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THE EMPTY SPACE Setting theatre free to be FREAKY...



E D I TO R ’ S N OT E Actors are a curious lot...


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n movies or live onstage, hanging out with them backstage is where the real action happens. Rehearsing lines, costume changes, nerves, disagreements, direction, confusion - it’s all there and more. Like full-time musicians, choosing to be a stage actor requires total commitment to the craft. Sure, you may think you're serious because you once played "Romeo" in a high school production, but that's just fun, kids stuff. The Empty Space Theatre, like our other local playhouses, gives seasoned actors and novices a chance to hone their skills. They offer comedy, tragedy, and everything in between - plus you can literally walk in the place and ask for an audition. I was once offered an audition by my good friend Julie Jordan-Scott, to be in a play called "Project Murder". This was her way of telling me, "If you're gonna write about us, get the experience first". During my month-long stint as an abusive lug who gets whacked by his woman, I came away very impressed with how TES functions. Acting is not easy, but worth checking out if you get the itch. Writer Greg Goodsell takes you inside the workings of this eclectic playroom. We also put the spotlight on more local talent, pix from this year's Warped Tour finale, and the greatest event calendar in Bako. By the way, if anyone would like to buy me lunch for my Bday on Sept. 6 - I like sushi, Mexican, and German chocolate cake. Noodge...


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Matt Muñoz, Bakotopia Editor



Sept. 3, 2009


Meathead’s Bright Idea! The morning show’s Big Kahuna invites you to submit your music, not noise. By Meathead, contributor


akersfield is about to go through a local music boom. It seems like the once popular, then stale scene is on a rebound and I for one am very excited. Will we see more acts from Kern County make it in the music industry? I think we will. And I think it will be sooner than later. I am proud to say that KRAB Radio will once again be giving local bands a chance to be heard. What does a chance mean? Don’t expect to get radio play just because you are in a band. If you’ve been together a week and recorded a song on a handheld recorder, you’re probably not going to hear yourself on the radio. If you decide that you want to scream at the top of your lungs about how mommy and daddy treat you poorly, you’re probably not going to hear yourself on the radio. After all they’re called “songs” - not screams. Now if you feel like you’ve got a song that can be heard on KRAB, by all means send it our way. If you took the time and recorded a track properly in either a home or pro studio and your music falls under the “alternative rock/pop” genre banner, then there is a good chance you’ll get some airplay on Sunday nights. And if you are really good and have that one hit, you may hear



Above: Hayesfield rocks out during the Funhouse on 8/15 at The Dome. This put their bass player in a Tor Johnson-like trance. your band even more than that. Nowadays, not only can you hear local music, thanks to Brighthouse Networks, you can now watch local music as well. During the weekend of Aug. 15, the “Funhouse Rock Fest” had a line up of 13 great local bands, all of which can be seen now FREE on Brighthouse Networks “On Demand.” Grab your remote, pop open a cold one, and check out bands The Silence Club, The Dusk Devils, Weightless For Atlas, War of State, Shilo, Fatt Katt & The Von Zippers, Hayesfield, Backup Johnny, Dub Seeds, rapper G-Smoke, Myopus, Vlad Author, and Don’t Panic Just Dance. All of these bands mentioned

have their own live mini concerts available to watch 24/7, and more will be coming soon. My goal is to get as many Bakersfield bands on TV as possible. Every few months look out for a Meatydish Production, we’re always getting more local content for Brighthouse - be it live music, comedy or variety. Make sure to send your music to: KRAB Radio, 1100 Mohawk St. Ste. 280 Bakersfield, Ca 93309 - Attention: Meathead. Tell ‘em Bakotopia sent you! Listen for Matt from Bakotopia on the KRAB morning show every magazine issue drop date. Next appearance: Sept. 17! WWW.KRAB.COM


Sept. 3, 2009


Lilac Mines Author: Cheryl Klein By NL Belardes / FaceNews, contributor


hree love stories told over three generations. “Lilac Mines” by Cheryl Klein with its city and mountain settings and hints of ancestral ghosts is the kind of sweeping tale you expect from James Michener. Only in this case, Klein's book is about women, women's issues and “queer” issues. Some readers might think they're going to be completely out of touch with Klein's new work. They might expect feminist literary theory to roar through their brain and rattle their very foundations. But like any reader of Klein's vivid prose, just prepare to be pulled into a love story. “Lilac Mines” revolves around one character, Felix Ketay, a 25-yearold fashion magazine writer who who faces an inner battle with stereotypes and love after getting dumped by her lover and beaten by two frat boys on a West Hollywood street. In fact, there are such strong feelings of love in “Lilac Mines” that straight people and homosexuals can grasp what's going on. “I do think love is universal, and that the job of fiction is to convey experiences that may be unfamiliar to some readers (whether that's queer love or space travel) in a way they can empathize with,” Klein said in an interview with Face News. Klein said her work promotes the idea that people don't need to all be just alike in order to deserve kindness. She added, “At the same time, I'm wary of using universality as a way to smooth over genuine differences. While loving someone of the same gender may not be very different from loving someone of the opposite gender, unless you're loving them on a desert island, your experience in society is going to be really different as a queer person

than as a straight person.” Asked about stereotypes and Felix's necessary transformation in the novel, Klein reflected on her own struggles within gay and lesbian society and how Felix captures some of those realities. “Before I worked up the courage to come out, I basically had to convince myself - via a variety of personal and cultural role models - that being queer was cool. Which is arguably a necessary step. But ultimately you can't base your entire identity (sexual or otherwise) on being cool, and this is the journey Felix needs to take too,” Klein said. Klein admits with the character of Felix associates the older generation of gay women with bad haircuts and spelling “women” with a Y. “In fact, they paved the way however imperfectly - for her generation, and an identity based on the appreciation of a shared history will serve all of us better in the end,” Klein said. “Lilac Mines” was published by Manic D Press (San Francisco, Calif.). A quick tour of their catalog of engaging and often quirky books reveals curious titles for lovers of literature and oddities. With titles like “Avanti Popolo,” “Quakeland,” “Stencil Nation” and “Fears Of Your Life” you can't help but want to start ordering some of the gems from this quarter-century-old publishing company. “What I really love about Manic D is that, like so many small presses, they're more interested in interesting literature than books that fit into a neat marketing niche,” Klein said. She said Manic D is savvy enough to market their books in creative ways that are ultimately successful. “Manic D publishes all kinds of fun, edgy and unflinching books, from novellas about OCD goth girls to memoirs by Bigfoot,” Klein said. Klein has also written the 2006 novel “The Commuters.” You can find more about her on her website: BAKOTOPIA 5


Sept. 3, 2009

Meet BRËN! Local multi-instrumentalist is moving as fast as he shreds - catch him live on Sept. 5! BRËN Management, contributor



Above: BRËN iscomfortable on the throne or stage front.

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2935 F Street • Bakersfield, CA 93301 LIC#:PP012134



634-9283 BAKOTOPIA 6

ocal singer-songwriter [BRËN] is generating quite a bit of buzz in the music industry. The 24-year-old Musician's Institute alumnus has recently completed an album, two music videos, an interview with "Style-ology Magazine" (as the featured artist in their Anniversary Edition), and has already accumulated a respectable amount of internet radio play. Now, he's getting ready to fly out to Minneapolis, MN on Sept. 11 to play his first showcase for independent film company, Rebel Film! [BRËN] has been blessed with many exciting opportunities lately and it seems that this rising star has the goods to deliver. He played every instrument including guitar, bass, and drums on his debut album "Anywhere But Here..." In addition to writing and producing every song on his new album, [BRËN] also engineered some of the project himself. Most of the album was recorded in local studios (American Sound Recording Studio with Soulajar's Brian Boozer; and B-2 Studio with Sharon Marie and Gary Batsch). [BRËN] is gearing up for his first tour and his album is set for release the week of Sept. 11. [BRËN] has opted to bring local


Above: The man with his axe.

talent with him as his backing band, including former members of local acts Swine, Stitch, State of Insomnia, Ensley, and Through The Looking Glass. The band's first show date will be in Bakersfield on, Sept. 5 at Le Corusse Rouge, 4647 White Ln., followed by the group's industry showcase in Minneapolis, MN on Sept. 12. Come on out and support this great, new talent!


Sept. 3, 2009

A Rare Scene: FLICS at the Fox Re-experience movie watching downtown with some new classics this season! By Jason Alvidrez, contributor


n my occasional trips to Bakersfield, I make sure to get three things done: see my family, hang out with friends, and consume plenty of Dewar’s Ice Cream. Starting in September, I will add a fourth item to my agenda - catching FLICS at the Fox Theatre, 2001 H St. For only $5 on select Fridays, FLICS presents works of cinema withheld from local audiences in favor of the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Critically successful films from all over the world are highlighted. Ranging from documentaries, to comedies, to touching drama, FLICS conciliates the varying tastes of fans of art and cinema. Touting itself as Bakersfield’s International Cinema Society, FLICS kicks off on Sept. 11 with the Kazakhstan comedy “Tulpan,” with showtime at 7:30 p.m. Since 1983, FLICS has prided itself on brining intercontinental flavor to the Bakersfield film scene with screenings of lauded films like “Bicycle Thieves” and “Cries and Whispers.” Despite the organizations selfanointed role of offering the finest in foreign cinema, it is this season’s American films that I want underscore. Two films in particular - “Wendy and Lucy” (showing March 5) and “Goodbye Solo” (showing Nov. 20), represent a film movement that attempts to escape escapism with minimalism and honesty, what New York Times literary and film critic A.O. Scott dubbed ‘Neo-Neo Realism.’ Kelly Reichardt’s film features FLICS’ biggest star of the season, Michelle Williams, in a subdued performance, as a woman on-trek to Alaska with her dog in “Wendy and Lucy.” One of the best films of last year, Reichardt’s film is a meditation on friendship and loss in the midst of our current economic turmoil. For every “Transformers” and “Slumdog Millionaire” in the world, there is a real film about real people waiting to be told; and in Ms. Reichardt’s second feature, she reveals herself as a master of cinematic realism. Roger Ebert proclaimed Ramin Bahrani as “the new great American

director” in his review of the Carolina born filmmaker’s latest effort “Goodbye Solo.” After critical hits “Man Push Cart” and “Chop Shop,” Bahrani set his third film in his hometown of Winston-Salem, focusing on the relationship between a cab driver and an elderly man on the verge of suicide. A graduate of Columbia University, Bahrani presents his own films to graduate classes at his alma-mater, dissecting scenes and shots, articulating how there is no wasted movement in his films, and how he attempts to present the wonders of life with a sedulous style of filmmaking. “Goodbye Solo” is no different, as he uses all but two non-professional actors to tell a story where human emotion is at the forefront, and artifice is an afterthought. FLICS has truly come full circle since the 1983 screening of the definitive Neo-realist film “Bicycle Thieves,” with “Wendy and Lucy,” “Goodbye Solo,” as well as Korean filmmaker So Young Kim’s “Treeless Mountain,” representing a style of filmmaking enriched in real performances, filmed on location, evoking pathos, the likes of which is no longer seen in most cinemas of the world. Of course, there are many other delightful films throughout this season of FLICS. While delightful wouldn’t be the most appropriate word to describe “Let the Right One In,” it is a beautifully crafted, eerie vampire film from Sweden, one that will shock “Twilight” fans, and astound appreci-

ators of engrossing filmmaking. “Happy-Go-Lucky” was a sleeper hit last year from English writer-director Mike Leigh, whose filmmaking style is unlike any other, staring Sally Hawkins in a performance which

earned her the Golden Globe for Best Actress. “Harvard Beats Yale 29-29” is an entertaining documentary that didn’t see the light of day this side of the Mississippi, and “Departures” is a four-star film from Japan which won the Academy Award for best Foreign Language film. I encourage you to attend as many FLICS screenings as you can this season, not only to discover a great American movement, but also to discern a plethora of great international films that don’t come through Bakersfield often. I hope to see many new faces this season, and if you are lucky, I might even let you buy me a Dewar’s “George’s Special” before the show. Check out the FLICS schedule and invest in a Season Pass at:



THE E Bakersfield's most fiercely independent theatre keeps it unusually free for fans. By Greg Goodsell, Bakotopia contributor n an ideal world, there is a place where


artists - or people who want to be artists, can gather, to share ideas and play off of each other, a place that is always supportive, a place where things happen, where

there is always a spirit of energy, a spirit of fun, where mostly young people, who are passionate about art, life, music, drama, whatever can come and hang out. Such a place already exists in Bakersfield, and in spite of its name, this space is never, ever empty. Furthermore, The Empty Space Theatre at 706 Oak Street, behind Pizzaville has been going on strong for more than six years with no signs of slowing down. In addition to the plays produced there, ranging from Shakespeare to edgy, experimental works from Bakersfield playwrights, there’s always a horde of kooky activities for all ages to enjoy: musical concerts, karaoke, comedy and spoken word events and theme parties. Furthermore, where similar ventures hinge on box-office takes and inflated admission prices, one of the chief keys to the Empty Space’s success is that the price is always right. While donations are suggested, and there are exceptions with special events, admission to The Empty Space is always free. No one is ever turned away at the door due to having spent their last remaining dollars on food or rent. As far as anyone knows, it is the only donation run theater in the United States.


EMPTY SPACE “This was Brian Sivesind’s baby,” explains Jason Monroe, the theater's executive director. “He sunk all the money into it himself, it was really his concept. His concept was, ‘we really don’t need set pieces. We need lights, we need actors, and we need people. What thing doesn't make a lot of that possible?’ If you don’t have money, you can’t buy sets. If we don’t have money, you can’t turn on the power. But if people don’t want to pay, people aren’t going to come. It’s actually from the book, The Empty Space: A Book About the Theatre: Deadly, Holy, Rough, Immediate by Peter Brook. Brian had read this book in grad school or on his way to grad school,” Monroe says. “It's about taking any space that you can find, and if you’re really into it, and if you’re passionate about theater, you’ll make it work. That’s kind of what the book talks about. Theater and art, it’s just about passion.” There had been a clutch of experimental theaters in Bakersfield prior to the Empty Space’s debut in 2003. Seasoned playgoers may remember the Stone Soup Theater, which was operating just a few

doors down from where the Empty Space is now. In addition, there was the Phoenix Theater on Bernard St. that specialized in daring and experimental works and The Space located downtown. A horde of local actors led by Sivesind got down to the business of transforming an empty space into The Empty Space in late 2002. “The building was a church before us, and before that, it was a karate dojo. There was a big picture of Moses on that wall when you came in; it took the better part of seven or eight coats of paint to cover over. You could still see him coming through,” Monroe laughs. The debut production for the Empty Space Theater was “The Laughing Wild” and “Identity Crisis” on January 2, 2003. “That’s an easy date to remember, says Kristina Saldana, the theater’s financial director. One, two and three.” The Empty Space has been up and running ever since then, good times and bad, thick and thin. “A lot of our audience gives us five dollars at the door, and that is still a good deal less than what you would pay at other local theaters,” Saldana says.


Above, TES Board of Directors: Seated at front - Kayleigh Peaker. Holding sign, from left: Caroline Clark, Natily Ray, Veronica Surber, Jason Monroe. 2nd Row, from left: Ryan Watts, Kristina Saldana, Bob Kempf. Standing at rear, from left: Kimber Peaker-Lozano, Thomas Robinson.

The Empty Space Theater has its own niche when it comes to live theater in Bakersfield. Whereas The Spotlight Theater is perhaps best known for light, escapist musicals and The Bakersfield Community Theater is noted for traditional fare, the Empty Space can be counted on to produce daring work that would never be seen locally elsewhere. Plays with controversial subject matter are the routine bill of fare at the theater. In particular, The Empty Space has produced a wide variety of shows with a gay theme. “The Laramie Project,” “Angels In America,” “Bent,” “Bare: The Musical” and “Stop/Kiss” have all found a welcome place under the theater’s spotlight. “The local GLBT community has really come out to support these shows, and has embraced the theater as a whole,” Saldana says with pride. In a community that is perceived as being conservative, The Empty Space has largely avoided controversy. Terrence McNally’s “Corpus Christi” that reinterprets Christ’s passion in the context of a gay high school romance flew totally undetected under the radar of the area’s fundamentalist faction. When controversy does erupt at the Empty Space, it does so in totally unexpected ways. When filmmaker Kevin Smith heard of the theater’s plans to mount a stage production of his indie hit “Clerks,” he slapped the theater with a cease-and-desist letter. A minor brouhaha took place in the initial run of one The Empty Space’s mainstays. Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” was enjoying sold-out crowds and popular acclaim when one of Ensler’s aides reported back to her that the production utilized more than three women actors and incorporated extraneous dance sequences that flew in face of her explicit directions. An agreement was reached with Ensler and the theater to return to her original text, and “The Vagina Monologues” has been revived every year for V-Day ever since. “People always say, “we’re tired of all the vaginas! Bakersfield College has done it, even Tehachapi has done it! We say, too bad, we

love the play, there are no royalties to pay, and it’s always for a very worthy cause. Our proceeds go the Alliance Against Family Violence, which we wholeheartedly support,” Saldana declares. Of all the taboo breaking, envelope tearing, plays to be presented at The Empty Space, Sarah Kane’s “Cleansed” directed by Roger Mathey seems to have no contenders. Set in an insane asylum, “Cleansed” featured copious amounts of male and female nudity, simulated straight and gay sex, Grand Guignol mutilation and torture and an unfaked scene of stomach-churning degradation involving a box of chocolates. One half-expected “Cleansed” to be busted at any moment by the vice squad, but the production was a qualified success story, with the cast and crew taking it to Los Angeles for an extended run. The lobby of The Empty Space also serves as an art gallery. While, the annual “Burn the Witch” show by local women artists is by far the most well known, the lobby walls features challenging and daring works by artisans working in a variety of media on any given day. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” performed by the capable shadow cast of the Velvet Darkness also draws sold out crowds to the theater four times a year. The Empty Space is currently in rehearsals for “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told,” an adaptation of The Book of Genesis with an outré twist - the Garden of Eden is populated by Adam and Steve, in lieu of Adam and Eve, and “Project Sin,” seven plays by local playwrights about the Seven Deadly Sins. In what is seen as a welcome trend, other Bakersfield theaters are following the lead of the Empty Space by producing more unusual plays - “The Pillowman” and “I Am My Own Wife” at the Spotlight Theater, and “Dog Sees God” at BCT (Bakersfield Community Theatre). Whatever the outcome, the Empty Space promises a highly eclectic roster of plays and activities for the near future. Save this writer a seat! BAKOTOPIA 9


SF Mime Troupe - LIVE! Award-winning theatrics! Jastro Park, downtown 7 p.m. / FREE Bring the whole family!


“2 Hours Inside” Poetry Slam w/ Ginn Williams & more… (NEW VENUE!) Fishlips, 1517 18th St. 7 p.m. / 21+ / 324-2557 Karaoke (Every Thurs. & Sun.) The Belvedere 3090 Brundage Ln. 9 p.m. / 21+ / 325-2139

Major League Improv The Empty Space (every Sat.) 706 Oak St. 6 p.m. / 327 - PLAY Pretty Boy Floyd Rockstarz Party Bar 7737 Meany Ave 9 p.m. / 21+ / 589-6749

Sideways, TheTallestOfMen, Jacob&TheThought, CityOfGlass The Gate 2010 “O” St. 7 p.m. / $7 / All Ages 324-2557

= Highly recommended


Reggae Thursday's w/ Dub Seeds (every Thurs.) Camino Real Restaurant 3500 Truxtun Ave. 8 p.m. / 21+ / 852-0493

Electric Ave. - DJ Nite! Sandrini's, 1918 Eye St. 10 p.m. / 21+


Moonalice - LIVE! w/ G.E. Smith & more Fishlips, 1517 18th St. 8 p.m. / $10 / 21+


MAS Magazine & Metro Galleries Present “Latination” Latin Art Show w/ Live music, food, and film! Metro Galleries 1604 19th St. 6 - 9 p.m. / Call: 634-9598


Mac Attack's Karaoke (Every Tues., Wed., Fri.) The Junction 2620 Buck Owens Blvd. 8 p.m. / 21+ / 327-9651

Matt's B-Day! Orale'!


The Mothership DJ Nite! DJ Sabretooth and more! Wear all white or pay $1! Sandrini's, 1918 Eye St. 10 p.m. / 21+


First Friday Art Walk! Stroll local art galleries! 19th & Eye St. 5-9pm / FREE!


Mike Herrera of MXPX BRyder's, 7401 White Ln. 7 p.m. / All Ages / $10

Alisa's Karaoke Nation (Every Mon.) Riley's Tavern 1523 19th St. 9 p.m. / 21+ / 324-3268

Happy 40th Anniversary! To The Beatles! 9-9-09! Beatles Tribute Show Gary Rink & Joey Romley Fishlips, 1517 18th St. 8 p.m. / 21+

SEPT. 11

A Skylit Drive, FRTR Automatic Redial Jerry's Pizza 1817 Chester Ave. 5 p.m. / $10 / All Ages

Remember those we lost… God Bless America! Support Our Troops!



FLICs presents… “Tulpan” Fox Theater, 2001 H St. 7:30 p.m. / $5

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“GRBR” Glenda Robles & Billy Russell Fishlips, 1517 18th St. 9 p.m. / $5 / 21+

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Trout’s Nightclub ~ 7 days a week (399-6700) 805 n. chester ave.

lone oak lounge ~ Tue. & thur. 8pm - 1am 10612 rosedale hwy.

le corusse rouge ~ Tue. 8pm - midnight 4647 white lane

the wright place ~ Thur. 8pm - midnight 2695-c mount vernon

nikki’s smokin bbq ~ Thur. 8pm - 12am rockstarz ~ wed. 8pm - 2am 1616 30th st.

7737 meany st,

B-Ryders Sun. 8-12 - Esquire Lounge Sat. 8-1 7401 White Ln.

2507 S. Chester Ave.



Sept. 3, 2009


“The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told” The Empty Space, 706 Oak St. 8 p.m. / $15 - $10 /327 - PLAY POST YOUR EVENTS: WWW.BAKOTOPIA.COM TO BE LISTED IN OUR PRINT CALENDAR!

Greek Food Festival St. George Church 401 Truxtun Ave. (Also Sat.) 4 p.m. - ? / $3 Beat Surrender DJ Nite! Sandrini's, 1918 Eye St. 10 p.m. / 21+

SEPT. 12


“Villagefest 2009”! Live music, food, beer, wine, dancing, shenanigans! KC Museum, 3801 Chester Ave. 6 - 10 p.m. / 21+ / $63-$68 /661322-5200 /

Villagefest Afterparty! w/ Mento Buru & DJ Mikey - LIVE! Fishlips, 1517 18th St. 10 p.m. / 21+ / $5 324-2557 Lightnin’ Woodcock w/ Bourbon Saints Bloody Hook, and Lady Sinatra Narducci’s Cafe, 622 E. 21st St. 8 p.m. / $10 / 21+ “Luau & Ukulele Contest” Mama Hillybeans 426 E. Tehachapi Blvd. Tehachapi, CA. 6 p.m. / 822-BEAN

Elvis Goes Hoggin' w/ The Barstool Saints Vinny's Bar 2700 S. Union Ave. 9 p.m. / 21+

Blink-182 Taking Back Sunday, Asher Roth Rabobank Arena 6 p.m. / $38-$24 / All Ages

SEPT. 16 The Frail Sandrini's, 1918 Eye St. 9 p.m. / 21+ Major League Improv The Empty Space 706 Oak St. 6 p.m. / 327 - PLAY “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told” The Empty Space 706 Oak St. 8 p.m. / $15 - $10 327 - PLAY

SEPT. 14 Monday Night Football Night! (Every Monday!) Big screen TV, $8 buffet w/ ESPN Radio! Fishlips, 1517 18th St. 5 p.m. / 21+

Happy 4th Anniversary To MAS Magazine!

SEPT. 19 Gov't Mule w/ Carnie Fox Theater, 2001 H St. 8 p.m. / $28.50


“Bon Fire” AC/DC Tribute - LIVE! Fishlips, 1517 18th St. 9 p.m. / 21+ / $15 324-2557 “B Town Blues Fest” Sonny Landreth, Soul of John Black, & more CSUB Amphitheatre 3:30 p.m. - 10 p.m. $40 - $20 / 17 & Under FREE! 831-3100 MORE EVENTS: BAKOTOPIA.COM


Live Music • Pool Tables • Shuffleboard • Darts Video Games • Great Food • Drinks & More

NFL Ticket & • 14 T.V.s Sept – 4th – As The Crow Fly Sept – 5th - Tumbledown & Mike Herrera Of Mxpx Sept- 12th Midnight Panic Sept - 18th Dramarama Sept - 26th Mento Buru

* cover on most shows * shows start at 9pm-1pm


(661) 397-7304 • 7401 White Lane ( ON WHITE LANE NEXT TO RAIN FORREST CARWASH)






2009 VANS WARPED TOUR Fishbone & The Adicts on Punk Legends stage! Home Depot Center, Carson, CA. August 23, 2009. See more Warped photos at: Photos by Matt Munoz BAKOTOPIA 12

Sept. 3, 2009


Sept. 3, 2009



Sept. 3, 2009

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Sept. 3, 2009

Hoggin' With The Saints Attention all ye faithful - you're about to be convinced why you better be at Vinny's on Sept. 12. By Big Pat contributor


lvis Goes Hoggin’ is coming back to Bako, plus witness the Bako debut of The Barstool Saints Sept. 12 at Vinny’s bar. Sure I’ve seen EGH time and time again in Ridgecrest, Barstow, and LA, but this time is different. I’m putting this show together myself to help them get a fan base here in Bakersfield, and also present my friends what I have been talking about for the last few months. Having said that I need every last person I know here to be at this show. Tell your friends, coworkers, mommy, daddy and your brother. This show represents two things: 1) Putting on a kick ass show for my friends and 2) I’m trying to show you can still get people to come out to a concert if you put in the effort and make it a cool event. I’m going totally old school on this one. Sure I’m gonna drive you crazy with posts online, but there will be flyers everywhere: bars, tattoo shops, parking lots, music shops, strip clubs. People are going to come to this show! Now to convince you some more... Both bands have an awesome sound. They are fun as hell to watch and fun as hell to hang out with after the show. I’ve known Pete, the guitar slinger for both bands, since junior high. We played basketball just about everyday (I’m sure I beat you at 21 sometime.) The same balls-out effort he put into sports, he puts into his music. I started to get to know Elvis from EGH around the same time. He’s a cool dude and now a hell of a front man for the band. I haven’t know known Tony as long but I got buddy buddy with him pretty quickly and he added a great piece to EGH once he was put behind the drums. The rest of the

guys in both bands I have gotten to know over the last few months and they are just an all around great group of guys and talented musicians. Cedric, the new bass player for EGH, is definitely living up to his new nickname “Cedric the Entertainer.” Jerome, the other guitar player for Bar Stool Saints will absolutely melt your face with his solos and do it all with a smile on his face. Tim is getting more and more comfortable behind the drums each show and is nice a guy as you’ll ever meet. Kevin on the bass has all the stage presence you can ask for and is a cool ass guy to talk to. Jason will blow your mind as soon as he raises the mic. He has as strong a voice as I have ever heard and will drop your jaw at some point in the show. He has a genuine love and appreciation to everyone who comes out to listen to his band. The wives, friends and family that come out to the shows are a really great bunch too. So what I am trying to say here is come out to Vinny’s Bar, 2700 S. Union on Saturday, Sept. 12, at 9 p.m., and check these bands out. I go to a lot of shows and I wouldn’t put this kind of time and effort into something if I didn’t believe in the bands. Vinny’s is also a cool spot. The bartenders are friendly and the sound and stage are awesome. Come out and hear your new favorite band and hang out at your new favorite bar. Convinced? See you there!

Pictured below: EGH





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