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PRESIDENT: Elizabeth Buchanan MAJOR: Mechanical Engineering HOMETOWN: Chicago, IL WHY SWE?:To gain leadership experience, network with companies and SWE sections all across the country, and hang out with other SWEsters

FUN FACT: I am deathly afraid of dogs.

EXTERNAL VP: Rachel Seidner

MAJOR: Chemical Engineering HOMETOWN: Bloomington, IL WHY SWE?: At first I joined for all the social events and free food. I started getting more involved and really got to know everyone and realized that there are so many things that SWE has to offer both socially and professionally. FUN FACT: I sold my motorcycle this summer.... and I definitely regret it

INTERNAL VP: Claire Slupski MAJOR: Mechanical Engineering HOMETOWN: Loveland, OH

WHY SWE?: Definitely for the support system, networking, and the SWEsters, but also for the professional guidance and leadership experience. FUN FACT: I used to play the sousaphone in my high school's marching band.

TREASURER: Ann Zuzuly MAJOR: Mechanical Engineering HOMETOWN: Geneva, IL WHY SWE?: I joined SWE to expand my network and make new friends. SWE has offered huge oppurtunities in networking and leadership and I hope to be a part of it for the rest of my career!

FUN FACT: I play the violin!!

SECRETARY: Amanda Reader MAJOR: Materials Science HOMETOWN: Maplewood, MN WHY SWE?: To gain valuable leadership experience and have priceless networking opportunities while interacting with other motivated women engineers and establishing lifelong friendships.

FUN FACT: I have my black belt in karate and am also a certified lifeguard and bartender :P

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Kaitlin Vahling MAJOR: Aerospace Engineering HOMETOWN: Newton, IL WHY SWE?: To meet other girls in engineering and be involved with activities related to my major. Also all the networking we get to do! FUN FACT: I have an iPod named Gerard.

OUTREACH: Supriya Hobbs

MAJOR: Chemical Engineering HOMETOWN: Toledo, OH WHY SWE?: For professional development opportunities, and to teach girls about science and engineering through community outreach! FUN FACT: I've lived in six different zip codes in the last six years!

TEAM TECH: Savannah Goodman MAJOR: Civil and Environmental Engineering HOMETOWN: Highland Park, IL WHY SWE?: SWE is a great organization to meet women who are just as determined and motivated as you are. SWE has provided me a perfect environment for accomplishing what I have wished to accomplish and provided awesome women who have helped me "gett'r done." What I mean by that is SWEsters don't just talk the talk, they walk the walk. FUN FACT: I can pop by bellybutton really I can because it's an inny-outy!!!

TEAM TECH: Angela Hsu MAJOR: Chemical Engineering HOMETOWN: McHenry, IL WHY SWE?: To network with the amazing women in SWE and gain experience and leadership. SWE has allowed me to get to know so many talented ladies and hear about their aspirations. FUN FACT: I am deathly afraid of dogs.

MEMBERSHIP ENRICHMENT: Saachi Shah MAJOR: General Engineering

HOMETOWN: Skokie, IL WHY SWE?: To meet young and talented women in engineering. Also, its a great way to improve leadership and communication skills. FUN FACT: I lived in Mumbai, India for ten years!

RECRUITMENT: Julia Hunyh MAJOR: Mechanical Engineering HOMETOWN: Silver Spring, MD WHY SWE?: SWE is a great way to meet other female engineers on campus; I've made a lot of new friends through SWE. It also offers a lot of opportunities for professional and leadership development, as well as networking. FUN FACT: I can understand four different languages.

SOCIAL: Samantha Victor MAJOR: Chemical Engineering HOMETOWN: Arlington Heights, IL WHY SWE?: To gain more knowledge about engineering and specifically about women within the work force. I am also in SWE to meet other women with the same interests that I have and to network with companies! FUN FACT: I am going to be a model at next year's SWE national conference!


MAJOR: Bioengineering HOMETOWN: Urbana, IL WHY SWE?: To make and hangout with my friends, gain experience in leadership, and network with professional engineers. FUN FACT: I am named after the last Austrian Empress.

MARKETING: Megan Musselman MAJOR: Bioengineering HOMETOWN: Mahomet, IL WHY SWE?: To have the opportunity to work with other intelligent highly motivated women in engineering like myself. I love all the opportunities SWE provides from professional networking to social to outreach. FUN FACT: I'm going to have a German Shepherd when I grow up :)

INFORMATION: Jennifer Bossemeyer MAJOR: Materials Science and Engineering HOMETOWN: Crystal Lake, IL WHY SWE?: I really enjoy the opportunities - networking, leadership, professional development, outreach, community service - SWE provides.

FUN FACT: I enjoy playing tennis and geocaching in my spare time.


MAJOR: Bioengineering HOMETOWN: Tinley Park, IL WHY SWE?: To form friendships with other female engineering students, and to gain professional, networking, and mentorship opportunities with professional women in engineering. FUN FACT: I love to kickbox and do yoga!

WEBMASTER: Meredith Rhein

MAJOR: Materials Science HOMETOWN: Fairview Heights, IL WHY SWE?: I want to be a part of a network of strong, independent successful women. FUN FACT: I like to do kickboxing with my twin brother.

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