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Come Learn English With Us Come to Inlingua Washington DC and learn English in a friendly, multicultural, relaxed and collegial environment. We guarantee that you will learn English with our exciting and highly effective learning methods.

Why Inlingua Washington DC? With extensive experience and over 350 schools worldwide, Inlingua® International is one of the world’s most recognized language schools. Inlingua Washington DC is a fully accredited English school that has gained a considerable reputation for meeting and exceeding the academic and professional needs of its students. We are located in one of the world’s most beautiful, vibrant and powerful cities, boasting a diverse student body that represents nearly every continent. Students from many walks of life find a place to call home here.

Our strategic location in the DC metropolitan area, between Virginia and Maryland, gives our students access to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country. Here, you will have access to a variety of exciting world-class activities, such as museums, galleries, lectures, shopping centers and concerts, most of which are free of charge. Business-oriented professionals may find valuable resources through the many international organizations, embassies, diplomatic missions and governmental and non-governmental agencies. At Inlingua Washington DC, you will truly be at the center of it all.



Why Inlingua Washington DC?



4 “Inlingua Washington DC is an official TOEFL iBT, TOEIC, and IELTS testing center. In fact, in 2011 IELTS International recognized us as the number one testing center in the United States.”


Some of our most successful specialized programs include the Accent Reduction Seminar, the Accelerated Professional The depth of our main academic programs, the flexibility of Program, and the Au Pair and Summer Programs. our schedules and the variety of our special courses and programs, All of our courses make use of the famous inlingua® Method make Inlingua Washington DC the preferred choice for thousands of instruction which emphasizes the communication skills necessary of ambitious students every year. for real-life situations. Classes are offered six days a week in schedules We offer two main academic programs and a diverse number ranging from full-time intensive to part-time semi-intensive of special or specialized programs. Our academic programs are mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends. Additionally, suitable for full-time and part-time students, professionals, customizable schedules are available through our private lessons businessmen, diplomats, government officials, au pairs and tourists. and tutorials. With so many options available, all students can find a course and schedule suitable to his or her needs. One of our main programs is the Comprehensive Academic Track, which is ideal for those students seeking admission to Test American universities and/or colleges or for anyone wishing to Preparation: achieve verbal and written proficiency in English as a second language. This program consists of twelve general levels, from beginner to advanced, culminating with test preparation courses After just a few months of study in one of our TOEFL, IELTS or SAT test for TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, and SAT. preparation courses, motivated students frequently find that their TOEFL Our second main program is the Oral Track, which places a focus on conversational language and learning skills through speaking. This program is suitable for anyone in need of improving their conversational skills and general fluency.

score increases by 15 points or more (out of the 120 points possible) or that their IELTS score increases by 1.5- 2 points (out of the possible 9 points). In addition to TOEFL, IELTS and SAT preparation courses, Inlingua Washington DC offers free practice tests to students who wish to participate.

Our fully certified, experienced and highly trained native English-speaking teachers are one of the main reasons why Inlingua Washington DC is the premier English school in the area. Our faculty members are trained to adapt their teaching techniques and style to ensure that each student learns in an effective manner. The proprietary inlingua® Method taught by our teachers allows our students to make maximum progress in a reasonable period of time as compared to methods and techniques used by other schools. In addition to their academic credentials, most of our teachers share a background of extensive experience in preparing students whose native language is not English, with many of them having significant intercultural experience (having lived and taught abroad). All of our teachers are committed to continued professional training and development, which ensures that our students will be learning with the help of the latest and most effective teaching techniques.

Teacher Testimonials

“I love the emphasis Inlingua places on getting “outside of the book” and having a real collaboration between teachers and students, which results in a more creative and individualized experience for everyone. The class is a team and we all work together.” Kathleen S.


our teachers

Our Teachers


our community


Our Community Our students, teachers and staff have formed a community, giving students a home away from home and making the learning experience both fun and educational. Our students not only learn inside the classroom, but they also get many opportunities to practice their English knowledge in real life environments. They often explore the beautiful city of Washington, DC and the hundreds of attractions it has to offer. The majority of our students participate with enthusiasm in the many extracurricular activities we offer, ranging from conversation clubs, soccer and other sporting activities to picnics and field trips. Students visit nearby cities, movie theaters, amusement parks and shopping centers to practice English in real life situations and take part in the American experience. Some of our curriculum related trips include visits to prominent law firms, museums, historical landmarks, community and specific cultural events, the Supreme Court and other courts and some of the top universities in the area, to name a few.

Facilities Our main campus is a spacious and modern facility that offers state-of-the-art technology, multimedia learning devices in all classrooms, a large computer lab that allows students to continue practicing their English outside of the classroom and a student lounge that provides a comfortable space for students to eat, socialize and watch TV in a relaxed atmosphere.

One of the most important aspects of your study abroad experience is where you live. Our Student Services professionals are dedicated to finding suitable accommodations for students who request it. We have many convenient housing or accommodation options, such as our own Homestay service, where we offer housing with local families who have been carefully selected after meeting our strict criteria. Our contacts include Homestay and housing services offered by highly reputable companies that specialize in student housing and accommodations, with which Inlingua Washington DC has exclusive agreements.

Additionally, our Student Services professionals are especially dedicated to providing expert advice on issues or questions ranging from simple day-to-day routines or logistical needs (such as getting around, finding places to shop or eat, finding a doctor or a dentist, etc.), to more complex questions or concerns. We also provide expert counseling on higher education and selection of American universities or colleges to students wishing to pursue higher education programs. We maintain partnerships with many prominent local and regional colleges and universities that offer streamlined conditional admissions process upon satisfactory completion of our programs.


student services & accommodations

Student Services & Accommodations


student testimonials


Student Testimonials Natalia, Moldova “I have been impressed by my teachers’ method of teaching English and the materials used in class.” “All of Inlingua Washington DC’s teachers have been concerned about their students’ performance. They want to see us succeed.” “I have been impressed by the variety of classes, like American Legal English, Business English, and American Short Stories.”

Krystal G., Philippines “Inlingua not only helped me in English, but also allowed me to meet all my goals and learn from my classmates from all over the world. It was nice to learn about so many different cultures and to share facts about my country as well. The faculty and staff were always very helpful and cared about each student beyond just the academics. I am very proud of what I have learned at Inlingua and most of all, the friendships that I have formed.”

Nelson R. J., Bolivia “I had an awesome experience at Inlingua because they have an excellent ESL program. I studied very hard to achieve my goal, but I couldn’t have done it without the support of teachers and administrative staff. Inlingua is the best place to learn English.”


student testimonials

Joon Y., Korea “There are students from all over the world here, so I get to hear a lot of different accents. This is a good experience for the real world. Another good thing is that the practice IELTS and TOEFL tests are offered for free.”

Ibtissem, Tunisia “While volunteering as a student interpreter during my studies at Inlingua Washington DC, I discovered that this job is the niche I have always been looking for and now I have a plan for my future. Also, Inlingua’s location, in the heart of the city, is convenient for me to do other things the rest of the day.”

Paola C., Venezuela “I set out to improve my English fluency, and I’m on my way to achieving my goal.” “I’ve gotten to know different cultures from around the world and learned how to communicate with them.”

Marina K., Russia “I have had a wonderful experience studying at Inlingua Washington DC. The teachers here are awesome. In our lessons we learn not only English, but we also explore politics, history and cultural events of the USA. Besides that, I met a lot of new friends here. Together we study and share the cultural experiences of our countries. Inlingua Washington DC helped me make my plans come true.”

All testimonials were given by authentic students


getting around


Getting Around Among the many advantages of the Washington DC area is the cost of living, which is more reasonable than other major US metropolitan areas like New York, Los Angeles and Boston. From our school, you can walk to Georgetown, which is steps away, and we are conveniently positioned near a variety of cafes, restaurants and shopping districts. Our prime location also offers students access to the efficient public transportation system of the Washington DC metropolitan area. The Rosslyn metro station is located only a block away and main stops for many local and regional commuter buses are located around the corner from our facility. Getting around couldn’t be easier!

Accreditation: Inlingua Washington DC is proudly accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA), which is recognized by the United States Secretary of Education as a leading English Language Program accreditation agency. Inlingua Washington DC is periodically inspected and evaluated by the CEA to ensure that we consistently comply with the highest standards. Also, as a member of the American Association of Intensive English Programs, Inlingua Washington DC must uphold the ethical and professional standards of the industry

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