, Dust,” promises to rock the valley. While my writing includes more books and more screenplays, my dreams include helping




other writers, the LOCAL WRITERS here in Bakersfield (and its surrounding communities), who have similar dreams to my own. They want to get published. But maybe they don’t know how, or lack the drive to do so. That’s why I started the Random Writers Workshop. It’s a place where I can bring all of my resources and energy into the community to help others with similar dreams. There’s no reason why people with serious thoughts of becoming writers and authors can’t make that happen right here in Bakersfield (I swear, I will call some of my writer friends and put them on speakerphone right in the middle of a session when we have questions only they can answer). I also have to say that local filmmakers in Bakersfield are about to explode with success in a similar manner in which the writing scene deserves (A Bakersfield-based scene making an impact not just inside, but outside of the southern Central Valley, connecting to those outside of the city who are skilled, talented, driven, and connected enough to help make our dreams come true). Local filmmakers will be there in 2010. It’s their year. As long as they continue working hard (I have no doubt they are headed somewhere great). But I’d like the same for the Bakersfield writing scene. Instead of individuals, teams of people need to be assisting one another’s dreams. This can happen. That means 2010 doesn’t all have to be about the success of filmmakers in Bakersfield that I’m predicting. And sure, writing is a part of that anyway. It all starts with a screenplay, right? Success in 2010 for Bakersfield’s tiny literary arts community depends on whether writers are willing to step out of their comfort zones, and whether they will write, share, DREAM and fine tune their works, polish them, get them ready for publication, all while sacrificing what artists of any kind have to sacrifice: time. Thanks to Bakotopia and Russo’s Books, hopefully, we’ll do that together through the Random Writers Workshop. Whether there are five, 10, or 20 of us. As least people will know what I’m all about. Here’s to 2010. Random Writers Workshop: -Held every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. -Russo’s Books (The Marketplace), 9000 Ming Ave. -Cost: $8 *Due to New Year’s Holiday, December workshop will be held on Dec.30! -Info: 665-4686, or email Nick Belardes at:


December 24, 2009

Epitome of Sound:

2009 Wrap-Up

Above: The Horrors.

Moustache picks the best ear-worthy offerings of the year. By DJ Moustache AKA Alex Rodriguez, Contributor ell, we've done it! We've made it through yet another year in probably the strangest decade in music yet! Here are my top ten albums and top 20 songs that 2009 had to offer!


Top Albums: 1. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart S/T (Slumberland/Fortuna Pop): Exploding swirling guitars, hooks left and right and great fuzzy production! These New Yorkers sound like The Pastels & My Bloody Valentine went back in time to write these pop gems! 2. Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career (4ad): Scottish musicians can do no wrong! The album is beautifully crafted with heartbreaking lyrics and uplifing melodies! I also really adore the cover art! 3. The Horrors - Primary Colors (XL Recordings): Artsy Gothic Rock returns and rewards us for waiting so long. 4. Girls - Album (True Panther Sounds): Simplistic Genius "I wish I had a suntan, I wish I had a pizza and a bottle of wine. I wish I had a beach house and we could make a big fire every night, instead I'm just crazy and totally mad. Yeah I'm just crazy and f**cked in the head" 5. Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster (Interscope): I'm not into Lady Gaga but I give her kudos for making fans and even seasoned critics believe that it's something deeper than just run of the mill modern electro pop music. 6. Florence and The Machine - Lungs (Island): Primal yet heavenly! This album is all over the place in the way you want it to be. 7. Julian Casablancas - Phrazes The Young (RCA): Imagine Julian replacing the rest of The Strokes with synthesizers. 8. Cold Cave - Love Comes Close (Heartworm Press/Matador): Okay normally I hate those synthpop Joy Division sounding bands but this Philadephia band did something very right. 9. Built To Spill - There Is No Enemy (Warner Bros.): After two mediocre albums in 2001 and the other in 2006 "There Is No

Above: Camera Obscura.

Enemy" picks up where the band left off with 1999s "Keep It Like A Secret" which is my favorite album by them! 10. Dinosaur Jr. - Farm (Jagjaguwar): It sounds like Dinosaur Jr - nuff' said. Top Singles: 1. Camera Obscura - "My Maudlin Career" 2. Girls - "Lust For Life" 3. Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - "A Teenager In Love" 4. Julian Casablancas - "11th Dimension" 5. The Horrors - "Who Can Say" 6. Jay Z Featuring Alicia Keys - "Empire State Of Mind" 7. Burning Hearts - "I Lost My Colour Vision" 8. Dog Day - "Rome" 9. The Drums - "Let's Go Surfing" 10. Sad Day For Puppets - "Marble Gods" 11. Julie Doiran - "Borrowed Minivans" 12. The Enemy - "Be Somebody" 13. Pet Lions - "Roman History" 14. Shakira - "She Wolf" 15. Hatcham Socia l- "Murder In The Dark" 16. Daniel Johnston - "Mind Moves" 17. The Postmarks - "Go Jettsetter" BAKOTOPIA 15


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Bakotopia Magazine - issue 70!  

Bakotopia Magazine issue 70 is here! Bakersfield, California's premier citizen journalism and entertainment outlet is saying "Peace" to 2009...

Bakotopia Magazine - issue 70!  

Bakotopia Magazine issue 70 is here! Bakersfield, California's premier citizen journalism and entertainment outlet is saying "Peace" to 2009...