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NOV. 26, 2009 – DEC. 9, 2009


JOEL JACOB Living the soundtrack of his life…


November 17 , 2009

Flashback:Rapture Flicks The '70s and '80s provided horror of Biblical proportions - available free at a church near you By Greg Goodsell, Bakotopia contributor


hile the end of the Mayan calendar in December of 2012 has many filled with an apocalyptic dread, the more cynical will remember the similar outpouring of anxiety at the turn of the millennium in the year 2000. Self-proclaimed experts declared that computer systems would fail, society would collapse and mankind would be reduced to living in an analog society. The year 2000 came and went, and the real sucker punch was waiting in the wings one year, nine months and 11 days later. Hollywood has rushed yet another doomsday epic to the multiplexes - “2012”, filled to the brim with high definition death and destruction. The end of man has been a popular subject for motion pictures since the silent movie era - and an article on doomsday cinema would run well into several volumes. Some doomsday epics that will have a certain resonance for those of a certain age and background will be the “Mark of the Beast” series from Mark IV Productions. Filmed in Boise, Idaho and produced for next to no money, these films depicted homegrown Americans weathering through the Tribulation period as predicted in the book of Revelations in a folksy, lo-fi manner. “A Thief in the Night” (1972), “A Distant Thunder” (1978), “Image of the Beast” (1980) and “The Prodigal Planet” (1983) all serve up the “End of Days” with a few kind words from the Good Book. Of the four, the first, “A Thief in the Night” has the most unintentional entertainment value. Horrible 'Brady Bunch' décor and fashions relentlessly dog this story of a heroine who chooses to sit on the metaphysical fence


Pictured: Vintage promo and screenshots from Mark IV Pictures popular biblical prophecy / doomsday film series. and misses “the rapture” as described in the book of Revelations. As the faithful vanish into the sky - best illustrated by a scene where the local preacher is first seen mowing his grass, there is a ragged pan to a cloudless sky, and his lawn mower is later seen sputtering unattended on a lawn - the Antichrist takes control of a fearful populace. Our heroine attempts some retail therapy only to rebuffed by a dogeared sign proclaiming that the only way to purchase goods is with the mandatory “Mark of the Beast” tattoo on hands and foreheads. “A Distant Thunder” is the tamest of the bunch, with some Christian holdouts taking shelter in a rural isolated farm. The Antichrist's minions begin to encroach on the compound, and some turncoats happily send the faithful to the guillotine. Image of the Beast depicts a harried housewife as she tries to make sense of an increasingly satanic one-world government. In the series' most outrageous bit of cheapness, fearsome winged monsters described in Revelations are suggested by off screen buzzing noises. “The Prodigal Planet” is a woolly

blend of sci-fi adventure, with Christian stalwarts braving the advancing forces of darkness in an abandoned city. These descriptions actually make the films sound more exciting than they actually are. Talk is cheap and even cheaper to film, and so the majority of these epics bog down in theological discussion. These films were most commonly shown in churches, where many frightened, impressionable children were encouraged to an afterscreening altar call. On the more secular side of things - another doomsday epic intended to “scare the hell” out of audiences, “The Day After” in 1983 warned the world against the-then very real fear of a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union. As the film unspooled on television prior to Thanksgiving, suicide hotlines sprang up to counsel hysterical viewers. The expected national turmoil never happened, and “The Day After”, as seen today following the fall of the Berlin Wall is now just another lousy science-fiction movie with terrible special effects and long, windy speeches.





get e-mails and CDs from every band imaginable. From majors to indies - I've heard it all. Local CDs are often predictable - odd production, a lot of money misspent, with the occasional gem. Then there's Joel Jacob. I met Joel a few years back while covering the KELLY95 "Unplugged" competition, but more on that later. A polite, talented guy, he's always impressed me with his energy and soul. We featured him on the Bakotopia Music Comp. Vol. 1 back in '07, and after a few shows…he was gone, nowhere to be found on the Bako scene. One morning I received an e-mail about his new CD "Makeshift Makeover", and that he'd like me to check it out. He dropped off a copy, and on my way home that day I listened to it for a couple blocks. Those blocks became miles, until it was over. I was blown away…He recorded this himself, in his home, and performed every instrument? The CD impressed me so much I had to call Joel, plus some musician friends and rave about it. Joel was his usual cool self on the phone and thanked me. Check out his story inside and please make sure to come out to see what I’m talkin’ about as we proudly kick-off free “First Friday Concerts in The Alley” with Joel Jacob and his band on Dec. 4 at 6pm in the Wall St. Alley downtown! Thank You to all of this issue's contributors and advertisers for keeping Bakotopia free for you and yours! Miss you Dad, I still crank Duke and Sinatra afterhours in the office - I'm sure you're listening...

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November 26, 2009

Snuggtastic Holiday Cheer! KRAB’s Retro Robin gives thanks as the 2009 season of feasts & frolic begin to take shape By Robin Jones KRAB, contributor


t's officially that time of year, when we all gather together-eat, drink, eat lots more and be merry. Yes! The holidays are finally here! Now, normally around the holidays, I like to ramble on and on about all of the bad stuff that's happened and about how glad I am that the year is coming to a close. Instead of kvetching here, I figure I should do the complete opposite … and talk about the good, from a KRAB DJ's perspective. So in honor of Thanksgiving - and every other holiday coming up (that includes you, “Boxing Day” and “Happy Mew Year for Cats Day”) - here is what I am thankful for: I am thankful beyond belief that I am able to do a job that I love in these icky times. The fact that I can sit in a box and babble about music is my idea of a miracle. Plus, being able to spend an hour each weekday playing the music I grew up with is AMAZING to me. I still cannot believe that 'Robin's Really Retro Show' is…a show! I am, without a doubt, a lucky girl. I am ridiculously thankful to anyone who will actually sit and listen to that babbling every day. That, to me, is an even bigger miracle. I love everyone who listens, even you wonderful dudes in prison who like to send me letters and artwork. Seriously - the devil hang-

Above: Robin, enjoying the Snuggie love... ing out in front of the KRAB studio? That's genius! I am also thankful for the music that I chose to not grow up with. How would I be able to move on in life without making fun of Creed, Nickelback and Jared Leto (I've got nothing against the other 29 Seconds to Mars)? Having those bands around guarantees another three years without anger management. And, finally … I am thankful that

there are events, concerts and Web features that can reach out to people. Whether it is for “Breast Cancer Awareness” at in October, the many free concerts that expose up-andcoming artists or just getting to promote local art events online, having the opportunity to bring these things into the limelight has been really cool. Oh, and one more … I am SO thankful for the cozy (and slightly unflattering) Weezer Snuggie that Danny Spanks gave me. I no longer need any presents, or warmth, this year. What about the Real Bruce Wayne? Maybe people believe that Bruce is a selfish, evil man who has no heart. You, my friends, are wrong. Here, the Real Bruce Wayne lets us in on what HE is thankful for: “I am thankful for bars, X-Box 360's, Southern Comfort, weak bra clasps and females who drink too much to maintain their dignity/honor!!!” Uhh … hm. Fin. Stay up to date with all of the KRAB jocks:, and enter to win tix to KRAB's Acoustic Xmas show happening 12/14! Listen for Matt from Bakotopia on the KRAB Morning Show every issue drop date. Next Appearance: Dec. 10 in the 9 a.m. hour!


November 26, 2009

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November 26, 2009

Brush Strokes and Abstract Metro Galleries hosts new First Friday opening on December 4 By Jason Gutierrez, contributor


ith every opening at Metro Galleries in downtown Bakersfield, anticipation of what's to come has grown immensely. Gallery owner, Don Martin has continuously managed to cull together some of the best of Bakersfield's locally grown talents as well as emerging artists from other areas of California into the rotation of his patrons' budding appreciation for fine art. December's First Friday opening on December 4 at Metro Galleries, 19th & Eye St., titled “Abstract Expression '09”, will merge the works of three individual artists with defined perceptions of art. “I've wanted to do an abstract show for quite some time,” Martin says. “These three artists have very different styles and I think they all work well together. My openings have been extraordinarily accepted by not only the arts community, but by Bakersfield as a whole. This show will definitely captivate all audiences.” Johnny Ramos: Just a few short years ago, Johnny Ramos' work could be found hanging on the walls of the former Xander's Restaurant on 19th street in downtown Bakersfield. His whimsical interpretation of abstract strokes and simplistic flowers was edgy and highly intoxicating. Since showing his work at Metro Galleries, it's safe to say that Ramos' career has blossomed much like the painted flowers he's become so well known for. “Johnny's work is fun and people

Above: Art by Károon. connect easily with it,” Martin says. “The colors, the subject matter and Johnny himself add up to making him approachable and successful as an artist. My attraction to his work built over time, watching him evolve to create these stunning works of art. I think he will continue to grow and mature as an artist. It's going to be great fun to see where he is with his work in another few years.” Johnny says art has always been in his life. “I would put all these ideas of paintings in sketch books and never did anything with them until I went through a year of depression and found myself on the floor of my kitchen painting paintings for myself to decorate my place,” he says. “So much has changed since then. I will be showing some new floral paintings at this show because they sell very well but my passion is abstract paint-

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ings. My new abstracts have a sinister feel too them; bold, strong, Japanese brush strokes and very emotional feel too them.” Dan Slayton: Originally from Bakersfield, Slayton's deep-seated interest in art emerged once he found himself leaving his home town. He took a new job, which required relocation from Bakersfield to Shell Beach in San Luis Obispo County. Not a bad place to relocate, right? After a few months of work and being cooped up in a twobedroom apartment, it was strongly suggested to him by his closest friend that he should probably “get a hobby.” That suggestion led to pottery lessons and the rest is history, as he likes to say. As for the work being showcased at the December opening, Slayton says, it's best described as “Order to Chaos.” “This describe the current changes reflected in my artistic style and approach,” he says. “A change from the order, precision and tight control required to produce quality wheel thrown pottery, to a more relaxed, intuitive and chaotic approach coming out in the sculptural pieces. This change is no doubt driven by my career change from the corporate world of machines, conformity to the “company policy” and external motivation, to what I believe to be the more personal world of art and it's embrace of an individual's expressions of their beliefs, emotions and inspirations.” Károon: She's a true phoenix from the

ashes. Before becoming a traditional artist, Károon worked as an artistic director for fashion hair and make-up. After traveling the country, Károon thought it best for a new adventure; she started a freelance business specializing in designing large-scale installations for event productions and catering companies along with creating flower designs. Her career continued to expand when she was hired as a food stylist with Macy's of California. This evolved into fashion photo styling for magazines and print ads as well as scouting and booking talent for model agencies working with top models and film stars, among many other projects. However, it was in 2002 that she started to paint. Her work is vibrant and exudes life. “For me painting is an expression of emotion, it is a response to the 'sirens' call,' which is sounded in color. While I paint, I listen to music; I crank it up and it is usually sung in a foreign language so I can get outside of myself,” she says. It's important to note that this collection being shown is rare, in fact, one could even say it's the collection of a whole new chapter in the artist's life. In 2005, Károon's art studio in New Orleans was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The only piece of art to have survived the storm is a large work on paper that was hanging on the only wall that was not damaged. She appropriately titled the piece “Evidence.” Now, Bakersfield can bare witness to her talents and perseverance as an artist. Metro Galleries info: 634-9598


Above: Joel Jacob strums inside the Cat’s confines, where more than a fair share of local musicians have lived, lost, and celebrated.

MAKESHIFT MINSTREL Joel Jacob's hard travels pay off with incredible new CD, “Makeshift Motive” By Matt Munoz, Bakotopia Editor raveling artists live the life many of us often romantically envy. Some seek fortune, while others find knowledge, spirituality and maybe even love. From the Guthries to the Dylans and beyond music history has plenty of travelling minstrel stories that could fill a library. But rarely do you get a chance to discover a local, evolving talent whose stories and skills are as captivating as Joel Jacob's. The Alberta, Canada native - who’s had an on and off musical affair with the streets of Bakers-


field over the past four years - and singer/songwriter just might be ready for another journey. This time, to the majors. Fresh out of his home studio with a captivating new CD titled, “Makeshift Motive,” the musical revivalist Bakersfield has been waiting for just might be led by our friend from the Great White North. “I try to write songs like the artists I look up to make them timeless, not part of a fad,” said Joel (whose real last name is Dipert), during a meeting inside Dagny's coffeehouse. Noticing a vintage reggae rhythm playing in the room, he points out that Jamaica was where he spent his honeymoon. “The

old Jamaican singers influenced me a lot.” Trying to find the right beginning and current road of Dipert's life isn't easy to map out. The son of missionary parents, his cultural make-up is comprised of many rhythms, distant lands and musical influences. “I've lived in Papa New Guinea, went to middle school in Ghana for two years, visited Sri Lanka …” he shared when asked about some of his travels. “Some of my influences include Toots (Hibbert), Mason Jennings, and (Canadian hip-hopper), Buck 65.” What? No RUSH? CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE BAKOTOPIA 7

November 26, 2009

... Cont’d from page 7 “No,” the 26-year-old said emphatically. In no way a scene-ster slouch with way too much MySpace promo time on his hands (no updates in over a year), Joel currently works by day as a music

Joel shows off the art of “busking” in Bakersfield. PHOTO BY JERAN MCCONNEL

teacher at Olive Knolls Christian School in Bakersfield, along with his loving wife, Lidy. But let's backtrack and tighten up his Bako beginnings - it's quite a ride, complete with its own cast of real-life characters. 2005: Off he goes. Dipert makes the trek from Canada to California to pursue a career in music. Armed with original melodies, a knack for some real poetics, plus faith, his musical future in the U.S. is a big risk. Joel winds up in Bakersfield to live with his sister Jeran, helping out with youth group activities at Olive Knolls School where she works. Around that same time, Joel scores an acoustic gig at Xander's restaurant (now Enzo sushi) in downtown Bakersfield, and that's when the realities of “dream chasing” begin … “I gigged at Xander's restaurant for about a year before they closed down,” he remembers. And what a year that was. During his time at Xander's in '06, Joel was given the heads-up about local radio station KELLY95's “Bakersfield Unplugged” competition. “It really wasn't my thing,” he said. “Jeremy Fike (Xander's owner) coerced me into doing it because he thought I had a chance to win. I was late to the audition, but got in. I guess they needed contestants. Plus, it was also held at Xander's, so that helped I guess.” Given “the talk” about record executive judges being present to oversee the competition and the winner receiving a studio demo deal and radio airplay by KELLY radio, it seemed appealing. The competition also featured out-of-town and local bands - Ventana, Soulajar, and Near Miss Mallet among others. Joel eventually won the competition in front of judges that included one hit wonders, Vertical Horizon. Things looked good for Joel on the outset, but the gloss soon wore off. “It was a lot of talk,” he explained. “The whole demo deal was an agreement between KELLY95, Xander's owner and a friend of his who owned a computer shop that had some studio equipment. They originally just wanted to record one song, but I had to explain what a demo is - at least 3 songs.” To make matters worse, the promised radio play was sparse. “They did play one of my songs, and that was the first time I'd ever had radio play,” he remembered. “A couple people said they heard me on the radio, but I think they were confused,” he added, laughing. A former KELLY employee tried one more attempt to help Joel by organizing an LA industry showcase. Again, things went sour, and it was back to local watering holes and “pay-to-play” gigs in Hollywood. “Once I played a Moroccan restaurant and 10 friends of mine showed up from Bakersfield,” he smiled. Temporarily giving up hope in Bakersfield, Joel eventually landed back in Canada - this time in Calgary, “busking” with other local street musicians. It was an experience that further tested his will to create. “Busking (street performing) became a full-time job for me. I had to audition for a place on the street, too,” he recalled. “I became a sort of Vaudeville, one-man band with a kick drum, snare, neck rack (with harmonica) and my guitar. It was weird ... You end up talking to a lot of homeless people, but the majority of listeners were young and multicultural.” But even acceptance can't prepare a seasoned musician for the painstaking work involved. “There's only so many hours in the day to play, and you had to figure out how to make a days wage in two hours,” he said. “It just wasn't going to happen, and the weather is so unpredictable … It got cold.” Like so many before him, even Joel wasn't immune to the saying, “You always return to Bakersfield.”And as it had before, the city opened its arms once again for his homecoming. Fast forward to a re-kindled romance with his future wife (the couple had a lovely wedding back in Canada in '07), Joel's life


November 26, 2009

Behind his music... “Tigers” - “I wrote that when I was in Sri Lanka in summer of '06. My parents did humanity work there after the tsunami hit. The rhythms were inspired by songs heard on the radio there. The lyrics are about the Tamil Tigers. To most of the western world, they're a bad terrorist group. Europeans created divisiveness and racism in that land, and the song relates how the Tamil people are becoming as extinct as the tigers that once existed there.

“Get There”

- “I wrote this song

about Bob Dylan and his books, 'Chronicles' and 'Restless Pilgrim”. They parallel in the song.

“Lazy Angels” - “The name was taken from the movie “The United States of Leland” where the lead character talks about guardian angels PHOTO BY JOSEPH GOMEZ

Above: Singer / songwriter Joel Jacob marvels at some quiet bar patrons during our photoshoot visit inside Guthrie’s Alley Cat. seemed destined for happily settling down - minus a career in music. Then the unthinkable … Joel's luck turns around. “When we got back from our honeymoon in Jamaica, I got this message notifying me that I'd won $25,000 in studio equipment,” he said, still as surprised as the day he found out. “I saw that as a sign from God, that I was supposed to record.” Incredible, but true. Sometime before his nuptials, Joel had entered Guitar Center's “Studio Makeover” video contest - and won. “I'd never be able to attain that equipment on my own,” he said. “I just sent in a video of myself recording on my old Fostex 8-Track recorder.” Building the studio in a spare room inside their new home, Joel set out to teach himself how to use his newly-built studio. For the next two years, he proceeded to write, record and perform every instrument, secretly working at all hours of the day. The result is a 12-track independent wonder of catchy compositions, ranging from soulful roots, reggae, hints of hip-hop and more. From the opening track, “Gone For Good,” that could easily become a radio staple or the theme song for a hit Hollywood movie, to the trippy “Cut Me Loose,” and the political “Lazy Angels,” this is songwriting Bakersfield hasn't heard presented by an artist this young. The dream-like breeziness of “Lost At Sea,” will hook you in for repeat listens on a Sunday morning.

and their laziness when things aren't going right. I applied it to America - so many Christian ideals, yet war hungry,

But what about the most important critic, his wife Lidy, credited in the CD's liner notes for inspiring his “happy” songs? “She's heard these songs for two years, so she doesn't just drop it in and listen,” he laughed. When the full story of Joel Jacob is ready to be written, one thing he hopes to be included is the history he plans to make in the present - with a newly formed band to help bring “Makeshift Motive” to life. “I'd really like to sell a lot of copies of the CD, and take it further than Bakersfield,” he said.

so maybe America has the lazy

BAKOTOPIA & First Friday present...


“Shape of The Night”

- “A lot

of personal content, that won't mean anything to anyone else but me and my experiences with local living, the record industry, etc…”

Joel Jacob & band - LIVE! -Friday, December 4th -Wall St. Alley downtown (between Chester Avenue & Eye Street) -6pm / Free / All Ages -Bring a fold-out chair!

Above: CD cover of Joel’s new CD available now.

“Makeshift Motive” is available at World Records, 1824 G St. (831-3100), and iTunes. BAKOTOPIA 9




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SAT NOV – 28TH “MAKE SOME NOISE FOR THE TOY’S II” 2ND Annual Fundraiser for the Salvation Army’s, Bakersfield Toy Run Held on Sun. Dec. 13th at Beach Park With Musical Guest: Midnight Sinners and Brass Knuckle Voodoo - Starting at 9pm Minimum $5 Donation of Toys / Food or Cash Will be Taken at the Door.


Breakfast Served On Sundays – 9-11am 900 Truxtun Ave Ste 110 • (661)322-9800 Mon-Fri 11-11p Sat & Sun 9-10p

In Loving Memory of Jim and Debbie Harmon Co-Founders of the Bakersfield Toy Run.

Open: Mon - Sat 11am – 2am • Sun 1pm – 2am

2303 River Blvd. • 661-871-2303 BAKOTOPIA 11




Above from left: Hectic Films’ Rickey Bird, gives Bako novelist and film panel moderator, NL Belardes, some man-love at the Hectic booth during ComicCon

November 26, 2009

Above, standing from left : Hectic Films’ Nick Reisinger, Rickey Bird, Jessica Erin Sylvia, Anthony Galland, Robin Steffen, Paul Wolverton. Kneeling from left: Jason Sanders, Shaun Piccinino.


2nd Annual Bako Comic-Con, Doubletree Hotel At right: Hectic Films make-up artist Nick Reisinger makes a zombie out of actor Anthony Galland on Nov. 8.

November 8, 2009! Photos by Kristi Wolverton



November 26, 2009

At left: Cartoonist Mike Hampton’s ‘Hot Zombie Chicks’ dolls await your lovin’.

Below: ‘Hot Zombie Chicks’ creator and all around cool dude, Mike Hampton, grabbed the attention of fans and rabid ladies.

Above: Legendary jefe de los jefes of the cartooning world - Sergio Aragones of MAD Magazine fame signs copies of the special edition of Bakotopia magazine with art by Aragones himself!

Holy exit doors, Batman! Above from left Josh and Rod Reed, returned to this year’s Bako Comic-Con to provide thrills and throw out the riff raff.

See more photos at:

Above: This is best described as “getting all into it”.

Photos by Todd Powers BAKOTOPIA 13


November 26, 2009

Winter Wonder Words! Join Bako’s busiest novelist and more at Russo’s on December 8!

By Nick Belardes FaceNews, contributor


here's going to be a magical winter evening at Russo's Books at the Marketplace on December 8. December is my favorite month. And so I've been looking forward to putting together an event that fits a whimsical and merry holiday theme. “Winter Wonder Words” will include Christmas music from Bakersfield High School and local musicians, and will

be followed by a reading of the holiday children's story, “The December Scribe” by me (Nick Belardes). I've been working on a special Winterland story, one very different if you ever read my tale “The Blimperwhirls,” which is set in a futuristic North Pole. No, this story isn't about Santa and his elves, but rather about a character who absolutely loves the month of December so much that he scribbles all his magical memories into a book. “The December Scribe” is for fans of Harry Potter and lovers of “A Christmas Carol.” There's even a magician or two in the story. Music will be provided by the BHS carolers who will perform at 7 p.m., followed by Christmas music from Landen Belardes and special guests. The reading of “The December Scribe” will follow the music event. Chairs will fill up fast, and yes, I will be promoting my book of oddities “Random Obsessions” (2009) as the perfect stocking stuffer for socks filled with weird items. This event is part of the “Random Obsessions: Trivia You Need To Know” book tour. What: Winter Wonder Words Where: Russo's Books at the Marketplace When: Tuesday, December 8, 7-9 p.m. Cost: Free




634-9283 BAKOTOPIA 14

Above: Nick Belardes requests your attendance, or he’ll sneak down your chimney.


November 26, 2009

Calico Jack's poker lessons Introducing the top 5 biggest poker player mistakes you can make alcohol makes you more prone to go on tilt. Please by all means save the drinks for when you win, that way you blow your money in other ridiculous ways.

By Brian Ross, contributor don't claim to be the best poker player in town, but I know I'm good. Some people may view this as a flaw, but when has being confident in yourself ever been a flaw? Personally, some of the biggest mistakes I find a person can make at the poker table is not having faith in themselves, or being drunk. Keep in mind the biggest strength in poker, no matter what and I can't stress this enough, is discipline. It really takes years of just losing your mind and your money to really get that idea in your head. So I did all the losing for you, and without further ado here are my top 5 biggest poker mistakes a player can make:

2) Sunglasses/Mp3 Players. Nothing makes me laugh more than siting at a table with players who wear sunglasses and listen to music while they play. Here's the scoop, you look like a donkey when you wear all that and it does not improve your game whatsoever. Sunglasses sometimes make it hard to see your suits, and I swear I have seen what cards they were holding reflecting off them. Also, listening to music while you play poker is just a distraction as listening to your iPod and trying to play baseball. You will always be that guy who pulls his earphones out every five minutes to ask, what is the raise?.

5) Lack of Experience. I know there are a lot of stories of people sitting down at their first poker tournament and just bringing the house down, but keep in mind this usually will only happen once, or twice if your really lucky. I'm not saying you need to devote years of playing to be good, I recommend just buying a book on rules and techniques, one I highly recommend is, Phil Gordon's Little Blue Book.

1) Superstition. Biggest mistake you can make while playing poker is being superstitious. Having a lucky hand, wearing a lucky shirt, using a charm of some sort. This is all bad news for your poker career because superstition always veers a person towards making a bad decision based on luck. Stick to common sense and elementary math, those are tools to win. One of the best quotes I ever heard in the poker world was, Superstition is bad luck.


4) Money Management. If you like poker, that's good. If your blowing half your paycheck on poker, that's terrible! Poker is and will always be a brutal game, you never know what to expect. So set aside a little savings to play your games. This is why I recommend playing tournaments over


live play. This way you have a poker budget and also keep yourself from snow-balling into debt. Plus if you win, you just paid for the next rounds of tournaments. 3) Alcohol. Let me tell you, no matter how long you've played poker or improved your game this little thing called alcohol will bring you back to step one (no pun intended). I have dropped entire bankrolls playing intoxicated, and for good reason,

Playing in the 2009 World Series of Poker was my crowning achievement in my poker career, and it took a lot of discipline to get there. This list is just my personal opinion, hopefully you will have your own list of do's and don'ts, and even better hopefully see you in the 2010 World Series. BAKOTOPIA 15

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Bakotopia Magazine issue 68  
Bakotopia Magazine issue 68  

Bakotopia magazine, issue 68, 11-26-09! Bakotopia welcomes Canadian-Californian singer / songwriter, Joel Jacob! Get the scoop on this up an...