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August 9-15, 2009


Square dancing is a man’s game, too! Pg. 4 Dieter blog inspires Pg. 6 Bakersfield baseball team wins it all! Pg. 7

Dream Diving!

Swimming with whale sharks is a dream come true, pg. 5


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AUGUST 9-15, 2009


Let this workshop help you showcase YOUR summer BY AMANDA DIAZ Community contributor


his workshop is designed to help you set aside time to work on your scrapbook. The fun part is that you can do this right alongside with other scrapbookers. This is a great opportunity to both share your ideas and to get ideas from others. You will meet new people that have a common goal ... finish a scrapbook! There will also be tools avail-

able for you to use, and you will be able to order your own tools and other scrapbooking needs. We will have incentives to be able to earn some cool gifts and other stuff. Don't forget to bring a friend! The more the merrier! The workshop will be Saturday, Aug. 22 at 1:30 p.m. at 21 Jeffrey St. Cost is $10. Space is limited, so sign up today! For more information email: Can't make it? Mark your calendars for my next workshop LOS ANGELES TIMES which will be Saturday, Sept. 12. Make a memory with a scrapbook.



ring your favorite photos and discover how to turn them into dynamic compositions. This is a fun class that will put a new twist on how get the most out of those photos that

we all have but aren’t quite sure how to turn into a painting. The all-day class will be Saturday, Aug. 22, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Gallery of Art at the Bakersfield East Hills Mall. Cost is $40.

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Bobby Socks 10u 2009 All Stars Congratulations on a great season! We are all very proud of you girls!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

To learn more or to contribute news and pictures, visit us online at:


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AUGUST 9-15, 2009



Talladega Frights: Set to re-haunt Bakersfield

4 6 7

BY JORDAN FARMER Community contributor


ello, Bakersfield! I am a returning actor from last year’s “haunt” and an upcoming actor for this year’s “haunt.” I have looked forward to the start of “Talladega Frights” stuff — meetings, actors, working there — since the day it ended last year. I have found that working at “Talladega Frights” is a lot of fun and it is almost addict-

Real men ‘Whirlaway’

Think “real men” don’t square dance in Bakersfield? Think again!

TBV blog weight-loss journey

Read “Voice” blogger’s journey to a new, healthier lifestyle.

ing. Mike Wilbur is the owner of the “haunt.” It is a huge commitment in your life at the time and is also a milestone to yourself in the means of making people scared, but happy, while they are having so much fun. Working there is a lot of hard work and is also sometimes exhausting, but it is “so” worth it. I go back to work soon and it should be a great year, so I hope to scare all of you and will see you soon. I know you have been waiting for our return.

Bakersfield baseball winners

Northwest 8-and-under baseballers win it all in Utah tournament.

About the cover What was just a daydream for TBV contributor MK became reality on a recent rip to Placencia, Belize. She made an ocean dive and met a very curious 15- to 20-foot whale shark. MK’s husband captured the moment.

Looking forward to scaring YOU!

Your photo could be on our next cover! Photos and stories for the Aug. 23 issue must be posted by Wednesday, Aug. 12 at 5 p.m.

things to say: 1. It’s so fun; 2. The best job ever; ey, I’m a returning 3. Can’t wait to scare people to Actresses from a last year’s “Talladega actress at Talladega death! Frights” event in scare character mode! Frights. Only three See ya this year, hopefully!


Community contributor


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AUGUST 9-15, 2009


Real men DO square dance! BY HERB HALL Community contributor


veryone knows that the U.S. population has more women than men. It is therefore not surprising that square dancing has more women participants than men participants. Unexpectedly, however, you occasionally go to square dances where there are more men than women in attendance. While this is the exception it does happen. So what brings out the men to a square dance? Think about a John Wayne or Clint Eastwood movie character. Now imagine that character dancing. What kind of dance do you see them doing? Do you hear anything; perhaps a do-sedo or a left allemande from a fellow on a fiddle or banjo? Yep, old time square dancing, an ancestor of modern square or team dancing. Terms used today to describe a group of four couples dancing together. Now it is my theory that women enhanced modern western square dancing to attract men to the activity. Movements sung out today may include something like the call “ends run.” This indicates the ends of the line are to move to the other side of the center and face the opposite direction. Wait a minute is this football or dancing. Clearly some lady had this added to the dancing to keep her football fanatic man in the action, right? I

Local dancers twirl their way around the dance floor. Whirlaways Square Dance Club will host a free intro to square dancing Aug. 24!

Please see SQUARE DANCING / 6 a week 7pm r St.#B Ca 93305




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524.00 16x7. Tax & Installation Included

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“Everyday is a blessing for my mother, and I am beholden to the great caregivers from Alternative Care.” — Howard Silver

(661) 631-2036

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AUGUST 9-15, 2009


W W W. B A K E R S F I E L D V O I C E . C O M


Dream dive T BY USERNAME: MK Community contributor

hese photos are from my vacation trip to Belize. Scuba diving is one of our (myself and my husband’s) passions and to see and swim with whale sharks was one of my dream “things to do” in my life. In the month of April, May and June, Placencia (Gladden Spit), Belize is known for whale sharks coming and eating eggs from snappers when they are spawning. So, we went to Placencia in April to dive with whale sharks. The picture was taken by my husband

on April 14 at the Gladden Spit. Believe it or not, this was a young and smaller (relatively speaking!) whale shark (probably 15-20 feet long) and he/she was very curious about the divers, particularly on our oxygen “bubbles.” He/she was very playful and stayed with the group of divers quite a while. It was such an amazing experience to see this huge, gentle creature gracefully swimming in the blue ocean and be able to experience swimming with them. — If you’d like to read more about whale sharks found in Belize, go to: arks_story.php

As MK descends off the shore of Belize, a curious young whale shark appears to enjoy the ride along with her! A group of divers experience a “close encounter” with a whale shark.

A young whale shark swims up close, curious about the diver’s oxygen bubbles.

Where learning and play go hand in hand

5 Real Road (661) 327-1631



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Sell your junk

AUGUST 9-15, 2009


get FREE stuff! Local man shares weight loss journey Editor’s note: The following is the first entry from a blog being kept by Kyle Brown who has committed to a new healthy lifestyle. Follow Kyle’s diet journey as he updates his progress on BY KYLE BROWN Community contributor


elcome everyone to my new postings. My name is Kyle Brown, and I will be keeping a daily log of my trials and triumphs and hoping you can join me on my journey. I look forward to your advice and encouragement and even some accountability. Tonight is my last night as a fat boy! I am so looking forward to tomorrow and starting my new life. I will be posting photos, weight, and some measurements on a weekly basis and I will be posting my daily activity, food and

-line 3 a e c a l P ad in e l a S d r Ya ian n r o f i l a C The

CONTINUED FROM 4 square dancing, so we will call it a walk


5 9 . 1 2 $

ll this! a n i w o r h t And we’ll izza from p g n i p p o t • Large, 1 esars Little Ca ct and u d o r p i s p f Pe • 8-pack o f Lays brand chips big bag o from Fastrip or Dorritos Ask u

some thoughts on a daily basis. My hope is that you will keep me accountable, and I can inspire those who need inspiring.

Square dancing for real men

Starting A

et a Yard s how to g

TBV blogger Kyle Brown eating pie before starting his new healthy lifestyle.

Sale Kit.

Hurry, while supplies last! Call 322-SELL

mean do you really have a line, with ends and a center in square dancing. You sure do! Yep, developed by women to get their men up and into dancing. Now let’s run a dive play where the running back … oops. No we will call that a dive thru were the outside couple splits the center couple. What? Yep, a square dance movement designed by women to get their men up and on the dance floor. Not all women believe that the boys have advanced beyond playground activities so “tag” is used. “Partner tag” or “tag the line” calls must have been developed by those women to get that boy off of the playground and onto the dance floor. For basketball fans we have the weave play, where the point guard starts … oops. Yes, we have a weave in square dancing. Once started, half the square will move in a clockwise and the other half in a counter-clockwise direction. Yep, another dance movement designed by women to get some men off the courts and onto the dance floor. There is a man on first so let’s signal for a hit and run … oops. No hits in

and dodge. You know, sort of like walking the strong hitter to get to pitch to a weaker one. Well, not exactly but clearly another call named by women to get some guy out of the ball park, off of the diamond and on to the dance floor. Like many dance forms, square dancing has a number of set calls, movements or ‘plays’ if you will. This may be what appeals to men. The social and dance aspects of square dancing, however appeal to all. So want to go out dancing? Want to socialize with others? Want your partner to come along and actually enjoy these activities? Try square dancing. Can’t get your guy to come? Show him this article. So here is the deal: Monday, Aug. 24 at 7 p.m. in the Norris Road Veteran’s Hall, the Whirlaways Square Dance Club is hosting a free “Introduction to Square Dancing” for anyone and everyone interested in finding out about this activity. Couples, singles and youth at least 8 years old with adult are all welcome. For additional information visit our Web site: or call Cindy at 213-3105.

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AUGUST 9-15, 2009



Northwest 8-Year-Old All-Stars shine in Utah BY JEFF MARTIN Community contributor


just wanted to give you a brief overview of the Bakersfield Northwest 8-year-old All-Star team’s road to Rose Park, UT, where they won the Pacific Southwest Regionals on July 25. The boys started their journey in San Luis Obispo at the District Qualifier June 19-21. Bakersfield went a perfect 5-0, beating teams from Tulare, SLO, Five Cities and two teams from Visalia. Bakersfield defeated Visalia Blue 3-0 making them South Coast champions. This earned the boys a bid to the Central Section State Championship hosted by Buchanan June 27 thru July 2. Bakersfield again went 5-0, beating teams from Clovis, Bullard, Tracy, Visalia, and facing and beating a tough Buchanan team in the finals 10-8. That win earned the boys a bid to the Pacific Southwest Regional Tournament in Rose Park, UT, July 20-25. Bakersfield was again perfect, going 5-

0 to become Pacific Southwest Regional champions on July 25. The boys played Highland, UT, defeating them 13-2, Rose Park, UT defeating them 15-1, Los Altos, defeating them 10-0, making Bakersfield the #1 seed in the Cal Ripken Pool. Bakersfield faced Riverton, UT, the #2 seed from the Bill Ripken pool. Bakersfield defeated Riverton 13-6, advancing to the finals and once again facing a tough Buchanan team for the championship. Bakersfield entered the 5th inning where the game was tied 7-7, and took the lead 14-7. In the top of the 6th, Moises “The Bulldog” Gonzalez, closed the game out giving the Bakersfield Northwest All-Stars the title of Pacific Southwest Regional Champions with a 14-9 win. A special thanks to all our local sponsors that donated to help get the boys to Rose Park, UT. Notable honors: Moises “The Bulldog” Gonzalez was also named Tournament MVP at the Central Section State Tournament in Buchanan.

Educator of the Month

Nominated by Cambria Cleveland

Mr. Rhodes

Nominated by Guadalupe Hernández

I’d like to nominate my twin daughters’ kindergarten teacher Mr. Rhodes who teaches at Discovery Elementary School. At the beginning of the year, I was so skeptical after having learned that they were going to have a male teacher for kindergarten. He has superseded all ofRosa my expectations Nominated by Moses and Reyes as to what a great kindergarten teacher should be. My Amy Reyes is 8 years old — she will be girls love attending Mr. Rhodes. HeHorn teaches them lots of cute and Van Elementary and will silly songs. He builds up their self-esteem. He is just be going into the fourth grade. Amy playsso marvelous with my girls! baseball for BSWB; this is her second year.

Educator of the month Carlee Acevedo

Pictured from left to right: Third Row: Coach Eric King, Manager Kodi Marion, Coach Joe Perez. Second Row: Jacob Perez, Andru Marion, Kaden Sheedy, Derek Rodriguez, Moises Gonzalez, Kobe Silva. Third Row: Ethan Martin, Elijah Pascual, Jordan Heredia, Brett King, Bat Boy Abraham Gonzalez, Isaiah Hill and Hunter Adams.

I would like to nominate Carlee Acevedo as “Educator of the Month.” Ms. Carlee teaches a 3-year-old class at the Richardson Center. We have learned so many things this year, like recognizing letters and numbers, the days of the week, and To submit nominee for Educator of the Month,is the months ofyour the year. My favorite go to: www.northwest music time! then click on “Post Something!” and contribute a paragraph about why you appreciate and would like to recognize your nominee. Be sure I the love, Carlee I will missThe her to include educator’s school, and department and picture. contest is open to when I goin to the Pre-K class. my to: educators the Southwest area. Entries canShe also beis e-mailed Each month the winning entry $50 gift certificate, sunshine!

This week’s Star Athlete: Amy Reyes

She also played softball for Bobby Sox. She has made "All Stars" every year, but this year she also was named "MVP." Amy always gives 100 percent in every game. I knew she was born to be a ball player ever since she was a little girl, because she always loved watching it on TV. She makes us very proud, and we LOVE her so much.

compliments of GW School Supply and The Northwest Voice. Sponsored by

■ If you have a teacher you think is great, nominate them for Educator of the Month by going to: and posting an article. Nominations should tell us in 50 words or less why your teacher is the best and MUST also include their first and last name, school, department/grade and a photo in a jpeg format. Winners will be featured in the print edition of The Bakersfield Voice for a month and will receive a $50 gift card for school supplies, compliments of GW School Supply and TBV.

■ Do you have a son, daughter, grandkid or buddy who is your pick for MVP? Nominate them for Star Athlete of the Week by going to: and posting an article. Nominations should tell us in 50 words or less what makes this kid a star athlete and should include a photo. All nominees will be featured weekly in the print edition of The Bakersfield Voice,and each month, one nominee’s name will be drawn to receive a $50 gift card for sporting equipment, compliments of Sports Authority and TBV.

The Bakersfield Voice, Aug. 9, 2009  

The Bakersfield Voice, Aug. 9, 2009

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